2021 MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR (Guide)

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MV Agusta disclosed the Brutale 1000 RR during EICMA 2018, and the open chosen it the most excellent bicycle of the show.

Given the uncommon Serie Oro, restricted creation has started, the 2021 MV Agusta Brutale 1000RR will bring similar subtleties, and deliberately adjusted decisions of style, specialized parts, and dynamic improvement onto the street.

In MV Agusta custom, the Oro restricted version was produced in 2019 as a progression of 300 numbered units. All quickly sold out, affirming the honors of the public eye at EICMA 2018. Presently the Brutale 1000 RR enters customary production after about one year of careful examination and modification.

The Brutale 1000 RR has a gigantic prospective; however, we needed to make it open and completely agreeable to riders of various levels of understanding, in supreme wellbeing on the streets and at the track.

It required an immense exertion in innovative work, especially in gadgets, the advancement of weight appropriation, and streamlined features. Also, we are enormously glad about our accomplishments in each division and the worldwide conclusive outcome. The innovative Brutale 1000 RR is the consequence of challenging work in all modesty two-fold checking each progression to maintain a strategic distance from botches: no alternate routes and no satisfactions.

Overview of Features

The central concept of the fresh 2021 MV Agusta Brutale 1000RR is intensely recognized in the Brutale. From that point forward, Brutale has been interchangeable with exceptional execution sport bare bicycle.

The DNA of that bicycle, which was so novel in its appeal and history, returns now as the new Brutale 1000 RR. The front lamp unit’s effect is similarly as alluring as it was at that point, rationalized by a unique and amazingly famous complex understanding. The fame can be found all through the numerous subtleties that add to characterizing this bicycle’s complex character.

Riding Spot

The riding spot moreover enhances describing its character, imitating one of the passing reasons of the arrangement, to be explicit the necessary synchronization of vehicle and rider, redesigned by the helpfulness and wonderfulness of the agreement and the panels.

Front & Backside Shapes

The structure wakes up with tight lines and completely adjusted front and backside shapes: this parity has been the distinct characteristic of the four-chamber Brutale, directly from the principal notable 1997 model. The highlights that were explicitly made for this were the front light, fuel tank, and tail fairing.

Full-LED Front Lamp

The full-LED front lamp utilizes Cornering Lights for enhanced execution. It is overseen from the inertial stage: the light shaft alters course and point depending on the dynamic situation of the bicycle.

Daylight Running lights improve the front lamp, which additionally stands apart due to the inward shaded X-formed segment. It is envisioned to describe an igniting influence that marks the new Brutale punctually undeniable from any edge.


The superstructure of the 1000 RR likewise incorporates richly demonstrated carbon ï¬bre components. The steel attaching equipment has an enhanced plan that makes it as light as could reasonably be expected.

With a meticulous manufacturing process, the edges on the 1000 RR are prepared with aluminum. It has a specific structure with a 186 check weight.

It is a second-generation with a 5-inch shading TFT show which is the essential interface between vehicle and rider. Splendid and simple to peruse in any light conditions, in only a couple of steps, it gives access to the bunch prospects of customizing the bicycle.

Bluetooth is permitted by the Instrumentation to oversee calls, messages, and music.

Motor and Electronic  

This new form stands apart for its massive overhaul, overall areas; the utilization of the best materials; and a complete survey of electronic-administered boundaries, gigantically culminated in contrast with past renditions.

The entirety of this makes this the best hyper bare bicycle on the planet. The torque and force set new examples: 116.5 Nm and 208 HP at 13,450 RPM.

The radial valve timing and focal planning chain, specialized decisions that have portrayed the entirety of the latest MV Agusta four-chamber motors, experienced signiï¬cant overhauling, motivated by Formula 1 and MotoGP innovation.

Ignition Chamber

In particular, the ignition chamber utilizes F1 innovation, while the titanium cylinder bars, key in MotoGP bicycles, add to decreasing mass, burdens, and idleness of the motor. The focal planning chain specialized arrangement is additionally a MotoGP-motivated part, fit for relieving the twist impacts of camshafts at high rpm.

Camshafts & Valve Aides

There are new valve aides and camshafts, the latest with rare novel judgments on both the ingestion and the vapor’s side. The cylinders utilize low-rubbing Asso circlips, and there is another driving rod that is adjusted to confine retention at low fires up.

New Spitter Oil Framework

In light of MV Agusta’s immediate involvement with the manufacturing plant subsidiary rivalry, it has made the new splitter oil framework, which permits the oil to be isolated from moving mechanical parts.

Semi-Dry-Sump Grease

The semi-dry-sump grease is fit for ensuring mechanical assurance under extreme riding circumstances, for example, sharp, lean, and wheelies, yet without bargains as far as erosion levels, which remains altogether low.

Grating Levels

An enormous part of the structure and improvement work in certainty concentrated on grating levels, additionally as far as the transmission, patched up with gears that lessen both grinding and in the general clamor. This objective is upheld by tone haggle covers that halfway assimilate clamor.


The meaning of another admission framework has trailed upgrade of the airbox: the pipes have various lengths to amplify motor yield, torque, and force.


There are four upper Mikuni and four lower Magneti Marelli injectors with a high limit and are set over the pipe. 4-1-4 set up with the choke valve is being utilized by the Arrow exhaust framework.

Electronic Motor Administration

Electronic motor administration has advanced, on account of a joint effort with Eldor, which has made the new EM2.0 control unit explicitly for this in-line four-chamber structure.

Additional Structures

It has a ride-by-wire multimap feature and IMU inertial stage, which looks after footing control, including eight separate settings and the substitute to disengage it. It regulates mediation reliant on lean-edge material by the IMU.

The Front Lift Control, a development of the counter wheelie framework, has “dynamic” and “non-dynamic” alternatives. Dispatch control is accessible for starts, interceding on both motor rpm and force dependent on the speed during the beginning.

Body, Suspension, & Brakes

In evident MV Agusta convention, the casing on the new Brutale offers a profoundly advanced “blended structure” with a steel grid and aluminum side plates. Adjusting it to motor execution and the necessities of a progressively lively driving style is, at the same time, prompt and straightforward.

Riding Spot

The riding spot is the result of the cautious ergonomic investigation, intended to ensure ideal vehicle control, high breeze security, and astounding generally speaking solace: the semi-handlebars underline the bicycle’s unquestionable energetic calling. Careful thought concerning optimal design, rudimentary for a bike that can reach an utmost acceleration of more than 300 km/h. 

The impact can be unmistakably felt more than 200 km/h and ensures the guiding exactness normal of MV Agusta bicycles


The suspension measurements are indistinguishable from those of the Serie Oro: conservative wheelbase of 1,415 mm and a front-wheel trail of 97 mm.

The Öhlins Nix EC fork, along with the TIN external treatment, highlights electric modification of the water-driven brake in solicitation and expulsion. Spring preload can be changed manually. The equivalent electronic administration is offered by the safeguard fixed to the aluminum single-sided swingarm and the Öhlins EC automatic guiding damper, which adjusts continually dependent on the bicycle’s speed and is set by plates uniquely intended for the new Brutale.

Indeed, the stopping appliance is correspondent to the Serie Oro. The back circle is 220 mm and is joined with a double cylinder caliper.


The Brakes are furnished by Brembo with twin 320mm rotors and Stylema four-cylinder calipers. It has ABS-balanced brakes.

Overall Length81.89 inches
Overall Width31.69 Inches
Saddle Height33.27 inches
Maximum Speed186mph
Voltage12 V
Battery Lithium ion12 V – 4.0 Ah
CylinderType 4
Compression ratio13.4:1
Fuel Tank capacity4.23 G
CO2 Emissions153g/km


The main shading variation suggests MV Agusta great corporate hues, Ago Red and Ago Silver, identifying with the first hustling cruisers created by MV Agusta that overwhelmed the Gran Prix dashing scene a long time. The gold haggles subtleties are propelled by the pure breed Italian spirited machines from the past to make a rich, unmistakable, customized feel a long way past the cruiser’s standard creation.

The second shading variation is Metallic Carbon Black and Dark Metallic Matt Gray, with coordinated gold specifying on both haggles. This mix of hues gives a refined, calm feel, interchangeable with the Formula1 hustling of the ’70s giving a luxurious yet limited option in contrast to the Corporate MV Agusta hues.

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