10 Best Adventure Motorcycle Boots

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A pair of adventure boots is one of the necessary protective gear you cannot miss on your list. While you have your helmet, goggles, and gloves, you are now looking for one of the best adventure motorcycle boots on the market.

I know how challenging it might be to make the right decision with the variety of boots on the market. I have, therefore, taken my time to search and compile this list for you to choose from. In this post, I also highlighted all the factors you must consider before settling for the adventure motorcycle boots of your choice. Don’t forget money is involved here.  

Best Adventure Motorcycle Boots Comparison

TitleEditor’s RatingPrice
O’Neal ElementRating 4.9/5.0Amazon
Forma AdventureRating 4.5/5.0Amazon
Gaerne G-AdventureRating 4.4/5.0Amazon
TCX DrifterRating 4.3/5.0Amazon
Rev’it Discovery OutdryRating 4.3/5.0Amazon
Joe RocketRating 4.2/5.0Amazon
Sidi Adventure 2Rating 4.2/5.0Amazon
Alpinestars ToucanRating 4.2/5.0Amazon
Fly Racing 2020Rating 4.1/5.0Amazon
Revit Trail H2O Rating 4.1/5.0Amazon

This article contains the best adventure boots that are worth every penny

1. O’Neal Element Adventure Motorcycle Boot

O'Neal Element Adventure Motorcycle Boot

O’Neal is a company dedicated to providing bikers with the best kit at affordable prices. This boot comes at a reasonably low cost and offers the best performance you will get from other, more expensive adventure boots. However, if you are a lover of enticing design, you might not want to go for this boot. Other than the design, there is a list of features to make you want to patronize this boot from O’Neal.

First, this leather boot protects your ankle and comes with a toe cap. When you first use this boot, you may find it hard to put on and off. But don’t let that deceive you. With prolonged use, they will become more comfortable to use.

One issue with most adventure boots on the market is how you feel uncomfortable wearing them for a long time. This boot does not fall into that category. With O’Neal adventure motorcycle boots on, you can go on a long journey without feeling discomfort.

With two adjustable fasteners, you can double-fasten the boot. Plus, the boot is waterproof to ensure your legs don’t become wet. Also, if you invest in this product, you purchase a full-length boot to protect your leg’s upper section.

You might want to ask if you can tuck them under your motorcycle jeans. Yes, you can. With the narrow top part, you face no difficulties having them under the jeans. As such, you can put them on when commuting or having a casual ride.

2. Forma Adventure Boots

Forma Adventure Boots

If you love great designs, the first feature of this boot that may interest you is the beautiful design after that comes the price, which is affordable for bikers who are on low budgets but want one of the best, cheapest adventure boots on the market.

The boot is made from oil-tanned leather to add to its gorgeous appearance. With this boot, you are getting one of the best designs and several other features that will trigger you to open your wallet.

One feature you will want to look for in an adventure boot is if your feet are protected from moisture in the boot. The good news is that the Forma adventure boot is waterproof. Plus, the sole offers excellent off-road and on-road performances. With the stiff sole, you are sure your feet are protected against impact, while the soft heel and forefoot promote comfort. The ankle section of the boot is also flexible to allow rotation.

3. Gaerne G-Adventure Boots

Gaerne G-Adventure Boots

Before now, adventure motorcycle boots did not pay attention to the area of great design. But with the advent of some boots, the game changes. Gaerne adventure boot is one of the shoes that advocated for impressive models.

Gaerne paid, realizing how essential and eye-catching a great design is, and rolled out this good-looking boot. With this adventure boot from Falco, you are not only paying for one of the most beautiful designs. Several other features of this boot will gain your interest.

With this Gearne G-Adventure, you are assured that your feet are protected from water and moisture, as the boot is waterproof. Not only this, but the boot is also a blend of protection and comfort.

With a hinge on the feather, you can have enough flex when walking in them for a long time. In protection, the boot is stiff and solid enough to prevent impacts against your feet.

One common issue with most adventure boots is how the sole quickly detached from the upper. It is not the case with the Gaerne adventure boot, as the two parts are glued and stitched together. With this, you have the impression that you can use the boot for a long time. 

4. TCX Drifter

TCX Drifter

Another adventure boot that made it to this list is the TCX Drifter. There are many features about this boot to have made it here. The first impression you get from this boot is the design. It is designed to win the heart of lovers of great designs. Also, the waterproof membrane ensures that your feet are kept from moisture.

The shin guard is made from polyurethane to protect your shins. Besides your legs, your toes are protected with solid toecaps, and the heel cups do well at what they are to do. Even if all of this is implemented, your comfort is still not tampered with while in the boot.

Though when you first start using it, it may be hard to put on, with continuous use, you will find it easy to use, and you will get the complete comfort that your feet deserve from the best adventure boot. The boot features padding around the ankle and the shins. These ensure that you get total comfort while your feet are protected.

5. Rev’it Discovery Outdry

Every manufacturer wants to be the first to try an innovation, which was a Rev’it way of trying a new thing out. While most adventure boots come with fasteners, this Rev’it boot features a lacing system. This method is to improve comfort.

While individual sports have been using the lacing system for a long, this is the first adventure motorcycle boot to adopt the system. So, if you think you have come across the system before, you might have seen it in golfing, cycling, or snowboarding. Since the lacing method works perfectly in these activities, other manufacturers have also welcomed it. It is not the only feature to expect from this boot.

Another feature that may interest you in this adventure motorcycle boot is the shins and ankle guards with quality armor. Also, the sole is solid enough to protect your feet. Not only that, but there is padding in areas that need it to ensure you feel comfortable in the boot. The use of the OutDry waterproof membrane is in a bid to make your feet dry.

6. Joe Rocket Resistant Boot

Joe Rocket Resistant Boot

This adventure motorcycle boot features an idea you hardly find in other adventure boots on the market. Joe Rocket boot has a waterproof inner that you can remove and wear casually.

It is the first adventure motorcycle boot to try the innovation, and it came out great. Though it is pricier than most other boots, you will get the value of your motor. While the outer boot is not waterproof, the inner bootie ensures your feet are kept from moisture. The inner bootie is also enough to protect your legs from moisture up to your ankle level.

The design is also high. The boot is beautifully designed in white and black, so you have two colors.

The only thing that seems to tamper with the great design is the yellow brand’s logo. However, while the inner bootie may be useful on campsites, they are not fashionable enough to wear on official occasions.

Besides this innovation, you will also get the value of your found in the aspect of protection, as the shin guard provides enough protection from impact. Also, your feet are protected as the sole enhances stiffness.

Rounding it off, while the boot might be pricey, you will want to choose it, especially if you are the type who likes to camp.

7. Sidi Adventure 2

Sidi Adventure 2

The Sidi Adventure 2 is the second version of the Sidi Squeak. The Sidi Squeak also gained traction and was patronized by many bikers. To perfect areas where the first version didn’t get it right, the Sidi Adventure 2 was released.

This boot will give you all the great features you expect from the best adventure motorcycle boot. The design is a future to write home about. This second version has a higher Gore-Tex gaiter, 7 cm higher than the first model. It is an attempt to enhance comfort and protection.

To speak more on protection, this second version of Adventure features enough armor and support. Also, your ankles are well protected.

The ankle of this brown boot contains a hinge. It is to ensure that your ankles can easily flex in it comfortably. However, the boot makes a sound with every step you take. If you don’t care about this, you will not regret spending money on this boot.

8. Alpinestars Toucan GTX

Alpinestars Toucan GTX

Out of the best adventure motorcycle boots that topped the list some years ago, only two can still maintain the position in 2020. Besides Sidi Adventure Gore, the Alpinestars Toucans are always on the list.

If you need a boot that will protect your ankle and feet, this is one of the boots to consider. It will protect your feet and enhance comfort while you are in them. Another impressive feature of the boot is how it keeps your foot warm. To improve excellent performance on wet trails, the boot features soles with deep-cut lugs, which makes it perfect for off-road riding. Also, you can comfortably stand on the pegs with the reinforced arch.

Stiffness is another feature you will want to look for in an adventure boot. This boot makes provision for that to ensure that your ankle and foot are held firmly. The toecap is also great for protecting your toe from impact.

Besides off-road riding, this adventure motorcycle boot will also deliver an impressive performance on the tarmac. Though you may find it clumsy to wear when you have it, with time, it will be easy to wear, and you will feel comfortable in it.

9. Fly Racing Adventure Motorcycle Boots

Fly Racing Adventure Motorcycle Boots

It is one of the cheapest adventure motorcycle boots on the market. With the low price of this boot, one will think it has little value to offer. Surprisingly, it comes with many features to have made it much more pricey than it is. In the aspect of protection, the boot is excellent. With padding in the shin, your shins are protected from impact. The sole also comes with arch support to enhance protection.

Another feature you will want to check is if the boot is waterproof. Yes, you do not need to worry about moisture getting through. You have to focus on what matters and let the boot protect your feet from getting wet.

10. Revit Expedition H2o

Revit Expedition H2o

The first thing that may send you back from buying this boot is the price. It is the most expensive adventure motorcycle boot on the market. With this, you would want to ask if it has the right value to justify its high price. Fortunately, you will not regret investing in the boot with many of its features.

According to the manufacturer, the product was birth out of three years of development. Before the boot was released to the market, it was a test ride for 100,000km, 86 adjustments were made to the design, and 134 comments were gathered from riders.

The focus of the manufacturer was to know which areas needed adjustment. Having passed this rigorous pre-production test, you should know you are buying one of the best adventure motorcycle boots.

As you would expect, this boot offers considerable protection and comfort, which you will want from an adventure boot. While it seems to achieve security and comfort with the same kick, this product leverages Dynamic Support Frame to make this happen.

The system ensures that your feathers do not move from side to side but can move up and down at the average amount necessary for comfort – on and off the bike.

Overall, this pair of boots is rich in many features that define the right boot design and are perfect for adventure riding.

Buying Guide for Adventure Boots & FAQs

Now that you have gone through this list, chances are you have come across the one that suits your interest. However, there are other factors you need to consider to make sure you are choosing the right type of adventure boots.

I do not mean to scare you, but you must understand that other superior considerations come into play when you have to part with a penny. Here are the top buying considerations when opting for the best adventure boots.  

Boot Size

Before opening your wallet to pay for your choice of boot, you must consider the size first. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to making the correct size. As such, you will want to wear them first – to know they fit your feet before settling for them. The consequence of not wearing a pair of boots that fit your feet is always far-reaching. In the event of an accident, the loose boots are the first thing to remove, exposing your feet to injury.   

Your Type of Riding

Besides your boot size, another essential factor is the riding you are engaged in. Ask yourself if you will be riding on or off the road. If most of your riding will be off-road, you need a super-protective rigid boot to aid protection. On the other hand, you will not want to choose an ultra-protective boot if you are an off-road rider, as it will be too heavy on you and hinder proper movement.

Also, it would help if you had clarity about whether the riding will be on a trail or mud. Ideally, adventure bikes are more like dirt bikes, either on-road or off-road. They often come with knobby tires and a trim body. All of this suggests that the adventure rider must be on the best adventure motorcycle boots all the time.


Let’s face it. Most adventure motorcycle boots do not strike a balance between comfort and protection. So, you must identify which is more important: support or protection. Typically, every motorcycle safety gear is intended to provide protection.

More specifically, you cannot be on an adventure tour without wearing protective boots. I mean one that will reduce the impact of injury in the event of a crash, given that adventure riding is always a dangerous journey. You can be sure that the items we have on our list here prove to be the best you can find regarding protection.    


It is absurd and risky to have to wear a pair of adventure boots that cannot resist water penetration. That is why it is ideal to go for a waterproof boot. It will ensure that your feet are protected from the rain. Since this might prevent air in-flow, some boot brands use membranes, such as Drytex and Gore-Tex, that are great for waterproofing and airflow into the boot. Interestingly, all the models of adventure boots we have on our list here are super-protected against water. They are a great partner during the extreme rain of winter.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How vital are adventure motorcycle boots?

The first thing every adventure rider must take seriously is that they’re protected against any injury. Hence, there is a need to put on boots. If the feet are exposed and not comfortable, there is a tendency for the rider to be distracted. Besides, the boots protect the biker from road debris, elements, extreme cold, and exhaust pipes. They also shield the ankle and feet from serious injury.

Q: How do I know the correct boot size?

Knowing your correct size is essential before purchasing adventure motorcycle boots, which is straightforward. With your socks on, place your foot on a piece of paper and trace it out. Add 3 mm to your measurement so you will feel comfortable in the boot.

Q: Are removable parts of any good?

Going for a boot with replaceable parts is essential. It will ensure that you can replace damaged parts. Most boots come with replaceable parts so that you can use the boot for a long. If you are out of stock of a damaged part, contact the manufacturer to order it.


There are a few adventure motorcycle boots in the market that promise to be the best. While each has a unique feature to offer, you will need to identify what you want from an adventure motorcycle boot. After all, not all that glitters is gold.

You will need to take your time to find the best adventure boots by equipping yourself with the information right here. I have compiled this list so you can narrow down your search and choices. You won’t regret buying any of the adventure boots on this list. Have a great time riding!

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