Best Dirt Bike Grips

6 Best Dirt Bike Grips (Review)

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As a dirt biker, it can be hellish most times when you comprise your safety and comfort. Interestingly, there are a lot of things that offer comfort when you are on the trail or in the mud riding your dirt bike. One of these is having enough grip to have a smooth and hitch-free ride.

A good pair of dirt bike grips will help improve your dirt bike experience. Quality grips allow you to control your bike better. They also prevent your hands from those painful blisters and the effects of the frustrating vibration.

The market is awash with myriad dirt bike grips. Here’s the twist: the more the products, the tighter your chance of getting the best dirt bike grip. You need to pay attention to a few things so you don’t end up splashing your hard-earned money on a worthless item. 

Motorcycle Grips Dirt Bike Grips Pillow Top...
Motorcycle Protaper Grips Motocross Grip...
Scott Sports SXII MX Grip, (White/Gray)
Motocyc Grips-Dirt Bike Grips-Pillow Top Grip
Motorcycle Protaper Grips Motocross Grip Handle BarB0065WUG92
Scott Sports SXII MX Grip, (White/Gray)
Motorcycle Grips Dirt Bike Grips Pillow Top...
Motocyc Grips-Dirt Bike Grips-Pillow Top Grip
Motorcycle Protaper Grips Motocross Grip...
Motorcycle Protaper Grips Motocross Grip Handle BarB0065WUG92
Scott Sports SXII MX Grip, (White/Gray)
Scott Sports SXII MX Grip, (White/Gray)

With this post, you can be sure you won’t fall into the trap of counterfeit suppliers and sellers who are just out there to make sales and maximize profit without blinking an eyelid about the value their products offer the buyer.

We’ve come up with the best dirt bike grips that are available on the market. Any of these items are good for off-street and motocross riding.  

1. Motocyc Dirt Bike Grips

Motocyc Dirt Bike Grips

Taking the top spot on our list of the best dirt bike grips is this kit from Motorcycle. This model is mostly used and highly recommended for several reasons, and users are convinced this is one of the best items you can rely on.

The Motorcycle Dirt Bike grip boasts of soft rubber gel used to construct it, making it strong, durable, and safe for use. The non-slip rubber covering allows for smooth movement and tuning. This rubber is very soft to touch and won’t cause any hurt to the elbows or palms.

What’s more, the Motorcyc Dirt bike grips also reduce fatigue and offer great vibration resistance, ensuring a smooth and sound ride. It also features twisted throttle usage.

The icing on the cake is an easy and simple installation process. This grip is already put together, thanks to an easy off and off procedure. Locking it is a walk in the park. Also, this dirt bike grip is compatible with any type of handlebars and motocross bike.

The comfort and ease associated with this grip will propel you to heed the recommendation to go purchase this item.


Key Features

  • Made of delicate and soft non-slip rubber
  • Easy setup and locking process
  • Suitable for a range of handlebars and dirt bikes.

2. Motorcycle Protaper Motocross Grip

Motorcycle Protaper Motocross Grip

You need a great grip when you are riding on the trail or in the mud. Not just a grip, but you need one that ensures your elbows and palms do not hurt while you securely ride your dirt bike.

With the Motorcycle Protaper, Motocross Grip comes to the unusual ‘pillow pattern.’ This grip is constructed with small pillow-like cushions to give you a softer feel and comfortable support when riding your bike.
This pillow design is an innovation from Kraton rubber and the most unique on our list. Despite its low profile design and newness, the Kraton material ensures you have a tacky surface and clove grip when you ride.

You may have to consider using grip glue with this grip so they can slide on smoothly. It gives you more vibration, so you feel the bumps and pay more attention when riding your bike.

What’s more, the motorcycle Protaper dirt bike grip offers you incredible hand maneuvering and a great feel on the ride.

Overall, Protaper dirt bike grip is one of the most used slide-on grips in the industry. You will need some traction glue to lock it in place. Depending on the type of rider you are, you may love the squishy pattern of this grip.


Key Features

  • Constructed with Kraton rubber with ATV anti-skid 
  • Perfect for 7/8″ motorbikes.
  • Installation is made easy with no assembly needed.
  • Cushion pattern to enhance feel and comfort.

3. Scott Sports MXII Dirt Bike Grips

Scott Sports MXII Dirt Bike Grips

You can either choose a waffle pattern or a new pillow, with the grip waffle being less squishy than their pillow counterparts. With the Scott MXII, you have a dirt bike grip that offers great support, excellent grip, and quality feel when you ride.

This bike grip has a ‘waffle’ or ‘pyramid’ pattern for a better and more comfortable grip. This dirt bike grip doesn’t work with all motorcycles, which is why you should check the description properly before buying it. The type of rider you are will also inform your decision.

The Scott dirt bike grip may not be the best pick for riders who are intent on a durable piece, but the softness and mildness of the grip make it atop the list for dirt bikers.

Another essential feature of this grip apart from its softness is its slim frame. It comes in handy, lightweight, and compact. Also, it is very affordable and available in a variety of colors. 


Key Features

  • Waffle pattern for an excellent and comfortable grip.
  • Constructed with thermoplastic rubber for a smooth and soft feel.
  • It can be used for Scott SXII MotoX or Off-Road or Dirt Bike motorcycles. 

4. KTM Dual Compound Enduro Dirt Bike Grips

KTM Dual Compound Enduro Dirt Bike Grips

If your dirt bike comes with handlebars that measure 0.9â€-1.1†(22-28mm), then the KTM Dual Compound dirty bike grip is the right pick.

This incredibly affordable model has a unique selling point that revolves around its durability and comfortable feel.

This slim grip is constructed with the pillow pattern for a soft touch and enhances vibration when riding your bike, which is perfect for those who prefer the slim grip and do not have a problem with the vibration.

The lack of any robust pattern makes this dirt bike grip the best you can buy and use on the market. It brags a slim frame, great cushion, and excellent feel and support.

Overall, for all dirt bike riders with small hands, this grip is your best pick.


Key Features

  • Pillow pattern for a soft and comfortable touch.
  • Easy to install and requires no assembly at all.
  • Fits handlebars between 22-28mm perfectly.
  • ProGrip Dual compound material for outstanding strength and comfort.

5. Scott Deuce Dirt bike Grip

Scott Deuce Dirt bike Grip

Scott is making its return to our list of the best dirt bike grips with another amazing grip that promises and delivers excellent grip, quality support, and a great feel while you ride. It is another testimony from this tested brand.

Unlike its counterpart on this list, the Scott Deuce is constructed as a half-waffle grip, featuring a dual compound for a firm grip and a comfortable touch. The most important part about this grip is that its medium-density waffle pattern is built with a soft palm area that holds back vibration and tiredness.

There is little strain on the arm, and we highly recommend this grip if you do not want a grip that enhances vibration.

You will have the super comfort you need, and your elbows and hands are safe from the shenanigans of the trail and mud.


Key Features

  • Medium-density raised waffle pattern.
  • Softer palm area to prevent vibration.
  • Composed safety wire channel.

6. Renthal G091 Full Diamond Compound Motocross Grip

Renthal G091 Full Diamond Compound Motocross Grip

The last guy on our list of the best dirt bike grips is the Renthal G091. It boasts a lot of features that give it a standout status. It is resistant to all the shenanigans of the weather and trails.

This grip is a fantastic thin grip made with synthetic rubber compounds to help you feel the handlebars of your dirt bike more and ensure a comfortable ride. The firm grip absorbs shock and has maximum strength to fit with every type of ride.

The durability of the product prevents the grip from ripping or tearing.

There is little to no arm fatigue as this grip is designed with the softest diamond pattern and has a soft and comfortable touch.

The slim grip will make you pay more attention to your bike and put you in full control of your bike. The thinness of the grip might put a strain on your arm, which is why the Renthal bike grip is very soft to touch. Due to its incredible softness, the grip might wear out quickly, but it is a compromise you might have to make.


Key Features

  • Built-in three separate advanced synthetic rubber compounds. 
  • Maximum strength combined with shock absorption and a tacky touch. 
  • Resistant to ripping and tearing. 
  • Can be purchased in three different patterns.  

Best Dirt Bike Grips Guide & FAQ

When making your choice of dirt bike grips, you must consider a few features critical to the safety, comfort, and support that dirt bike riders need. These features should be taken seriously because you need a quality grip when you are riding. 

Here are a few of the factors you must look out for before buying a dirt bike grip:  


Getting an affordable dirt bike grip with high quality is an important consideration to keep in mind when buying dirt bike grips. Handlebar grips differ in price, and this is due to the material used, the purpose it serves, and some other factors. It is advisable to get a grip that helps the function you want and is also pocket-friendly.

Purpose of use

Not all bike grips are universal, so you must find the one that works with your bike. Getting a bike grip for a standard motorcycle might not work with a dirt bike because you might want to feel every bump to react to them quickly, and this might not work with the heavy cushioning that comes with large motorcycles.


A handlebar grip is essential to the control and balance of your motorcycle, so you should get a bike grip that is reliable and functions well. Some dirt bike grips focus on the outer appearance and do not take time to work on the parts of the grip. Getting a dirt bike you can trust is very important.


You can find dirt bike grips in diamond, waffle, or pillow patterns. These patterns will determine the feel that your grip will give you, which is why it is essential to consider the design you think will work best for you and give you better handling of your bar. 

Getting a grip with a half-waffle is better than getting one with a full waffle grip because a maximum waffle grip can be very uncomfortable to ride with and is of inferior quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know what grip is best for me?

Getting a good grip is something you will have to think correctly about because there are many types out there with their various functions, so it is up to you to determine what parts you should put at the top of your list. 

Suppose you want a grip whose main feature is comfort, whose main feature is vibration, or whose central part is slimness. Then, you should put that first when getting a bike grip. 

Q: Are bike grips affordable?

Yes, they are, and of high quality too. Most of the bike grips are pocket-friendly, and you can find the latest prices through the links under each post.

Q: How do I know if it will fit?

Some bike grips are universal, and some are not, which is why you need to check the product descriptions under your purchase, so you know if it works with your handlebar. 

Final Thoughts

Getting a good dirt bike grip requires many factors to be considered, and finding one that suits your taste is crucial. We are optimistic that our review will help you pick the type of dirt bike grip you need. Don’t forget, any of the grips you eventually opt for from the items on this list will work well for your need. 

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