Best ATV Helmets 2020

20 Best ATV Helmets (Review)

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One thing riders or shoppers, beginner or experienced, often find overwhelming is the endless search for the best ATV helmets. And I think I also once belonged to that class. 

The reason is simple. The automotive market is so fluid that different models and brands standard and counterfeit have permeated. It takes the curious, cautious, and patient shopper to get the necessary information on the best helmets for their ATV.

Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet DOT...
Arai XD4 Helmet (Black Frost, Large)
O'Neal Unisex-Adult's Off Road 3SERIES Helmet...
YEMA Helmet Unisex-Adult Motorcycle
Arai XD4 Helmet (Black Frost, Large)
O'Neal Unisex-Adult Off Road 3SERIES Helmet
Prime Status
Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet DOT...
YEMA Helmet Unisex-Adult Motorcycle
Prime Status
Arai XD4 Helmet (Black Frost, Large)
Arai XD4 Helmet (Black Frost, Large)
Prime Status
O'Neal Unisex-Adult's Off Road 3SERIES Helmet...
O'Neal Unisex-Adult Off Road 3SERIES Helmet
Prime Status

To ensure safety and protection in an off-road contest, you need to guard yourself with the best helmets. How much information do you have about the best helmets for ATV? What informs your choice of the ATV helmets you’re rooting for?

Why You Need to Wear a Helmet

Below are the reasons you need an ATV helmet:

Reduces wind Fatigue

The wind is one of the environmental conditions riders usually face. It causes loss of concentration and sometimes direction. Most importantly, it contributes significantly to fatigue riders’ experience on the road. Wearing a helmet helps to prevent wind blow and so minimize wind fatigue.

Provides Protection to the Eyes

The eyes set the pace for riding, and once it’s obstructed, there’s a high chance that the rider loses control. However, by wearing a helmet, the eyes are protected against flying insects, debris, sand, and dirt. The ATV helmet, notably the full-face or modular type, is designed primarily to protect the eyes to avoid a crash.

Minimizes Noise

If you ride your ATV on a bustling road, you can be distracted by windy sounds. But if you don a helmet, you may have a pleasurable and comfortable ride.

Increased Visibility

As a rider, you need a wide field of view, clarity, and improved visibility when on the road. Choosing the right model of the ATV helmet increases your visibility. Ensure the helmet comes with bright or fluorescent colors because it will increase the chance of you having a wider view of oncoming vehicles and obstacles o the roads.

1. YEMA Motorcycle Modular Full-Face Helmet

As someone who has been in this industry for about twenty-something years, I’ve researched what makes the best ATV helmets.

There’s no doubt full-face helmets are the safest helmets in terms of protection and safety when riding an ATV, UTV, dirt bike, or motorcycle, and the YEMA Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet is another addition to the whole package.

This DOT-approved helmet comes in a variety of colors and sizes, making it one of the best ATV helmets for a snug fit. It doesn’t matter the size of your skull, YEMA Helmet has a model to fit.

This multi-thickness EPS makes safety the hallmark of this helmet. There is superior reinforcement from the chin strap, which helps to protect the head from falling sideways.

ComfortableHard to Find Switches
Superior Thickness for ProtectionStrap Better If it’s Velcro


  • Multi-density EPS
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Washable and removable liner
  • Comes in different sizes 
  • DOT approved

2. Arai XD4

There are certain features you’ll fall in love with if you choose the Arai XD4. It is no doubt one of the best ATV helmets that currently rule the market.

The Arai XD4 is an intermediate helmet that boasts an incredibly thick shell, exhaust ventilation, removable style peak, emergency cheek release system, and premium dry-cool lining.

Other features you’ll love about this model include an aerodynamic medium-round oval shape, a comfortable airflow system, and an emergency cheek release system.

Cleaning this model is quite easy for an extended lifespan and enhanced comfort because you can remove the interior lining. Also, you can change the course of the airflow of the Arai XD4 helmet.

Comfortable & DurableNoisy at High Speeds
Easy to Use & Clean Relatively pricey


  • Round oval shape
  • Fully removable and washable interior
  • Great side cover vent system

3. O’Neal 0623-0643 Series Helmet

One thing you must not overlook when searching for the best ATV helmet is the safety and snug fit, especially as presented by the shell of the helmet.

Usually, O’Neal helmet products often stand out owing to their incredible shell capacity. Made of polycarbonate material, this helmet guarantees superior protection from impact in the event of crashes when you’re on your ATV. And you know how dangerous ATV crashes can be!

O’Neal combines classic with modern and so comes with a finish that’s black and white.  Size and color variety is a huge plus to this model. Added to that is the removable and washable interior lining that makes breathing and overall riding experience amazingly comfy.

Besides, you won’t have to be soaked in your own sweat because the padding is heavy and would wick every trace of moisture to make breathing easy. Plus, a snug fit is another hallmark of this model.

The visor angle is a piece of adjustable design that reinforces the cooling and vent system.

Snug FitTight & Small Size
Washable & Removable LinerNot Anti-Scratch


  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Weight: 4.05 pounds
  • DOT approved

4. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Full-Face Helmet

ILM is a friend of ATV riders. It’s once again proven with the evolution of the ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Full Face Helmet that making riders safe and protected from injuries and impact in the event of a crash is its forte.

This modular helmet is a full-face model sought-after for its variety of sizes and amazing features. The material of this helmet makes it so resistant to scratch. It also comes with a flip-up visor which helps to reduce fog and offers you a wide field of view.

Overall, this helmet offers a snug fit and it’s one of the best ATV helmets you can ever find on the market.

Safe to useVisor Looks Heavy


  • Removable and washable pads and liner
  • Anti-scratch visor
  • Sleek and chic design
  • DOT-approved

5. Core Helmets MX-1 Off-Road Helmet

The Core Helmets MX-1 comes as one of the best full-face ATV coverage helmets featuring simplicity, safety, and comfort.

It features a flat matte black finish to brag its attractive and subtle look. Safety is a priority of this helmet, thanks to its single front intake 6-exhaust vent system that allows premium airflow and ventilation.

This helmet exceeds DOT and FMSV218 safety specifications and standards. Plus, it is a great guy for entry-level and beginner riders. It features ear pockets for communication devices. It comes with an adjustable visor with 3 positions.

Lightweight HelmetConveying a Bag Looks Friable
DOT ApprovedRuns Small Sizes


  • Plastic melted and injected into a mold
  • Removable sleek inner
  • Single front and six rear vents

6. Fuel Helmets Adult Off-Road Helmet

The Fuel Helmets Adult off-Road Helmet comes with incredible edge courtesy of its magnificent style and unbeatable protection features.  These two alone make one falls in love with using a helmet.

But the Fuel doesn’t rest on its oars because it also features a wide field of view thanks to the adjustable visor angle. The helmet also brags a very large port that offers riders the freedom to don their eye-protecting goggles.

The unique outer graphics is enticing to every look-loving rider. The icing on the cake is the standard parameters the Fuel helmets Adult off-Road helmet meet that makes it receive DOT certification. 

In all, if you want safety, comfort, and an elegant look in a helmet, this is the right pick.      

Safe & ProtectiveDesigned only for Adults


  • Adjustable visor angle
  • Extra-large eye port for goggles
  • Wight: 6.15 pounds

7. Helmet FX17BH Flat ATV Helmet

The HELMET FX17BH FLAT BK 4XL helmet is designed with a snug fit in mind because the helmet fits easily into the head shape of extra-large riders. Plus, the pink color of this helmet is a catch for riders of any sex.

Although it doesn’t come as an expensive model, the helmet is a great option for beginner riders who want to try out some slow-speed things before going full-blown off-roading.

It is equipped with goggles and gloves to match. It covers and satisfies the primary essentials a helmet wearer will ordinarily expect.

Made with a lightweight polycarbonate shell, this incredible model protects your head and eyes from the impact in the event of a crash.

 Not the best ATV helmet for professional riders who really want to go all-out at maximum speeds.

Slightly LightweightCheaply Made
High Thick For ProtectionVisor Doesn’t Provide Much Shade


  • Boasts matching gloves and goggles
  • Removable and washable interior lining
  • Polycarbonate shell

8. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The DOT-certified and lightweight Bell Qualifier Full Face Helmet is equipped with a large solid matte black finish that ensures the lifespan of the helmet is extended.  Rider’s protection or helmet’s durability and longevity are no issue with the Bell Qualifier.

What’s more, ease of donning and doffing this helmet is one of the great features you will and should rave about it. The interior is adequately padded to ensure that riders get superior comfort.  There are also contoured cheek pads and a removable and washable anti-bacterial interior.

Overall, the Bell Qualifier features lightweight polycarbonate ABS shell for safety, reliability, and durability.  The helmet is also affordable and comfortable. You won’t have a reason not to have it on your shelf.

Heavily Padded For ComfortNo Carbon Fiber
LightweightLacks Chin/Neck Curtain For Winter Riding


  • Meet and exceeds DOT/ECE standards
  • Polycarbonate ABS shell
  • Perfect full-face helmet
  • Quick-click release shield system

9. Scorpions Half-Size Helmet

This is not the type of helmet for you if you’re bent on lightweight because the Scorpion Half-Size Style Helmet comes with the highest pounds on our list.

Being a half-sized style doesn’t mean that its manufacturer compromises protection and safety. In fact, one thing for which the Scorpion is known is excellent safety. No wonder, it meets and exceeds the safety standards of DOT. 

This helmet comes with a matte black finish to ensure safety and protection against scratch. The use of polycarbonate in the production of the gear is designed to offer comfort when donning and doffing the helmet.

The tinted visor provides a wide field of view, greater visibility, while also serving as a signal whenever lighting conditions change.   

Wide Field of ViewSmall Built-in Visor
DOT ApprovedOnly 2 Shell Sizes


  • Tinted sun-visor
  • Matte black finish
  • Removable front mask
  • Weight: 3.97 pounds

10. Hard Head Helmets

Weighing about 2 pounds, the lightweight Hardhead Helmets are the right types of head protective gear for your kids’ safety as they begin to learn motocross off-roading in grand styles.

Adorned with a variety of colors, shapes, patterns, and finishes, the Hard Head helmets meet the standard requirements of DOT. The material make of this model is amazing making it one of the safest protective to use while on off-road bikes, ATVs, and quads.

The inner lining is removable and washable for enhanced rider’s comfort and longevity of the ATV. One other fine feature this model boasts is the anti-scratch visor which also offers a wide field fo view as you ride on that uneven terrain.  

Ideal for Youth & KidsCheaply Made
Safe For UseFlattens After Heavy Use


  • Meets DOT standards
  • Weight: 2 pounds

11. SmartDealsNow DOT Youth & Kids Helmet

A lot of shrewd adult ATV riders prefer a helmet that will work for their teenagers and also be efficient for their little kids. The SmartDealsNow Youth and Kids Helmet offers that great opportunity for shoppers with that mindset.

Adorned with incredible multiple colors that attract kids, this helmet comes in handy as one of the safest ATV helmets on the market. Ranked very high among the top-quality brands, the SmartDealsNow helmet ensures there is something for your kid at every point in time.

Overall, you’re looking at a helmet that meets and exceeds all DOT safety requirements. You don’t have to worry about the street-legality of this model.

Comes in a Wide Variety of Colors & SizesHeavy
Heavy Padding for ComfortIsn’t the most mobile Helmet


  • DOT approved
  • Street legal
  • Perfect pick for kids and youths in their teen

12. Shoei Hornet X2 Helmet

This all-new product comes as an option for ATV enthusiasts who’re hell-bent on dual-sport and adventure activities. It is a perfect ATV helmet that strikes a premium balance between on-road and off-road riding.

Gaining your form and function on the ATV is one great experience for riders who choose this model. It comes with a design that’s intended for optimum performance under any weather conditions. It can last long due to its capacity as a touring helmet.

The Hornet X2 is equipped with a chin bar that is adequately padded for comfort and safety. It also brags great shape which enhances air intake and vent performance, giving riders extra air they need as they ride on those uneven grounds.

Distortion-Free VisionToo Noisy
Removable Chin CurtainLacking Dark Visor


  • Emergency quick-release system
  • Removable and washable ear and cheek pads
  • Dual-layer Multi-density EPS lining

13. NENKI Dual Motorcycle Helmet

The NENKI Dual Sport Enduro Motocross and Motorcycle Helmet don’t receive its DOT approval merely on account of its brightly unique color variety or a wide assortment of bright shades.

There’s a sense in which one can say that safety is the second name for this model. Meeting DOT safety requirements was topmost the set of criteria the manufacturer worked with to produce this long-lasting and comfy helmet.

That’s not all. For those who desire a stylish look, NENKI also brags very confidently styles and attractive designs.  Plus, the interior lining and cheeks pads are both removable and washable, making wearing and doffing this model the ideal pick for all types of riding.

Then, by the time you also come to know that the NENKI dual-purpose helmet is made for off-road and on-road riding, you’ll come to terms with the fact that riding is safe only when you have your protective gear on.

DOT ApprovedThe Hole on Top Parts Looks Bad
Sade & ProtectiveSlightly Too Long Chin Strap


  • An assortment of shades and colors
  • Padded interior lining
  • Washable and removable cheek pads
  • Weight: 4.85 pounds
  • Ideal for off-road and on-road riding

14. YEMA Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet

The next item on our list YEMA Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet behaves almost the same way as its sibling YEMA Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet that features on this list.

But it comes with its own unique safety and protection features and properties that make the demand for it increase in the last few years.

To start with, this model comes in a variety of sizes and colors, making it a great choice for everyone. There’s n reason you won’t have your fit.

Again, the YEMA ATV Helmet comes with a highly efficient vent system, making it possible for you to don this helmet all year round. The feature is further reinforced by the heavily cushioned chin strap that also comes with a quick-release buckle.

This is not a helmet that breaks too easily upon experiencing a crash because it’s equipped with multi-density EPS material that makes resistance to impact certain.

Smooth Back FinishPricey
DOT ApprovedRuns Small


  • Excellent vent system
  • Provide storage for Bluetooth speakers and glasses 
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Multi-density EPS

15. TCMT Motocross Helmet

Here’s another ATV helmet that’s suitable and perfect for kids’ off-roading activities.

The best ATV helmets for youths and kids must feature nothing short of protection and safety, visible color, pattern variety, comfort, and breathable lining.

All of these features are what give the TCMT DOT Motocross Helmet an edge over other helmets in its class. There’s also a flip-up visor that gives your kid a wide field of view and better visibility.

The helmet is equipped with gloves and googles which further enhances the confidence of your kids as they look to have their first-time experience and a crash-free off-road riding.

Wide Field of View No Clear Shield on Helmets’ Opening
Variety of Patterns & SizesGloves Way Too Big


  • Extended lifespan
  • Suitable for kids and youths
  • Modular helmet 

16. Typhoon Helmets Women’s Dirt Bike ATV Helmet

Well, the name alone says a lot about this amazing guy. It truly typhoons every other model on the market due to its exclusive feminity. 

With weight lighter than a typical ATV helmet, this all-girl helmet is no compromise when it comes to safety, protection, style, design, and snug fit.

It lasts for a longer period of time on women and won’t scrimp whether worn for off-road or on-road riding. Plus, the helmet is also equipped with gloves and goggles that reinforce safety.  

  Overall, this great piece makes the list of DOT-approved helmets and will remain there for a long period of time due to its uncompromising safety standards.

Durable & Lasts LongRemoval Pads Don’t Stay In Place
Perfect for Off-Road & On-RoadNot as Compact


  • Matching googles and goggles for enhanced protection
  • Dot approved
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Intake vents for airflow

17. ILM Full Face ATV Helmet

ILM is known for its top-quality motorcycle and motorcycle accessories. The ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet is truly street-legal given that it boasts incredible safety and protection at all times.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer this model for motocross or ordinary riding, this helmet guarantees safety.

Besides, a variety of colors and sizes is another defining value this helmet brings to the table. The two smoked and clear visors of the ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet make riding a safe activity anytime. 

The classic black finish offers the confidence that this helmet boasts an anti-scratch feature. More so, the design is aerodynamic and streamlined, making riding in the noisiest and busiest of roads smooth and comfy.

Overall, the ILM doesn’t compromise the safety and protection of the rider.

Quick Release Chin StrapRelatively pricey
Aerodynamic DesignRuns a Little Small


  • Weight: 2.98 pounds
  • Full face helmet
  • Two-visor system
  • Approved by DOT safety requirements

18. TCMT ATV Helmet

The vintage design is the first point of attraction to the TCMT Dirt Bike ATV Helmet. Just like the Typhoon, the TCMT Youth DOT Pink ATV helmet comes with matching goggles and gloves for extra safety and protection.

Plus, the helmet also features a  butterfly design that makes the look and style incredibly attractive.

 Beyond that, this helmet meets and exceeds safety standards and so is DOT approved. You don’t have to worry about the safety or legality of using the helmet.

Whether you’re on an ATV or Dirt bike, this helmet assures you a heavy interior padding and premium airflow to comfortably navigate the rough and uneven terrain.

DOT ApprovedFemale Large Wobbles
Affordably PricedFalls Off Too Easily


  • Butterfly modula design
  • Features matching googles and googles for safety
  • Flip-up visor

19. O’Neal Unisex Full Face Style Helmet

If the O’Neal 0623-0643 Series Helmet is known for its snug fit, then you’ll wonder what the O’Neal Unisex Full face Style helmet will feature. Two things are essential to note about this model.

One is that it is unisex, so both men and women can don this amazing guy. The second thing is that it’s a full-face helmet, meaning that it offers vintage protection from impact if there’s an accident.

That’s not all. The O’Neal Unisex helmet is made in a wide variety of sizes and colors. It means, on the one hand, that at no point will you be out of a model to choose. On the other hand, the helmet comes in solid black and solid white colors.

On top of these features is the padded chin strap which makes riding extremely comfy for any kind of rider, whether new or established.

There’s a safety lock that comes with the helmet which makes using the guy almost effortless.  It doesn’t matter whether you choose street riding or off-roading, this helmet is the right piece for you.

Comfortable & DurableNo Holes for Sena Bluetooth
Ideal for Off & On RoadingNoisy


  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Padded chin strap
  • Comfortable double safety lock

20. ScorpionExo Covert Matte Black Helmet

Made with a polycarbonate shell material, the ScorpionEXo Matte Black Helmet ranks high as one of the best ATV helmets.

It features a telescopic sun visor that offers protection from the sun’s glare and sunburnt. You’ll have a clearer vision of the road and control the ATV against harsh weather conditions.

The helmet comes with great aesthetics and confers an extremely cool look on the rider when riding.

The shell helps provide safety and comfort, helping you to absorb impact in the event of an accident.

Attractive & Cool LookHighly Priced
Ensures Clearer VisibilityVisor May resist Pulling Down


  • Matte black finish
  • Retractable sun visor
  • Removable front mask

Best ATV Helmets Guide & FAQs

Whether you’re going to make an order through the e-store or you make a visit to your brick and mortar store to shop for the best ATV helmets, make sure you equip yourself with the right information, knowing what makes a good ATV helmet.

Before you buy the ATV helmets, kindly pay attention to the following factors:

DOT Certification

Well, there is no point flogging the issue, it’s important to note that any motorcycle or quad accessory that’s not approved by the Department for Transportation is prohibited from being used. The safety of such an item is not guaranteed, and if the traffic guy finds out you’re using it, you may be in serious trouble, depending on the local laws in your area.

Hence, make sure the ATV or UTV helmets you’re buying meet all safety standards and requirements. To be sure of that, ensure they come with the necessary certification and approval from the requisite authority. Besides, they must be registered with the department. 


The reason for using all protective and safety gear whether it is jackets, gloves, or boots is to ensure safety. As a matter of fact, the priority of every rider is to be safe and protected from impact in the event of crashes.

Hence, the ATV helmet you’re buying should have a component that assures and ensures safety. The multi-density EPS lining is the part of a helmet that guarantees safety and protects you. The lining is designed primarily to reduce impact.

Also, the interior chin lining of the helmet must be heavily and adequately padded inside. The shell must be made of thick material such as polycarbonate.  

Snug fit

Never settle for a helmet that causes your head to shake or fall to one side when riding. To avoid your noggin being left loose and unguarded, go for a helmet that fits perfectly to your head.

Make sure the helmet has a correct and appropriate fit and size for your head. Don’t go for over-size or under-size items that may either fall off or stifle comfort out of you.  


Another great factor to consider before you may pay for any ATV helmet is to check if the helmet promises comfort.

Comfort in this sense means that it is a perfectly snug fit, heavily cushioned by the cheeks pads. Great padding prevents your helmets from exerting much pressure on your cheeks, neck, or head region.  It doesn’t matter if you’re buying for a kid or yourself; everyone deserves their comfort on the bike.

New Helmets

Well, I won’t advise you to go for used or old helmets. It doesn’t mean all used helmets are bad and condemned for use. However, ATV helmets and many quad helmets depreciate in value over time. You cannot quantify the degree of damage to the used helmet you’re buying.

If you chose a new one, you have a 100% chance of a warranty. In summary, used or old helmets are not worth your penny. Don’t take the risk, go for a new model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will an ATV helmet Last?

Check under the comfort liner of your helmet for the manufacturer’s recommended number of years. There, some manufacturers recommend seven years. But, typically, riders will replace their helmets every three to five years.

Q: What is the difference between an ATV helmet and motorcycle helmet?

Usually, an ATV helmet is designed for aggressive riding, unlike a motorcycle helmet will do. If you need a helmet for off-road activity, go for ATV helmets.

However, motorcycle helmets have excellent aerodynamics, and are more comfortable and cool, and will deliver with a full face visor.


Now it’s time to make a decision about the best ATV helmets you’ll pick from the list we have here. Don’t forget the importance of wearing an ATV helmet. Whether you need it for your kids or yourself, it’s important you take the buying considerations seriously.

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