Best Dirt Bike Chains & Sprocket Sets

6 Best Dirt Bike Chains & Sprocket Sets

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The key to a great experience on a dirt bike, especially after making repairs or upgrading its accessories, is finding the most suitable and best chain and sprocket set for it. The performance of a dirt bike across the different terrains it travels is dependent on the accessories used. Most people use dirt bikes for sporting activities, and in a race, speed and power are of utmost importance. 

To distinguish oneself as a world-class sportsman, quality, and reliable accessories must be purchased. With the market flooded with chains and sprocket sets, it is becoming difficult to tell between fake and quality accessories.

Afam 01013603 Motorcycle chain kit set...
Renthal Final Drive Kit (428 Conversion) K045
RK Racing Chain 520-SO-120 (520 Series) Steel...
Afam 01013603 Motorcycle chain kit set (steel) for HONDA CRM 125 R 1990-1994
Renthal Final Drive Kit (428 Conversion) K045
RK Racing Chain 520-SO-120 120-Links O-Ring Chain with Connecting Link
Afam 01013603 Motorcycle chain kit set...
Afam 01013603 Motorcycle chain kit set (steel) for HONDA CRM 125 R 1990-1994
Renthal Final Drive Kit (428 Conversion) K045
Renthal Final Drive Kit (428 Conversion) K045
RK Racing Chain 520-SO-120 (520 Series) Steel...
RK Racing Chain 520-SO-120 120-Links O-Ring Chain with Connecting Link

Therefore, to help you pick compatible accessories whenever you decide to upgrade or repair your dirt bike, a list of the best dirt bike chains and sprocket sets is discussed below. If you choose any of these items, you won’t have any regrets.

Here is a list of the best dirt bike chains and sprocket sets to gun for:

1. AFAM 1013603 Chains 

AFAM 1013603 Chains

Afam Chain and Sprocket kit make the list of the best dirt bike chains for all good reasons. If you are an aggressive dirt bike die-hard and looking for a kit that can go shoulder to shoulder with extreme weather conditions, choosing the AFAM chain will be the right pick.

This specially developed, designed, and treated chain set boasts some of the top-on-the-line, high-quality features you can expect from a chain and sprocket set.

First off, the gold-coated finish confers incredible power and resistance to withstand harsh weather conditions and won’t make it give in easily to the threat of corrosion or rust. You can use this kit for as long as you want without any trace of corrosion.


Added to this is the durability of this kit. To achieve a high durability level and to further minimize wear, AFAM comes up with an incredible concept of equipping this chainset with chrome-plated bolts. So, rust doesn’t stand a chance.

It is ideal for street bikes, extreme conditions, and the toughest Motocross. The front and Rear Sprocket is the best sprocket on the market, thanks to the idea of having them all CNC-machined. The Sprocket contains S45C hardened chrome-molybdenum steel, refined to provide the ultimate combination of strength and toughness.

The Rear Sprocket is resistant to up to three times as great as an aluminum sprocket.

This chain is incredibly popular and has become a legend after all these years with proven high-quality records.

Key Features

  • Perfect for excellent transmission and efficiency 
  • Premium steel construction
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Durable and affordable 

2. Renthal Dirt Bike Drive Kit

Renthal Dirt Bike Drive Kit

With this incredible chain and sprocket set, Renthal has once again justified the reason why it is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle accessories in the world. From power transfer to efficiency and endurance against harsh riding conditions, the Renthal Driver kit leads the park.

The kit contains the rear aluminum crown, the steel sprocket, and the gold chain. This transmission kit offers racing performance without rest, a gold chain with minimal rolling resistance, light, beauty, and self-cleaning features.

The Renthal Works 520R1 chain is made with alloy steel side plates to pull power and load resistance. It has rounded internal links to reduce the possibility of any chain defects elongated pins to reduce friction between outer and inner plates, maximizing energy efficiency. The chrome pins have a higher resistance to wear, especially in cross conditions.

The chain is perfectly matched to the Renthal rear sprocket to get maximum power to the wheel. The life of both the chain and the Sprocket extends. Renthal has long been the leading brand in Motocross.

Its primary focus has been both lightweight and durable. That is something most champions can attest to. The front sprocket is designed to minimize weight and maximize power transfer to the rear wheel.


Key Features

  • Highly resistant to extreme riding conditions.
  • Rear chain wheels lighter than steel models minimize power loss
  • Aluminum alloy construction for long-life durability

3. RK Chain

RK Chain

RK Chain makes high-performance chains for motorcycles, four-wheelers, Motocross, ATVs, UTVs, and quads, and with the introduction of the RK Chain, you will get one of the best in the industry. 

All chains are made from premium materials for maximum strength, durability, and performance. RK has been supplying motorcycle chains to major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers for over 40 years, offering first-class chains to MotoGP and MXGP.

The MXZ4 Racing chain is RK’s most robust chain for off-road bikes and motards. They are pre-stressed to offer premium performance. Plus, the chains also come with a pre-stretched feature to ensure long life.

This O-ring design makes this extremely lightweight chain the perfect fit for those who race at a professional level. The master link is a clip type with a maximum displacement for 400cc offroad, dirt, and street bikes.  

Other features you will love about this chain include seamless rolls, heat treatment, new and innovative steel alloys. The package also includes a clip lock for maximum security.

It is one of the most affordable professional chains on the market. It delivers the value placed on it. 


Key Features

  • Pre-stressed chains for high-performance delivery
  • O-Ring structure 
  • Pre-stretched for extended lifespan   

4. Tag Metal Chain and Sproket Set

Tag Metal Chain and Sproket Set

At least three things are expected when you install the best dirt bike chains and sprockets on your vehicle: reliability, power, and incredible resilience under harsh conditions. Features are perhaps the reason, that chain and sprocket set is designed by Tag.

This computer-assisted design of this model makes power transfer easy. This decussate structure is ideal for individuals who derive pleasure in speed and power, as well as those who love riding hard and fast. It has received several commendations from high-performing riders around the world, and any aggressive and die-hard dirt bike lover would love to splash money on it. It is worth every penny.

The jackshaft is constructed with durable steel, making this kit one of the most durable items on our list of the best dirt bike chains and sprockets. You can be sure this all-season, all-terrain kit will conveniently hold out against the shenanigans of the bumpy and uneven terrains, as well as the threats from the elements, including harsh weather conditions, corrosion, and rust.

What’s more, the kit’s heavy-duty construction increases its lifespan and improved the ruggedness and endurance that has become a hallmark of all top-quality chains and sprocket sets. The rear sprocket is made of aluminum, which increases its durability and makes it immune to corrosion.

The icing on the cake is the reasonable price that is placed on it this amazing guy. It is a real definition of value for money.


Key Features

  • Steel construction for durability and power transfer
  • Chain Tensile strength range: 4,955-9000 lbs
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Can withstand uneven terrain and weather  

5. JT Steel Sprockets

JT Steel Sprockets

JT Sprockets is one of the world’s largest leaders in the manufacturing of most modern sprockets. They only use the latest equipment and machines to manufacture their products. With the JT front sprockets for dirt bikes, one can be sure of three things: incredible power transfer, perfect reliability, and unassailable resistance to harsh weather conditions.

It is one of the most durable and world-leading quality sprockets that brags a lot of features, including premium design, perfect precision, 100% pinion milled, incredible durability, and solid construction.

The sprocket set is made of SCM415 Chromoly steel alloy, making it highly resistant to corrosion, rust and extreme riding and weather threats, and uneven riding terrain.

Meeting OEM standards is not an issue for this sprocket kit, thanks to the heat treatment and hand finish. These features make this model ideal for those who love crafted sprocket kits.

This is a kit that will outlast and outperform many of the surface-hardened or mild steel sprockets out there.

The icing on the cake is the 13 teeth that this steel sprocket features. These multiple teeth stand this model from among the crowd. Yet, it’s the most affordable kit on our list.


Key Features

  • Chromoly steel construction for durability
  • Can withstand harsh riding conditions
  • Premium design and 100% precision pinion milled

6. ProX Racing Rear Sprockets

ProX Racing Rear Sprockets

The last item on our list of the best dirt bike chains and sprocket sets is the ProX racing Rear Sprockets. ProX is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of spare parts. ProX has developed a high-quality steel chain, made in Japan by one of the leading OEM factories. Chains are assembled with different components, each with its specific features and functions to deliver an excellent quality chain.

The ProX chain comes with a special coating on the links that provides a tough surface, and a softer interior increases the resistance and reduces the chain’s general wear. Plus, the pin is hard-pressed, and the quadruple rivets are drilled for adequate strength.

What’s more, the chain features reliable and lightweight tensile strength, thanks to the inner plates that do not use more than 3% of the materials. Also, all chains are taut and stretched to reduce initial stretch.


Key Features

  • CNC machine with perfect precision 
  • Constructed from 7075-T6 alloy 
  • Durable, lightweight 
  • Mud groove design

Best Dirt Bike Chains and Sprockets Guide & FAQ

Tensile Strength

It is one of the top features to look at when buying a chain and sprocket kit for your dirt bike. Tensile strength is the amount of weight your bike can withstand. You can enjoy better chain and bike efficiency if you go for pre-stretched chains. Typically, a strong chain should carry as much as 8000 pounds load.

Chain or Sprocket Size

Also, find out the size of your motorcycle chain. Measure the intervals in the rollers that are in the chin. It is often measured in pitches. In a sprocket, the distance between points is the size of your sprockets. You will need to buy a chain of equal size as your sprocket to ensure quality power transfer, efficiency, and top speed.

Design Material

Also, you will need to know the material with which your chain or sprocket is constructed. As you can see on our list here, kits are either made of Chromoly steel alloy, steel, aluminum, carbon steel alloys, or gold plate. Typically, chains made of carbon steel alloys are strong enough to withstand wear and are less susceptible to corrosion.

Frequency and manner of Usage

You also need to consider the manner and frequency of usage to know which chain model suits your dirt bike. You can opt for 520 chains if you want an increase in the power of your dirt bike. For speedsters, 530 dirt bikes and motorcycle chains are the best. It can handle high-displacement engines of up to 1000cc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do you know that the motorcycle chain is ready to change?

If we want to identify the chain’s wear, we have two indicators: 

  1. First, when there is no more room for tension.
  2. Second, if some links do not move freely, overlapping and breaking the line they form between them. 

In the first case, it is clear; you have to clean and lubricate the chain, as we have already explained. If the problem persists, it would be necessary to replace the complete drive kit.

Q: Are dirt bike sprockets universal?

It is important to note that Sprockets are specific to the different bikes, but chains in cycles are universal.

Q: Are AFAM sprockets good?

Reviews from users show that AFAM sprockets are currently the best sprocket in the market worldwide. Secondly, this company has been producing sprockets for about thirty years. They are known for their high quality and excellent customer service. 

Final Thoughts 

One of the situations to consider in the maintenance of our motorcycle is the replacement of the sprockets and dirt chain, also called a drag kit. On the road, you can detect some warning signs in the form of strange vibrations or even notice that your motorcycle lacks strength when you accelerate. Therefore, it is essential to detect the first symptoms in time so as not to delay making the change, avoiding not only that the mechanics suffer but also a possible breakdown. 

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