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Are Motorcycles Faster Than Cars?

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Have you ever wondered how fast motorcycles are in comparison to cars? Since you probably ride in a car every day, you’ve always wondered if motorcycles are faster than cars.

Are Motorcycles Faster Than Cars? This question depends on a few things, but the solid answer is NO, Motorcycles are not faster than cars. In some cases, a motorcycle can race a car and beat the car. However, if you take the fastest motorcycle and you race against the fastest car, the car will win every single time.

This question is very interesting to research and learn more about the fastest motorcycles and fastest cars so you can put a picture in your mind.

What Are The Fasted Motorcycles?

The fastest motorcycle in the world, according to, is the Dodge Tomahawk. This beauty boasts a 90 degree V-Type Engine which produces 500 horsepower at 5600 RMPs. This motorcycle uses a simple transmission type, the 2 speed manual transmission.

The biggest surprise to me on this motorcycle was the amount of cylinders this machine has. The Dodge Tomahawk has 10 cylinders.

What Are The Fasted Cars?

The fastest car on the street is the Koenigsegg Ager. This machine produces an impressive 1030 horsepower.

  • Power output: 1030 hp at 7100 rpm – redline @ 8250 rpm
  • Torque: over 1000 Nm from 2700 to 6170 rpm
  • Max torque: 1100 Nm at 4100 rpm
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) 2.9 sec, 0-200 km/h 7,9 sec, 0-200-0 km/h 12.8 sec, 0-300-0 km/h 22,7 sec
  • Braking distance: 30.5m (100-0 km/h)
  • Lateral g-force: 1.6 g
  • Fuel consumption: Highway travel: 12,5 l/100km
  • Combined: 14,7/100km
  • Weight-to-power ratio: 1.24 kg/hp (dry weight)
  • Weight distribution: 44% front, 56% rear
  • Emission levels: Euro V and lev 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Motorcycles Stop Faster Than Cars? The quick answer to this question is that motorcycles stop faster than cars. However, there are a ton of “ifs” or “but if” since for example, if you have a ford mustang with wide/fat tires and new ABS brakes, it will most likely stop faster than your traditional motorcycle.

Is Riding a Motorcycle Easier Than Driving a Car? Riding a motorcycle can be quite hard at times, it’d definitely be much harder to ride a motorcycle than a car. Since cars are automatic usually and have less controlling actions, it’s most likely harder to ride a motorcycle than a car. Check out these motorcycle safety tips to improve your motorcycle riding.

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