6 Best ATV Tires (Review)

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There is a constant need to upgrade ATV Tires and to make sure you have a smooth ride ahead, we recommend only the best!

Owners of All-Terrain Vehicles or ATV know exactly what’s essential for their vehicles. Tires, of course, are the most important parts of any vehicle. So, it’s only best to pick the right tires for you to drive around any terrain freely and without any hassle. The wrong tires can truly be detrimental not only to your vehicle but also to your safety.

Another thing is that tires for this vehicle need constant upgrades. With the grips slipping away every several months or so, it’s best to replace them for assured safety.

The great thing is that many manufacturers are beginning to churn out high-quality tires. These tires can handle multiple terrains as well as lifestyles. The best tires now have features that make them last longer than usual.

To help you out, we gathered 6 of the best options in the market today. Plus, a guide to everything you need to know about ATV tires!

1. ITP Mud Lite II ATV Tire

ITP Mud Lite II ATV Tires

If you’re looking for tires that you can take from a trail (good for trail ATV riding) to the mud, the ITP Mud Lite II is the one for you. This ATV tire works wonders in both of these terrains. There are some times when we simply don’t know what type of terrain we’ll be encountering along the way. This is your best bet at a safe and easy ride.

The Mud Lite II has excellent responsiveness even on rough surfaces. It also offers great stability even if you’re going at high speeds. Even on rocky surfaces, it still offers tremendous traction.

This ATV Tire feature angled and deep lugs that work wonders on wet trails. It’s also great when you’re going through gravel roads. Moreover, the mud traction on these tires is just as great.


While there are better deep mud tires in the market (which you’ll find later), the way Mud Lite II performs in trails is unparalleled. All-terrain tires redesigned the tread pattern of this tire for improved mud cleanout. This proves a great feature to have especially in more critical situations.

All that said, the ITP Mud Lite II works just as great in road driving. It’s smooth and offers great grip even in normal driving.

Another great thing about the ITP Mud Lite II is its price. It’s not that expensive despite its wonderful durability. A full set will equip you for any terrain ahead as every tire is tough. Each tire has a 6-ply rating that even the most aggressive drivers find adequate.

2. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tires

Kenda Bearclaw also works on various surfaces. It can handle different terrains, however, it’s better known for its mud traction. There’s nothing that could beat this one for its price.

Some of the greatest features it has are the angled lugs and large holes. The treading on the Kenda Bearclaw is prominent enough to manage on mud. Aside from deep mud, it also works well in light mud — even better for that matter.

However, many people would think twice about its performance on trail sections given that it has large and angled lugs. Not to worry because the Bearclaw is also useful on trails.

Rough surfaces also don’t stand a chance with these tires. It has the right straight-line stability as well as the side-to-side grip that is efficient for fast driving.


With the center lugs of the Bearclaw, you know that it is very responsive to different terrains. It’s useful even in snow if you so decide to drive during winter.

If there’s a downside to the Kenda Bearclaw, it’s the lack of grip and traction on the road. It’s not a smart choice if you plan on riding on paved roads any time soon. It might offer a smooth enough ride and great handling but you’ll notice that it doesn’t have enough grip and traction.

Overall, the Kenda Bearclaw is a great option if you want tough and durable tires for muds and trails. It’s also resistant to punctures with its casing and 6-ply construction.

3. Carlisle Knobby ATV Tires

Carlisle Knobby ATV Tires

Carlisle is one of the most trusted brands for ATV tires in the market today. There are different options to go for from this brand, however, the Knobby ATV tires from this brand are truly the best.

These tires constantly perform greatly no matter the terrain it goes through. If anything, it’s a great tire to have if you’re going through hard surfaces of rocky terrains. The contact patches of these tires are responsible for that.

For increased reliability, the Carlisle Knobby ATV tires offer sturdy construction. This, in turn, increases your traction for easier glides over softer terrains. That said, these tires are also excellent for steering control when you’re turning.

The versatility of these tires is just as great when driven over any kind of terrain. This is due to the design that improves its stability and control even at high speeds.


Moreover, it’s way lighter than other tires. So, it easily minimizes the effort your engine makes when you go from off-road terrain to pavement and vice versa. Plus, they’re great even for novice riders to use!

Overall, the Carlisle Knobby ATV tires are the best for off-road performance. They offer stability at high speeds and they’re easy to handle that even new riders will find great. Not to mention, it looks aesthetically pleasing for an ATV tire!

4. WANDA ATV Tires


ATV tires go through different types of terrain. It’s important to get a tire that will last a long time to really dictate its value. If you want something that will last you a long time, then the ATV tires from Wanda are the one for you.

These tires feature unique tread that’s way deeper and allows wonderful traction over different terrain. Plus, it makes the tires resistant to different wear and tear such as abrasions. It allows your tires to stay at their best for a long time.

Regarding its tread, its design is something to look at. The angular design on them offers what’s called a “cleaning motion.” This means that even if you go through thick or deep mud, it easily slips off the tires. That way, you don’t have to worry about build-ups in between the deep gaps of the tires.


Build-ups easily let you lose traction when driving. Having such a great design means that you can drive with ease whether it’s over tarmac, rocky roads, or even cross country. The Wanda tires also work great on sand and snow.

For its construction, you can trust its 6-ply nylon built. They easily resist punctures and are as durable as they’re lightweight. These tires are made for quick acceleration and braking.

Overall, it’s a great-looking tire that has deep treads for solid traction. They’re well-made and they don’t slip even in the snow. However, they’re very rough and there’s the possibility that they bounce on paved surfaces.

5. SunF A028 Off-Road ATV Mud Tires

SunF A028 Off-Road ATV Mud Tires

If you’re looking for more affordable options, then you have to check out SunF ATV tires. The full set of four tires sits at a very competitive price range. It’s a great thing if you’re working on a tight budget.

As expected from these tires, you can use them over different types of terrains. These tires work even better on rocky trails. It has well-performing grips and traction. Many reviews back these tires up for their performance in snow as well. So, if you have an ATV snow plow, these could be the tires for you.

One of the reasons that these tires are so great is their material. Made from premium rubber, these tires are top-notch in quality. They feature better traction as well as skid control.

With a 6-ply rating, these tires are also very thick and tough. They resist punctures and prevent rips and tears as well. That said, these are long-lasting tires that will last you more than just a few months.


However, they don’t work as great in extremely muddy areas. A bit of mud works just fine but thick, deep mud might be a problem for these tires. If you constant rocky roads, desert sands, grass, or even snow, they work just fine.

For overall great performance, the SunF ATV tire is a great option to have. It works best for winters or even the sand but not on deep muds. Not to mention, it’s incredibly affordable for a set.

6. Interco Swamp Lite 6 Ply ATV Tires

Interco Swamp Lite 6 Ply ATV Tires

There are different types of ATV drivers. Many use their ATV on muddy terrains and others on rocky plains. There is still a lot of drivers who are more interested in the driving aspect. These tires easily compete against racing tires.

These are wonderful tires to have if you enjoy driving fast on different trails. With its optimized V-forward tread pattern, it’s very responsive especially when taken on high speeds. It also has vertical center lugs that further help with that.

These tires are also great with their quality. The construction of the Swamp Lite allows it to be strong enough to handle top speed stability into the mix.

That said, you can take these tires to any surface. It’s ideal for hard-packed surfaces. However, it performs just as well on intermediate surfaces. If you plan on going over light mud, you can expect outstanding traction with these tires.

Given that, you might want to veer off of deep mud if your ATV is equipped with these tires. It’s usable, of course, but there’s a possibility that you might get stuck in the mud if you push it too hard.


On the other hand, you can expect a smooth and safe ride if you’re riding on the street. If you’re going over extremely hard surfaces, you might want to check their condition more often. Its wear accelerates with constant contact on hard surfaces.

Best ATV Tires Guide & FAQs

Why you Should Buy ATV Tires

  • ATV tires are far different from tires for trucks as well as cars. They’re made for different types of terrain and have different dimensions as other tires. So, you would want a specific ATV tire suited for your vehicle.
  • You can expect to traverse different types of terrain with ease using ATV tires. They easily glide over mud, rocky plains, sand, snow, and even the streets.
  • That said, you should know that ATV tires are far tougher than other tires. They usually come resistant to abrasions and tears. While you still have to replace them every now and then, they’re something to invest in if you do have an ATV you frequently use.

Types of ATV Tires


All-terrain tires are typical for ATV tires. They’re the best especially if you constantly go through different surfaces. It performs well on fields, rocks, sands, and features a longer lifespan than other types of tires. All-terrain tires should also work wonders at high speeds. The cornering is also great with this type of tire. Generally, they have longer lateral lugs or even square lugs. All-terrain tires have tread patterns with depth that doesn’t exceed an inch.


Racing tires are extremely durable. Typically used by motocross enthusiasts, these are very grippy tires. They should withstand jumps and various obstacles. Racing tires also have wide-spaced tread patterns as it allows for better traction. The knobs on these tires are stiff so cornering comes easy. Moreover, it should have solid center strips that make high-speed rides come with ease.


ATV tires for train and mud are very easy to pick among the bunch. They usually feature an aggressive look as well as long lugs. The tread depth should sit around one or two inches. Plus, there should be big spaces between the lugs for a self-cleaning feature that other types don’t have. This type of tire should easily go over a mud pit without requiring high-end power when turning.

Sand and Snow

Sand tires require a lot of traction as well as floatation. This needs long ridges that usually run through the tire. Snow ATV tires, on the other hand, are a combination of trail and mud tires. They typically have shorter lugs and larger spacing.

Bias Ply vs Radial

Bias-ply is the go-to construction because they’re more durable compared to radial tires. These tires are resistant to punctures and have strong sidewalls. The more plies a tire has, the stronger it is. However, they can have a lower grip, especially at high speeds.

However, radial tires have a longer lifespan than bias-ply tires. They also perform smoothly over paved roads. They’re much more expensive and harder to repair when punctured but ideal for street riding.

Key Features of ATV Tires


A great ATV tire should keep you on course at all times. Traction is one of the reasons why you stay on the path no matter the terrain you go through. This relies on the tread patterns your tires have. The right traction should let you go over various terrains without any worry for your safety or going on a tailspin.

Tread Style

Depending on the terrain you’ll go through tread style is very important for your tires. They should be deep with wide gaps if you’re going through mud or snow. However, this isn’t ideal with street driving. That said, you should look into the type of your ride to know what tread style you’re looking for in an ATV tire.

Ply Rating

As aforementioned, bias-ply tires are fairly popular for ATV users. The more plies the tire has, the stronger it is. It dictates the toughness and rigidity of your tires, allowing them to resist punctures and tears. Light-duty vehicles typically have two-ply tires. For ATV, you should be looking at six to eight plies to handle tough terrain and heavier loads.


Directional ATV tires have tread that points a certain direction. That said, it should be mounted in the right direction. These help remove dirt or water, as well as mud on your tires. It promotes better handling and traction for your tires. You can get non-directional ATV tires that can be mounted either way. The great thing about these tires is that they spread the load evenly on the tires. They also have a better wear life and more comfortable to drive around.

Tire Shape and Size

A small tire can cause problems with your engine. It will also spark up stress on your transmission and deter your balance. If you want better handling, get a bigger tire for your ATV. That said, you should also get a tire with a design that will work well on the terrain you look forward to traversing. Flatter design work well on hard to medium surfaces. Round designs, on the other hand, work well on wet surfaces like snow and mud. They also corner really well and offer smoother rides.

Final Thoughts

The right ATV tire will get you through various terrains with ease. Pick one that works best for your usual route and you’re sure to experience only smooth rides ahead.

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