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10 Best Dirt Bike Brands You Can Buy

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Variety truly is the spice of life. But if there is no question about the validity of this assertion, there’s a question about whether type presupposes quality.

If you flip the page to the motorcycle market and consider the vast array of dirt bike manufacturers, you’ll be prompted to ask, ‘what are the best dirt bike brands I can buy?’

You may think the answer to your question is a simple one until you realize that there’s the stiff competition that goes on among the various dirt bike brands.

Let’s find out the best dirt bike brands you can buy:

1. Kawasaki

Kawasaki KLX140L

When it comes to manufacturing dirt bikes, Kawasaki is the model of all brands thanks to a variety of dirt bikes in its cabinet. The brand has several variations in its repertoire.

This brand is famous for producing touring, racing, and street bikes; they also make a name in the dirt bike niche. Kawasaki dirt bikes are generally known for their toughness, secure handling, suspension and torque, and high performance. Kawasaki even makes our list on the best motorcycles around.

They manufacture dirt bikes that suitable for both newbies and experienced riders. They feature fantastic fun and ride experience.

Starting with the KLX125m, it boasts other amazing guys suitable for trail and tracks, including the KMX125, KX500, KLR650 Camo, KLX250, KLR500, KX450F, and KE100.

2. Yamaha

Yamaha TTR-230

You’re likely to be forgiven if list the top 3 best dirt bike brands without Yamaha. It has its name written on the sand of time for being a brand that produces for veterans, intermediate riders, and beginner riders.

It’s an innovative brand and has diversified its production capacity into different makes of two-wheelers, four-wheelers, motorcycle, and car parts and accessories, including water pumps, scooters, car engines, boats, watercraft, etc. We have an exclusive review of the Yamaha TTR125.

With impressive 65 years of experience, Yamaha has made a name in the production of dirt bikes, and the likes of YZ-125, WR-250, and YZ-250 show the way for any rider who looks for a safe ride, high suspension, fantastic balance on rough terrain and dirt, and high torque and power.

Yamaha dirt bikes also feature exceptional handling and control, compact design, lightweight, and perkiness.

3. Honda

Honda CRF150F

It’s no exaggeration to say that this list will not be complete if a brand like Honda is visibly missing. Honda is generally a friend of automobiles, being a leading brand in terms of car production, motorcycles, ATVs, heavy equipment, and our fun-loving dirt bikes.

Honda is home to some of the most popular and sought-after dirt bikes globally, including the CRF-450R, one of the biggest names when it comes to dirt bikes for experienced riders. There’s also the CRF-50F dirt bike that is made with kids and beginner riders in mind. Hondas’ are known to last for many miles, the 78 Gold Wing is expected to run up to 145,000 miles.

This brand is typically renowned for being a manufacturer of dirt bikes that feature strength, sturdiness, power, durability, and efficiency. The engine always provides the support and smoothness riders need on the road for a fun experience. Honda dirt bikes are also generally praised for their stability, suitability, and no respect for anyway.

4. KTM

Topping the list of top best dirt bikes in terms of top speed, Austria-based KTM is a crazy dirt bike brand you can trust despite its young age. KTM has massive global appeal among male and female riders. That’s why it’s called the grandmaster of unisex dirt bikes. It’ll go in history as one of the brands with dirt that hits a maximum speed of 123 mph. The KTM Duke 125 max speed is 78 MPH.

When it comes to world-class sports vehicles, call on KTM. The bold design and whimsical style of the KTM Sport Motorcycle premier since the launch of this dirt bike back in 2004.

5. Husqvarna

If you need a dirt bike brand with desirable features, don’t go anywhere. Although known for its exclusive reputation in the production of lawnmowers and lawnmower parts, Husqvarna is also neck-deep into making different models of dirt bikes.

The company has produced the Endura, Heritage, and TE 300, FE 300, as its flagship models since its launch into the dirt bike style. Their bikes are known for excellent traction, high-performance engines (including high torque and optimum power), an incredible lightweight design. Plus, the company is a go-to if you want a dirt bike that brags a great and stylish look.

What’s more, you won’t have to spend so much to acquire a Husqvarna dirt bike because the parts are reasonably priced, and maintenance won’t break the bank. It is little wonder that young riders and riders on a budget make this brand their choice when it comes to dirt bikes.

Quick Fact: Husqvarna Dirt Bikes are some of the fastest dirt bikes on the market. The Husqvarna FE 501 S has a top speed of 101.5 miles per hour.

6. Bultaco

Bultaco has been here for more than six decades and has made a foray into a different type of two-wheelers, including the mighty dirt bikes. They have the experience behind them and an excellent reputation o show for it.

Flagging off its launch in the dirt bike in 1959 with the 125cc Tralla 101 dirt bike production, Bultaco has gone to make a couple more of dirt bikes that may look old school to young riders today.

The Spanish Grand Prix is highly indebted to this company for showcasing some of the best and most innovative dirt bikes that would compete and take the lead in its 1959 edition.

History will be kind to Bultaco for not resting on its oars as it has remained one of the sought-after dirt bike brands with the latest technologies, dirt bike accessories. It is also reputed for making repair tools and riding clothing.

It’s models of dirt bikes often feature single-cylinder, 2-stroke engines that deliver great performance on dirt and rough roads.

7. Beta

For a die-hard dirt bike enthusiast, Beta remains one of the best dirt bike brands that take the lead in the industry. Even if it doesn’t compete with the likes of the global names of Honda, Kawasaki, or KTM, Beta offers a better option for shoppers who prefer high-end bikes with incredible features.

Its penchant for extraordinary and out-of-the-normal dirt bike design stands this company out of many other competitors. Dirt bikes from Beta are also known for their great look and style, and other contagious features.

Since its launch outside its parent home, Italy, it has spread its reach to various parts of Europe, America, and Asia. Since Beta has produced the classic Beta Alp 200, its Enduro dirt bike is one of the best currently on the market.

These dirt bikes are considered the best for vintage suspension and excellent balance on the harsh terrain.

8. Suzuki

Your list will be incomplete and perhaps get rejected if you mention the top 5 best dirt bikes brands and motorcycle manufacturers without Suzuki. It’s a long, rich history behind it and a proud competitor of the biggest names, such as Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, and so on.

This Hamamatsu-headquartered Japanese brand is neck-deep in making all makes, types, and models of two-wheelers and four-wheelers, including the excellent dirt bikes. Plus, it adds motorcycle parts, standalone engines, and accessories to its endless list of productions.

Some of its reps in the dirt bike make include the widely used DR-Z400 and DR-650 bikes. These incredible bikes are a great option if you want a wheeler to hold out against rough and uneven terrain.

Over the years, Suzuki has had something for both the experienced and beginner riders. Whether you’re on a budget or can afford high-end models, Suzuki has an answer for all your dirt bike needs.

9. Maico

Maico has retained its top spots as one of the oldest dirt bike manufacturers that have shaken the industry and brought competition to bear.

If you want a dirt bike that brags excellent fuel economy, space efficiency, and affordable cost, you’ve got to look in the direction of the 1955-made Maico Motocross and Maico Endura, two of the dirt bikes produced by Maico.

What’s more, Maico’s dirt bikes are a great option when you also look at some guy that will deliver top speed and won’t drag when you get to the hot spots on the road where the killer guys make their home. It boasts excellent acceleration and

Since its launch in 1926, Maico has a leader’s presence and touch in Europe and the United States and has expanded its tentacle to Asia in recent times.

10. Hyosung

Asia companies don’t ask for space but create it when it comes to producing the best motorcycles and dirt bikes, and Hyosung trails the blaze in this regard.

Hyosung has been around since the 1970s and has been producing dirt bikes that show great character on the road, with dirt bike aficionados insistent on having this brand in their garage.

Durability, affordability, great suspension, incredible power and torque, and toughness on rough terrain and dirt define every two- and four-wheeler that comes from Hyosung. You’ll immediately remember the quartet of Hyosung GV650, Hyosung RT, Hyosung GT, and Hyosung GD when we mention this brand. These are dirt bikes on continued high demand on the market.

Although large-sized, Hyosung dirt bikes are flexible, lightweight, reasonably priced, and delivers high performance. The company has its presence in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Honda vs Kawasaki: Which is a better dirt bike brand?

Both Honda and Kawasaki have a large market and high demand when it comes to dirt bikes. They produce amazing models that have taken leaders’ place. Whereas, when it comes to variety, Kawasaki has the lead; in sturdiness and strength, Honda dirt bike models are preferred among riders. They’re both an excellent option for 4-stroke dirt bikes.

Q: What is the fasted dirt bike brand?

No doubt, KTM 450 SX-F is considered the all-time fastest classic dirt bike you can find on the market. It’s capable of reaching top speeds of about 123 miles per hour.

Q: Are 2 strokes or 4 strokes faster?

Two-stroke dirt bikes are faster because of their lightweight feature are faster than their 4-stroke counterparts. They also come cheaper.


Now you have the top 10 best dirt bike brands you can find on the market. The choice is yours to make, whether you’re a short or tall rider.  Make the best use of the opportunity you have to start loving and riding dirt bikes.

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