Ways to Carry Extra Gas on a Motorcycle

4 Ways to Carry Extra Gas on a Motorcycle

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Have you ever ran out of gas or even thought about running out of gas on your motorcycle? If you’re ever riding alone, or where there are limited gas stations, carrying some additional fuel isn’t a bad idea. An extra gas container mounted on your motorcycle could save you lots of time and will save you.

Ways to Carry Extra Gas on a Motorcycle

Before we go into the 4 different options listed below for carrying extra gas on a motorcycle. There are many ways you can accomplish this – I want to make sure you quickly run through the following aspects so you can choose the best option below.

  • How much extra fuel you’ll need – Determining how much fuel you need is extremely important. For example, if you’re traveling on a desert road that has limited gas stations for hundreds of miles, you want to make sure you choose the best option for your motorcycle below.
  • Determine your motorcycle’s gas mileage – Determining your gas mileage will allow you to gage what extra fuel option you want to consider.
  • Your motorcycle – Take a look at your motorcycle to ensure that the extra fuel carrying product can fit on your motorcycle, this happened to me before where I went and bought a fuel pack and unfortunately it didn’t fit on the motorcycle.

Now that you’ve reviewed those aspects, let’s jump straight into the 4 ways you can carry extra gas on your motorcycle.

1. Fuel Bladder

Fuel Bladders are by far one of the most efficient ways to carry extra fuel on your motorcycle. Most Fuel Bladders are made with high-quality sustainable plastic that keeps the gasoline inside perfect. Some Enthusiasts say Fuel Bladders are only good for short-term use.

When searching for a fuel bladder, I would keep in mind a few things. First look for a fuel bladder that suits your needs such as the amount of gas that it’s capable of carrying, and secondly where are you going to mount this on your motorcycle? You never want to end up having to return a product that doesn’t fit.

So, what fuel bladder do I recommend?

Giant Loop Fuel Gas Bag

The Giant Loop Fuel Bag is one that I’ve used for years. You can choose any size from 1-5 gallons and this bag, in particular, has a convenient screw-off cap so it makes it easier when pouring into your gas tank.

Like I was saying, the Fuel Bladder are made with high-quality outer sleeves that ensure that the bag doesn’t get punctured or even leak.

There are hundreds of gas fuel bladders on the market, my recommendation is always to go with the highest quality because the last thing you want to encounter is losing all your gas through a leak.


2. Fuel Bottles

If you are looking for an option to carry less than a gallon of gas, then the fuel bottles are for you. Fuel Bottles may look like water bottles, although in reality they are made with quality seals so they don’t leak when exposed to gas.

MSR Liquid Fuel Bottle

I would recommend the MSR (Mountain Safety Research) Brand…they offer a fantastic aluminum fuel bottle that comes in at 11, 20, and 30 ounces.

This brand is well known in the camping community, they are particularly made for carrying extra fuel for a liquid burner in your camping bag. But they are great for carrying small amounts of gas for your motorcycle.

The question you must find out is where are you going to put it on your motorcycle? Some strap the motorcycle to their frame using holsters, which essentially keeps the bottle out of the way.


3. Gas Cans (Plastic)

Your traditional plastic gas cans that you see in just about every garage are not the most ideal way to carry extra fuel on your motorcycle. It is quite hard to find a good spot of secure a plastic gas can on a motorcycle, it all comes down to your particular motorcycle model. So do a little research and analysis and see where you can fit a plastic fuel can.

REDA Innovation Fuel Can

Plastic Gas Cans work best if your motorcycle has saddlebags, so if you are riding a cruiser or Harley Davidson – they sometimes have convenient saddlebags where you can place goods to secure them.

We recommend the REDA Innovation Fuel Can, this plastic gas can is the most ideal shape and it’s made with quality materials so ensure safety.

A Few Concerns: A plastic gas can isn’t the safest way to carry motorcycle gas. They tend to be held on by a DIY solution which secures it temporarily. Also, these plastic gas cans might be a danger in terms of getting a spark.


4. Liquid Containers – Stackable

Stackable Liquid Containers are amongst the most convenient ways to carry extra gas on your motorcycle. The carrying capacity varies from 1 to 4.5 gallons of fuel. The best part of these liquid containers is that they are held on by a high-quality bracket, the bracket simply runs through the middle of the container to ensure stability is taken care of.

RotopaX RX-2G Gasoline Pack

The RotopaX is by far the best liquid container on the market today. It’s made with the toughest plastic and material in the game, therefore it’s nearly impossible to crack or lead your crucial gas.

They developed different molds with different colors for water and diesel. Red is for gas, Green is for diesel, White is for Water, etc. These are a small type of gas cans if you will.

Some say these containers are on the expensive end, in all reality the durability and functionality is what justifies the price here, the most impressive part of it, is its mounting capabilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much gas does a motorcycle hold? The average motorcycle gas tank can hold up to 4.5 gallons of fuel. This number fluctuations depending on your make and model, so my recommendation is to search your motorcycle model with how much gas does it hold.

Q: What are the hazards to carrying gas on your motorcycle? There are several hazards when carrying extra fuel on your motorcycle, first you run the risk of leaking gas because no matter what solution you have; you will always run the risk of losing some of that gas contents. The second hazard is creating a spark, if the motorcycle someone created a spark in the gas container, that could be really bad news. You also run the risk of crashing and having a spillage.

Q: When should I carry extra gas on my motorcycle? You should carry extra gas on your motorcycle if you plan on riding where there are limited gas stations, if you’re riding out in the desert or abandoned area or even if your going on a road trip and not sure what you might run into. Carrying gas on your motorcycle is always a smart move for a motorcyclist if they go on trips often.

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