Best Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

6 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

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The best cruiser motorcycle boots put comfort at par with protection.

Having the right pair of motorcycle boots is just as important as helmets and gloves. Aside from protection, they also help keep you comfortable, especially during long rides. Moreover, they should also function just as well even when you’re on foot. Believe it or not, there’s a specific pair of boots you should wear for the type of ride you do. So, if you’re looking forward to the longest ride of your life, you need a comfy pair that also keeps you safe. Here are the best cruiser motorcycle boots you need today.

TCX Boots (7096W-NERO-42) Black Size 42/Size...
Alpinestars Supertouring Gore-Tex Men's...
Men's Solution Air Boot
TCX Boots Men's Fuel Waterproof Boots
Alpinestars Supertouring Gore-Tex Men's
Tourmaster Solution Air V2 Boots
TCX Boots (7096W-NERO-42) Black Size 42/Size...
TCX Boots Men's Fuel Waterproof Boots
Alpinestars Supertouring Gore-Tex Men's...
Alpinestars Supertouring Gore-Tex Men's
Men's Solution Air Boot
Tourmaster Solution Air V2 Boots

1. TCX Fuel Waterproof Boots

TCX Boots Men's Fuel Waterproof Boots

If you’re looking for a vintage leather look, a pair of TCX Fuel Waterproof boots are your best choice. Made specifically for cruiser riders, it takes comfort to a new level without sacrificing protection.

This pair of boots comes with a design similar to locomotive engineer boots. This means you get a single piece of leather on the forefoot to protect your feet from heat. That said, every motorcyclist can only benefit from such a pair of boots.

That said, you can expect only high-quality materials from this pair of boots. The TCX Fuel Waterproof boots come with a full-grain leather upper with a waterproof lining. This easily repels water, debris, dust, and all sorts of environmental factors that you may encounter on the road.


When we say full-grain leather, we mean the type of leather with natural material. It’s comfortable to wear and provides great protection from any environmental factors.

Full-grain leather is the most valuable leather from undergoing tanning techniques. Thus, the level of protection, resistance, performance, and comfort it brings. Not to mention, it looks great, especially when you’re riding a Harley-Davidson.

Moreover, these boots from TCX come with certifications passing the EN13634 regulations. That’s a whole new level of quality and safety for a pair of boots.

2. Alpinestars Supertouring Gore-Tex Boots

Alpinestars Supertouring Gore-Tex Boots

Many motorcyclists look to Alpinestars for gears. It’s one of the most trusted brands in the industry. They produce not only helmets and gloves but also vests and even boots. It’s not surprising how they’re on the list of the best cruiser boots you should get today.

The Alpinestars Supertouring Gore-Tex Boots is more than just a pair of boots. It prioritizes protection without sacrificing comfort. That said, expect top-notch water protection with this pair of boots.

This pair of boots prove that you get what you paid for, especially if you’re looking for a pair with great weatherproofing. Plus, the break-in period of this pair is a lot shorter than other pairs.


That said, you can get that ultimate weatherproofing because of its construction. As a pair of waterproof boots, it uses Gore-Text technology to make it durable and resistant to any environmental stressors. It comes with a lining that will keep you dry and comfortable during your whole ride.

Everybody knows exactly how cruising can take hours and hours so it’s best to have a pair that’s ready for anything. With a dual-density TPU material and buckle closer, it provides a more personalized fit and overall comfort.

Because it’s also a great option for touring boots, it comes with additional safety features. For instance, the Velcro closure shin plate guards for more extreme settings. It also comes with a double-density ankle protector.

Overall, these safety features help give confidence to the wearer. It also has Microfiber flex zones for a more comfortable instep and Achilles.

You can also maneuver your bike due to the exclusively designed rubber compound on the soles of these boots. That provides extra grip and precise steps.

3. Tourmaster Solution Air Boots

Tourmaster Solution Air V2 Boots

The Tourmaster Coaster Road Boot goes beyond expectations for a cruiser pair of boots.

Straight out of the box, it can be stiff but that’s expected for a high-quality pair of boots. The great thing is that it has a very quick break-in period.

Other than this, the reviews for this pair are astounding. Many users back it up for the comfort and function it comes with. These boots work perfectly for long-distance rides, no matter the weather.

A lot of waterproof boots doesn’t have good aesthetics as it may sacrifice the functions of the boots. However, these boots from Tourmaster come with great looks alongside that capability.


It also boasts a classic design that you would mistake for fashion boots. They have an in-and-out side zipper as well as a lace-up front It easily adjusts as fits and tightens as necessary. If you’re in a hurry, you can just zip it on or off through the sides.

The soles of the boots also come built extremely solidly. It’s a vulcanized rubber that comes with treatment. This makes it oil and slip-resistant. That said, expect great grip with these boots despite rainstorms, or other environmental factors.

With a molded nylon ankle guard you can be sure that it provides enough support and protection for long rides. Plus, you get reinforced toe, heel, and ankles that come with a waterproof membrane.
It’s also durable with genuine, full-grain, cowhide leather.

Overall, these boots can make your ride comfortable and smooth. It also comes with great waterproofing for rides during the rain. With a classic look, it’s one of the best for its price point.

4. Sidi Arcadia Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

Sidi Arcadia Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

As one of the most trusted brands for motorcycle gear, Sidi provides a great selection of motorcycle boots. The Sidi Arcadia is one of the best cruiser motorcycle boots in more ways than one.

This pair of boots doesn’t have the typical look you’ll find on motorcycle boots. Moreover, it’s top-rated for the bottom traction as well as safety features.

For one, it has great ankle and toe protection. Many reviews also back it up as a medium-duty pair of boots. Its casual appearance makes it perfect not only for long rides but also for quick errands.

It’s a durable pair that comes with double-stitched leather, embossed suede, and Cordura design. It looks a little more rugged than your typical cruiser boots. It’s perfect for young motorcyclists looking for a nice stylish pair that’s also very functional.


Aside from that, you get all the comfort and safety features found in more cruiser motorcycle boots. For instance, it comes with a non-slip rubber sole as well as reinforced internal support and padding.

For an even more comfortable ride, it also has a one-of-a-kind anti-vibration system. Not every pair of boots have such a trait so having this pair is a steal.

It’s also perfect for rides during hot, humid weather. The boots are breezy because the vented lining allows your feet to breathe especially during warm days.

With functional support and safety plus comfortable wear, this pair surely makes for a great pair to own. It’s stylish and has a personality of its own. It’s cool and easier to wear compared to leather cruiser boots. You get all that in a pair that’s durable enough to last more than just a ride.

5. Harley-Davidson Riddick D98308 Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

Harley-Davidson Riddick D98308 Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

Harley-Davidson is the ultimate go-to brand for many motorcyclists. So, it only makes sense that they also provide a great selection of boots to accompany you during your ride.

Owning a pair of the Harley-Davidson Riddick D98308 is a smart choice. If anything, it’s a good investment especially if you’re looking for a pair that would last you for years.

It comes with great Goodyear Welt construction and top-notch durability. Many people have been using their pair for years and have no complaints about it.

The fit of these boots comes with a unique mold. However, they’re proven comfortable when it comes to supporting and even in weight.


They also look great for cruiser boots. That includes the addition of a venting zipper in front. As aforementioned, durability is one of the key features of this pair. It lasts for a long time as reported by its owners. There are various reasons for that.

Firstly, it comes with an overlay that has abrasion resistance. It works great to keep the boots from getting scratches and tears. This overlay also works wonders against oils and stains. This makes the boots virtually invulnerable to any environmental factors. Moreover, these boots make it a point to also keep you safe when wearing them. They have great ankle protection that could save you even during extreme impact.

Aside from that, the comfort and flexibility of this pair absorb over 90% of energy at significant strain levels.

If you’re looking for a stylish pair that doesn’t sacrifice protection and comfort, this pair’s for you. It’s also tried and tested by many motorcyclists so you’re sure to get only the best. Not to mention, with Harley’s namesake on this pair, you’re assured that it gives you your money’s worth.

6. Alpinestars SMX-1 R Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars SMX-1 R Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

Summer can be quite a challenge for cruiser motorcyclists. With the hot weather plus the unpredictable landscapes, it’s best to remain prepared for everything.

With that, it’s almost impossible to find the right boots for summer cruises. Tall riding boots aren’t as comfortable as they’re safe, especially during hot weather.

Tall boots can restrict airflow so you really need something to keep you comfortable through the whole ride. With that said, you can’t risk wearing more comfortable sneakers instead. You’re not going to get enough protection from that.

The Alpinestars SMX-1 R cruiser motorcycle boots provide comfort and safety even in the summer heat. They’re lightweight and can take anything you face along the road. With abrasion-resistant microfiber, its durability is top-notch with a mix of TPU protectors.


Moreover, it comes with CE Cat 2 Certification meeting the 89/686/ECC EU Directives. That assures the wearer that a bunch of tests enhanced the boots. Alpinestars utilized a TPR medial and lateral side protection for even more protection. Plus, perforated medial, lateral, and toe panels make for great ventilation. This lightweight pair uses Alpinestars’ proprietary compound rubber sole. The sole comes with a pattern that improves grip and water dispersion.

These boots also make it easier to walk around with an Instep and Achilles accordion flex zones. Moreover, you get an internal mesh lining that has a moisture-wicking property that allows air to pass into the boots. With front Velcro closure, it also fits according to your taste. The pair also has a medial zip closure to easily put the shoes on and off.

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Boots Guide & FAQs

Why You Should Buy Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

There’s a huge difference between standard boots and motorcycle boots. Every type of shoe serves a purpose. With that said, motorcycle boots have their own purpose.

Firstly, they provide safety and protection to the wearer. Moreover, it can help provide a better performance, especially when riding a motorcycle.

While you can always wear any type of boots as you may, they’re not as reliable as a pair of motorcycle boots. They’re can take actions on a motorcycle, like switching gears or supporting the weight of the bike.

Moreover, they take on impacts and skids more than other boots or pairs of shoes.

What to Consider When Buying Cruiser Motorcycle Boots


Leather is, without a doubt, the most popular material used for any motorcycle gear. Look for a full-grain, genuine leather that’s thick enough to protect you, especially in case of a crash. Leather can also protect you from cold winds, rain, and heat. It also helps with waterproofing your boots.

Gore-Tex provides waterproofing and breathability to the boots. It’s a membrane that provides maximum airflow while riding. It’s a modern material that’s lightweight and lasts a long time. You can find it on boots made for the summer for the air circulation it provides. Moreover, it usually has a moisture-wicking property.

Kevlar is a protection you can find in motorcycle boots. This will keep you safe in case of a crash. Kevlar boots come with modern light fabrics. With that are metal insert padding and plastic plates. This provides protection from impact and safety from abrasions.

Thermal plastic polyurethane is a plastic material many motorcycle boots use for great abrasion resistance. It also provides protection from cold winds, especially during the winter season.

Goodyear Welt is not always present in motorcycle boots but having it is life-changing. This material makes changing the sole of your boots a lot easier. It prolongs the life of the boots, especially if only the soles need replacement. Goodyear welt also helps waterproof the boots.

Non-Slip or Oil Resistance provides great grip when planting your feet. You’ll most likely find Vibram soles. It’s one of the best soles of choice for motorcycle boots. Meanwhile, you can get Nitrile soles, a sole made from rubber, that have slip resistance.


The perfect boot size will change the way you ride. Different brands have different size measurements. So, it’s better to check the size matrix of the brand you’re eyeing to make sure you’re getting it right.

The right size will make riding and walking a lot easier. You don’t want to stress your feet for being cramped in small shoes for a long time.

Crash & Weather Protection

Boots are there not only for comfort but also for protection. So, your pair should be able to handle not only a crash but also weather elements.

Having the right crash protection will provide high-level abrasion resistance. It could save your feet from devastating results from a crash.

On the other hand, weather protection should help your boots face any environmental element. From cold winds to rainstorms, your boots should be able to handle it, especially if you’re cruising. You’re bound to encounter at least one of these during long rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between motorcycle boots and regular boots?

Cruiser motorcycle boots provide not only comfort but also protection. They should be made for long rides where you can encounter anything. It should come waterproofed and weather-proofed. At the same time, it should provide just the right protection from any type of impact.

Q: Can I use touring boots for cruising?

Touring boots can have the same features as cruising boots. The only difference is that touring boots provide more protection. Therefore, you can risk losing the ability to walk properly in touring boots. Cruising motorcycle boots don’t only work well on the bike but also on foot. They usually come with flexible ankles so it’s easier to navigate even on foot with them on.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right pair of boots can be a challenge. You can easily get confused with the many types of boots you may encounter on your search. Remember to keep an eye out on the most important factor of cruiser motorcycle boots. They should be comfortable to wear, especially on long rides. However, there are unfortunate times when crashes can’t be avoided. So, make sure you’re also equipped for that. The right protection could help you ride again after a crash. Invest in a good pair of boots to get you through your ride.

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