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10 Best ATV Gun Racks

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For those who enjoy a good time at the shooting range or are even big hunting enthusiasts, you must know just how much of a challenge transporting your guns can pose. It is essential to devise a way to efficiently carry your guns for your health, safety, and the people around you. Not to mention the time saved when your guns are so effectively transported, leaving you with more time for the “ready, aim, and fire.”

Fortunately, there is now a series of nifty devices called ATV gun racks. These devices allow off-road drivers to conveniently convey their guns wherever needed, without harm. You must find the approximate ATV gun holder for you, but with so many on the market today, this task can be unexpectedly tricky.

We’ve arranged a helpful guide to aid you in your decision-making in selecting the right gun holder from the shelf. Let’s take a look at the best ATV gun racks that are currently available. What are the buying guide and the frequently asked questions that shoppers want to find answers to?

1. Kolpin Rhino ATV Gun Rack

Best ATV Gun Racks

Let’s start the list with the Kolpin gun rack. It comes with a storage mount that uses the small cargo compartment. The rack is designed with a pair of elastic-plastic grips designed to load 15 lbs of items. The rubber is extremely durable, can last long term, and can easily be attached to an SUV, ATV, UTV, RT, or even a trailer.

The shared versatility of this device makes it possible to convey vital equipment wherever you’re going. The Rhino Grip UTV gun racks are meticulously made to shield your guns against the many dangers of rough terrain. The heavy-duty design secures your guns in place, cushioning them against jolts and shocks.

It also has a grip strong enough to prevent side-to-side and up-and-down motion. Everything you’ll need to mount your gun rack on pretty much any surface has thoughtfully been included in the product. It is also a universal fit, able to hold not only your gun but also your shovels, bows, other farm tools, and a range of gear.


  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to install
  • Shields gear from the shocks and jolts of rough terrain
  • Sturdy grip secures equipment in place

2. Big Sky ATV Gun Rack

Best ATV Gun Racks 1

Next on the list is the Big Sky-2G. The storage solution this rack offers is suitable for almost all vehicles. Its telescopic design allows it to hold a wide variety of tools easily. The adjustable padded brackets can be secured at various locations along the length of the rack.

Each bracket secures your guns and tools in place. It’s designed with adjustable nylon straps for a more secure grip. The smart padding in each bracket shields your guns against damage from jolts and shocks in the road. Overall, it can be set up on the ceiling of your truck, van, or ATV, concealing your guns safely.


  • Suitable for trucks, ATVs, and more
  • Holds a wide range of tools
  • Custom padded brackets
  • It can be mounted on ceiling

3. ATV Tek ATV Gun Rack

Best ATV Gun Racks 2

Next up is this ATV Tech heavy-duty four-wheeler gun rack. It can be fitted anywhere on an ATV, UTV, or truck. It also features a “V” grip mechanism, built to provide an adjustable fit, keeping guns and bows firmly in place. It is capable of comfortably holding bare arms and can even support firearms in soft or hard cases.

Each of the “V” clamps can be turned a full 360 degrees, allowing for the transport of tools with rather odd shapes. The braces are even built with a specialized bow lib slot that can keep your bow stable.

It uses its advanced suspension system to protect your equipment from damage caused by jolts and shocks when moving through rough terrain.

It is designed with unique Air Ten technology that allows the rack to absorb vibrations from the track, keeping your equipment safe. The mounting base is small and doesn’t take up too much space, eliminating most of the drag caused by poor aerodynamics.


  • Modifiable gun racks for trucks, ATVs, and other quads
  • Approximate for bare guns, hard and soft cases
  • Shielded against shock and vibrations
  • Efficient and aerodynamic
  • Very easy to set up

4. Kolpin UTV-ATV Gun Rack

Best ATV Gun Racks 3

Making its second entrance on our list is Kolpin, with its UTV, ATV Gun Rack. Spotting a vertical design, this rack can store guns in the cab, where you can more easily match them and even reach them when needed. They are designed using over-molded, sturdy, and durable plastic, and it’s intended to hold your tool in place with no damage.

The rubber is molded into skillfully molded ‘V’ blocks that offer back for your gun, and hard plastic strapping holds it in place. Once correctly set up, you can protect your equipment from bumps, shocks, and vibrations caused by hitting the trails.

The rack can also have a full 360 turn, allowing for easy access to both sides. It features a typical installation system for a flat UTV floor.


  • Vertical gun rack
  • Fit all flat-floored UTVs
  • Provides the user with in-cab access to their guns
  • Heavy-duty, over-molded rubber
  • Holds 2 guns during use

5. Classic Accessories ATV Gun Rack

Best ATV Gun Racks 4

This double gun carrier by Classic Accessories is making its way to the fifth spot on our list. It fits most UTVs, perfectly stationed at the back of the roll cage. To make the carriers, heavy-duty PorteX6 fabric can be used against heavy wear and tear and adverse weather conditions. The material is coated in a water-resistant coating that will prevent the rusting of vulnerable metal.

It can hold two rifle shotguns, one on each side, perfect for a pair of shooters. And in case you want to store extra shells or tools, it has three large pockets to serve these purposes.

Using a series of durable and long-lasting straps, the case can be fitted on the back of the UTV roll cage. Each strap has a quick-release function allowing you to load and offload your guns quickly.

After the setup, the sturdy ProteX6 fabric absorbs the shock and vibrations from the track while also preventing the guns from swinging about. Finally, it comes with a two-year warranty, proving its high quality and durability.


  • Fits most UTVs
  • Sturdy straps
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Resistant to weather and rust
  • It comes with extra pockets for convenient storage
  • Absorb vibrations and shocks during transit

6. Kolpin Rhino ATV Gun Rack

Best ATV Gun Racks 5

Entering the list for the third time is the Kolplin brand, and this time with its four-wheeler gun rack. This compactly designed device can hold up to 15 pounds, making it an excellent option for hauling one gun effortlessly in your four-wheeler.

The device comprises two strong clamps bolted to the façade of the ATV and can stretch as far apart as is suitable for your gun. Because of how simple yet effective the installation is, the clamps can be used with almost any off-road vehicle.

Each clamp is made from very durable heavy-duty nylon that’s inlaid with a grippy rubber for a safe and secure hold. The creators certainly had a lot more in mind when constructing this holder, as it can hold not only guns but also a variety of other tools, like fishing poles, shovels, rakes, and more. Once correctly installed, the protective rubber layer shields valuable tools against the assaults of off-road driving.

After the whole rough drive, you will find it very easy to unload your equipment. This is thanks to the quick-release button on each clamp. And you can be sure it won’t weigh you down, thanks to the lightweight design used on the rack.


  • Suitable for UTVs, ATVs, and more
  • Lightweight design
  • Ideal for a single gun, fishing pole, or any other long tool
  • Designed with firm heavy-duty nylon
  • Quick-release feature for easy access

7. ATV Tek FlexGrip ATV Gun Rack

Best ATV Gun Racks 6

Number seven on this list is the versatile release by ATV Tek. This one comes with single and double slots. The design consists of a long telescopic pole with two or four straps mounted correctly on top.

It is possible to adjust the clamps on this one, allowing you to transport a much more extensive array of equipment. All of these adjustments and be made without the use of a tool.

With its firm grip, you can be sure that your equipment remains safely in place, even after a rough ride. The clamps are intentionally designed to be significant, and this is to avoid recoil and vibrations as you drive, guarding it against the indecent assault of the trails. Finally, the overall design of the rack does not adversely affect the drivability of your ATV.


  • Available in single and double versions
  • Adjustable length can hold a wider variety of tools
  • Hand-made adjustments
  • Large clamps absorb road or track vibrations
  • Easy to set up

8. Kolpin Rhino XL ATV Gun Rack

Best ATV Gun Racks 7

Kolpin, with their Rhino Grip XL, is coming in for the fourth and final time on our list. Designed for power, each of its aggressively strong clamps can support tools weighing up to 15 pounds. You can even double or triple your braces to convey heavier items if needed. It can rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing users to carry gear of all shapes and sizes easily.

With a brilliant combination of durable rubber and heavy-duty nylon, each very powerful clamp is constructed, promising a secure and long-lasting grip for every single trip. The guns are kept in place using durable elastic straps to keep them stable and firm, even on those very rough terrains.

These heavy-duty materials can absorb vibrations, shocks, and jolts during transport, providing extra safety for your equipment. They possess a universal fit, allowing them to be installed on almost any vehicle.


  • Heavy-duty gun rack
  • Universal fit design suitable for just about any vehicle
  • Full 360-degree rotation to transport many tools
  • Constructed from heavy-duty nylon and rubber
  • Absorbs vibrations and shocks from off-road

9. Polaris Ranger ATV Gun Rack

Best ATV Gun Racks 8

The second-to-the-last item on our list of the best ATV Gun Racks is the Polaris rifle rack. Polaris is not a strange brand among off-road equipment users. So, it’s no surprise they also have an imposing heavy-duty slide gun rack to offer in this game. It is easy to install, making it suitable for almost all UTVs. The rack smoothly goes right under the vehicle roll bars. Each rack can hold your weapons, in or out of their soft cases, keeping your equipment safe and steady.

Using durable yet soft rubber clips, the rack can hold your guns in place. The carefully built mounting system holds your guns firmly without doing any damage at all. It also absorbs some of the shocks caused by off-road driving. The premium quality Velcro strips allow you to easily mount and remove each gun, providing quick and easy access.

Polaris products are always made with high-quality standards in the USA, guaranteeing their quality and proving how long they are sure to last.


  • Ceiling-mounted gun rack
  • It fits the majority of UTVs
  • Conveniently mounted on the bottom of the roll cage
  • Soft rubber clips that hold guns firmly in place, doing no damage
  • Rubber doubles as a partial shock absorber
  • Velcro straps provide easy access to equipment

10. Black Boar Quad Gun Holder

Finally, on our list is a unique gun holder case by Black Boar. The holder was delicately designed to hold most rifles that feature high-mounted scopes. This keeps them safe from damage. 

It can be mounted on most off-road vehicles, including ATVs and UTVs, by a simple mounting system. All the hardware needed to install this device properly is included with every purchase.

The chassis comprises durable plastic designed to protect your gun against adverse weather and projectiles on the track. The interior is made from a soft lining that allows further protection by filtering out most of the shocks and vibrations caused by off-road driving.

This is the complete package as far as protection goes. So whether wet or dry outside, the case protects your guns from the elements.


  • Convenient installation
  • Durable
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Protected against vibrations

Best ATV Gun Racks Guide & FAQ

We have compiled a guide to further aid in your search for the most suitable gun rack.

Before selecting to buy a gun rack, you should look at the following:


Think about how much gear you plan to convey regularly and how much space is available in your vehicle. Some gun racks can carry up to four guns at a time, so ensure you get the right one. Ensure you check the weight capacity of your new rack and try not to overload it.

Mounting System

You need to know if the rack can be successfully fitted on your vehicle. If you are not sure, your best bet would be to purchase a rack that consists simply of two clamps (like the sixth one on our list earlier). Each clamp can be mounted almost anywhere on the vehicle and at any distance from its counterpart.

Level of Protection

Although most ATV gun racks offer some degree of built-in protection, the case’s differences in terrain and toughness might call for some extra protection. If this applies to you, opt for a rack that absorbs shocks from the terrain and shields your gun from the elements. You’ll be best off choosing options ten or five.

Reasons Why You Should Get ATV Gun Rack

There are several great reasons to use a gun rack. A few of those are:

  • Easy installation.
  • Protection against projectiles, water, dust, vibrations, and lots more.
  • The steady grip on your gun even through rough trips.

Different Kinds of ATV Gun Racks

There are a few different gun racks, each with advantages and disadvantages. They include:

Individual Clamps

This lightweight device consists of two or more clamps fastened onto your ATV or UTV based on requirements, providing a carrier for your gun. They are the most versatile but don’t tend to carry much weight.

Clamps and Telescopic Pole

Much like individual clamps but are instead attached to a telescopic pole. This way, it can carry considerably more load, allowing the weight to distribute across the vast area. They are also just as adjustable as a simple set of clamps.


Daring to differ, vertical gun racks hold your tools upright. It helps save space in a UTV but won’t be as suitable on an ATV. In a UTV, you can keep your equipment on hand for easier access.


Like the tenth entry on our list, some ATV gun racks also serve as a protective cases. For those of you who don’t already have a gun case, this might be the perfect solution. They come very easy to install and offer excellent protection, although they can only hold a single gun.


This type is unsuitable for the average ATV as it can only be installed on the ceiling of a vehicle. But this one is an excellent option if you have a car with a roof. It’s a great space saver and safely secures your equipment from your field of vision, allowing for a more unobstructed view of the road.

Roll Cage

Then there are gun racks designed to be attached to the roll cage of your vehicle. These are very appropriate options that can be attached to a range of vehicles. The downside is that placing it at the back of the car becomes more challenging to access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I remove an ATV gun rack and fix it on another ATV? 

Yes. Most gun racks are fitted in with screws. It should be a simple task to remove these screws and fix them on another vehicle.

However, if you use both ATVs to transport your guns regularly, we advise investing in another gun rack instead of transferring the same rack on every trip.

Q: What part of the vehicle should I attach the gun rack to? 

It all depends on the kind of vehicle you possess. ATVs – handlebars and rear storage rack. UTVs – Floor or roll cage, Trucks – Roof, ceiling, or truck bed.

Whatever option you opt for is based on personal preferences and convenience. The aim is to have them easily accessible without obstructing your driving.

Q: How much equipment can it carry? 

It depends on the manufacturer and the design. Some gun racks only carry one or two guns, but some are designed to take even up to four. Be sure always to check the manufacturer’s recommendation. Do not overload a rack; this could injure or damage your guns.

Final Thoughts

With the right ATV gun rack, you can make your outdoor excursions more convenient and enjoyable. By considering factors like price, quality, durability, and design when selecting a gun rack for your ATV, you can ensure that you get exactly what you need to meet your needs. Whether it’s for hunting or carrying extra gear on the trails, an ATV gun rack is sure to come in handy.

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