Best Dirt Bike Tires 2020

15 Best Dirt Bike Tires (Review)

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I understand no rider would desire anything short of the best dirt bike tires when they’re in the saddle of their newly acquired dirt bike. Even if they’re riding a somewhat rickety bike, they always want to have the part of their bike that’s closest to the ground in the best of conditions.

By clicking on this link, you’ve hit the right button; and by sparing the time to read this post, rest assured you’ll have all the detailed information you need about the best dirt bike tires. I’ve taken a lot of time out to research the marketplace. So, you don’t have to start combing multiple popular e-commerce platforms for the popular and best dirt bike tires.

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Coming up with this 15-item list took a rigorous process. We came up with this list by looking at each of the products’ features and reviews from multiple customers.

These stand-out features of these dirt bike tires include quality of material, reliability, design, ability to withstand sand and soft terrain, sturdy build, resistance to tearing and chunking, and uniquely confident traction for enhanced drive performance. This list also features models that are reasonably and affordably priced, so you don’t have to break the bank before you have the best dirt bike tires in your garage.

Guess you’re ready, so we go together as we crisscross various brands of dirt bike tires and look at the best products they offer.

1. ProTrax Soft-Intermediate Terrain Tire

The praises of ProTrax cannot be over-sung in the motorcycle market, thanks to their capacity and consistency in manufacturing top-of-the-line products. With the evolution of the 90/100-16, the brand again has shown why it remains the competitor to beat in the industry.

The ProTrax 90/100-16 tire is built as an affordable, reliable, and durable product that is able to resist and withstand harsh soil terrain. The affordability of the product is second to none.

This product is intended for soft and intermediate terrains and can fit perfectly into mini and mid-sized dirt bikes, making it one great product for enhanced performance and top-quality delivery.

You’ll find it interesting too to know that the ProTrax Soft-Intermediate Terrain Tire 90/100-16 comes as an easy-to-mount tire when it gets too hard terrain. The product also comes with enough knob spacing that helps to reduce mud buildup.

Ensuring a balance between offering durability and producing appealing traction on your bike is the hallmark of this model, thanks to the tough 4-ply construction that guarantees resistance to puncturing and chunking.


Highlighted Features

  • Reasonably priced
  • Fit for mini and medium-sized dirt bikes
  • Enhanced performance
  • Enough knob spacing for reduced dirt accumulation

2. Michelin Starcross MH3 Motocross Rear Tire

Michelin Starcross MH3 doesn’t get endorsement because it was made by the popular brand Michelin. Rather, it comes with its own appealing and amazing features that will make some other items on this list compete for space to no avail.

The unique symmetrical design of its knobs makes traction a walk in the park for the Michelin Motocross dirt bike tire. There’s also great resistance to tearing and chunking this guy brings to the table, thanks to the top-quality construction and high-grade material makeup. This also accounts for its incredible durability.

Even at extreme lean angles, the side knobs of these tires can comfortably stand against the elements while offering impenetrable grip and reduced mud buildup. This is more reason its popularity has grown among riders and bike owners in the United States.

The treadwear indicator of the Michelin Starcross MH3 Motocross model is so visible that even when the Michelin ‘˜M’ trademark smears off, you can easily reverse it to the rim.

Overall, this combo is an excellent product for those who desire dirt bike tires for intermediate and hard terrains.


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for intermediate and hard terrains
  • Anti-chunking and tearing
  • Great and durable build
  • Outstanding traction

3. Pirelli MX32 Mid Soft Dirt Bike Tire

Pirelli MX32 doesn’t behave strangely or differently from the other Pirelli products on this list but it has its uniqueness and strength that sets it above other competitors.

Perfect ride partners on mid soft to intermediate terrain, the MX32 comes in handy for riders who’re looking at perfecting their bike maneuvering and handling skillset. It is a blend of mid soft front and rear tires with durability, helping you to maintain a balance between traction and durability.

This great combo kit also features the capacity to lessen mud accumulation and dispatch, able to ride on mud and sand. This pair also works on the intermediate ground too.

For weekend riders and motocross competitors, this is the best pair of tires for your outing because this model is built with the capacity to withstand moist and terribly muddy situations that could shift the ground under your bike.

Overall, a choice of the MX32 over others won’t be a bad option.


Highlighted Features

  • Good pick for sand and mud
  • Works fine for soft and intermediate situations
  • Durable and strong

4. Bridgestone M23 Motocross Front Tire

Bridgestone has hit the market in a very iconic way, true to its color and consistent with its brand loyalty. The Bridgestone M23 Motocross Front Tire 2.50-19 truly represents what the brand stands for over the years.

If you’re one of those several riders and bike owners who prefer to go the hardpack areas and are fascinated by the fun that envelopes Blue groove conditions, this is the guy that you should mount on your bike.

Bragging 4-ply structure of nylon shell, this model will stamp its authority and durability right there in the off-road environment, making it one of the excellent dirt bike tires that feature amazing adaptability to different terrains.

What’s more, the M23 Motocross Front Tire 2.50-19 comes as a tube tire, meaning you have to use recommended and compatible new tubes as well as a rim strip when changing the damaged or old tubes.

Moreover, it’ll interest you to know that this model makes maneuvering of your bike easier because of its lightweight feature which adds no extra pounds to the gross weight of you and your bike.

Cornering and low-speed handling become effortless if you have these tires on your bike. Plus, the transition of your bike from upright to slant position when concerning is smooth and seamless.

If you’re a fan of long-distance motorcycle trips, then this model of dirt bike tire is ideal for you. It boasts confident stability and excellent traction on the road, thanks to the tread knob shape and spacing.

The deeper tread pattern of the M23 Motocross is one to beat in the market and its users have attested to this fact. This tread pattern can help you stop the bike in the event you’re riding at a very high speed.


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for hardpack areas
  • Conducive to Blue groove conditions
  •  Unbeatable traction and stability
  • Great tread knob spacing and look
  • Self- adaptable to different terrains

5. Maxxis Maxxcross EN Hard Compound Dirt Bike Tire

The Maxxis Maxxcross Dirt Bike Tire offers a lot of features that will make other items on this list bow out of any competition with it. this guy will in any situation and on any ground deliver exactly what you want from a dirt bike tire.

Performing under the hardest of conditions is the hallmark of the Maxxis Maxxcross.  Regardless of the terrain or surface your bike is on Rocky, pack intermediate, Soft, Enduro, Hard hard − or you have confidence in a set of tires that won’t disappoint or fail to give required traction that will save you from injuries or accident.

What’s more, this piece prides itself on its large footprint area and toughness to face any terrain and give the rider fulfilled outing. Interestingly, this is a roadworthy and road legal product for anyone who intends to have it on their bike.


Highlighted Features

  • Doesn’t fidget on any road
  • Incredible piece for All terrain: Enduro, Hard Hard, park Intermediate
  • Durable
  • Road legal
  • Performs well under harsh conditions    

6. Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Intermediate Tires

When it comes to tire manufacturing, Bridgestone is a brand that doesn’t compete but has to be competed against by other envious brands out there. There’s a lot that sets our next product apart from the crowd besides being a set for intermediate terrain.

To start with, the affordability of the Bridgestone Battlecross X30 is a feature that every rider will be glad to hear. You don’t have to break the bank before you have this model in your garage. End-users and retailers have great reviews about this feature.

Does the reasonable price make this model less practical or quality? NO. and I say that will sense of responsibility.  

On top of this is the fact that this budget-friendly Briddgestne model is practical as it works pretty well on both intermediate and soft grounds. It is a non-directional tire, meaning it allows you to turn it around, giving your riding a lot of flexibility, easy control, and soft handling.

If you closely inspect the front tire, you’ll find out a recess and excess spacing in the knob which guarantees great grip when turning. This feature also ensures you stay upright when cornering.

Added to this, the rear tire of the Bridgestone X30 comes with a sidewall fin which assists in heat dissipation, especially when your bike is subject to extreme conditions and tire flex.  You have straight acceleration, thanks to the mini raised area on the rear knobs.


Highlighted Features

  • A great option for intermediate terrain
  • Non-directional
  • Affordably priced
  • Excellent grip on any terrain

7. JCMOTO 12.5 x 2.75 Tire and Inner Tube

If you’re a fan of mini pocket bikes, rocket dune buggies, or razor dirt bikes, you would think there’s no other dirt bike tire in the market the moment you stumble on JCMOTO 12.5 x 2.75 Tire and Inner Tube. Ask me why? It brags features that are second to none.

Built for small bikes, this model of the tire is both a tire kit and an inner tube tire. This incredibly well-knobbed tire comes at a suitable dimension that measures 12 1/2 x 2.75.

One stand-out thing in the mind of the manufacturer of the JCMOTO Tire and Inner Tube kit is durability. It is not a kit you use and within months it tears easily. Sometimes, it outlives its lifespan. You’ll also find this product boastfully resistant to tearing and chunking.

The perfect and easy installation process is quite amazing. The aggressive knob is structured in such a way that it enhances dirt riding.

If you want to test the resolve of the JCMOTO Tire and Inner Tube in terms of maximum performance, put your bike on intermediate or hard terrain. On top of that is the inner tube which is a product of standard butyl rubber complemented by a TR-4 straight metal.


Overall, there are also sidewall build and sturdy beads which ensure your bike’s stability on the road. Plus, you won’t have to bother about maneuvering your bike even on unfavorable terrain because you’re guaranteed cruise control.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect fit for mini bikes
  • Resistant to chunking and tearing
  • Aggressive knob structure for enhanced riding performance
  • Fit component as tire and kit
  • Excellent for intermediate and hard terrain

8. Bridgestone M204 Motocross Rear Tire

Are you in dire need of a dirt bike tire that will rescue you when stuck in soft or intermediate terrain? Then, choosing Bridgestone M204 Motocross Rear Tire 90/10016 is the right choice.

Incidentally, the product emerges from one of the most popular brands in the industry, Bridgestone, known for its proven penchant for top-quality products.

The M204 Motocross Rear Tire 90/100-16 comes in handy when it comes to dirt bike tires with a tread pattern that gives extra traction on the soft and intermediate ground.  It guarantees enhanced and performance, confident riding, and easy maneuvering.

One other added edge is the extra block spacing that ensures you get better slide control even on the solid base ground.  Plus, the M204 dirt bike tire features stability and durability, all thanks to the base angle radius and tread blocks.

The product’s shoulder straps are designed to ensure easy bike control even when you’re in a wide range of harsh soil conditions. You won’t clamor unnecessarily for traction because this model comes with an amazing grip. That’s coupled with custom sizing that works easily with four-stroke engines.


Highlighted Features

  • Can Withstand harsh soil and weather conditions
  • Great tread pattern for improved traction
  • Compatible with four-stroke rides
  • Guarantees easy bike maneuvering and slide control
  • Perfect for soft and intermediate terrain

9. Dunlop Geomax MX12 Soft Dirt Bike Tire

If you choose to pick a product from Dunlop over and ahead of any other dirt bike tire manufacturer, you would have been considered a real deal shopper. This is because Dunlop has its name imprinted in gold and when it comes to quality, durability, and affordability.

I wouldn’t have scored you anything lower than 100% if you made the Dunlop Geomax MX12 soft Dirt Bike Tire your preferred tire to be mounted on your dirt bike. If not for anything, this guy comes with a load of unbeatable features that makes it stand out among competitors on this list.

As a dedicated sand tire, this model is an upgrade on the MX11 from Dunlop, boasting paddle-style knobs that make traction no issue for your journey. The MX12 would give you great stability as you ride on that lump some sand.

It is capable of high pressure, so you don’t have to get panicked if you need to have your dirt bike ride on the sand. Don’t forget your tires must have sufficient space to take in air pressure when riding on the sand.

Added to that are the self-cleaning grooves that make mud accumulation almost impossible on these dirt bike tires.  Given that riding in the sand is a lot harder than on plain terrain, having MX12 installed on your dirt bike makes this a walk in the park. Plus, you can be at top speed even while in the sand dunes.


Highlighted Features

  • Dedicated sand dirt bike tire
  • Eases off the burden of riding in sand dunes
  • Capable of much air pressure
  • Great traction
  • Supports acceleration in sand dunes.

10. Pirelli Scorpion XCMH Dirt Bike Motorcycle Tire

It’s impossible to talk about automotive tires without a mention of Pirelli. This is one brand that has stood the test and thirst of time, manufacturing great automotive products that have proven reliable, durable, and consistent.

Designed to deliberately offer long-lasting traction and grip on intermediate and hard rides, the MT18 model is a durable product with top-of-the-line technology.

The polyester carcass from which this model is designed is a lightweight material. So, you don’t have a tire that adds too much weight to the entire bike, thus rendering maneuvering and bike control effortless. 

The knob structure of the front tire is intended for increased steering precision and traction when in contact with all manner of terrain. Like an R and M speed-rated tire, this model works perfectly only with a new tube and rim strip.

This DOT model is built with a mildly hard compound that provides improved performance at all times. Plus, the Pirelli Scorpion XCMH comes with a heavy-duty build that features a sturdy shell to offer great support for your bike’s top speed racing and riding.


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for intermediate and hard terrain
  • Great body for reduced knob defect
  • Increased steering precision and traction
  • Reliable, consistent, and durable
  • Great support for top-speed racing

11. MMG Dirt Bike Tire Front or Rear Off-Road

I came across this model of dirt bike tire in my second year in post-college studies and that’s over five years ago. Since then, I’ve shrugged off every resistance to discontinue the use of the MMG Dirt Bike Tire 110/100-18 as a result of the amazing value it brings to the table.

To start with, you’ll consider this model a great pick when you find out that it offers maximum traction grip and an easy-to-handle build. This guarantees enhanced driving performance and rest of mind on the road.

In addition to that, the MMG Dirt Bike Tire 110/100-18 Front or Rear Off-Road tire is truly a road partner whether in winter or summer, because it is made with good quality material that makes it resistant to the elements and all weather conditions.


With a design that features knobby open thread, you have no fear when riding on a muddy road. It’s able to withstand and shrug off mud buildup. The tire is able to ward off the unwanted extra weight being added to a bike that making maneuvering a little difficult.

Moreover, there’s something more appealing about this model and that’s its seamless build. This feature offers perfect performance and value. Plus, the suitability of this model on many bikes is amazing, and that makes it a universal and custom fit component. This is not what you often find with a lot of direct standards or OEM model applications.

Trust me, you won’t resist this model given that it’s also made with both mid and aggressive knobby tread patterns, making it an all-terrain tire, whether bike rides or off-road terrains.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for all-terrain riding.
  • Universal and custom
  • Enhances easy bike handling and maneuvering
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Doesn’t allow mud buildup
  • Ensures maximum traction

12. Protrax Tire Rear Soft

Since its foray into the tire marketplace, Protrax has remained one brand that blends conservative ideas with modern innovation. Hence, you find quite a lot of its dirt bike tires always in demand.

The idea behind the Protrax Tire 90/100-14 Rear Soft is to hand an intermediate dirt bike tire to riders and motorcycle owners. This brand features quite a lot of things that’ll you want to have.

Ask what more is unique about this item that makes it feature in our list of best dirt bike tires, and I’ll tell you here’s it:

Apart from the fact that it’s one of the products that are reasonably and affordably priced, the Protrax Tire 90/100-14 is a durable and reliable item, thanks to the high-quality material of which it’s made. Hence, you’re sure of something that may last for as long as its lifespan states.

That’s not all. The affordability of this product shouldn’t be taken that the product is also o poor quality. The soft to intermediate tire boasts maximum value and design, especially if you’re hell-bent on a mid-sized and small dirt bike tire that offers a perfect balance. It’s made to ensure maximum grip while also maintaining durability.

If that’s convincing, I can also tell you that this item comes with a robust 4-ply layer that makes it highly resistant to punctures. You’ll also find out and recommend this product if you consider the knob spacing that reduces mud, which often builds up and adds to the weight of your bike.


Interestingly, for fun riders, the tire is built with lugs that are a little further apart; this is the height of its incredible delivery because your bike is set to run at top speed.

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable and durable
  • Affordably priced
  • Maintain a balance between traction and durability
  • 4-ply structure
  • Reduces mud buildup
  • Enhances bike’s top speed

13. ProTrax Front 14 Rear 12 Tires Tubes Kit

I’m glad to shock you that the ProTrax Front 14 Rear 12 Tires Tubes Kit is not every Tom, Dick, and Harry. It’s essentially only for those riders and bike owners who desire enhanced performance and want rest of mind while on those best motorcycle rides.

I have no apologies for that because I know every rider wants hassle-free long-distance trips and this guy will help you to achieve that desire with its incredible features. Starting with value and durability, this combo kit comes with some pride located in its ability to offer a perfect guarantee of maximum grip and incredible durability on your dirt bike.

With its 14-inch front and 12-inch rear tires and standard tubes, the ProTrax Motocross Combo Kit is made for soft and intermediate terrains. You can classify it as some guy for a fun ride and cruise trips. But the tires are also rugged. 

Compatibility is the second name of this kit because the tires are a perfect fit component for a wide variety of bikes, regardless of brands and manufacturers. Made to unleash maximum performance, this piece comes with aggressive width and offset wheels.


Highlighted Features

  • Soft and meaty
  • Aggressive width
  • Compatible with multiple bike brands
  • Maintain balance between durability and optimum performance
  • Made for soft and intermediate terrain

14. ProTrax Front Soft Terrain Tire

Just like many of its siblings listed here, the ProTrax Front Soft Terrain Tire 80/100-21 performs optimally for riders and bike owners who love to have incredible tires that offer confidence when riding their bike on the sand.

With a decent price that doesn’t come close to the value this combo kit brings to the table, shoppers are coming in contact with a product that delivers quality and a dependable off-road experience.

It boasts off-the-track consistency on and off the season, with affordability to complement, thanks to the cupped-styled tread pattern. This also gives credence to the surprising straight-line traction delivery, whether on the soft or sandy ground. Wearing, tearing, or chunking is not a common feature of this model because it comes with a unique rubber compound.


What’s more, the design of this model is such that it’s great for sand and soft terrain. With its shoulder knob structure, concerning becomes seamless and confident. Plus, the mini ribs from the tires’ sub-tread are designed to provide the needed extra traction in any kind of soft and sand ride.

More so, the ProTrax Front Soft Terrain Tire 80/100-21 is built for toughness on the terrain considering the 4-ply construction that ensures the tires brag great resistance to punctures. That material builds also guarantees durability. On top of that, the spacing of the tread is reasonable enough to enable the shedding of mud and reduce dirt buildup.

Highlighted Features

  • Resistant to wearing, puncturing, and chunking
  • Great for soft and sand terrain
  • Durable and affordable
  • Small ribs for extra traction
  • Pe4rfect for on and off-road riding

15. IRC Tires Battle Rally BR99 Intermediate Dirt Bike Tire

You cannot mention the first five best intermediate dirt bike tires without listing the IRC Tires Battle rally BR99. It comes as one of the best products to have graced the dirt bike tire situation room.

This pair of off-road tires is a product of a long-tested and trusted brand, the IRC which has existed for more than seven decades and is popular for its wide range and variety in the industry. IRC is excellent in reeling out off-road tires, dedicated motocross, classic tires.

The evolution of the IRC Battle Rally BR99 speaks again to the top-quality brand that IRC is.

As an all-situation, all-terrain pair of tires, the Battle Rally BR99 is a true battel ready for all kinds of off-road rides. This hi-tech road-legal product features a robust build, incredible traction that discriminates no surface.  


Highlighted Features

  • Great grip
  • All-terrain, all-situation dirt bike tire
  • Perfect off-road tire
  • Road legal

Buying Dirt Bike Tires: What You Should Look Out For

It’s not enough to be excited about the appealing features boasted by many of the tires I have described here. There are other preliminary steps a potential shopper should take to be able to make a good buy. After all, money is not easy to come by, so spending it wisely and where one gets the best value should be the ultimate desire of any rider or biker who wants to replace the tires on their dirt bikes.

I have taken the time out to highlight some of the important factors you need to consider before you buy a dirt bike tire. Again, it’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t matter the model or brand you’re buying, always take the pain to inspect if your dirt bike has some of the following buying considerations.

Ask yourself if the dirt bike tire features rubber compounds, tread design, mounting and installation process, and resistance to harsh conditions. Are they specialized tires? Are they DOT compliant? Do they help to lessen mud accumulation? Be specific in your answer to the question about the type of riding you’re engaged in?  

Size of Tire

The size of your dirt bike tire is one of the foremost factors to consider before you set out to buy any tire. You must know which size precisely your tire uses. The dimensions of your tires are usually conspicuously printed on the sidewall of your bike’s tire for easy identification.

It’s often written in the form 23 x 40 x 30, which respectively represents the width, height, and inch. As in the example here, the 23, often in millimeters, stands for the width of the tire, measured from sidewall to sidewall. The 40 measures the aspect ratio or height of a sidewall and it’s given in millimeters. The 30 is the inner diameter, often measured in inches. The inner diameter must be equal to the rim size.

DOT Approval

Every tire product that passes through the quality control inspection of the Department of Transportation in the United States must carry the DOT stamp. This stamp is often imprinted on automobile tires.

Although you may understand the body’s, it is important that both the front and rear tires of your bike carry this stamp. The DOT is responsible for certifying the suitability of a specific tire for on-road use.

Whether you’re using your tires on the bike intended for streets or highways, it’s advisable you buy the tire that carries on it the DOT stamp.

Installation procedure

While I may not do a step-by-step approach to replacing an old tire and I know it’s not important for the purpose of this post, it’s one important factor to consider before you buy any specific tire. You can go through the owner’s manual to follow the steps required for changing the tire of your dirt bike.

There’s a tremendous risk that underlies the wrong installation of tires on the bike. Apart from damaging your car, incorrect mounting of tires may cause serious injuries resulting from collisions or fatal accidents. There are tools to use to change and replace old tires on a bike.

Tire Pressure

One other factor that counts is the amount of pressure that can enter your tire. If you don’t have this imprinted on the sidewall of your tire, you need not rack your brain as to the recommended PSI or pressure your tire can run. The service or owner’s manual is always there to assist you in this regard. You need to have this information before you buy or install the tire on your bike because the pressure in a tire has a huge impact on the performance and response of your bike to speed.

Typically, on average, some knobby tires can run as much as 15 PSI while others run less or more. You can run more than this PSI if your consideration is not to have a damaged rim or pinch flats. Otherwise, a lower pressure can give you more grip, stability, and flexibility. Hence, don’t take the capacity of your tire pressure for granted when considering buying a tire.

Tips To Maintain Your Dirt Bike Tires

You can’t go all week or month-long without having to look after the tire on your bike. Just like you won’t deploy your body system to work without adequate care, so also your dirt bike tires shouldn’t be deprived of a healthy lifestyle.

It is out of abundant health that the tires function optimally, deliver power to the terrain, keep you upright on the bike, ensure a firm grip on the surfaces, and in turn enhance the overall performance of your bike.

To ensure your tires serve you maximally, here are the top 3 tips to look after them:

 Constant inspection

To make your dirt bike tires serve you, you need to run a regular check on them. Before the start and at the end of every trip, you must look at the tires to see if there’s any puncture, damage,  tears, embedded sharp objects, or splits.  Apart from saving the life of the tires, it prevents you from self-endangering. If you know beforehand that a particular tire is gone bad, you’ll promptly replace it before setting off for the next trip.

Run Recommended Air Pressure

There’s some temptation to sometimes want to go your own way when it comes to the amount of air pressure that a dirt bike tire should have. Never allow that tendency to prevail because an over-pressured tire will have a negative effect on the performance of your bike, especially if you’re riding on a hard surface. The same rule applies to under-inflated tires: they deliver less power and can cause accidents. Use the maximum pressure for soft terrain and low air pressure for hard surfaces.

Take off foreign objects

Another important step to ensure that your tire delivers sees out its life expectancy and maintains its durability is to constantly take off any strange objects you found around or in the tire tires. These could be in the form of metals, sharp pebbles, stones, or plastics,  needles, nails, and pieces of broken bottles − rubber or glass. Bear in mind that your tires when deflated may be vulnerable to harm even from hitherto harmless debris and objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct tire pressure for a motorcycle?

There’s no cast-in-stone pair pressure for a particular motorcycle. it all depends on the product of the tires you buy. Meanwhile, you’ll find under the seat of your dirt bike a sticker that states the recommended air pressure that comes with the tires of the bike.
Bear in mind that this imprinted recommended air pressure is not suggested but recommended, meaning your discretion is not needed as to how much pressure you should run into your tire. The amount of pressure inside the tires has a long way to affect the stability of your vehicle.
Usually, for dirt bikes, you can run between 12 PSI and 15 PSI (per square inch). Make sure you follow the recommendations strictly as indicated on the sticker.

What PSI will cause the dirt bike tire to explode?

If your tire air pressure gets to 200 Psi, the tire may start to explode. A standard tire should not be inflated more than 30 to 35 pounds per square inch.
Usually, when a bike is under extreme hot weather conditions, the temperature of the tire often rises to about 50 degrees, in that process, there’s a noticeable increase in the pressure that runs in the tire.
The pressure at which a tire gets burst is put at 200PSI. Don’t inflate your tire beyond the recommended pressure per square inch. This will save you from losing your tires prematurely. But more importantly, you can save your head from injuries.

Is 40 PSI OK for tires?

Again, it depends on the recommendations that come with your motorcycle. Ideally, most passengers and sports cars are recommended to run between 32 PSI to 40 PSI tire pressure. What is best is to check your vehicle’s manual for more specific instructions.
Don’t also forget to keep in mind that the recommended tire pressure is set with cold tires. Always check this before starting the engine.

Why does my front motorcycle tire wobble?

Tire wobble doesn’t just happen except your speed range has hit between 35 to 45 miles per hour. It starts with the front wheel rotation then it further escalates by an imbalance in the front wheel or out of round.
Another cause of motorcycle tire wobble is when the biker or rider takes their hands off the handlebars when they’re within this speed range. This may be the time they want to adjust their rising gloves or adjust the helmet or face shield.
The first thing to notice is a feeling of wobbly steering. Imbalance often begins when there’s an uneven weight on the rim of the wheel or tire. This could be as a result of an extra pound added to the net weight of the bike. You feel the imbalance because the tires will start o show an even and faster tread wear. When your tires are out of balance, they will show a scalloped or cupped wear shape. The sidewall may also bulge away.

Can I change a motorcycle tire myself?

The direct answer to that is – yes. You can replace your bike tire yourself. The DIY installation and mounting save you a lot of money that would have gone into the hands of the repairman at the local shops.
Shops won’t charge you anything less than $20 to $40 to change your tire per wheel. If you buy the tool to change the tire, you’ll have saved a lot of bucks and keep for yourself equipment that will be useful and helpful for future use.
One interesting thing is that it doesn’t take forever to change your tires. Within 5-10 minutes, you should be done changing a flat on the road. It all depends on the cooperation you receive from the tire, tube, or rim. Most of the products we have on our list here may not take you more than 7 minutes to replace. This is because they come as easy combo kits.

How often should you change motorcycle tires?

Again, we have to go back to the model of the dirt bike tire you buy. Typically, the front tires of a dirt bike should run for at least 3700 miles, on average, before you need to replace them. The rear tire can last for a shorter duration, something in the region of 1800 miles. 
The longevity or otherwise of your bike tire depends on the manner of use. If you use them properly you’ll have your tires see through their lifespan; otherwise, it may not last for half of the warranty. The good news is that most of the products on our list come with a good warranty.

Can you put street tires on a dirt bike?

Yes, you can. But it all depends on how much you’re available to ride your dirt machines on the street. Make sure you use road legal for 100% road use. Street tires help your dirt bikes with smooth cornering and landing jumps. Your dirt bike with the street tire on it looks like motocross or a hardcore endure. The gear ratio is also modified alongside.
Alternatively, you can ask your local shop to help you modify your dirt bike so that it becomes a street bike. In that way you don’t call it dirt bike; it’s technically called a supermoto. There are quite a number of best dirt bike YouTube channels to get information about your model of dirt bikes and how you can manage it.

Final Thoughts

I will repeat for the umpteen times having the best dirt bike tires mounted on your bike is one of the best ways to have a hassle-free ride. Each of the items described in this post has unique features that make it different from others. There’s a lot of stiff competition in the market. It takes only the potential buyer with the right information and requisite knowledge to roam the market for the best dirt bike tires and come out with the best products. You won’t be disappointed having any of the combo kits on our list on your bike. Check out the best 50cc dirt bikes for your kids here.

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