What’s the Best 50cc Dirt Bike for Kids? (Detailed Guide)

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With the automotive market already highly saturated with so many brands and products – counterfeit and top-quality alike − arming yourself with the right pieces of information about the best 50cc dirt bikes for kids appears the only.

To tell you right off the bat, I recommend getting the Yamaha TTR50 as a first decision because it has excellent kid-features; for a second decision, I would choose the SSR 50cc since it’s an excellent bike for kids. 

I’ll help you with the best tips you out of the frequent wasting of your hard-earned low budget on inferior and packaged bikes that give your kids trouble and won’t last more than a year.

Follow me as I journey with you to treat you to basic but detailed things you need to know before you choose what model of 50cc dirt bikes to buy for your kids. You can compare the best 50cc dirt bikes with the best 50cc Moped Scooters For 2020.

Make sure the kids are also there beside you so they have an insight into the bike they’ll be riding a few days after reading this post. They shouldn’t start riding immediately: there’s a need for some safety lessons.

Let’s walk the journey together here:

Yamaha TTR50

Similar to the Honda CRF50, the Yamaha TTR50 comes as one guy that features more controls and commands more orders in the market.

Yamaha TTR50

With this model, Yamaha time and again expresses its vision for a very reliable, well-built, and reasonably priced dirt bike. Perfect for kids between 4 and 6, this model is made for speed because it runs fast and great at 30mph.

This guy isn’t made with a kick start, so kids will have to turn off the key without using the kill switch to avoid draining the battery. Once you remove the battery of charge by leaving the bike in the “on” status, you won’t be able to start the bike the next time.

SSR 50cc

If you want to test the resolve of the manufacturers of this model of best 50cc dirt bikes, then ask questions about its price and reliability. You’ll be amazed the SSR 50cc offers you high value for little money.

SSR 50cc

Being one of the cheapest dirt bikes on our list, the SSR 50cc is a product for parents who’re quite handy, skilled in little repairs, and are on a limited budget. Yet, you’ll get newness and reliability even at such a reasonable price.

It doesn’t come apart because the parts are tightly fixed, and if properly used, your kid will enjoy this bike for a year before it starts developing issues; and these are minor issues.

KTM 50 SX Mini

If your kid is hell-bent on a bike that’s made just for racing, then you’ve got to hand him the KTM 50 SX Mini.

KTM 50 SX Mini

Boasting exceptional quality and features, this bike will cost you some bucks, no doubt, but there’s the value you’ll get for your money.

The KTM 50 SX Mini is built to taste, featuring inverted front forks, adjustable handlebars, liquid cooling. There are also disc brakes on both the front and rear of the bike.

With the KTM 50 SX, you have a guy that won’t soak much grunt. That’s the advantage of a 2-stroke dirt bike over their 4-stroke counterparts. Be reminded you have to mix the oil for your kid, a ratio of 60:1. That shouldn’t be an issue.

Suzuki JR 50

In the class of two-stroke dirt bikes, the Suzuki JR 50 stands out for a wide variety of reasons. Young riders find this model appealing, considering that it’s built with a super-low 19” seat height. Plus, the dry weight stands at 84 pounds, making it one of the heavyweight dirt bikes on our list.

Boasting a single-speed automatic transmission, your kid won’t have any issue starting the bike. As typical of many two-stroke dirt bikes, you’ll have to mix the fuel of the Suzuki JR 50 at a 40:1 ratio. The price is also reasonable; in fact, it’s one of the cheapest on our list here.

Honda CRF50

This is the bike for kids between ages 6 and 8 because it comes with controls that are typically and necessarily for adult biking. If nothing, a kick start should be standard on every dirt bike for kids, and the Honda CRF50 is built with it.

Honda CRF50

The kick start is quite a brilliant idea, especially for kids to start to learn the basics and tricks of adult biking. It offers an alternative in the event your kid leaves the key ‘on’ at the mouth of the bike and is unable to use the electric start key.

The Honda CRF50 gives nothing short of reliability and affordability of the price. So, you won’t have to break the bank trying to purchase this guy from the market. That’s why many parents want this model for their kids.

The CRF50 is similar in many respects to the TTR50, but it’s not as fast as the latter. With 25mph, the CRF50 is a great guy for kids comfortable with seat height 21.8-in.

Yamaha TT-R50E

Just like its sibling on this list, the Yamaha TTR 50E makes an excellent pick for young riders who’re just starting their riding career. It also has some features similar and comparable to the Honda CRF 50.

Yamaha TT-R50E

As a four-stroke bike, this model comes with a 21.5 seat height and a dry weight of 126 pounds and makes a top speed of 32mph a pride. That’s high speed more than what any other four-stroke competitor on our list offers.

Never get bothered with the throttle control because the Yamaha TT-R50E gets you a power that’s easy to adjust and control.

Although with no kick start, the Yamaha TTR 50e is no pushover given that many parents even prefer this model for their beginner kid. They won’t need a kick start because kids find it hard to operate bikes with kick start with ease.

Suzuki DR-Z50

Made for kids who have gained some height, the Suzuki DRZ-50 is an excellent piece for kids who’re just starting their riding life. If the 19-inch seat height of the Suzuki JR 50cc is too low for your kid’s height, then beckon on the Suzuki DRZ-50 for the rescue.

Suzuki DR-Z50

This guy comes with both an electric starter and a kick starter, giving you the option to switch in the event of a dead battery. You’ve got an opportunity for ease and back-up.

This four-stroke bike also features adjustable throttle control that allows your children to be in control of the speed. It holds a lot of things in common with the Honda CRF 50 and the Yamaha TT-R50E.

50cc Dirt Bike for Your Kid: Buying Considerations 

Condition of the bike

By condition, I mean whether you should go for a used or new dirt bike. The good news is that a dirt bike for kids doesn’t require you to break the bank both in terms of purchasing price and maintenance costs.

Two, if properly used, a standard 50cc dirt bike will give you at least a decade lifespan without having to spend much on maintenance. Why would you not go for a new one?  

Age of Your Kid   

Generally, every age has a dirt bike type that’s made for it. Typically, before a kid clocks 4, there is quite a wide range of small, underpowered electronic-operated dirt bikes out there that are safe for riding. By age 4, kids can ride 50cc dirt bike.

Size of your Kid

Once your kid surpasses the age of 8, the size of the bike they’ll need will be different. At every point, make sure you buy a dirt bike that suits and is comfortable for your kid. However, between ages 3 and 8, your kids should still stick to the 50cc engine dirt bike until they outgrow.


This is another factor you should consider before you buy when you’re planning to buy a 50cc dirt bike for your kid. Usually, 50cc dirt bikes for kids don’t cost much, but you need to know your budget and have an idea of the asking price for a new 50cc dirt bike.

But be prepared to spare at least between $1200 to $2000, if you’re out for a good deal and a quality product.


Whether it’s for kids or an adult, safety is one of the first things to consider when planning to buy a bike. Because dirt bikes for kids are made typically to DOT standards, you won’t need many inspections.

Do they have unprotected areas, including bolt joints and pedals? Yet, you’ll need to know the famous and best brands in the market that offer tested and trusted products out. Don’t compromise safety.

Two-stroke Vs Four-stroke Dirt Bikes

There are two types of 50cc dirt bike engine for kids, namely, two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes. Each of these kinds comes with their unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. The features highlighted here are what are common to each of the types of dirt bikes. However, there are areas where the two-stroke overlaps with four-stroke dirt bikes.

Highlighted Features

Two-stroke Dirt bikesFour-stroke Dirt bikes
Requires less maintenance costDemand more cost for maintenance
They require oil-fuel mixThey often come with oil-fuel mix
Require more shifting of gearsRequire less shifting of gears because they use automatic clutch
Much less complicated optionA little more complex to operate
No kick startBuilt with a kick start
Affordably pricedRelatively pricey
LightweightHeavier than two-stroke engine
More efficientLess efficient

How to Get Started On a 50cc Dirt Bike

Do not just hop your kid on a dirt bike. You stand a chance of running against the safety rule. The first stage to start riding a 50cc dirt bike is to take him to participate in safety course lessons. There are many of them out there where your kid can learn the tricks and skills involved in riding a bike. The department of Motor Vehicles or Recreation Department and Parks offers a course in this area.

During the period, your kids will learn how to control the bike, how to steer the handlebar and pull the brake. Even as parents, you have a lot to learn about ways of maintaining the dirt bike.

One other thing your child will come to know to go for this course is that it’s no ideal to start riding on the street. They must keep entirely away from the main road, except he’s crossing to hop on another track. After all, a dirt bike is not made for the highways.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are Dirt Bikes for My Kid? They’re safe! The necessary precautions have to be taken, and specific rules obeyed. Otherwise, the answer will be different. 

Parents must ensure they buy the right size of dirt bikes for their kids. Put merely; bikes must be correctly sized. Also, kids in their age group must be adequately supervised, and their ability level, personal safety, and limitations identified.

The kids must be monitored on the use of the throttle controls as well as their speed level. You can choose which speed and gear level you want your kid to get used to. For me, I prefer setting it in the second gear. Plus, you can use the throttle stop to cap his speed all the time.

What’s the Maintenance Cost of a 50cc Dirt Bike? The great news to break is that 50cc dirt bikes are incredibly reliable and easy to maintain. They require a minimal amount of money for maintenance. For a two-stroke dirt bike, make sure you mix the fuel in the right proportion. Buy good quality products when changing the oil of the dirt bike.

If these steps are taken plus other safety measures and proper use habits, your kid, including the ones yet unborn, can use the dirt bike for as long as 15 years without carrying out any major repair on it.

Needless to say that at intervals, you’ll be required to refill the gas, change the oil (at least once a year), clean or replace the air filter, and recharge the starter battery on a trickle charger. These are standard maintenance that extends the lifespan of the bike.

Typically, a 50cc dirt bike can either be powered by gas or electricity. While the gas-powered dirt bike requires some money, the electric-powered dirt bike requires less maintenance. As we shall see below, if your kid is using a two-stroke engine, you’ll pay a lot of attention to it, unlike riders using a four-stroke engine dirt bike.

Why is a 50cc Dirt Bike Right for Your Kid? Whether you opt for a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, dirt bikes are generally what your kids need to start their life and journey into the cycling and riding world.

When kids are just coming up, they have to start small. The best way is to introduce them to a fun-filled and enjoyable riding experience with the little stroke engine dirt bikes.

The 50cc dirt bike is an excellent way to bring young starter riders, given their size, strength, and age. Usually, children between the age of 4 and 8 can start riding a 50cc dirt bike with a lot of guidance from their parents. It’s a way to prepare them for more fabulous adventures with more gas-powered bike engines in the future.

How Do I Get a Good Deal on a 50cc Dirt Bike? Generally, getting a great deal on a dirt bike is quite simple. It’s advisable to get the brand new dirt bike. This is because you’ll spend less on maintaining it than going for a used model that’ll suck your bucks.

However, if you’re in the class of those craving for used dirt bikes, don’t spend more than $1,000 on it considering what it may end up costing you in maintenance.

Overall, the condition of the bike you’re determines the amount it goes for. Check out the prices on the various e-commerce and drop shipping marketplaces for prices.

Is 50cc Dirt Bikes ideal For Adults? It depends on several factors. Not only are the best 50cc dirt bike suitable for kids under 8, but they’re also useful utility bikes for children up to 16. That depends on the size, height, and weight of the adult rider.

It means that even if a child is 16+ but has a short stature and small-sized body, he can still ride a 50cc dirt bike. However, for a child who’s at that age but with immense height and shape, riding a 50cc dirt bike will be odd. Adult bikes start from 250cc engine dirt bike.


There is quite a wide variety of best 50cc dirt bikes in the market. It takes the shopper with the street purchasing idea to bring home the right quality products.

I will recommend that potential buyers do a proper market survey. Don’t be in a hurry to impress your kid or make them love you by buying a bike. Go for the best that you won’t end up having to keep spending money on to maintain. Your dirty bikes should have an incredible setup, and the power to weight ratio must be reasonable.

I hope this post will help you make an informed decision the next time you want to buy a 50cc dirt bike for your kid.

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