Best Air Impact Wrenches for Cars

6 Best Air Impact Wrenches (Review)

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Simple, handy, and powerful are the best words to describe the best air impact wrench. The air impact wrench, powered by compressed air, is packed with so much power that it makes removing stubborn bolts, especially those found in wheels and heavy machinery look effortless.

The best air impact wrench design is similar to that of a cordless drill and commonly found in every mechanic’s toolbox. They are used where the traditional socket wrench fails; it saves time and makes loosening and tightening of nuts easy.

AIRCAT 1200-K 1/2-Inch Nitrocat Composite...
Ingersoll Rand 2115TiMAX 3/8” Drive Air...
AIRCAT 1000-TH: 1/2-Inch Composite Impact...
NitroCat 1200-K 1/2-Inch Kevlar Composite Air Impact Wrench With Twin Clutch Mechanism
Ingersoll Rand 2115TiMAX 3/8-Inch Impactool
AIRCAT 1000-TH 1/2-Inch Composite Air Impact Wrench With Twin Hammer Mechanism
AIRCAT 1200-K 1/2-Inch Nitrocat Composite...
NitroCat 1200-K 1/2-Inch Kevlar Composite Air Impact Wrench With Twin Clutch Mechanism
Ingersoll Rand 2115TiMAX 3/8” Drive Air...
Ingersoll Rand 2115TiMAX 3/8-Inch Impactool
AIRCAT 1000-TH: 1/2-Inch Composite Impact...
AIRCAT 1000-TH 1/2-Inch Composite Air Impact Wrench With Twin Hammer Mechanism

This powerful tool is commercially used in automotive repair and assembly, heavy machinery maintenance, product assembly, and key construction projects, so the best air impact wrench must be chosen to do these jobs.

In no particular order, our rundown consists of the six (6) best air impact wrench available on the market today.

1. NitroCat 1200K 

NitroCat 1200K

With a great force of up to 1,295, this impact wrench is packed into its 1/2-inch. It does some amazing things for your tightening or loosening applications.

Also, during usage, you will likewise not need to stress over trash and soil jumping all over your face due to the exhaust muffler technology that accompanies this air impact wrench.

Besides, it is outfitted with a user-friendly built handle designed to reduce the pressure and exhaustion on your hands, arms, and wrists while working. What’s more, it utilizes a more productive twin hammer and twin grip system.

Furthermore, it is produced with a decreased degree of noise to keep you agreeable while it is working. Since the channel permits the air to go without making back pressure, the noise produced is usually insignificant.


Key Features  

  • Uses the mechanism of twin hammer and twin-clutch
  • Reduced noise technology
  • The flip lever is easy to operate
  • Ease in fatigue on arms, wrists, and hands 

2. Ingersoll Rand 2115TiMAX 

Ingersoll Rand 2115TiMAX

The producers of this air impact wrench came because of speed, as it conveys up to 15,000 RPM, which is the most elevated on our rundown.

Likewise, it is packed with low noise technology to lessen the noise levels brought about via pneumatic force through the motor.
This wrench is somewhat not the same as the others as it has a massive 3/8 inch drive size, and it additionally runs on an all the more impressive 7 vane motor.

What’s more interesting about this wrench is the drive make up which is made of titanium. It makes this one of the lightweight wrenches available.

It provides easy control of the backward operation and a wide range of power options settings to choose from in the forward position. You can expect a decent degree of comfort which is attributable to its light trigger. Also, the streamlined airflow guarantees the greatest execution and performance.
What’s more, it comes in a small design making it fit into restricted spaces, easy to carry around, and decreased fatigue because of its lightweight.


Key Features 

  • The trigger is about the lightest to handle
  • Different power ranges to choose from
  • Fixed forward and reverse control options to ease handling
  • Built with a more powerful 7 vane motor

3. AirCat 1000-TH 

This air impact wrench comes with a twin hammer mechanism that makes it one of the best air impact wrenches on our list. The Aircat 1000 is powerfully packed with turbines, air chambers, and great bearing surfaces.

This powerful tool has a great drive size and design. It is long-lasting given the housing component also. Additionally, it is outfitted with low noise technology that decreases the amount of noise while working.

Though the trigger might probably not be as light as others on this list, it is, however, still simple enough and agreeable to utilize.

It also has a perfectly fitted user-friendly handle to make usage easy while limiting hand weariness. What’s more, the through-the-handle exhaust helps get flotsam and jetsam far from the face when the wrench is working.

Additionally, you will get the chance to appreciate simple activity as the flip switch can be set forward or reversed as per your decision.


Key Features

  • Built-in twin hammer mechanism
  • Perfectly designed handle to suit purpose
  • The exhaust is thorough the handle
  • Comes with low noise technology

4. DeWalt DWMT70773L 

DeWalt DWMT70773L

It is one of the best air impacts wrenches DeWalt has created. It is packed with outstanding highlights and functionalities. It is furnished with 650 ft-lbs force to quicken operation. Stubborn bolts are pleasantly managed this impact wrench as it turns at a noteworthy speed of 7500 RPM giving high force.

Additionally, it is also incorporated with the twin hammer mechanism. A flexible power controller permits you to alternate speeds as you require for various tasks depending on the magnitude of the job.

As if that isn’t enough, the forward and reverse operation built in the DeWalt air impact wrench makes it simple for speedy directional changes.

The body configuration is compact with an elastic pad for ease of use. The exhaust is right below the handle and the functionally designed handle makes the job less stressful for the handler.


Key Features 

  • Max power torque quickens the fastening and loosening of nuts
  • Built-in twin hammer mechanism
  • Variable power regulator
  • Super-insulated housing to reduce shock
  • One-handed operation

5. PowRyte 1001040

PowRyte 1001040

Coming on the 6thspot on our list of the best air impact wrenches is the PowRyte 1001040. This impact wrench comes with a lot of features that range from power to durability, lightweight, less noise, great force, and torque output.

The small but powerful PowRyte 1001040 air impact wrench is designed for simple tightening and removal of bolts and nuts.
With its implicit quiet technology, it lessens the noise level as you utilize the wrench. Besides, it is designed with a user-friendly handle that makes grip easy and gives less hand weariness during operation.

Being in our rundown, it is a really good choice as it is packed with high force yield and has an adjustable force controller. The controller has 2 forward force operations and a single reverse operation. The forward/reverse control allows you to easily switch directions.


Key Features

  • Great force and torque output
  • Small but powerful
  • Power controls are easily adjustable
  • Built-in quiet technology

6. ACDelco ANI405 

ACDelco ANI405

This air impact wrench found its way into our best air impact rundown because of its affordability and power. If you have a small budget and are looking to shop for a really powerful wrench, the ACDelco air impact wrench is another profoundly reasonable model that will be ideal for you.

The housing compartment is made of aluminum alloy. It makes this wrench one of the toughest on our list. It can perform well even in unfavorable conditions.

Another interesting thing is the ability of this wrench to reach even the smallest corners, sometimes impossible for some wrench to reach due to the extra-long nose.

If the need arises, you can easily adjust the speed of the motor depending on the magnitude of the tension as the ACDelco air impact wrench is accompanied by a 3-speed power controller.

Compared to the other best air impact wrench on this list, the handle is not cushioned with rubber rings. However, it is still very comfortable during usage due to it being functionally built.


Key Features 

  • Hard-hitting heavy duty twin hammer mechanism
  • The housing compartment is constructed with Aluminum alloy
  • Forward/reverse switch for quick switching
  • Long nose design for comfortable use
  • Super affordable

How To Use the Air Impact Wrench

Now you have got the wrench of your choice and want to burst into action and wonder what goes where and how. It is quite simple to use an air impact wrench. There are no complicated settings or too many buttons to tap before you are used.

For starters, you connect the wrench to the compressed air tank, hook up the drive to the wrench and you are good to go. Also, you may want to start with the lowest power before you increase if the need arises.

Furthermore, it is imperative to note that during usage, the air impact wrench can be loud during operation, especially if you work in an indoor workshop or your garage. So, we suggest you use ear protection when handling an air impact wrench.

The air impact wrench is used to loosen and tighten bolts with speed and power. It is most suitable for operation on rusty, over-tightened nuts which the contemporary hand wrench might not be able to remove.

However, when operating on more delicate machinery that cannot accommodate so much force and speed which is a characteristic of the air impact wrench, it is advisable to stick with the hand wrench to avoid damage to the machine.

Air Impact Wrench: What to Look For When Buying

There are factors to consider before you buy an air impact wrench. You need to know these features and equip yourself with them as you go to the market to make an order. You will make an informed decision to buy the right air impact if you consider the following features:

 Let’s take a look at some of the features:


What is the point of having an air impact wrench that is lacking in the grip? The pistol-style handlebar is where you will hold the device. As you can see on our list here, all the products come with a quality grip that offers great convenience, comfort, and easy handling. They are ergonomically designed to provide the needed comfort and grip, thanks to the succulent cushioning materials. 

Sound Level

Typically, air impact wrenches are designed with some level of noise and sound. If you are not living in residential places, you may need to put on ear defenders so that the effects of the noise coming from the tool. To avoid this, you will need to buy an air impact wrench that is built with less noise. However, if you will be using your wrench within a residential environment, be sure you don’t buy the one that comes with a lot of noise. 


You need power when using the air impact wrench. It is not about the most powerful tool. When you are buying your air impact wrench, always buy the one that will match the power you need. An air impact wrench is all about power, but you don’t have to buy one that will not be suitable for the amount of capacity you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do Impact Wrenches run?

Typically, there are two types of air impact wrench. By that, we mean that impact wrenches have ways they can be run. We have an electric impact wrench and an air impact wrench. The electric impact wrench is operated on a battery while the compressor or air tank setup runs the air impact wrench.

The electric wrenches are easy to mount and run. They don’t require any cord because they run out of the box, enhancing their mobility for use in any part of your garage. They make less noise and so make it easy for use in the driveway, roadside, and garage. However, they’re costlier, heavier, and can sometimes lack power.

The air-powered wrench comes with so much power because they run on-air tank and compressor. They are cheaper, lighter, and easy to set up and use. However, they make loud noises.

Q: How much can an air compressor deliver?

To it depends on the number of Pounds Per Square (PSI) and Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) your wrench can generate. If you can determine the PSI and CFM, it will be easier to know how much your air compressor can produce. If your wrench needs 120 PSI and 10 CFM, your air compressor will have to deliver as much as 165 PSI and 12.5 CFM.

Final Thoughts

On a final note, it is of utmost importance that when shopping for an air impact wrench that you consider all the parameters and the kind of task you might need the wrench for and get value for your time and money.

With the best air impact wrench at your disposal, it is important to consider weight, speed, torque, power, design in terms of size, airflow, noise-reducing technology, and most importantly ergonomic design. You can make an informed decision if you follow this post.

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