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Hello, My name is Henry. Here at Gear Sustain we recommend and review different products and services in the Automotive, Dirt Bikes, and Motorcycle Industry!!
how to wheelie on motorcycle

How to Wheelie a Motorcycle in 5 Steps

On several occasions, I wished to do a motorcycle wheelie and I finally did it. I believe you have also tried to do this...
how to ride motorcycle in the rain

Here is How You Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain

As a veteran bike rider and motorcycle adviser, it is common safety knowledge and routine practice that I get ready for the unusual that...
best beginner motorcycles

Average Motorcycle Weight (10 Examples)

Since there are so many forms of motorcycles, it makes logical sense that the weights vary significantly. Several sources claim that the "average" motorcycle...
motorcycle gas tank paint

5 Best Paint to use on a Motorcycle Gas Tank

After restoring multiple motorcycles over the last 10 years. It's interesting, cause if you look across the industry, there are various different options to...
how to register a custom built motorcycle

How to Register a Custom-Built Motorcycle

It’s now exactly two years since I, a skilled vehicle builder, started the construction of my dream motorcycle. Along the line, I had wanted...
BMW Police Motorcycle

Police Motorcycles Around The World (List of 10)

Have you ever wondered what motorcycles police drive? My buddy of mine is a police officer and he often times drives a motorcycle on...
Dodge Toma Fastest Motorcycle

Are Motorcycles Faster Than Cars?

Have you ever wondered how fast motorcycles are in comparison to cars? Since you probably ride in a car every day, you've always wondered...
Harley Road King vs Electra Glude

10 Motorcycle Brands Made in the USA

Have you ever wondered what motorcycle brands are manufactured in the United States of America? It's interesting because there are hundreds of motorcycle brands...
How to Jump Start a MOtorcycle

How to Jump Start a Motorcycle in Under 15 Minutes

Every motorcycle rider must know how to jump start a motorcycle, this is a popular question people ask me in the industry. Whether you...
how to use the clutch on a motorcycle

How to Find Neutral on a Motorcycle?

Finding the Neutral on a motorcycle is one of the most generic and uncomplicated skills a rider has while riding their motorcycles. Most experienced...