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11 Best ATV Batteries

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To choose the best off-road vehicle (ATV) battery for your motorcycle, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacement batteries and personally research some relevant information.

Most manufacturers commonly agree that discounted or excess batteries should be avoided. It is due to the considerable amount of electronics designed in modern ATV. You may want to replace the exhausted battery with a brand new ATV battery in the original version filled with water, or you may want to switch to a gel battery. You should always make accurate ATV battery measurements, paying particular attention to the positive and negative battery placement positions to make sure you buy a similar replacement battery.

Yuasa YUAM624B4 YT14B-BS Battery
Shorai LFX LFX09A2 Lithium Standard Battery
MMG YTZ14S Z14S Lithium Ion Sealed Battery...
Shorai Lithium Motorcycle Battery
MMG YTZ14S Z14S Battery
Yuasa YUAM624B4 YT14B-BS Battery
Shorai LFX LFX09A2 Lithium Standard Battery
Shorai Lithium Motorcycle Battery
MMG YTZ14S Z14S Lithium Ion Sealed Battery...
MMG YTZ14S Z14S Battery

Your ATV battery suffers a lot of abuse while offering a lot of electricity for your ATV. Not only do the lights draw power from your ATV’s battery: your electric starter, winch, and even some fuel injection systems require all the ability of the ATV battery to function correctly.

The wet cell battery has been used for as long as the batteries have been made, making it a typically reliable choice. You can purchase this type of ATV battery in a sealed, maintenance-free unit or a rechargeable battery that requires periodic maintenance and recharging with distilled water. Of the two, you may want to choose the maintenance-free battery for the most reliable and ATV-free choice. While this is typically the style of battery installed by your ATV manufacturer, there is often a better choice in terms of available battery power: the gel battery.

Best ATV Batteries

Unlike a typical water-filled battery that can leak if turned upside down or held sideways, the gel cell battery is filled with a thick gel that does not leak under normal circumstances. Another advantage of choosing an ATV gel cell battery is that the gel supports the lead plates inside the battery and protects them from short circuits on rough terrain.

When buying an ATV motorcycle battery, you must consider various aspects ranging from the type of battery technology, to how much the starting capacity it has, to make your choice work a little easier. To help you out, I have prepared a guide with the best ATV motorcycle batteries in the market.


Yuasa YUAM624B4 YT14B-BS Battery

This battery is controlled by both lead and acid valves, and it is ideal not to worry about any maintenance. It does not need to be filled, but it needs to be replenished regularly. Its figurine-proof design prevents any possible leakage

It has exceptional resistance to vibrations, making it a reliable and current purchase option. Besides, it is of the VRLA type, capable of maintaining its voltage for much longer, so that they are charged less frequently.

It is a reference in terms of battery brands on the market, best of all, it does not need any maintenance, without a doubt, it is a purchase that is worth its cost, very competitive indeed.


  • VRLA type
  • Less frequently charged
  • Reliable
Significantly reduces sulfation located on the battery plate.No major disadvantages have been indicated.
It is very durable, yielding up to three times more than conventional ones.

It works wonderfully, it is effortless to load, excellent quality, and reasonable price: a great purchase, no doubt.

2. Shorai Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Shorai Lithium Battery in Black with Red Accents

We are dealing with an extremely reliable brand that is suitable for uninterrupted use, offering security and technology. It has quality control, with the most rigorous quality test.

There are many reasons to buy this battery, and among them is to be able to obtain long life, so you will not have to spend on another battery. Besides, they include a guarantee to satisfy our needs.

Sensational, it already comes loaded and only needs to be installed.


  • Voltage: 6v, capacity: 4.5ah / 27wh,
  • Model: lead-acid,
  • Measurements: 70mm x 47mm x 107mm, 100% compatible.
System uninterruptible power supply.It Is too short.
Fully rechargeable.Lacks durability.

3. MMG YTZ14S Z14S  Battery

Talking about a battery type where applications space is considered overly,  MMG YTZ14S comes into play. Weighing 4.14 pounds, you can trust that this battery is lightweight and quite small, fixable into Jet Skis and ATVs.   However, you’d have to check the manufacturer’s website to confirm it as a good fit for your bike, that way you’d avoid unnecessary rattling and damage. 

Not only that, but this battery is also compatibly built with a plastic case to fit in marine applications. Also, the battery contains a test button affixed at the top to help users check the voltage digitally, without having to go for other accessories.


  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • 4.14 in weight
Small-sizedImpoverished cold grouch amperage
Compact and handyQuite costly.

4. Yuasa YTZ10S Battery

Yuasa YTZ10S Battery in Black

Without mincing words,  this Yuasa YTZ10S is one of the most exceptional choices when choosing an excellent battery ATV type.  Weighing about 7.05 pounds, and measuring 5.9″ x3.4″ x3.7,” this battery falls in the same lightweight classification as the MMG YTZ14S, although more massive than it. For most HONDA users, this battery wouldn’t be a surprise because it has been the bike’s OEM battery for quite a while. Even so, it is still an excellent fit for quite a lot of other bikes. To confirm if it’s right for you, simply navigate to the manufacturer’s website.

Made with a solid black plastic case, this battery top feels quite softer. With the nice restraining bracket for holding nuts, you wouldn’t have much problem locking nuts even while in the woods.


  • Electrolyte-filled battery
  • OEM standard for Hondas
Small-sizedNot suitable for snowmobile usage
Good cold crank amperageExpensive

5. ExpertPower PowerSport Battery

ExpertPower PowerSport Battery in Black with Gold Accents

This averagely sized battery looks quite heavy for a 9-pounds weight. Predominantly this battery is specially made for heavy-duty power sports. For most of it, it is the standard choice for heavy cruisers, pumping adequate volts to the ATV. 

Talking about the case type, this particular case is quite shaky, hence prompting a kind of insecurity for the battery while on the trail.  The top isn’t 100 percent secure, with its bare-bones features. Nevertheless, this battery isn’t one you’d need to break the bank for. The price is reasonable, and it does exactly what you want it to do; push volts to your ATVs.


  • Lead-filled battery
  • 9-pounds weight
  • Measures about 5.9″ x5.1″ x3.4″.
Low priceFlimsy case
One year warrantyThere might be a need to refill it.

6. Odyssey PC545 Powersports Battery

Odyssey PC545 Powersports Battery in Black with Red Top

Somehow, this Odyssey PC545 ranks among the smallest battery on this list. Measuring about 3.1″ x1.7″ x2.7,” and weighing about 11.4 pounds, you’d think that the weight comes from build-up, but in truth, they overly come from included lead plates.  Extremely solid, this Odyssey battery provides twice the power of a conventional battery and has a lifespan three times longer. The separators and internal welds of the Odyssey batteries are reinforced for even more solidity.

Save space and weight with more energy onboard for the same volume. Besides, the separators and the welds are reinforced. No maintenance will be necessary except for a winter charge with CTEK chargers. The terminals are treated against corrosion, and the battery will not suffer internal or external corrosion either.

Sports cars are incredibly energy-intensive. To provide them with the enormous energy they need to start and power other integrated electrical devices correctly, you need a high-quality battery. The Odyssey battery is a piece of competitive electrical equipment designed to meet the most demanding needs of sporty driving.

One impressive thing about the PC545 is the severe, durable placed case. It’s made from rubberized plastic that can take a beating. This battery will stand up well to use on even the most rugged trails. This battery’s contact is another remarkable feature that needs to be considered about this product.

This battery has a sealed design, and will never need to be refilled. Because the lead plates are packed tightly inside, it’s impossible to spill without taking a chainsaw to it. Because of this design, the PC545 can be mounted in any configuration. Right-side up, upside down, or on its side, this battery is suitable for a variety of mounts.


  • Weighs 11.4 pounds
  • Lead-filled batteries
Pure lead plates deliver double of the power with lesser priceQuite more substantial than expected.
Two-year warrantyExpensive

7. Chrome Battery YTX30L-BS

Chrome Battery YTX30L-BS in Black with Orange Accents

We’ve been talking about moderately sized batteries, now let’s talk about their large counterparts. Coming first on this list is the Chrome YTX30L-BS, with a weight pegged at 10.73 pounds. This battery is the approved OEM replacement for lots of Harley-Davidson sloops and a diversity of Polaris power sports vehicles. As expected, this battery goes in well for different types of ATVs, Jet skis, and dirt bikes.

With a robust and hard-trailed plastic case, the battery’s top contains a non-conductive aluminum covering resting over the terminals. That’s to say, the YTX30L-BS can fall off from a higher place to the ground and still function without issues.


  • 10.73 pounds weight
  • 360 cold-cranking amps.
Incredibly strongFairly huge and hefty
18-month warranty

8. CB Chrome Battery YTX14-BS

CB Chrome Battery for ATV Users in Black with Blue Accents

This battery is the lower estimated variant of Chrome YTX30L. It ultimately is the suggested OEM trade for some, mid-sized Harley-Davidson cruisers. It’s likewise standard on a few Yamaha vehicles. It’s an excellent alternative for ATV users.

Like its subordinate type, the shell is extreme, and the top has a comparative defensive aluminum shield. This battery additionally shows up completely energized. There is no compelling reason to include water or put it in a stream charger. Simply connect it, and your ATV will be charged to go.


  • Great Alternative for ATV users
  • Extreme shell
SufficientLower cold wrench amperage
Sturdy, 18-month guarantee.

9. ThrottleX Batteries – ADX9-BS

Throttle X-Rated Battery for ATVs in Black with Red X

The ThrottleX ADX9-BS is another mid-sized battery, estimating 6 “x3.43″ x4.19”. It weighs just 8 pounds, making it the lightest mid-sized battery on this list. This battery is the suggested OEM trade for a few Polaris ATVs.

The case is made of rubber-treated plastic. It isn’t as overwhelming as other strong cases mentioned here, yet it’s adequate for trail use. The top is extra delicate and reaches out over the contact posts.

The ADX9-BS will function admirably with practically any reseller’s exchange charger. The posts are multi-directional so that you can snare in either from the front or the sides. In case you’re purchasing this battery, you’re most likely utilizing it in winter. Ensure you exploit that it is so natural to attach a stream charger.


  • Fully charged and ready to install
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)
  • Advanced Lead Calcium Technology
Low costLow cold wrench amps

10. Mighty Max YTX14AH

Mighty Max YTX14AH Battery for Bikes and ATVs in Black

Max YTX14AH is the last product I’ll be talking about here. Being a medium-sized battery, this battery estimates about 5 “x3.5″ x6.5”, and gauges a moderate 10.14 pounds. It is merely a substitution battery. It’s not anybody’s OEM, but trust me, it’s a worthy choice. This robust and all-around power sports battery is good enough for bikes and ATVs.

Like the ADX9-BS, the YTX14AH has a rubber-treated plastic case. It makes it incredibly stable and permits it to face long periods of misuse. It likewise has an extra delicate top, which stands higher than the contact posts. It makes the YTX14AH for all intents and purposes drop-verification.


  • 12-volt Battery
  • Discharge, Deep Cycle.
  • Rechargeable.
Rubber treated design for strengthPosses about 210 cold wrench amps
Strong and durableOne of the most substantial types of mid-sized batteries

11. GP-PRO GTX9-BS 12V 9Ah GEL Starter Battery

GP Pro Gel Starter Battery for ATVs in Orange

This battery is recognized for its excellent performance; it comes pre-charged (dry) and well sealed for better performance without any maintenance. All you just need is to assemble it and ready. To facilitate installation, it comes with all the screws included.

They are entirely safe and efficient, to achieve maximum power on startup even in cold weather, with a reasonably low self-discharge. This brand ensures that these batteries arrive fully pre-charged in their production lines

It fits phenomenally with the bikes it is compatible with. It has three amps, being very efficient so that it can work without any problems.


  • Comes pre-charged
  • Safe and efficient
  • Easy to mount and install
Ready for mountingThe instruction manual contains a lot of errors.
Includes screw set.

What to Consider When Buying an ATV Battery?

The battery’s motorcycle can not be purchased, only the price. Still, the model must consider several other factors that will determine which batteries for the bike are more suitable for you and your favorite means of transport. If you only look at the price when buying a motorcycle battery, you will probably find cheap batteries that can fit your motorcycle model. In these cases, it is necessary to take particular caution and know-how to assess every detail of the battery to choose the most appropriate one.

Since buying motorcycle batteries and finding the best motorcycle batteries is not an easy task, given the wide variety of gel, lead, or lithium batteries in the market today, it is necessary to consider some factors before deciding what motorcycle battery to buy.

Of course, there are always more popular brands in the sector, such as Yuasa Batteries or Dynavolt Batteries, motorcycle batteries that we see implanted in motorcycle models worldwide. In the case of Dynavolt, we are talking about gel-free maintenance batteries known as “Gel Nanotechnology Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery (MG series)” They are the ones we currently see in most motorcycle models. Their price and quality have made them the most popular cheap batteries in Spain and the rest of the world.

But, leaving the brands most recommended by experts aside, a motorcycle lover searching for the best battery on the market should assess what type of rider it is, the use that is given to the motorcycle, and the size of the same:

Rider Factor & Use of the Motorcycle

Depending on the use you give your motorcycle, and if you usually participate in races locally, you can choose one type of battery or another. It is clear that if you participate in competitions and want to save a few extra kilograms, the lithium battery is what you need for your “little one.”

If, on the other hand, you have a motorcycle that you use only in good weather to go on small excursions and spend the whole winter standing in a garage, it is best to keep a battery the same as the original. Of course, you can not miss battery chargers in your garage because the most normal thing is that your battery discharges efficiently in these cases. An Optimate charger and proper battery maintenance will be the most effective solution for your particular example. If you have to choose a type of battery, perhaps lithium is the most appropriate.

Bike Size

A touring motorcycle or a sizeable trail-type motorcycle requires a battery of a specific size capable of correctly supplying all lighting and heating systems and ensuring starting under challenging situations. In the case of lithium batteries, you will not find a large battery capable of meeting these needs, so the most logical thing would be to go to AGM-type lead batteries, which are not usually cheap.

If, on the contrary, you have a scooter-type motorcycle, the problems start in case you run out of battery multiply since, in most models, the battery is quite hidden. Here the thing is quite clear, and a cheap lithium battery is the best solution to guarantee a start that does not require too much current.

Battery Maintenance

Since, in most cases, the motorcycle is not the primary vehicle of the rider and spends long periods of inactivity parked on the street or in the garage, it is essential to perform proper maintenance on the battery so that it is not damaged. And that adequate support necessarily goes through something fundamental, starting and moving the motorcycle, even if it is five minutes every three or four days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are Lithium Batteries used and not Gel or Lead Batteries like other brands?

The main reason for choosing this type of cell is that although we are aware that they are worth more money, in reality, they are cheaper since they allow about 1500 recharges and also do not have a memory effect, which is what happens in the others. Not surprisingly, it is the type of battery used in mobiles and electric cars.

They are the ones that obtain the best power/weight ratio, which has made it possible to carry out a removable design so that the batteries can be brought home and charged comfortably, without having to bring the motorcycle to a recharging point.

Q: What is the memory effect?

Some batteries need to carry out full charge and discharge cycles to conserve their charging capacity. They suffer a decrease in their ability when they are recharged without having exhausted the battery.

Obviously, on a motorcycle, you can not afford to run out of battery, so you are forced to recharge it before it runs out. So the problem is not only how many restores you can make with this type of battery, but what real capacity I will have at half battery life.

Q: What is the useful life of a battery?

Firstly, the useful life of a cell is about 1500 recharges. According to the description of the vehicle, depending already on the daily use of the motorcycle, we could speak of a life of at least 5-6 years.

The promotional sale price is about 1,220, for the Single Battery: 48V 30Ah Lithium, e e for the Double Battery: 48V 56Ah Lithium, it is about 1050, the unit. However, the recent price would be subsidized by us to purchase two batteries. In both cases, VAT is included.

The simultaneous change of batteries, in the case of carrying the option of two cells, is recommended because this way, the possible alteration of the useful life of a new battery concerning a battery already in use is avoided.

Q: Is the removal of the batteries easy?

The method of removing the batteries is straightforward; the batteries have a three-terminal quick connector similar to that used for the computer and a handle, so all you have to do is unplug the cable and remove it by pulling on the handle, thus removing it from its compartment.

Q: What happens when an electric motor gets wet?

The engines are encapsulated inside the rear wheel, making them watertight in average rain and circulation conditions.


If you do not have time or do not see viable options, you can also choose to disassemble your motorcycle battery and store it in a separate place to avoid discharges. If you opt for this, it is best to consult your motorcycle manual to perform the proper uninstallation and subsequent installation.

Either way, it is essential to know if your motorcycle battery model does not need maintenance or the opposite group. If it is a battery with support, you should consult the manufacturer’s documentation to know when and how you should change the distilled water in its tubes. It is the maintenance of this type of battery. However, it is also essential to keep the terminals clean with the help of water and sodium bicarbonate (dry well after ignition) and remove the excess sulfate that usually accumulates on the outside of the drums.

In short, buying a suitable and cheap motorcycle battery is not an easy task, but neither is maintaining it correctly so that it does not discharge during periods of inactivity. In each case, the best thing is to consult the manufacturer’s information and documentation to carry out maintenance that allows you to preserve the state and quality of your battery.

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