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10 Best ATV Winches (Review)

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As an all-terrain rider who enjoys the outdoor activity and could go cracked at the mention of an ATV, you can’t afford an outing on your four-wheeler without having the best ATV winch.

It can be frustrating sometimes when you find yourself knocked down in a bind. Maybe, your ATV is stuck somewhere on slippery or rocky ground. This ATV can’t stay overnight here; otherwise, the traffic officials will pull it away.

WARN 90250 ProVantage 2500 Winch - 2500 lb....
MotoAlliance VIPER Midnight ATV/UTV Winch...
Champion 4000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit with...
WARN 90250 ProVantage 2500 Winch
MotoAlliance VIPER Midnight ATV/UTV
Champion 4000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit
WARN 90250 ProVantage 2500 Winch - 2500 lb....
WARN 90250 ProVantage 2500 Winch
MotoAlliance VIPER Midnight ATV/UTV Winch...
MotoAlliance VIPER Midnight ATV/UTV
Champion 4000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit with...
Champion 4000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit

The best tool you can easily beckon on for rescue is the winch. But it’ll be more provoking to see that your ATV is knocked off and you have a wobbly winch. Isn’t that the equipment you purchased barely two months ago? You can’t afford to splash your hard-earned cash on a ridiculously substandard tool that typically should serve you.

Well, I’ve taken the pain to help you research the best ATV winches that brag durability, flexibility, lightweight, affordability, and lots more.

1. Warn 90250 ProVantage 2500 Winch

Warn has a lot of its models on this list. It is due to its capacity to lead the market and deliver a wide variety of winches in different pull ratings and loading capacities.

The Warn 90250 ProVantage 2500 Winch is a guy that has become rider’s favorite. With a 50-feet of 3/16-inch rope, you can pull any load with a capacity in the region of 2500 pounds.

The planetary gears are other features you’ll love about this winch. The gears come in three stages, making it easier for you to wind out or wind in loads quickly.  

Then comes the patented disc brake, which provides extra seamless control for you as you try to operate the machine. Operating the winch becomes a lot easier and simpler at that level.

It also features a black finish, which ensures that the device does not corrode or rust even when faced with the most inclement o weather. The waterproof feature of a winch is not a common thing. So, don’t take it for granted when you have one that possesses this feature.

You’ll want to look at any downside this winch comes with when you find out that it fits any type of ATV. Being a universal winch makes this winch everyone’s favorite.


  • Patented roller dick brake
  • 50 feet of 3/16 dense rope
  • plow roller fairlead
Boasts three-step planetary gearLow power rating
Comes with extra controlSeparate accessories (remote control) cost extra bucks 

2. VIPER Midnight 4500lb Winch

When it comes to an ATV winch that is capable of holding out against some of the heaviest four-wheelers, the Viper winch Kit is the guy to beckon at. We all know Viper has been here for quite some time. So, having it feature among the top 10 ATV winch brands is no surprise.

One thing many riders want to see in a winch is that it can pull heavy equipment, including your heavyweight ATVs and UTVs. The Viper does not lack in that area because if you fasten the Viper to the car with a weight in the region of 4500 pounds, this guy will pull it effortlessly. That’s massive power from this model.

The general outlook of the Viper Midnight presents nothing less than awe and respect. The manufacturers intend a design and style for this winch that no other product on the list matches.

That’s not enough. The Viper winch also boasts durability and flexibility. It is not a product that won’t give value for money. It doesn’t matter whether it is being pulled on the water because the Viper winch will survive immersion, submersion, and insertion into water.

Overall, there’s something that you’ll love to know about this product: at full capacity, iy’ll easily pull at a faster speed of around 5 FPM.


  • Capable of 45000-pound load
  • Pulls at 5 FPM
  • Great design and style
DurableNot compatible with all ATVs/UTVs
Reasonably pricedInferior internal materials

3. Champion 4000-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit

Champion 4000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit

The Champion Wireless Winch Kit is truly a champion and deserves every reason to be called that great name.

If you’re familiar with the world of the manufacturer, you’ll find out that they have produced the 2000 pounds weighed winch. It is a lot less potent than the Champions that is capable of pulling cars or any equipment that weighs up to 4500 pounds. Isn’t that in the class of our first winch, the Viper Midnight? But the Champion brings some more value and benefits.

Apart from the high capacity to load a 4500-weighed car onto a trailer, the Champion winch comes as a very sturdy and durable item.

You also need to note that when it comes to purchasing the hardware of this item, you’ll not be forced to break banks. They are affordable, and you can find out the cost of the bolts and nuts that this model requires.

The Champion Wireless winch’s power to cost ratio is excellent, and you won’t have to expend much to pull or procure components.


  • 4500 pounds loading capacity
  • Fits many UTVs and ATVs
Affordably pricedMetals made of cheap materials
PowerfulRelatively less sturdy
Excellent power to cost ratioTrying to use in angled space

4. Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35

The first time I came across this model, I knew I was up for a kit that would not disappoint me. I had heard some hint about it during a summer visit to a cousin in Florida. From then on, I’ve no doubt the Superwinch would make one of the best ATV winches of all time.

Looking closely at this model, the first thing you find out is that this Superwinch is very lightweight, adding only 20 pounds to the dry weight of the ATV. You’re talking of a winch that will load powerful equipment onto your trailer and yet makes the net weight quite light.

Another exciting feature of the Superwinch brags; is their power. It’s capable of loading a car or equipment that weighs something in the neighborhood of 3500 pounds. That’s about a 1000 lb lower than what our first two winches deliver. All of this the Superwinch does effortlessly.

The mode of operating this device is quite easy. With an adjustable handlebar, you’ll be able to run the machine. That doesn’t stop you if you choose to switch to the remote control. Hauling out heavy tools and equipment with this winch is quite effortless, considering that it’s equipped with a built-in 50ft steel rope.

What’s more, when at top capacity, the Superwinch loads at 8.75 for helping to overcome those heavy-duty limbs without any difficulty. The extra gear provides you with a more significant stress-free opportunity to widen your space of tackling the substantial loading tasks. Its 3-step gear system stands at a ratio of140:1.

But you need to be watchful and careful when operating this device because the rope can be held up in the roller, causing incorrect pushing or pulling of the string by the winch.

Also, the Superwinch doesn’t boast a great electrical design, given that the electrical supply could short out if the circuit breakers are exposed to metal.


  • 50-inch of steel rope 13/64-inch
  • Load releasing and pushing
  • Wide all-steel planetary gear
  • Seal circuit breaker
  • Low amp 1.6-hp magnetic motor
Easy to operateRope can intercept the proper functioning of winch
Durable buildElectrical design is short-circuited

5. Warn 89020 Vantage 2000 Winch

Warn 89020 Vantage 2000 Winch

The Warn 89020 Vantage Winch is a great model to make the list of top 10 best ATV winches for several reasons. 

Boasting affordability, power loading capacity, flexibility, and compatibility, the winch comes to help riders who want to load and release cars weighing about 2000 pounds into their trailer.

At an affordable price, the product is made of excellent material, making it one of the winches with a unique build among the best brands out there on the market.

It’s compatible with a lot of lighter ATVs and UTVs. Yet, it walks shoulder high among its competitors, given that it boasts excellent power, durability, and capability to finish up heavy-duty tasks within a short period effortlessly.

As an all-around winch, the Warn 89020 Vantage Winch features a smooth planetary drive train, microfiber rope, a fully sealed water-resistant and waterproof motor, and a corded remote. It means, with the remote, you can operate this machine even from a reasonable distance, whether it is connected to the ATV or not.

On top of this is the 50 feet that the machine comes with, making it easy for users to mount o install the device with little or no difficulty.


  • It comes with a fully sealed motor and drives the train
  • Great safety features
  • Planetary gear train
Easy to use and operateInstalling this device is a bit challenging
The device is resistant to the effects of the elements, includingIt comes as a relatively pricey model

6. Champion Power Equipment 13004 ATV/UTV Winch Kit

Champion Power Equipment 13004 ATV/UTV Winch Kit

Just like its siblings here, the Champions Power Equipment 13004 comes with a higher loading capacity than you find with many of its 3000lb-capacity competitors here.

Compelling, powerful, and great winch, the Champion Power Equipment 13004 will surprise you with a lot of features that make loading easier and seemingly seamless.

First off, if you’re on a budget, this is the model for your use. It comes as one of the most affordably priced and cost-effective winches with equal capacity on the market.

The Champion Power Equipment comes with a 3000 pounds pulling and releasing capacity, making it one of the powerful yet affordable ATV winches in its category.

The automatic brake system (ABS) is a unique feature of this model as it empowers with the power you desire to overcome heavy-duty winching and holds uploads at will while pulling or releasing. 

You can spool with this device with your eyes shut, thanks to the effective clutch system. There’s also the remote control, which allows you the freedom to operate the equipment from anywhere within a reasonable distance.

Other features include the mounting channels and the roller fairlead, which work with additional tools to deliver the incredible winching. With these tools, you’ll be able to install and mount the device easily without much stress.


Relative affordability and durability

Incredibly sufficient power for light and small ATVsDoesn’t suit big and heavy ATVs
Mounting this device is super-easyBulky and overly slow remote
Perfect planetary gear and trainWeak cable

7. Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC

Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC

It appears that when choosing the best ATV winch, it is either a model from Superwinch or you pick nothing. There’s consistency in what this brand does and the delivery their products make.

I look at Superwinch winches generally, and I find devices that have no match in the whole market. Whether you talk in terms of power, pull capacity, braking system, or gear train, you’ll have to search the entire market to find one winch that will deliver as much as the Superwinch winches do. It neither cuts materials nor offers products at amazingly crazy prices.

The Superwinch 1130220 does not depart as much from two of its siblings that I parade in this post. Just as you think of the Superwicnh 4000-pounds and 3500 pounds, the 3000lb also is at the mid-grade level when it comes to pulling capacity.

It gives value for money because you’re able to get more power ratings for every buck you splash. Isn’t that desirable? Then again, the Superwinch 3000 pounds parades incredible electrical design, which is why you need some particular skill to install the device.


  • Pull rating: 3000 pounds
  • Features roller fairlead and handheld remote switch
  • The mechanical and dynamic braking system
  • Handlebar control
Delivers power and value for moneyRequires some particular skill to install
Easy to operate and use with the magnetic brake

8. Keeper Corporation KT2000 Trakker Electric Winch

Keeper Corporation KT2000 Trakker Electric Winch

If nothing, an ATV winch shouldn’t be lacking in excellent loading power, durable cable, reasonable price, and durability.

The first thing that will attract you to this winch is its durability. The warranty that comes with this model is higher compared to many of the models in its category. It means you can use the Keeper winch for a more extended period before you start thinking of having another one.

Although it is designed for lighter and smaller ATVs, the Keeper will keep its shoulder-high even in the middle of the cruelest weather conditions. It is why the manufacturer ensures the model comes as a weatherproof and water-resistant winch. 

If that convinces you to buy this model, something more will push you to start recommending the Keeper Winch model. It is the attachment point at the slide drum of the winch. It allows you the freedom for versatility when you’re stuck on those bumpy roads and awkward terrain.

That’s not all. Now comes the loading capacity. The Keeper winch comes with 2000 pounds rated pull, making it one of the winches with small and lighter capabilities. The rope, measuring 5/32 inches, is slightly thinner than the others on this list.


  • Boasts handheld remote control
  • 2000 pounds pull rating
  • Side-mounted drum
Highly more durable than other competitors in the same categorySlow operation
Seamless mounting in awkward spacesLow Wind-in rating

9. WARN 89030 Vantage 3000 Winch

WARN 89030 Vantage 3000 Winch

Maybe I should warn you never to use any other winch brand apart from what WARN produces. It has every reason to be ahead of every other ATV winch in competition.

Producing another more significant and more extensive version, Warn has set a record for being the brand with different categories and pull ratings. So, you won’t complain of having an ATV without a winch to wind it in or out.d

The Warn 89030 brags 3000 pounds pull rating, giving you the option to choose over the WARN 2000 or WARN 2500. What differences does the Winch 3000 Winch has over its 2500 and 200 counters apart from higher pull rating, you may want to ask?

This winch will take you away from the traditional dynamic gear brake system to a different level where you’re presented with a spring brake unit. What difference does that make? The braking system offers more power and reliability. 

That said, the WARN 89030 Vantage 3000 Winch comes with features including a three-stage planetary gear as against the differential planetary gears, which are the characteristic features of many other winch models, including the WARN 90250 ProVantage 2500 Winch and the WARN 89020 Vantage 2000 Winch.

If you’re looking for a WARN winch with the most power and increased intensity, this is the right to pick because it intimidates you with its slightly larger but more reliable motor.

Well, one thing is sure that no single device or equipment boasts 100% effectiveness without its downside. The WARN 3000 is no exception.

Despite the incredible features it comes with, there’re areas you need to watch out for when using this piece. Interestingly, the complaint about this winch is what is common to most other smaller devices. Spooling is a significant issue with this device, especially using the free spool knobs poses some malfunction challenges. 

That shouldn’t be an issue to discourage you from getting this amazing guy in your garage. Its positives outweigh the negatives.


  • 3000 pull rating
  • Fairly larger motor
  • Spring brake system
  • 0 feet of 3/16 inch thick wire rope with roller fairlead
  • Three-stage planetary gear
Better control and more powerLiable to rope impairment
Easy to install and useFairlead is of substandard material
Wired remote controlFree spool knob malfunctions

10. Superwinch 1140220 Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV Winch

Superwinch 1140220 Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV Winch

Again I present to you another incredible model from the usual suspect, Superwinch. I don’t doubt that for years to come, the Superwinch 1140220 4000-lb winch from this brand would compete favorably with the best ATV winches.

It comes with a lot of power, and it stands tall among the models on our list here, given that it boasts 4000 pounds pull rating and won’t fail or disappoint.

What’s more, the Superwinch 1140220 4000 lb winch is compatible with multiple ATVs as it comes with three-stage planetary gears. It has not much departed from the tradition of the dynamic braking system. Hence, it will benefit a lot from this device.     

You don’t have to be close to the device all the time because the manufacturer thinks you could stay at some distance and still operate it.

You have the corded remote switch to thank, which interestingly comes with the device as you’re buying it. You remember some brands sell their remote switch separately from the main product, causing you extra cost.

What more do you want in an ATV winch that’s lacking in Superwinch 4000 ATV winch? You have power, an excellent braking system, a high pull rating, planetary gears, and lost more.

But, hey, you may need to get another steel rope because the size supplied by the manufacturer is equal to what they give to winches of lower power and pull rating. The steel rope is 50 feet of 3/16 inch. That’s too low for a winch of this power.


  • Pull capacity and rating: 4000 pounds
  • Steel rope dimension: 50 feet of 3/16 inch
  • Dynamic braking unit
  • Three-step planetary gear train
Excellent pull capacity and ratingSteel rope dimension is small for winch of this pull capacity
Efficient for a wide variety of ATVsThe winch may work inefficiently due to the short steel rope.

What You Need to Consider Before Buying an ATV Winch

It’s not advisable to put money down on anything without knowing how much value they’re bringing to the table. After all, money is not something to come quickly. Before you buy or make an order for the ATV winch, you must find out certain necessary things about them.

Knowing these factors will guide you through buying the right product and not end up spending money on a white elephant. 

ATV Specifications

Imagine your niece decides to get you a birthday present and heads straight to the market to buy a pair of over-size shoes? That is precisely what happens if you want to order an ATV winch without knowing the specifications.

You must, first of all, know what the specific features of the ATV you want to buy a winch for are. If you don’t, you may end up buying something that wonâ’t fit into the machine for which it’s intended.

One of the specifications you must know about the ATV is the weight. Often, riders want to take this aspect for granted by assuming that a 3000-pounds winch will fit any vehicle weight. It is not valid. In any case, how do 5′ 5 people ride a dirt bike with a seat height of 35-inch? 

The weight of the winch must be bigger than or least match that of your ATV or UTV vehicle to be able to haul it; otherwise, you won’t even get the required force to get you from the stuck awkward place that your car is jammed. On this, you need a lot of information from the owner’s manual to guide you through all the processes.

A free-spooling clutch

It is another factor you must look out for when buying an ATV winch. Typically, the best ATV winch should come with this tool. The free-spooling clutch helps you while hauling to relive the gear by merely using the cable from a spool.

If your ATV winch doesn’t feature a free-spooling winch, you stand the risk of spending more-than-normal time and force trying to pull the winch against gears. The consequence of adding that extra strength is telling on the winch in the long run. The winch always experiences some form of tear, and so has its lifespan cut down due to wear and tear.

Strong Winch Lid

It’s not just enough to desire to want to buy an ATV winch; while mulling this idea, it’s essential to consider purchasing a winch that comes with a sturdy covering. It will ensure durability and save the winch from being battered. So, a well-built cover will do a lot of benefits to your winch and protect it from dust, dirt, debris, as well as bumps and knocks that often affect components of mechanical devices.

Remote switch

Do you want comfort while operating a winch? If yes, then you need to consider buying an ATV winch that comes with remote control. The rocker provides you with the incredible comfort you need as a winch user or operator. This switch, which is mounted on the handlebars of your ATV, can be corded or cordless. The remote switch with the extension cord helps you in the event your vehicle gets stuck deep in the mud.


You need to have a random insight into the market price of a typical ATV winch. Depending on the weight and brands of the winch you’re buying, you’ll spend some buck to acquire a winch. Typically, a winch doesn’t cost much that you cannot afford if you could spare so much to get an ATV vehicle.

Frequently Asked Question 

Q: How long will it take me to install a winch?

You can’t believe that you won’t spend up to 2 hours installing a winch on your ATV. Sometimes, it is within an hour if you follow the instructions carefully. Then, I can assure you in less than an hour. You will have your winch installed if an experienced hand or someone who has installed it before is right beside you.

Q: Are champion ATV winches any good?

Absolutely! ATV winches from Champion are high-quality products you won’t miss in your garage. It has a high pull rating and features unusual ease of operations and use.
They have excellent and positive reviews courtesy of a gear ratio that stands at 171.1. The winch also boasts a planetary gear system that guarantees safe wind-in and wind-out at every point in time.

Q: Is microfiber winch ropes better than cable?

Well, when it comes to safety, I’ll say synthetic lines are far better than their steel counterpart. They are usually derived from hi-tech polyethylene, making them a lighter option. If you are an off-road rider, it’s crucial you bear in mind that the regulation stipulates the use of winch with synthetic ropes on off-road terrain. Besides, synthetic ropes don’t save more energy.

Q: Are ATV Winches Universal?

The simple answer is yes. ATV winches are global winches for many reasons. One, they are super easy to install and mount. They don’t require that you have a winch mount before you invest. They’re also super light, and with their four bolts, ATV winches are compatible with many other brand winches. If you need a universal winch that won’t fail when you try to wind in or out, then the quad winches are the right pick.

Final Thoughts

My final take when it comes to the best ATV winch is that you should study this post very well. Read every detail about each of the products described here.  Don’t be in a hurry to want to get a winch without first considering the features, pros, and cons.  You may also want to know about Best Motorcycle Ramps on the Market or hitch carriers.

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