Honda Automatic Motorcycle

Are There Any Automatic Motorcycles?

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I had a friend ask me a few weeks back if there were automatic motorcycle models. I guess this is a commonly asked question within the industry, and it’s very important if you were to get a motorcycle yourself, that you know what kind of motorcycle you want and something that you will love forever.

So, do automatic motorcycles exist? Absolutely, there are a few automatic motorcycles on the market right now. There are a small majority of motorcycles feature an all in one gear system which is also referred to as automatic motorcycle models.

What is an Automatic Transmission?

If you’re interested in getting a motorcycle I would advise you to do a little bit more research based on you know what an automatic engine entails and what a traditional motorcycle is. When it comes down to choosing a motorcycle it’s either you have one or the other you know so you want to make sure you choose wisely.

An automatic transmission in a motorcycle is basically the same thing as your traditional motorcycle but it just has the capability to automatically switch gears. A great analogy to this would be a common car, most modern cars don’t have manual or stick shifts which means they’re automatic and the engine and the transmission work together to configure and produce power to the wheels efficiently.

Examples of Automatic Motorcycles

There are a select few automatic motorcycles that I would like to share with you today, there is a list below then we will dive further into each model.

  • Honda NC700X DCT
  • Honda CTX700 DCT
  • Honda VFR1200X DCT
  • Honda NM4 Vultus DCT
  • Energica Ego
  • Zero SR
  • Evoke Urban S

Honda Automatic Motorcycles

Honda Automatic Motorcycle

The Honda Motorcycle Brand is on point with their automatic motorcycle trends. Here are a few exclusive features you can get from the Honda Models.

MSRPFrom $7,999
Fuel Consumption3.58 L/100 km
Seat Height32.7″
Fuel Tank Capacity3.698 Gallon
Curb Weight478 to 507.1 lbs

Do Motorcycles Have Gears?

Many people who have never ridden a motorcycle often ask if motorcycles have gears, which is significant if you plan on getting a motorcycle in the future.

Amongst the wide-spread motorcycle models nowadays, most of them are equipped with a set of gears, however there are a select few motorcycles that are automatic that is surprising to some. So the answer to the question is yes, the majority of motorcycle models have a gear system in place which is quite interesting.

If you think about it, every car has gears but the manual transmission cars are the most relatable since you have to push in the left transmission pedal to then initiate gear switch on the stick, it works the same way on a motorcycles but you are pulling a lever just like the right hand brake.

Now that you know exactly why the majority of motorcycle models have a set of gears, let’s dive into why motorcycles have gears and learn more about that.

Why Motorcycles Have Gears?

Every engine has gears with that being sad motorcycles have gears for multiple reasons. Gears are essentially a system that allows power from the engine to be exerted and transferred to the wheels inordinately providing the movement of the motor vehicle. 

The basic motorcycle models have five gears although there are motorcycles that have four or three or even six years total. Now you may be asking why are there different numbers per gear and that is because each gear has essentially its own use. Typically the lower gears are used for torque and basically have more power but not quite as fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Shift Gears? When you are shifting gears on a motorcycle, we would like for you to keep a few things in mind. You must first access the speed and velocity at which you’re moving to ensure that it’s approximately the right time to switch gears. Once you decide it’s go time, simply pull the lever on the left side of handle-bars, in doing this you are allowing the transmission and engine to work together smoothly so you don’t wear down the systems. Once you pull in that lever, you’ll have to switch gears with your foot, either go down into second gear or go up for gears beyond second gear. Slowly let go of the lever and give it gas, you should be well on your way to maximizing this strategy.

Is It Possible To Shift Gears Without Using The Clutch? It’s definitely possible to switch gears without using the clutch. The clutch is essentially there to make the transition of gears more smooth, the clutch also increases the life-time functionality of the engine and transmission. So when you are out riding it is recommended that you use your clutch as much as possible so you can limit the wear and tear on your motorcycle transmission.

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