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6 Best Bar End Mirrors for Motorcycles

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Bar-end mirrors don’t only look good on your motorcycles but also function better than stock mirrors do.

Stock mirrors don’t always look good on the motorcycle. They can be awkwardly placed and, most of the time, not pleasing to the eyes. That’s why many people change their stock mirrors. It’s a quick way to upgrade your motorcycle in terms of look.

Bar-end mirrors for motorcycles are affordable options for your bike. However, they’re not just accessories to make your bike look nice. They’re also strategically placed to provide a rear view of the bike. It’s a lot less obtrusive than the typical stock mirror.

With the many options you have in the market, here are the best you should consider first. These bar-end mirrors will ultimately make your bike look cooler and function better.

1. Rizoma Spy R 80 Bar End Mirror

Rizoma Spy R 80 Bar End Mirror

Rizoma may be one of the premium choices for a bar-end mirror. However, the price of a Rizoma bar-end mirror dictates just how high quality these are. They’re one of the top-rated mirrors in the aftermarket.

The Rizoma Spy R 80 Bar End Mirror fits a lot of handlebars. If your bike has a handlebar with an internal diameter of 13 mm to 21 mm, then this should work with that. This makes allows a universal fit no matter what your bike’s brand is. Meanwhile, the mirror of this unit measures around 80 mm in width.

Now, the construction of this mirror is something to be considered. The whole body and as well as other metal parts, come with an aluminum billet construction. They’re all also anodized in black. Plus, the glass isn’t in plastic, and its quality will last you for a long while.

These are very stylish mirrors. However, the Rizoma Spy R 80 mirror is only sold as a single unit. You might want to make sure you bought a pair for your bike!

2. HDM Products 830 Classic Circular Motorcycle Bar End Mirror

HDM Products 830 Classic Circular Motorcycle Bar End Mirror

HDM is one of the most trusted brands in the market for its customization options. The brand’s bar-end mirrors don’t differ as they’re also of excellent quality.

Firstly, let’s talk about the construction and overall look. The mirrors come with 100 percent stainless steel construction. That’s a highly durable material, given that many mirrors are made from plastic. The polished finish on the mirror also gives it added finesse.

HDM made these mirrors for riders who like to modify their bikes. It also fits the ones who are into a cool yet sleek look on their bikes. The mirrors are round and adjustable. Plus, it also has a convex mirror glass to get a wider view.

Generally, these mirrors fit a wide variety of motorcycles. They can also be installed on both the right and left sides. To allow that, you have a 360-degree adjustable arm. You can crank it around to fit your bike to your preferences.

However, many bikers say that the hardware coming out of the bike’s handlebars from the mirror may hit the clutch handle. It’s also a premium choice so be prepared to spend more on these pairs.

3. KEMIMOTO Motorcycle Handlebar Rear View Mirror

KEMIMOTO Motorcycle Handlebar Rearview Mirror

What’s great about the Kemimoto bar-end mirrors for motorcycles is their design. It’s a unique design that you can’t get anywhere else. Its design makes the mirror sit upright from the handlebar end. Moreover, they function fine whether placed inside the bar or attached to the handlebar ends.

Kemimoto packed the unit in a way that was convenient for any rider. You don’t need to buy other tools. Everything you need to put the Kemimoto bar-end mirror on your bike is right within the box. However, as convenient as this is, it won’t work if the mirrors don’t fit your bike.

A great inclusion in the package includes three separate black plastic sleeves. With these items, you can fit the mirror properly on your bike’s handlebars without causing any loss spots or vibrations.

They also fit any handlebar that measures 13 mm to 18 mm inner diameter. If you have a 7/8-inch handlebar, then this should fit that too. Note that this is the standard size for most bikes making the Kemimoto bar-end mirror a universal fit.

The mirrors have great quality as well. They can be used no matter the weather condition. It’s due to the aluminum design of the mirrors. Moreover, it has vibration-resistant housing. It’s also shockproof and resistant to any corrosion.

The moment you install these mirrors, you can adjust them to your needs. This is a quick way to provide yourself with a clear view of the road behind even when you’re riding.

Overall, if your motorcycle’s look is one of your reasons for changing your mirrors, you might want to consider this unit. They’re easy to install, durable, and, most importantly, they help promote safety on the road.

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4. KAWELL Round Bar End Mirrors for Motorcycles

KAWELL Round Bar End Mirrors for Motorcycles

Kawell is, perhaps, the most budget-friendly option on our list. These cost-efficient bar-end mirrors will definitely work out if you’re working on a tight budget.

Firstly, to set your expectations, know that the look and feel of these mirrors look its price. They don’t have any premium feel to them. However, they do the job just as well. You can find pricier mirrors in the market to give you a more premium feel.

Thankfully, these mirrors have aluminum construction, so they’re pretty good-looking compared to plastic ones. They also provide excellent visibility on the road, given the convex glass it comes with. At 3.2 inches in diameter, you can see just fine with these mirrors.

These bar-end mirrors also fit 7/8-inch handlebars. That’s equivalent to 22 mm. They also come with a design that’s resistant to any vibration. This allows a clear view of your mirror.

Moreover, you can mount it however you want. They also fit the way standard bar end mirrors with a metal insert plug.

However, if you use the metal plug, remember that it can only be fitted once. So, make sure you’re settled with the position you place the mirrors on. This is due to the sacrificial design that permanently bends the metal to the position.

Overall, this is a good budget-friendly option for a bar-end mirror. It provides excellent quality and looks as nice as the others on the list.

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5. KATUR Motorcycle Bar End Mirrors

KATUR Motorcycle Bar End Mirrors

There’s nothing like a bar-end mirror that doesn’t only look good but also functions greatly. Case in point, the KATUR Motorcycle Bar-End Mirrors. These mirrors provide great visibility without having to hurt your eyes at all. If anything, they protect your eyes from any damage!

These mirrors come with 4 wide inches of blue anti-glare glass. This is a great way of protecting your eyes. In fact, this is the highest degree of protection you can give your eyes.

That said, you can still see the wide-angle vision of these mirrors. That’s even better safety for you whenever you ride.

You can easily adjust the mirror no matter what your preference is. Some situations also require adjusting the mirrors every once in a while, so the 360-degree swivel is a nice feature to have. Not to mention, this is very easy to use. For instance, if you have anybody riding with you, you can always adjust your mirrors to see clearly.

These mirrors come with CNC-machined aluminum construction. They also have a hard-anodized finish. The lenses have an anti-glare coating to protect your eyes.

Depending on how you ride, they’re pretty stable mirrors. They’re also very resistant to shock. However, some reviews state that they vibrate at high speeds. Also, how these mirrors vibrate depends on the surface of the road you ride through.

Remember to check whether these mirrors fit your handlebar before making a purchase. They typically fit 7/8-inch or 1-inch handlebars, and many motorcycles have these specs.

If you need adaptors, the package comes with 0.51-inch and 0.66-inch adapters. With these, you can easily install mirrors on your bike.

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6. FENRIR Bar End Mirrors for Motorcycles

FENRIR Bar End Mirrors for Motorcycles

What’s great about the FENRIR CNC Motorcycle Bar End Mirror is that it is, by far, the coolest-looking pair of mirrors on our list. They have a great design that’s very modern. It’s a great option to consider if you have a sportbike, a naked bike, or even an adventure bike.

However, the most highlighted feature of these mirrors is their visibility. Despite the design, these mirrors provide a full view of the road behind you.

Moreover, the construction of these mirrors says that they’re worth every penny you spent on them. They’re very sturdy and incredibly durable. Made from CNC-machined aluminum alloy, you’re sure that they will last you a long while. Plus, you get a black coating to protect the aluminum alloy itself.

The overall quality of these mirrors is seen, especially when installed. You have great visibility thanks to the anti-glare glass that comes in an aspheric shape. There is also visible resistance to any vibration when screwed properly.

You can easily install these mirrors without the help of any professional. Every hardware and mounting accessory you would need in the process comes with the package.

Before purchasing, remember that these bar-end mirrors fit motorcycles with 13 to 18-mm handlebars. Overall, this is a great-looking, very functional pair of bar-end mirrors for your bike.

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Best Bar End Mirrors for Motorcycles Guide & FAQs

Benefits of Bar End Mirrors for Motorcycles

Cool Replacements for Stock Mirrors

Easily, one of the primary reasons why riders get bar-end mirrors is to replace stock mirrors. Some stock mirrors don’t do the job and don’t look good at all.

Older motorcycles especially stand out on the road for not having aesthetically pleasing mirrors that are too large. So, to upgrade the overall look of your bike, a quick way to do that is by purchasing a bar-end mirror.

Easier Storage and Narrower Bike

Having bar-end mirrors for your motorcycle should make your bike narrower than usual. This makes it easier to store your bike and even split lanes. You won’t have to constantly fold your mirrors when storing your bike and pass by narrow roads with ease. If your bar-end mirror mounts above the handlebar, these are benefits to consider.

Key Features of Bar End Mirrors for Motorcycles

Vibrations and Shock Absorption

Vibration is one of the common enemies of a rider. It can affect the stability of the ride, especially when it numbs out the hand of the rider. You can get this from the road or the engine itself. This especially affects bar-end mirrors.

You should be looking for a high-quality bar-end mirror that will absorb vibrations. There are cheap bar-end mirrors that aren’t as well-made. This will take away from the overall visibility you get from your bike.

That said, make sure that the mirrors you get also have shock absorption technology. This will also help defuse the vibrations from your bike.

Size and Visibility

It’s generally understood that the smaller your mirror is, the less you see in it. Almost all riders would prefer big mirrors that provide great visibility. However, there are certain riders that still like small mirrors. The reason for that is that smaller mirrors look better. This is true; however, it’s also not as safe. Make sure that your mirrors provide as many views as possible.

Versatility and Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the key features of a bar-end mirror. Many people prefer mirrors that aren’t set in a fixed position. This allows the rider to move the mirror around or adjust it to their preference.

Some roads require a different angle, and it’s a different story if you have a passenger with you. Adjusting your mirrors adds to the mirror’s flexibility and versatility. Many premium bar-end mirrors provide 360 degrees of adjustment which is the best choice for any rider.

Material and Durability

Of course, as with any part of your motorcycle, your bar-end mirrors should also be durable. It all starts with the casing. The casing must be shockproof so that it will absorb any impact instead of breaking. That said, the glass on the mirror itself is a critical part of the unit.

There are certain materials to consider, such as aluminum alloy. Some come in stainless steel frames but only on rare occasions. Quality material is always great when you’re looking for a good casing.

A lot of high-quality models come with composite material. Some even have high-impact nylon construction. However, at the end of the day, the lens is one of the key parts that you should pay attention to. Glass is a top-priority material to look for. However, there are some lenses that come in plastic and even stainless steel.

Compatibility with Handlebars and Bike Models

A universal bar-end mirror does exist. They typically work on handlebars that measure around 7/8 inch. However, there are some exceptions to this. Others can accommodate bigger handlebars, while others can’t. Always double-check the size of your handlebar and the size of the mirrors you’re getting. That said, some bar-end mirrors can easily be adjusted and therefore end up fitting on most handlebars.

Lucky for you, many bar-end mirror manufacturers state on the product description which bikes they typically fit. Overall, the fit depends on the compatibility, and this is something you must never take for granted.

Ease of Installation

Finally, a bar-end mirror is not a great one if you can’t install it easily. A lot of the models included on the list come with easy instructions to follow. This allows even beginners and experienced riders to install the bike whenever necessary. However, this depends on whether or not the mirror is compatible with your handlebar.

If you have some modifications to do, you might need some help with that. A lot of units come with all the equipment you need to install the mirrors. So, this is one thing to get your mind off of.

Still, some won’t need any tools at all. Some models are just inserted and twisted until they’re tight. Others might have different installation systems but they are equally as simple.

The Legality of Bar End Mirrors for Motorcycles

There are different rules of the road depending on the state you’re driving at. The best way to go about this is to do your research as you travel. However, it must be remembered that there are some states that allow stock mirrors only, and others simply need at least one mirror.

For instance, in California, every bike that’s registered in a different state must always be equipped with a mirror that shows the driver a great view of the highway. The driver must be able to see at least 200 feet behind him.

That said, California laws also state that a vehicle must have two mirrors. However, some people state that this isn’t typically applicable to motorcycles.

That said, it’s always best to have two mirrors instead of just one. Two mirrors should be able to provide you with a safe view of the road. You know that safety should always be the priority whenever you’re on the road.

Before traveling, check the specific law about bar-end mirrors. Whether it’s a different street or country, researching your destination should keep you safe on the road.

Final Thoughts

There are no perfect bar-end mirrors for motorcycles. Every motorcycle has a matching bar-end mirror for them. Make sure to check your bike and then the unit first before making a purchase. After all, it is the look of your bike and your overall safety that’s on the line.

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6 Best Bar End Mirrors for Motorcycles

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