Best Car Speakers for Bass

6 Best Car Speakers for Bass (Review)

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Have you ever imagined getting into your car one evening to play your favorite music in your car so loud when going for a calm ride? The feeling will be exceptional. To enjoy your favorite music to a satisfactory level while going for a ride, you need to have the best car speakers for bass.

To upgrade your music experience while on a ride, you will have to do away with your preinstalled car speakers and install the best car speakers for bass production. Car speakers for bass are available in various brands, sizes, and shapes.

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Do you confuse yourself while making a choice? Not to worry, we have put down a list of the six best car speakers for bass and some factors to consider before you make your choice.

1. JBL GTO629 Co-Axial Speaker

JBL GTO629 Co-Axial Speaker

The first item on our list of the best car speakers is the JBL Co-Axial Speaker. It has incredible features that give it a standout identity among competitors. The JBL car speakers are the perfect upgrade for any audio fanatic who’s looking to change their driving experience. They are built to last and are easy to install. It can circulate air and make more bass due to its carbon injected cone.

The UniPivot tweeters take the sounds directly to your ears no matter where the speakers in the car. If it comes with undersized wires, this speaker will still perform to optimal level; it has 3-Ohms speakers that will make the use of whatever watt your car stereo can produce.

Guess what? You won’t have to spend up till the last penny in your wallet before you have this guy in your garage. Although it is not a cheap product, yet it won’t ask you to break the bank.


Key Features

  • Easy to install for pros and DIY fans
  • Large carbon-injected cone
  • Depth of 2 inches, external Diameter of 6-1/4 inches
  • UniPivot tweeters
  • 3-Ohms speakers
  • 12bB/Octave
  • Low-impedance speakers

2. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Coaxial Speaker

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Coaxial Speaker

It is hard to rank the top 3 best car speakers for bass without Rockford. This model is true to the quality name this brand has built for itself over the years. Offering fantastic sound at its best value, Rockford car speakers come with polypropylene cones and a silk dome Piezo tweeter that produces sound at midrange. They are the perfect replacement for most preinstalled speakers in the car.

At 6.5 inches in diameter, a depth of 2.15 inches, and accompanying mounting hardware, this car speaker is easy to install. It needs a 4-Ohms speaker with power handling (RMS) of 45 watts, a frequency of 52Hz to 20 kHz, and a sensitivity of 91dB.

Do you want value for money? So, choosing this kit makes all the difference.


Key Features

  • Polypropylene cones 
  • Silk dome Piezo tweeters
  • 6.5 inches in diameter and 2.15 inches in depth
  • 4-Ohms speakers
  • Frequency of 52Hz to 20000Hz

3. Pioneer TS-A1670F Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-A1670F Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-A1670F Car Speakers are some of the best car speakers for bass. It is known for its universal application. It doesn’t discriminate against any vehicle. The features are incredible, from long durability to solidity, sturdiness, and in-depth sound, select a Pioneer will be the right choice to make.

A powerful car speaker with 320 watts max power and a frequency range of 32Hz to 40000Hz, it is intended to produce a loud bass for the music experience. With this high performing car speaker, you can feel the music; it comes with an 11mm polyethylene terephthalate hard dome tweeter.

The cone contains cellulose fiber injected with carbon and mica for optimum sound production and sensitivity. It is lightweight, easy to install, and comes with free earbuds.


Key Features

  • Powerful 320 watts speaker
  • 11mm Polyethylene terephthalate tweeter
  • 6.5 inches in diameter
  • 3-way surround speaker
  • Cone is carbon-mica reinforced 
  • Includes a free earbud

4. Pyle PL63BL Car Speaker

Pyle PL63BL Car Speaker

The third guy on our list of the best car speakers for bass is this combo from Pyle. It boasts affordability, top quality, premium build, durability, and versatility.

Fabricated with a 20 oz magnet structure, this car speaker is powerful enough to deliver 180 watts to 360 watts of max bass sound. It includes a blue poly injection cone for plenty of rigidity to handle any form of rigor without bursting and has a heat resistant coil that can handle high voltage.

It can adapt to the undersized nature of wires that come with most cars due to its 4-Ohms speaker and comprises of a built-in woofer or quality sound delivery. You can be sure of the detailed and smooth bass sound as this car speaker comes with a neodymium film dome midrange and Piezo tweeter. It also comes with grills and mounting hardware.


Key Features

  • 20 oz Magnet
  • Heat resistant coil
  • Rigid beautiful blue cone
  • Neodymium film tweeter
  • Built-in woofer
  • Frequency range 90Hz t0 20000Hz

5. BOSS Audio Systems CH6930 Car Speakers

BOSS Audio Systems CH6930 Car Speakers

Why do you have to spend so much money on procuring a car speaker for bass when you have an item that still comes affordable with a premium build? Boss is no stranger to the automotive industry. Whether you own a car, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, or quad, you cannot help but have a product from Boss, and with the CH6930 Audio Systems, you cannot go wrong. How?

The metallic red look of the cone of this car speaker, crafts from polyurethane that is a durable material that can deliver great sound while providing rigidity. The tweeter contains piezoelectric material that focuses the sound to the ear and still offers resistance to overload that might occur due to electrical faults in the car.

The voice coils generate heat resistance to uphold strength and reduce fatigue. Its 4-Ohms speaker can handle the power of 400watts and has a frequency of 50Hz to 20000Hz producing rich surround bass sound and improving the music experience for the driver.


Key Features

  • Cone made of rigid polyurethane
  • Piezoelectric tweeter
  • 50Hz to 20000Hz frequency range
  • Heat resistant coil
  • 4-Ohms speaker
  • 400watts max power

6. JVC CS-J620 CS Series Car Speaker

JVC CS-J620 CS Series Car Speaker

Do you alert your neighbors and fellow drivers that you’re back on the road after the summer break? So picking the last but not least item on our list of the best car speakers for bass will be your best bet.

An affordable car speaker that has Mica injected Cone to handle stress and still delivers high performance. It is easy to install with a quick connect and disconnect feature and a shallow mounting depth that fits perfectly into the preinstalled mounting space.
It comprises of a Poly-Ether Imide balanced dome tweeter with a frequency range of 35Hz to 20000Hz delivering surround detailed bass sound.

The impedance of this car speaker is 4-ohms with a power handling of 30 watts. It is a small car speaker that delivers moderate bass relatively higher than traditional car speakers.

Interestingly, you won’t have to break the bank before you have this guy installed in the cabin of your car. It is one of the most affordable car speakers on our list.


Key Features

  • Mica reinforced cone
  • Includes a Poly-Ether Imide tweeter
  • Frequency range of 35Hz to 20000Hz
  • Impedance of 4-Ohms and 30watts handling power
  • Shallow mounting depth 

Buying Car Speakers for Bass Guide & FAQ

The list of the best car speakers for the bass may interest you that it includes the best items on the market. But you should also know those features that stand them out from the crowd. The car speaker and accessories market can sometimes be saturated when you compare two products that look the same.

To avoid or limit the extent of that confusion, you need to equip yourself with the essential features that make the difference in our top six car speakers for bass or any other car speakers for that matter.

Car Amplifier

Amplifiers come with specifications that you may need to check before choosing the speaker you want to pick. You need to verify the power rating, channels available, and the number of impedances each channel can deliver. If you think your amplifier is not powerful enough, you can also choose to upgrade your amplifier or pick a lower speaker.


The size is the characteristic you should consider. Most preinstalled car speakers are sized 6 to 6.5 inches in diameter. Also, you should check the mounting depth. All these are essential because you do not want to go through the extra stress of making more room for the car speaker you bought and do not want to have to return and pay a shipping fee.

Speaker Type

I love the manufacturers of speakers, if nothing, at least for their ingenuity in producing a wide range of speaker types. Which type do you want for your car: 2-way, 3-way? The smallest scar speaker should be a 2-way class for the best car speaker for bass to deliver full-range sound.

However, the 3-way class tends to be a better option compared to the 2-way. In addition to the 2-way or 3-way class is the combination of the tweeter and woofer. Some car speakers come with tweeter and woofer joined together, and types are the best, produce clear sound bass, and a better audio experience.


I will have said you shouldn’t look at cost when you want to buy your best car speaker for bass. You know why? Every good thing comes at a price. But wait a minute! It is not every high-rated product that will sap people’s budgets. 

Do not look at the cost when you want to buy your best car speaker for bass. You know why? Every good thing comes at a price. But wait a minute! It is not every high-rated product that will sap people’s budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will new car speakers produce good bass with the pre-installed car stereo?

Yes! Your new car speaker for bass will work efficiently with your car stereo. However, you should if the stereo is powerful enough for the speaker to produce the kind of bass you want. You should purchase an external amp to get the best bass production.

Q: What does the tweeter do in a car speaker?

The tweeter is part of a car speaker usually made of soft materials like paper or polymer to deliver sound straight to your ears. The arranged, smooth, realistic sounds you hear are made possible by the tweeter.

Q: How many speakers can I install in my car?

You can install six, seven, or more, but should not exceed the limit, too much vibration may affect the car’s overall performance, and you will not be able to hear car horns when the speakers are loud.

Another important thing is the stereo, the most traditional car stereo can only power two bass speakers, some four. If you want to install more speakers, you should upgrade your stereo.

Final Thoughts

Now, is it safe to say that the ball is now in your court? You have all the information about the best car speakers for bass. What will you do about it? If I were you, I would quickly swing into action and start making an order for the car speaker that suits my bass preference.

Wait a minute! Have you considered all the factors we have highlighted? None of them is unimportant. You’ll need to pay close attention to all that matters.

Would you want to hear a piece of news: I have always wanted to cause chaos with my car speakers by turning them to the loudest and driving slowly in my neighborhood. The best car speaker for bass will satisfy that want.

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