10 Best Adventure Motorcycle Jackets (Review)

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You might always find it easier to say you’ll go on an adventure riding. Finding the right type of adventure motorcycle jacket could pose a hefty challenge. More so, if you are searching for the best motorcycle jackets, the problems can be more.

The information is not always readily available, except you’ll have to flow from one site or blog to another; sometimes, you’re met with much disappointment and frustration. Most times, the information on many e-store sites is brief to have comprehensive details about what you’re spending.

Alpinestars Men's Andes v2 Drystar Motorcycle...
Pilot Trans.Urban Jacket V2 (Silver, Small)
Xelement CF751 Men's 'Roll Out' Black Tri-Tex...
Alpinestars V2 Drystar Motorcycle Jacket
Pilot Motosport Trans.Urban Jacket
Xelement CF751 Motorcycle Jacket
Alpinestars Men's Andes v2 Drystar Motorcycle...
Alpinestars V2 Drystar Motorcycle Jacket
Pilot Trans.Urban Jacket V2 (Silver, Small)
Pilot Motosport Trans.Urban Jacket
Xelement CF751 Men's 'Roll Out' Black Tri-Tex...
Xelement CF751 Motorcycle Jacket

Adventure Motorcycle Jackets Comparison Table

TitleColorEditor’s RatingPrice
Alpinestars V2 DrystarMultiple4.9/5.0Amazon
Pilot MotosportGray, Black, Silver4.9/5.0Amazon
Xelement CF751Black4.7/5.0Amazon
Viking Cycle IronbornMultiple4.7/5.0Amazon
Joe RocketPink, Black, Silver4.6/5.0Amazon
Viking CycleMultiple4.5/5.0Amazon
First KathmanduGray4.5/5.0Amazon
FieldsheerBlack & Hi-Viz4.3/5.0Amazon
ScorpionExo XDRBlack & Gray 4.3/5.0Amazon
Teknik CorduraBlack4.1/5.0Amazon

 To avoid such frustration, this post will help you have an in-deep insight into the best adventure motorcycle jackets that trend on the market. Do not forget that wearing the best motorcycle jackets is the way to go.

I am sure you can’t wait to have any of these top 10 best adventure motorcycle jackets in your garage. Besides, you’ll also learn in this article the essential factors to consider before buying any adventure motorcycle jackets. In this way, you won’t end up wasting your money on a worthless item.

Types of Adventure Motorcycle Jackets

In the world of riding, the kind of protective gear a street cruiser will need will not be the same as what an on-road or trail rider will need. An adventure rider, for instance, will need some tighter safety gear.

They will have to go for jackets that can hold out against the extreme weather and road conditions. The bumpy roads and uneven terrain will need tighter and stricter measures, similar to the summer and winter seasons. 

Thermal Liner

Adventure riding jackets often feature thermal liners. Thermal liners are the removable inner layer and outer shell of a jacket. They’re also waterproof and windproof, making them suitable for use in winter and summertime.

No-liner Jacket

 When your adventure jacket is unlined, it often comes with quality vents and an armored shell. This membrane boasts incredible features that make you not want to go for the thermal lined jackets.

Meanwhile, the jackets with no liner are the right pick for both winter and summer seasons. They are also waterproof, like their thermal-lined counterparts.

Both options are suitable for a luxurious riding experience on the trail or in the mud.

1. Alpinestars V2 Drystar Motorcycle Jacket

Alpinestars V2 Drystar Motorcycle Jacket

Alpinestars stamps its authority almost in every motorcycle area and ride with the evolution of the stylish, comfy, and reasonably priced Andes V2 Drystar.

If you’re looking for the best adventure motorcycle jacket that is truly waterproof, this product from Alpinestars is the right pick. This is because it is made with 100% Drystar material, which makes the product water-resistant. The multiple internal and external cargo options, including the rear pockets, and Napoleon store, are waterproof.

This CE-approved adventure jacket also comes with a removable heat liner and a full-length sleeve that ensures the rider’s arms and body are well-shielded against wind, cold, or rain.

The back, chest, shoulders, and elbows of this product are adequately padded with CE-certified armor. This slick-looking kit also comes with easy-to-zip air intakes, which ensure the Jacket looks cool and calm.


  • Secure fit
  • CE approved
  • Full-length sleeve
  • Waterproof

2. Pilot Motosport Trans. Urban Jacket

Pilot Motosport Trans.Urban Jacket

Pilot Motosport is no stranger in the business of delivering the best, and top-quality adventure motorcycle jacket and the model under review is an incredible piece to behold.

The Pilot V2 Trans. Urban Adventure Jacket comes with overlay panels and CE-approved armor on the elbow and shoulders. The absence of a center seam for the panels makes this Jacket an incredibly top-strength model. Plus, the shield guarantees high resistance to impact and abrasion in the event of a crash.

Besides, the REISSA shell of the Jacket does not allow moisture to get into the Jacket. At the point of touching the membrane, water, wind, or snow does not gain penetration into this breathable, windproof, and waterproof Jacket.

What’s more, there is a two-way zipper and three-layer storm and wind flap, which protect riders from the effects of the elements.

You are sure of col and warm riding because the Jacket features a zip-out full-length sleeve. The CE-certified removable armor helps the shoulders and elbows to absorb and disperse impact.


  • CE-approved armor
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Durable and versatile

3. Xelement CF751 Motorcycle Jacket

Xelement CF751 Motorcycle Jacket

When it comes to one of the best adventure motorcycle jackets with high affordability and excellent features, Xelement is the to-go guy.

This textile-made Jacket comes with a hook and loop closure, which ensures your arms and wrists are shielded every time. The adjustable Velcro waits and wrist straps ensure a firm grip of the Jacket to the body.

It features multiple zipper cargo pockets that help you to keep your valuables safely. Whether it is your documents, USB cables, keys, phones, and micro stereo players, the Jacket’s pockets will secure them.

The Jacket also comes with removable quilted outer liners that ensure untroubled winter riding. There is also an interior mesh lining that helps guarantee your safety under the harsh conditions of the summer.

On top of this, the back, arms, shoulders, and elbows feature removable CE-approved armor, which makes the Jacket highly impact-resistant.


  • Affordable
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • CE-approved
  • Roomy storage compartments

4. HWK Adventure/Touring Motorcycle Jacket

HWK Adventure/Touring Motorcycle Jacket

If you want an adventure motorcycle jacket that’s both durable and incredibly affordable, the HWK Adventure Motorcycle Jacket is the right guy. This all-season Jacket is known for its top-strength, ruggedness, durability, and comfortability.

This adventure jacket combines breathability with water resistance. These are what cynics call ‘two mutually exclusive features. But this Jacket beats that illogic to present itself as a reliable item that is both breathable and waterproof, thanks to its mesh lining.  

The HWK Adventure riding jacket is also a great pick if you’re looking for snugly adjustable fit gear. It’s neither too loose nor too tight on your body.

With this adventure and touring Jacket, you’re sure that no part of your body at the rear is exposed to the scorching and sometimes deadly sun of the summer or the extremely harsh cold of the winter.


  • Waterproof and breathable
  • All-season Jacket
  • Affordably priced
  • Adjustable fit  

5. Joe Rocket Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

Joe Rocket Women's Motorcycle Jacket

It is one Jacket every woman rider would love to have in their garage. Formidably cushioned at the back, elbows, and shoulders, the Joe Rocket Women’s Motorcycle Jacket boasts safety and impact resistance.

Thanks to its dense and sturdy textile, toasty inner liner, and breezy outer liner, this model from Joe Rocket keeps your body cool, calm, and warm all through your journey.

Whether you ride in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter, there is something in the Joe Rocket Women’s Motorcycle Jacket to shield you from its impact. Your wrists are tightly protected against injury, wind, or cold, thanks to the full-length zippered sleeves that are also quite seamless to unzip.

The Jacket is also made with sufficient ventilation to ensure constant airflow, and this provides comfort. The Jacket comes in a variety of sizes, so you won’t find it hard to get your size.


  • Enough ventilation
  • Impact resistance
  • Cushioned at many parts
  • Full-length zippered sleeves

6. Viking Cycle Men’s Motorcycle Jacket

Viking Cycle Men's Motorcycle Jacket

Viking Cycle Asger Motorcycle Jacket provides a safe and durable riding experience. The Viking Cycle jacket model is armored at the elbow and shoulder parts with fully protected chest shields. The armor is made from highly durable polycarbonate material.

Nocturnal riding is not rocket science once you’re putting on the Viking Cycle Asher Motorcycle Jacket, thanks to the Jacket’s reflective front and rear part. You don’t have to worry about riding in the night because you’re protected from other road users.

This model is both water-resistant and breathable, thanks to its waterproof Tri-Tex-made material and breathable dual vents that feature on the rear and front of the Jacket. It is easy for the rider to unzip the Jacket to ensure cool and warm riding.

Besides the waterproof system that ensures you’re secure on the bike, the anti-sagging Jacket comes with multiple cargo pockets that accommodate many valuable items and keep them safe and protected from damage. 

This wrinkle-free armored Jacket is also both adjustable and durable, thanks to the adjustable waisted belt. So you’re comfortable riding under any condition. The removable interior liner of this adventure motorcycle jacket is made from quilted polyester.


  • Water-repelling and breathable
  • Removable interior liner
  • Durable and anti-sagging
  • Comfortable riding

7. First Kathmandu Adventure Motorcycle Jacket

First Kathmandu Adventure Motorcycle Jacket

If you’re a lover of adventure or dual-sport riding, buying the First Kathmandu Adventure Motorcycle Jacket won’t require a second thought. This all-season Jacket is both affordably priced and elegantly designed.

It brags a removable swathed inner liner that helps control the amount of air that flows into the chest, armpit, and back of the rider. So, you enjoy the fun of riding with enough warmth and cold temperature flow.

Besides, the Jacket is made from two forms of Denier nylon – the woven 420 and high-density 300 nylon materials. The ripstop material helps to ensure resistance to tear and rip while the 300 article provides the needed density for the Jacket.

What’s more, the First Kathmandu Adventure Motorcycle Jacket also brags an extraordinary range of vents and breathable features. The other great feature is that this Jacket also comes with over-the-main-zipper double storm flaps, which prevent rain from reaching the rider.

The Jacket is also a proud safety gear when it comes to large cargo pockets. With a total of five waterproof pockets, including a roomy 14-inch pouch at the rear side of the jacket, you’re sure your keys, documents, cables, headphones USB wires, and so on, are safely stored.


  • Adjustable and excellently vented
  • Removable inner heat liner
  • CE-approved armor
  • Reflective taping front and back

8. Fieldsheer Men’s Adventure Jacket

Fieldsheer Men's Adventure Jacket

This abrasion-resistant and ultra-breathable jacket from Fieldsheer allows riders to stay cool, warm, and motivated in extreme weather conditions; thanks to the Polytitanium mesh build material that provides lightweight, durability, and maximum protection,

With incredible flexibility and comfort assured, this High-Pro Mesh Jacket allows riders the freedom to exercise any riding styles they choose. Besides, the Fieldsheer Adventure Bike Jacket features hi-tech removable rain and heat-resistant liners.

Fieldsheer exclusively uses the microfiber Carbonlex-HD material, a kind of durable and robust fabric, making the Jacket great for commuters for all seasons.

It also features Phoslite, which ensures that the Jacket is reflective and can be used when riding in the night. Thanks to the low-light visibility of the reflective material.

Overall, while the waterproof liner ensures you can ride safely in the cold winter, the breathable mesh liner is there to protect you against the harsh temperatures of the summer.


  • Ideal for all seasons
  • Ultra-breathable and comfortable
  • Flexible and
  • Perfect for day and night use.

9. ScorpionExo XDR Adventure Motorcycle Jacket

ScorpionExo XDR Adventure Motorcycle Jacket

Many things will make the ScorpionExo XDR Yukon Adventure Motorcycle Jacket features on the list of best adventure motorcycle jackets for a long time to come. First off, this is a versatile model that boasts both a custom and adjustable fit.

The ScorpionExo Adventure Motorcycle Jacket features a 500-denier nylon body, making it one of the safest, most secure, and durable items on our list.  

The long sleeves at both arms and the removable heat liner – made of EverHeat material – ensure that the rider is protected against harsh cold weather. If it gets hot, the Jacket is equipped with a side torso vent, which provides a constant airflow.

This CE-certified product comes with elbow and shoulder armors that are both elastic and viscous. Storing your valuables comes quite comfortably with the multiple storage and cargo options.

These cargo pockets are dotted feature on the rear, chest, and front lower. Besides, the interior liner also features a small waterproof cargo pocket.


  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Safe and secure
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Removable liner

10. Leather Teknik Cordura Motorcycle Jacket

Leather Teknik Cordura Motorcycle Jacket

Leather Teknik is spot-on with the introduction of a unique riding jacket that makes the list of the best adventure motorcycle jackets.

Being a product from 600D Cordura material alone means that the Leather Teknik Motorcycle armored Jacket is top-quality that will resist every impact of abrasion and tear.

This brand also comes with an air ventilation zipper that makes this an ideal pick for summer riding. There are detachable thermal liners, breathable and waterproof liners, and fixed mesh lining.

Multiple CE-approved molded armors feature in the elbow, shoulder, and back regions of the Jacket. The protectors are also in the front part of the Jacket to offer safety and protection for the rider.


  • Reflective for night use
  • Multiple lining layers
  • Made from Cordura for abrasion resistance
  •  Breathable and waterproof

Best Adventure Motorcycle Jackets Guide & FAQs

Making an order for any adventure motorcycle jacket is not a walk in the park, as many may think. It demands that the buyer know the features to look for. The shopper must understand the essential from non-essential functions.

Here are a few things you must consider before making any order for an adventure motorcycle jacket:


It’s a contradiction in terms to say your protective gear doesn’t guarantee protection. The primary reason for wearing motorcycle safety gear is to ensure security and safety.

More so, riding either on-road or off-road requires that you wear a jacket that shields you from abrasion and impact. Such a jacket must be highly resistant to the elements, including wind, rain, snow, and others. Resistance is a crucial feature in an adventure motorcycle jacket. That is why it’s essential to shop for an adventure riding jacket that’s CE-approved.


How about not buying an adventure riding jacket that can’t adjust whenever you want to make it suit your preference? By that, I mean that a versatile adventure motorcycle jacket should be customizable, adjustable, and environment-adaptable.

Gun for a jacket that comes with an adjustable waist, customizable straps, collar, wrist, and removable interior liners. Having these features in place will help prevent flapping, especially when you’re in high wind.

Quality Ventilation System

You won’t want your body to be inside a jacket that stifles your breath. In that way, you need a jacket that provides enough ventilation. It means the Jacket must be waterproof and breathable. You may have heard that a motorcycle adventure jacket cannot be both breathable and resistant to water.

That’s not an entirely correct statement of fact. On the contrary, a Dual Sport and Adventure jacket can have an outer layer that delivers both features. While zippered vents that are waterproof increase airflow, the Jacket’s removable inner liner provides the ventilation, you need.


It is an integral part of a jacket, whether it is intended for adventure, touring, racing, or cruising purposes. More importantly, any jacket designed for adventure riding must be waterproof. By this, I mean that the Jacket must be highly resistant to water.

You can’t avoid riding in the rain, especially during those extraordinarily harsh and rain-filled wet winter seasons. Whether you like it or not, sooner or later, you’ll have to ride inside the rain or snow. You must get an adventure jacket that you can put on in the rain without getting wet.


Most of the time, you don’t go out riding without your phone, USB cable, headset, keys, memory card reader, phone charger, and other smaller but valuable items. You need a jacket that will you stow and store these things. But that can only be possible if the Jacket has enough storage compartments and pockets.

Typically, motorcycle jackets come with inner and outer pockets, with rooms large enough to accommodate a couple of items useful for the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I wear an adventure jacket for ordinary commuting?

Let me correct this impression. There’s nothing ‘ordinary’ about any form of riding. The moment you decide and hop on your bike to ride, you’re taking up a matter of life and death. Hence, caution must be taken. Safety rules must be obeyed. 

Whether it is of-road or on-road riding, you must be on safety gear. Even if you’re riding within your backyard, you need to have the Jacket and other essential protective equipment. You can always find the beginner safety jacket and those for veterans.

Q: Should I buy a CE-approved adventure jacket?

Let me correct this impression. There’s nothing ‘ordinary’ about any form of riding. The moment you decide and hop on your bike to ride, you’re taking up a matter of life and death. Hence, caution must be taken. Safety rules must be obeyed. 

Q: Why is Cordura Fabric the preferred material for adventure riding jackets?

Many brands prefer the use of Cordura fabrito make their Jacket. The reason is simple. Cordura fabric is known for its high resistance to impact, tear, and abrasion. You can think sure of little or no effect in the event of a crash.


Now that you have the requisite information about the best adventure motorcycle jackets, the decision is yours to make an order for any item on our list. Any item you eventually opt for will be a great value ultimately for your riding experience.   

Trust me; you need to ensure your safety and those of other road users. After all, the best way to ensure safety is to obey the rules, including using the right protective gear.

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