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Beginners Guide to Motorcycle Safety Gear

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Regardless of your status on the road – pedestrian, driver, passenger, road safety agents, or by-standers – safety is what is paramount, and should be the common and unanimous language every road user speaks. 

The motorcyclist, whether as a novice or veteran, is no different. Motorcycle safety gear is one thing you should invest in. After all, the road becomes a safe place for everyone, including you, if we all wear safety as a cloak.

How much do you know about the motorcycle safety gear guide? You wouldn’t have to spend so much to be able to procure motorcycle gear. There are motorcycle gears that come at a huge cost; there are others that you can buy on the cheap; your budget depends on what you get. 

Which helmet, jacket, pants, boots, suits, gloves, or body armor should you wear? Everything at a time? Or is there a time of the season to choose one gear over the other? Always remember the rules of thumb: All The Gear, All The Time. 

If you’re confused at this point, turn to the rest of the post for further information about the motorcycle safety gear guide.  

Helmets: Best Motorcycle Safety Gear

The helmet comes in sizes, namely, the full-faced helmet, the three-quarter (¾) helmet, and the half (½ or ‘brain bucket’) helmet. As a motorcyclist, wear a helmet all the time

The three sizes feature a variety of designs, including a clear or tinted style. They offer full protection to the rider. They are all adequately ventilated for good breath. They also allow riders to hear sounds coming from traffic and maintain defensive riding.


GDM Duke Helmets DK-3504.9 poundsAmazon
Schuberth C3 Pro 3.54 poundsAmazon
Voss 888CF Genuine Carbon Fiber1 poundAmazon

However, while the full-faced helmet gives protection to all parts of your head, including your face, the ¾ helmet only covers the side, top, and back of your head. The ½ helmet only covers the top of your head, giving partial coverage to the side and back.

Jackets: Best Motorcycle Safety Gear

Motorcycle Jacket Safety Gear

Another important motorcycle safety gear is the jacket. It is important and should be worn every time. Jackets are made with leather or synthetic material. They provide protection to your body. 

Motorcycle Jacket Guide

  • They come in different styles, designs, and functions. 
  • Leather jackets are perfect when you’re on the saddle of a rugged cruiser or sportbike.
  • A synthetic jacket suits a long-mile touring motorcycle  
  • It comes with both internal and external pockets.


Textile Mesh Jacket: Klim Induction Lightweight and transparent 
Snug fit
Well ventilated to give comfort
Easy to remove
Weather compatible 
4-Season Textile Jacket: IXS Montevideo II  Maximum internal and external storage and pockets
Adequate ventilation 
Weather friendly (cool during hot summer)
Heat liner for layered warmth during autumn and winter months.
Visible and retro-reflective
Leather Jacket: Cortech Piuma Leather made (cowhide)
Excellent protection (mesh protective panels) and rugged good looks
High-flow mesh fabric for increased ventilation. 
Reinforced zippers on all pockets, wrists, and closures offer security while riding, 
Secure and visible

Pants: Best Motorcycle Safety Gear

A motorcycle safety gear guide that overlooks pants is not complete. Pants offer protection from the environment. They also provide ventilation and armor, while ensuring visibility and security. Riding pants feature a bright color design and a retro-reflective cover.

Materials used to make riding pants include textile, leather, denim, and Kevlar, and they provide incredible design and looks. They can form part of a jacket, featuring removable linings that add a layer of warmth.


Textile: Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Waterproof PantsMade from reinforced fabric textile, 
It offers ventilation, warmth, and waterproof protection, such as removable hip and knee pads. 
It offers enough storage.
Leather: AGV Sport Willow Perforated Leather Pants Made for track and cruise sport riding. 
Offers leather construction for abrasion protection and armor
A blend of a mix of Kevlar and stretch panels
Denim Hybrid: Icon 1000 Varial Uses a coated nylon blend of Cordura denim with leather reinforcements. 
Discrete impact protectors 
Perfect for a long, comfortable ride. 
Weather resistance

Suits: Best Motorcycle Safety Gear

Suits are made in a one or two-piece set. They feature protection, ventilation, material selection as a jacket and pants combination. Suits should fit perfectly into the body without being bulky or cumbersome.


Leather One-Piece Suit: Alpinestars Challenger IIAmazon

  • It comes with stretch panels on the arms, crotch, and knees. 
  • Made of leather or a Kevlar mix to increase abrasion
  • Offered impact protection on the chest, back, shoulders, hips, and legs, 
  • The mesh liner offers cooling and ventilation.

Gloves: Best Motorcycle Safety Gear

Gloves offer protection for your hands in the event of a fall. The most chosen leather-made gloves provide padding and protection on major parts of the hand, including the fingers, knuckles, and back of the hand and palm. Textile-made gloves offer abrasion protection with waterproofing.


Textile Hybrid: Tour Master Cold Tex 3.0 Feature a goatskin palm with a textile hand and wrist material. 
All weather-compliant and touchscreen-compatible 
Waterproof and breathable.
Great warmth provided by a thin polyester fleece liner
Ace: Alpinestars GP RacerLightweight, comfortable, and durable
Full protection
Touring: Joe Rocket Rocket Burner HeatedOffer great design and styles 
Waterproof, breathable
Up to 4 hours of heating time

Boots: Best Motorcycle Safety Gear

Motorcycle boots are above-the-ankle footwear that features sturdy protection against ankle bones in the event of an accident. In addition, riding boots offer increased torsional stiffness for reduced flexing, and oil-resistant soles for firm traction on the ground.


Sport / Race Boot: Joe Rocket Speedmaster 3.0Perforated split-grain leather upper for excellent breathability; Articulated ankle design for added mobilityAmazon
Cruising / Touring Boot: Highway 21 Spark100% top quality full-grain leatherAmazon
Adventure / Dual-Sport Boots: Gaerne Balanced OiledThe boot is made of leather construction and features a new injection-molded shin guard as well as three aluminum buckles that are replaceable.Amazon
Street / Walking Casual: REV’IT Royale H2OFeatures: reinforced heel, reinforced toe, gear shift pad, anatomically shaped footbed, anatomically shaped ankle cup, gusseted tongue, CoolMax mesh liningAmazon


The style of the motorcycle gear matters as much as the material of which it is made. Similarly, you also need to look at what function your safety gear performs as well as its fit. In the end, there is motorcycle gear for everyone.

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