Bad Transmission Mounts

Bad Transmission Mounts: Symptoms, Causes & Fixes

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It can get no less nauseating when your car rattles or vibrates while running. There is one component of your car that needs immediate attention: the transmission mount. When these two signs occur, it’s time to take your car to the mechanic for immediate repair or replacement of the transmission mount.

A transmission mount offers support to the transmission system, ensuring the engine doesn’t transmit any noise from around the vehicle. However, the component can go bad, leading to a grinding sound from your car when in motion. A bad transmission mount will experience symptoms such as car frame flexing, engine sound like breaking out, difficulty in cornering, excessive vibration, and grinding noises. The other thing you will notice is that your car begins to run differently.

The transmission system remains one of the most important parts of your car. Your car will stop running once the transmission system slips or fails to work. If you don’t understand what the transmission mount is, how it works, or why you need it in your car, this article will provide all the details.

You’ll also learn the step-by-step guide on how to fix or replace the transmission mount when it is not working well. Here we go!

What is a Transmission Mount?

Just as your car motor mount fastens the engine to the car, the transmission mount also ensures the entire transmission system secures itself to the car chassis. It helps keep the transmission in place, limiting it from shaking and vibrating.

The mount is responsible for regulating the transmission while isolating any form of vibration from the vehicle drivetrain. For correct angles of the driveshaft and the various joints, your car needs the transmission mount to   

In situations where the transmission mount in your car goes bad, then there’s a high risk of having your transmission damaged.

Bad Transmission Mount Symptoms

Some certain signs and symptoms will enable tell your transmission mount has done bad. Here are a few of the early and late signs of a failing transmission mount:

  • Car Frame Flexing

Although this may take some time before it starts to develop, a chassis flex occurs when the car frame starts to shift. The far-reaching consequence of this is that the body of the car will mishappen, leading to the wrong alignment of the doors.

  • Engine Sounds Like Breaking Out

One of the immediate signs of a faulty transmission mount is the banging, bashing, and chunking sounds from the engine. In this instance, there is metal-to-metal contact inside the engine which often indicates that the engine is about to break down. The transmission system will begin to shift from its place as the engine moves along. When this happens, it means the transmission mounts have worn out, unable to securely hold the transmission in place. 

  • Difficulty in Cornering

Once your car is running on a failing transmission mount, you will notice that you have difficulty in cornering. If you turn the steering wheel left, the car frame moves left, but the engine goes right. This is due to the loose and insecure state of the engine. This often leads to weight imbalance.

  • Excessive Vibration

More like a thumping sound, a faulty transmission mount will cause the engine and the entire car frame to start to vibrate very excessively. The vibration can become intense t the point that the weight of the transmission can damage. Other vital parts of the car may also destroy. Passengers will not be comfortable as the vibration continues while distraction sets in for the driver.

  • Grinding Noise

One of these symptoms is noise. If your car’s transmission mount is failing, you would notice a grinding or thumping sound. This sound is as though the entire engine is about falling out of the car. Because of the loose transmission, the whole system becomes shaky and banging, and will get worse if you neglect it.

Bad Transmission Mount Causes

As I earlier stated, the transmission is an important component of a vehicle. So imagine the risk involved when the most important part of your car is damaged, this simply means the entire car is ruined.

That said, as important as the transmission is to the car, so is the transmission mount to the transmission. Because the transmission mound helps secure the transmission, preventing them from shaking and vibrating when you accelerate.

Several factors can cause a bad transmission mount. These could either be from accident or driving style. When your car collides with another, it can result in a force that can cause cracks in the gear and transmission mount. At this point, your car may not look damaged on the outside but the inside, they are severely damaged. It is very essential to carefully examine your car to determine a faulty mount.

How To Fix Faulty Transmission Mount & Cost?

If you notice your transmission mount is faulty from an accident, all you need to do is replace the mount or have a mechanic help you out. You may want to get them fixed. That is doable, unless the mount is behind repair, then getting them replaced stands as the only option. 

The cost of replacing a transmission mount depends on the brand of the mount and the model of the car. If you’re able to access mount, then you’re lucky because you won’t be spending much, expect around $200-$450, this includes labor cost. 

On the other hand, if you are not able to access the mount, this is when it becomes difficult for both you and your mechanic. Because they will have to remove many components of the car to ascertain the problem and this takes time. From my research, the total cost of transmission mount replacement will be in the range of $250 to $600. 

Final Thoughts

Bad transmission mount can be a hindrance to having a smooth ride. The banging, tumbling, and clashing sounds of different metals can be disturbing. When noticed, immediately stop driving and check the problem. 

Letting your car transmission mount get so bad can be risky, can cause progressive damages to your car, and this will tell on your pocket. You will have to scoop out a huge amount to get the entire system fixed.

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