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2020 Yamaha YZF-R6 Motorcycle Review

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Have you always wanted to be part of a brand that speaks of legendary quality, profound designs, and unmatched supersport dominance? YZF-R6 is what you have been searching for. For over 20 years ago, the R6 has been the most popular bike for world-class riders.

Even the competitors are bound to wonder at the high technology at work in this product. It has completely adjustable inverted forks and ABS brakes with front rotors as large as 320 millimeters.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what defines this unparalleled racetrack success.

Review: 2020 Yamaha YZF-R6 

YZF- R6 has remained one of the most successful and renowned preferences for motorcycle racers. There are a lot of innovations behind this package. It features apparent technological features that give it a stand-out status among many competitors. 

Here are a few of its technical specifications

  • The Pistons

The piston system has light-weighted, friction-reducing, and long-lasting piston pins. All these features encourage smooth and easy engine revving.

  • The Engine 

The Engine consists of inline-four cylinders, 599cc, four-valve, titanium-valved, liquid coolant, 16,000 RMP redline features, and much more. It is noteworthy to say here that the YZF-R6 Engine meets and supersedes the Euro EU-4 requirements.

  • Crankshaft and Throttle

The manufacturers fashioned the crankshaft’s mass to suit quick throttle response and acceleration. The journal bearing has perforations for better oil distribution.

The throttle controls its valves by electricity. The throttle has a position sensor and Direct Current controlled valves.

  • Titanium Muffler

This helps to dissipate heat quickly and can cool almost immediately. The titanium-designed pipes help in reducing the risk of having your bike burning from the pipe.

  • Headline lights

Its LED headlights provide excellent vision and visibility at night.

  • Seats

There are different seats for the rider and passenger such that the rider can have enough space to perform any stunt he desires.

  • Ignition

The ignition is transmitter controlled, which affords precise timing, more vital sparks, and enhanced engine performance.

  • Cooling system

The cooking system has a curved radiator.

Highlighted Specs

Many excellent features have been mentioned about the YZF-R6 Yamaha product. We would love to highlight some cool facts that make this automobile equipment stand out amongst others.

  • Engine: Ultra-compact 599cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline 4-cylinder; 16 titanium valves
  • RPM: 16,000 RMP redline
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Front/Rear suspension: 43mm fully adjustable 4.7” travel 
  • Entirely modifiable R1 inspired KYB 43 millimeters inverted fork.
  • The YZF-M1 MotoGP LED position lights.
  • The six-setting traction control system.
  • The 320 millimeters double front discs with antilock brakes.
  • Four-piston calipers and ‘flow-thru tail.’
  • Yamaha chip-controlled throttle 
  • Modifiable KYB piggyback rear shock.
  • 17-liter capacity aluminum fuel tank.
  • R1 patterned folding mirrors.

Key Features of YZF-R6

  • Aerodynamic Styling

The R6 will deliver optimal performance, being one of the most advanced supersport racers the automobile industry has ever constructed. It features an aerodynamic styling and beauty, which confers on it the power for intelligent racing. Thanks to its complete ABS braking system, electronic rider aids, and top-shelf-suspension, it features speed, technology, and aesthetics.  

  • Easy Handling and Cruise Control

The R6 is a hybrid of superior suspension, high-developed mass control, and advanced ergonomics. It features easy handling, making it one of the most agile apparatuses in the supersport category. It allows riders to handle and corner confidently, produces incredible feedback, and offers excellent traction feel on the road.

Added to this is the four-cylinder powerplant that accounts for the machine’s thrilling control and power. Thanks to its D-Modes, the YZF-R6 allows riders to gain more performance from the vehicle. The potent engine screams.

  • Perfect for Racetrack

Atop all 600cc sports bikes, the YZF-R6 is a bike for professionals and beginner racers, thanks to its numerous middleweight and championship awards at the AMA events. The magnesium body speaks to the heart of the solidity of this bike. 

  • Traction

With the aid of the throttle control system, anti-lock brake system, and six modes plus off a mechanism, the YZF-R6 can ensure safety by providing the traction necessary for movement.

The variable-length intakes and slipper clutch ensure that the rider wears confidence like a cloak. Plus, the electronics packager of this bike boasts 6-layer traction control that complements the three-point adjustable throttle.

  • Good for the Price

For this year 2020, the quality and incredibly mind-blowing YZF-R6 motorcycle is being offered for sale for 12 200 USD. For the quality we are speaking of here, the price is entirely worth the spend.

Final Thoughts

Yamaha owns a rich heritage of creating the most desirable extreme sports motorcycles which guarantee top-notch performance within and without the tracks. This is one machine every lover of race should have in their garage.

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