Are BMW Motorcycles Reliable?

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Riders aren’t only interested in whether BMW motorcycles make the list of the best trail riding dirt bikes or for short riders. They also want to know if BMW motorcycles are reliable. 

The BMW Motorcycles are reliable for the most part. The real answer to this question is that BMW Motorcycles are reliable in most cases. At the end of the day, it really depends on the model of BMW motorcycle. So, in this post we have gathered together some of the best BMW models and discussed more about the models and the reliability of these models.

Sometimes, riders can raise concerns that may potentially impeach the credibility and integrity of some motorcycle brands. This is standard practice, especially among beginner riders who’re making their entry into the cycling circle for the first time.

If, as a veteran, a first-time biker asks if BMW bikes are reliable models to use, what will be your response? I’ve taken the time to do a lot of research about a few motorcycles from this German brand and how reliable they are?

Let us talk about a few BMW motorcycle models to see if this brand has a reputation for top-quality production.


If you ever rode the BMW S100RR, you’d understand the power of high-tech crotch. Designed to premier in the 2009 Superbike World Championship, this bike would later go on to make the list of the top best motorcycle that has been in large commercial quantities.

Available in three colors, the BMW S100RR is one motorcycle that never failed when it comes to power delivery, thanks to the four-cylinder which powers it. Plus, the engine delivers 199 horsepower at 13,500 rpm.

With a Dynamic Traction Control system, this bike will dare any road and guarantees a safer and smoother ride than any of the motorcycles you can think of.

Overall, the reliability of the S100RR is undoubtedly given the power, safety, top speed, and excellent variety of parts and accessories. Do not forget to get the HP’s footpegs accessories, HP carbon front fender or HP hand levers − from your seller.

BMW Roadster

The first years of this model’s production were greeted with wide arms. The story hasn’t changed over the years. Premiered as BMW’s first electric motorcycle model, the Roadster had only the like of Harley Davidson to compete with. But even Harley now will have to bring something new to outclass the Roadster.

What guarantees the reliability, safety, and fun ride of this bike is enormous. For those who don’t know, this model commands a universal shaft instead of the traditional chain design you find with most of the bikes out there.

The cooling elements are strategically located to give them exposure to the outside to ensure quicker cooling, high performance, and better temperature control.

What’s more, it’s becoming more evident that the next generation of high-level budget earners would scamper to get this brand in the market. Why? Its reliability is topnotch. It’s made with no gas tank, so the design doesn’t imitate any bike you’ve ever seen before. No pun intended here, I must add.

BMW Air Head

Let’s get a little archaic and turn back the hands of time to some 40-something years ago. The 1979 BMW Air Head couldn’t have come with features more incredible than these. Reliability, smooth ride, safety, and maintainability are the four most potent terms that perfectly define this fantastic guy.

This bike can climb up any hill − you can think of the 8700 feet high Ebbitts hill that leads to Reno. Even if the valve spring (that part of the bike may be strange if you’re a millennium or modern rider) breaks, you can ride for another 60 miles or more on one cylinder.

There is nothing reliable than having to take up a machine for such a humongous amount of miles after having its valve damaged. Can you try it on any modern-day bike and see if it’ll be possible to move an inch.


Do not overlook the BMW K1 the next time you want a touring bike. If you can start the money for it from now, this bike is worth all the best in the world.

This top-speed and the high-class bike make your touring experience one you won’t regret. It’s one of the most reliable motorcycles on the market, thanks to the incredible design, high speed, improved horsepower and torque, and great style.

Powered by 987cc four-cylinder engine and a DOHC valve train, this bike is capable of so much on the road and can deliver 100hp, the best among its competitors out there.

With just 6,921 units of this flat-twin tourer made between 1988 and 1993, this model has gone to become one of the sought-after combo kits. During this short time of production, only a small 6,921 units were ever made.


My next item on this list is the adventure BMW F850GS. When thinking about the BMW S100RR, you’re indirectly thinking about the F850GS in terms of the three-color design and tech friendliness.

That’s not all. The unique F850GS bike is a model for all brands looking at producing a bike that guarantees maximum reliability. It’s powered by a four-stroke parallel-twin engine that makes it capable of high power and top speed delivery.

Plus, it comes with a 6.5-inch display that hands riders the safe access to relevant data and information that will guide on safe, secure, and smooth ride.

Take this bike to any terrain; there you’ll realize what you’ve missed in not having the F850GS in your garage. It’s an all-terrain conqueror.

The F850 GS is equipped with extra accessories – sport exhaust, tank bag, and aluminum engine guard− that will make your riding experience memorable sport exhaust.

BMW HP4 Sport

If nothing, I’ve had personal experience of this model, even though short. All I can say is that the BMW HP4 Sport promises nothing less than reliability. That was what its builders had in mind to give birth to this fantastic guy.

Released in 2012, the BMW HP24Sport produced to succeed the then out-of-fashion BMW HP2 Sport, and it’s successfully outperformed its predecessor and delivered what that could not.

The BMW HP4 Sport is equipped with an 1170 cc flat-twin engine capable of reaching 128 hp, making it one of the most potent and reliable motorcycles that carry the right name and logo of BMW.

This model can tear all any terrain, trail, or tracks, and it hadn’t failed since its production eight years ago.


I am not likely going to trade the BMW K1600GT with any bike out if I continue to evoke the great moments I had riding this bike a few months ago.

Popularly called the ‘Wanderlust on Wheels’ for its powerful delivery, the K1600GT  is a three-color BMW model that boasts of great power, thanks to its six-cylinder in-line engine that provides a smooth, reliable, and safe ride.

The bike’s headlight is made of Xenon for dynamic leveling and bright vision while on the road. The front suspension on is a BMW Duolever suspension. The sporty and discrete design of this bike matches the enormous 160 HP at 7,750 rotations per minute as well as smooth acceleration that it’s able to deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are BMW Bikes expensive to maintain?

Well, it all depends on two things: the model of BMW you’re using and the kind of service your bike needs. But generally, the BMW service is expensive. The cost of their parts is also on the high side. However, if you can take some time out to learn how to fix some minor issues and carry out specific maintenance on your own, you’’ find out BMW bikes aren’t expensive as it seems.

Q: How many miles do BMW motorcycles last?

Again, depending on the model of BMW you’re using and the frequency of service. Typically, BMW bikes can run up to 200,000 miles, but if they lack maintenance, they won’t reach that level. This is not peculiar to BMW bikes; all automobiles that require support and serve will collapse and decrease their lifespan.

Q: What does BMW GS Stand for?

BMW is a German manufacturer, and so many of the acronyms in their model names are German languages. The BMW GS series are dual-purpose motocross/ on-road bikes. The term GS means Gelände/Straße or Gelände Sport.


The next time someone asks you whether BMW is reliable motorcycles to ride, tell them never to feel anxious about reliability. It’s a given. I think the question really should be whether BMW motorcycles can match the capacity, features, safety, and design of Harley bikes?

I think these two brands have a lot in common in terms of the fantastic features their models bring to the table for riders. But again, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

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