Cam Twin Cam for 88 Harley Davidson Engine

Best Cam Twin Cam for 88 Harley Davidson Engine

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There’s no doubt that the evolution of the Harley Davidson brand is one of the great developments that have happened to the motorcycle industry in the last couple of years. More specifically, the introduction of the twin-cam 88 Harley-Davidson engine is a great technological break away from the old models that have received a lot of praise.

Harley Davidson’s Spell in Engine Manufacturer 

If you think you’ve got the best of Harley-Davidson in the 22-horsepower flathead, the 45-horsepower knucklehead, or the 55-horsepower Panhead, or the 60-horsepower shovel engines, or even the 70-horsepower evolution engines, then you have not tasted the new life Harley Davidson has brought.   

Never forget, too, there’s a revolution engine that produces 115 horsepower and is water-cooled rather than air-cooled, with a V-angle of 600 rather than 45 degrees.

General Features of Harley Davidson Cam Engines 

Although Harley Davidson only constantly attempts a fine-tuning of the same V-twin, 45-degree, air-cooled engine design, they operate no doubt on a different clock when it comes to a motorcycle engine.

What are the unique features of this model, and why do you have to quickly replace your old models with the best twin cam 88 Harley Davidson is what you come to know and learn in this post?  

Generally, twin-cam 88 Harley Davidson engines feature higher horsepower, overhead valves powered by pushrods, as well as counterbalancing features that reduce engine vibration. Our selection of the best cam for the twin cam 88 Harley Davidson model comes with various unimaginable features that beat existing models.

Why 203s Are the Best Cam for Twin Cam 88 Harley-Davidson Engine?

There are several Harley touring models in the market from which you can choose. From the Road King to Road King Custom, Road Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide, Electra Glide Classic, etc., you’ve got a lot of options right before you.

A lot has been said about the different cams out there and how they each work for each Harley touring engine model. But the 203s are the best for your twin cam Harley engine, regardless of what changes or upgrades you want to your twin cam engine.

The 203 cams are designed with a heavy breather or vent pipe as it extensively prevents the crankcase from being pressurized due to gas escaping from the cylinders past the piston rings. And once the pressure is vented out of the crankcase, your engine’s piston ring can seamlessly lid tighter against the cylinder walls. 

The 203 Vance & Hines 2-into-1 pipe system cam best for twin cam 88 has a system preferred for its rich sound that is enhanced by the 4-1/2 megaphone. The style of the pipe is incredible with its broad, usable increase, providing a great look for your Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle. 

The cam is also race-inspired, giving your engine optimal race performance. The exhaust chrome also comes with tuned-length stepped headers and a larger merge collector that raises power and performance. Your Harley Davidson V&H 2-into-1 Pipe is protected with turquoise-proof heat shields. It also comes with a 4.5-inch performance muffler at the exit.

The cam is also built with the Screamin’ Eagle (SE) tuner kit, which communicates directly with your Harley Davidson’s bike and reprogrammes its OS to match your bike’s state of tune. The SE tuner allows you to flexibly tune the bike’s OS for optimal performance, without compromising fuel efficiency, engine durability, and emission levels.

203 cams are a reliable model designed to start any engine with a stock starter. It helps save your tarter and bike battery. It is being tested for 100,000 accumulative starts and over 150,000. mileage You’re also sure that this cam is perfect as it enhances low-end and mid-range torque. 

The price is quite competitively affordable. With USD500, you can procure one, and it guarantees durability as much as the engine itself does. It’s a great kit that offers value for riders anytime. And you can’t buy that price in the market.     


As a way of wrapping up, many Harley Davidson bike users and riders don’t understand why they should replace their damaged or faulty cam with the 203 cams on Twin Cam 88 Harley Davidson engine. There are many cams out there, but you must choose the right and most suitable kit that will fit perfectly to your bike.  

You wouldn’t want to wait further to start using what’s best for your bike to optimize its performance and increase durability. If you truly desire the most top-end horsepower, then use 203 cams.

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Best Cam Twin Cam for 88 Harley Davidson Engine

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