Best Dirt Bikes For Short Riders (Low Seat Heights)

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‘There are the best dirt bikes for short riders.’ If you share this testimony with shorter potential riders, it may sound like you’re making a blanket statement with neither truth nor proof. To this class of riders, dirt bikes manufacturers don’t think about them. For them, it’s a myth to be talking about the best short riders of dirt bikes.

How often have you heard these shorter riders often grouch that it’s pretty tall order to get dirt bikes that will match their size on the market?

Now, let’s put things in perspective. Are there indeed dirt bikes for short riders? Yes, there are. How can I get them? Then, you’ll need to read this post from start to finish because I‘ve gotten a ton of information and facts for you to chew on. But have you gone through my post on the best motorcycles for short riders?

Now, let’s get into a real business and itemize the best seven dirt bikes with a low seat height that short riders can hop on and get to the best motorcycle rides in the States.

Best Dirt Bikes For Short Riders

What I would do is to pair these bikes based on brands. Five brands get our attention: Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and KTM. The following are the Best Dirt Bikes for Short

  1. Suzuki DR-Z125L
  2. Honda CRF150F & CRF230F
  3. Yamaha TT-R230 & TT-R125LE
  4. Kawasaki KLX140L & KLX110
  5. Yamaha YZ85
  6. KTM 85 SX

Best 7 Dirt Bikes for Short Riders

1. Suzuki DR-Z125L

Suzuki DR-Z125L

Suzuki DR-Z125L is a yellow-colored 5-gear dirt bike made with short riders in mind. It comes with a seat height of 32.0 inches (80.5cm), an overall height of 111cm, and a length of 188.5cm.

It is powered by a 4-stroke engine that can produce high speeds. Plus, the bike features a sturdy frame and an easy-to-control electrical system.

2. Honda CRF150F & CRF230F

Honda CRF230F

The 236-pound Honda CRF150F bike is a very suitable bike for smaller riders. It features a comfortable seat height of 32.5 inches.

It has a 4-stroke engine inside it, making it a great candidate for safety, power, and multiple (5) speeds. This top-quality bike comes in two colors white and red.

The CRF230 behaves the same way and delivers higher power, speed, and torque. Its seat height stands at 34.6 inches.

3. Yamaha TT-R230 & TT-R125LE

Yamaha TT-R230

The Yamaha TT-R230 raises its head high among dirt bikes great for riders with short sizes. I should add that it’s not designed for kids.

With a seat height of about 34.2 inches, the bike boasts an overall dimension of the height of 46.5 inches and 81.3 inches in length.

Powered by a 2-stroke engine and electric starter, this blue-colored model is a perfect guy for short riders.

The Yamaha TT-R125LE has a seat height of 31.7 inches.

4. Kawasaki KLX140L & KLX110

 Kawasaki KLX140L

The two models of Kawasaki are an excellent choice for low riders. The Kawasaki KLX140L is a great guy with a seat height of 31.5inches. This model is better for the rider with a shorter height than its sibling, the KLX140G. It comes with both an electric starter and a kick starter.

Besides, it has a 4-stroke engine of 5 different gears. The overall dimension is 42.3” x 31.1 inches in height and width, respectively, making it one of the off-road bikes with a small dimension.

The frame boasts strength and sturdiness. With 17” rear wheels and 14-inch front wheels, this is a perfect candidate for short-legged riders.

The KLX110 comes with a seat height of 26.8 and 16 inch rear wheel.

5. Yamaha YZ85

Yamaha YZ85

Yamaha YZ85 comes in handy for short-legged riders who want to improve on their riding and gain more balance and comfort. With a seat height of 31.1 inches, the Yamaha YZ85 is 74.9 inches in height and 29.8 inches in width with an overall weight of 73 kg.

This guy is powered by a 2-stroke engine and handlebars that are very convenient for traction on your gloves. You can adjust the model’s handlebars for your height.

6. KTM 85 SX

 KTM 85 SX

KTM 85 SX is another dirt bike option for short riders as they plan to ride on dirt. With a seat height of 34.1 inches and a fuel-free weight of 68.5kg, low riders must find a way of making this model their preferred candidate for off-road rides.

Plus, the model has a 2-stroke engine that aligns with six different transmissions of speeds. There are also an advanced brake system and a sturdy and robust frame.

What Short Riders Need To Consider

1. Seat height

This is the first among other factors a short rider needs to consider when choosing a dirt bike. As a short rider that you’re – and it’s no crime to be short anyway − you need to start riding with a dirt bike built with low seat height.

You may be in love with a particular type of bike, for instance, the KTM 450, but I can tell without any price that it’s not the best bike for shorter riders. You’ll need to make a compromise using a bike that matches your height or the one that matches your eyes.

Even though bikes are specifically designed for short riders, you can still adjust the seat height of bikes not meant for your size, depending on whether you’re planning a trail or adventure ride.

There are three ways to go about it. You can have the suspension, or the link kit lowered to give you an inch. Alternately, you can shave your dirt bike, and this will provide you with an inch or more clearance on your seat.

2. Comfort

With low seat height, a dirt bike guarantees a short rider some level of comfort. At least, you wouldn’t have to swing your leg with difficulty.

Here are a few things you should know when we talk about having comfort and a comfortable sitting position and posture on the bike. When sitting in the saddle of your dirt bike, it’s given that both of your feet should be touching the ground; alternatively, you should have the ball of your toes reaching the ground while the heel is up in the air.

3. Safety

The number one priority of every rider should be safety: safety for themselves and other road users. Adventure bikes can be crazy on the terrain, so you have to be sure that your chosen dirt bike can guarantee your safety.

If the seat height of your dirt bike is too high, the likelihood of taking control of the bike may be highly low in the event of a crash, leading to severe injuries, and in some cases, death. Safety shouldn’t be an after-thought.

4. Rider’s Height

Your height as a rider also matters a lot when choosing which dirt bike to go for. If you’re a 5’5 person, KTM 450 of 37.5 inches is neither a suitable nor safe option. A 5’5 rider should go for some height in the neighborhood of 30” or 32”.

A Honda CRF110F with a seat height of 28.5” or a Yamaha TTR 230 of 34.3 inches will be a better candidate than a KTM 450 boasting 37.8 inches seat height. There are other suitable options out there. So, let your height match the seat height of the dirt bike you choose to buy.

Here’s a guide:

  1. If your height falls within 60 (5’0″) to 62 (5’2”) inches range, go for bike with seat height from 29 to32 inches.
  2. For riders between 62 (5’2”) and 65 (5’5”) inches, go for seat height of 31 inches to 34 inches.

Important Tips for Short Riders

To be effective and have a safe and smooth riding experience as a short rider, you need to know and take action on the following important riding tips:

  • Maintain balance
  • Wear your protective gear. This is a MUST.
  • Ride on higher terrain
  • Wear a pair of riding boots
  • Be consistent with riding and make it a pastime
  • Shave your seat
  • Increase the rear sag
  • Lower the suspension and link kit
  • Learn how or jump off the bike

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can short riders gain some height on dirt bikes?

The simplest and best way is to wear a pair of riding boots. You’ll gain some height if you wear boots, and your toe ball can easily reach the ground.

Q: What’s the ideal seat height for short motorcycle riders?

The recommended seat height for short riders is between 30 and 35 inches. But you can follow the guide I gave earlier under the rider’s height.


You can’t afford to give in to the prevailing myth that there are no dirt bikes for short riders. I repeat for the umpteen times; it’s not true. It’s a fallacy.

I’m sure the next time your cousin asks if you have any idea about the best dirt bikes for short riders, you’ll have plenty of recommendations. Isn’t that the power of information?

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