6 Best Dual Sport Helmets (Review)

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These dual sport helmets can provide you the right protection while remaining aerodynamic!

Not all helmets are made equal. You probably know it by now but every type of ride deserves a helmet of its own. We all know how helmets can make or break our rides, even our lives. They should be at the top of our list when we’re preparing for a ride.

Dual sports helmets are some of the most reliable helmets for their type of ride. These helmets, of course, have their own purposes. Generally, these helmets protect you from environmental factors such as UV rays, raindrops, insects, and noises caused by the wind.

There are a lot of helmets in this category. So, we gathered the best dual sport helmets in the market today.

1. Bell MX-9 MIPS Helmet

Bell MX-9 MIPS | Best Dual Sport Helmets

The Bell MX-9 is the first on our list as the most lightweight entry. For a dual sport helmet, it only weighs around 3.3 lbs. Generally, for an adventure helmet, it’s a middleweight helmet. With that, this helmet cleverly combines protection for both dirt and street motorcycling.

Let’s take a look at the things that make this helmet one of the best of its kind.

Firstly, the Bell MX-9 has great construction. The shell of the helmet has a polycarbonate composite so despite it being lightweight, it’s a strong helmet. It protects you just fine!

As for the interior of the Bell MX-9, you can trust the MIPS tech it comes with. That stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This very tech mutes rotational forces the helmet receives from certain impacts.


Still, about the interior, we get a foam liner for this helmet. It disperses forces absorbed by the helmet on impact. It also has an elastomeric attachment that extends so that the foam liner can revolve around a low-friction liner.

That said, the liners of the Bell MX-9 and cheek pads are removable. You can easily wash them to keep them clean and rid of any bad odor.

This helmet also comes with a shield with integrated scratch resistance. It also perfectly protects you from UV rays and has an anti-fog coating as well. It’s a clear shield but you always have the freedom to replace it with a tinted one.

The Bell MX-9 also has great ventilation with the velocity-flow system that keeps the hot air out. In turn, it allows cool air to come into the helmet.

Moreover, the Bell MX-9 MIPS helmet passed the DOT FMVSS 2018 safety standards. It means that it has great penetration resistance and has a quality chin strap included. The helmet is also very stylish with up to 15 colors to choose from and 7 sizes to make sure it fits you.

2. O’Neal Sierra II Dual Sport Helmet

O'Neal Sierra II | Best Dual Sport Helmets

One of the struggles for any kind of helmet is its option to accommodate glasses. It’s really hard to find helmets that let you wear glasses while you ride. So, we made sure to find a dual sport helmet option with this feature. That’s why we chose O’Neal Sierra II is on our list.

This helmet comes with a temple foam sectioning that lets you wear glasses in the helmet. You can slide your eyeglasses into the helmet swiftly. This is a great feature to have but this helmet is more than that.

Here are other features you should look out for.

First, let’s take a look at the material of the O’Neal Sierra II. It has a lightweight shell made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS. So, you’re rest assured that it’s a durable helmet.


The lining of the Sierra II also proves very comfortable for the wearers. It keeps the wearer dry by wicking away moisture. It also has an air-channel that helps you stay cool, especially if you’re riding in the summer.

That said, you can rely on the vent holes of this helmet. It allows cool air to come into the helmet as it flushes out hot air. These vents come both adjustable and non-adjustable. The ones in front of the jaw are adjustable. Meanwhile, the vents on top of the helmet aren’t adjustable.

The chin strap of the O’Neal Sierra II also comes padded. It also has a double-D safety lock that helps keep the helmet secure. This will prevent wiggling and, of course, your helmet flying off.

The visor of the Sierra II combines two great features. One is a tinted internal visor and the other’s a clear face shield. They will definitely keep you safe from harmful environmental factors you may encounter.

This helmet passed the safety standards not only by DOT but also the ECE 22.05. So, you can rest assured that you can use it not only on the streets but also off-road.

You can avail of the Sierra II in three different colors. With 6 sizes to choose from, there’s definitely one of these for you.

3. 1Storm HGXP-14A Dual Sport Helmet

1Storm HGXP-14A | Best Dual Sport Helmets

The great thing about the 1Storm HGXP-14A is that it’s a very versatile helmet. It’s a great all-around helmet that provides ample protection to the wearer.

You can wear this helmet whether you’re on a dirtbike or a Harley. Even if you’re on an ATV, you can still wear this helmet! It’s that versatile.

It also has a great overall design. It’s sleek and stylish all over. That said, you can expect this helmet to be lightweight. It’s not bulky so you can be comfortable all throughout your ride.

Now, let’s check what this helmet is made of. The 1Storm HGXP-14A is a lightweight helmet. Its die to the thermoplastic alloy on its material makeup. It’s a sturdy material that’s also very light.


1Storm HGXP-14A comes with UV protection so that it will be safe from harmful sun rays. This helps in promoting the shelf life of the helmet.

The design of the 1Storm HGXP-14A reflects an aerodynamic system. That minimizes wind noise so you don’t have to worry about damaging your ears when riding at highway speed.

For the interior of the helmet, you can feel the heavy integration of cushions in the helmet. While, it’s not bulky, inside, you can feel the cushion that will absorb forces caused by impact. So, you can be safe and comfortable the whole ride through.

That said, the cushion of the helmet is removable. You can wash it anytime so that you’re also sure it will be clean. It assures an odor-free ride.

There are only praises for the ventilation of the 1Storm HGXP-14A. It has vents on top. You can keep them open so that you can have cool air come in the helmet and seal it right in. It allows for great airflow.

The shield of the helmet also provides ample protection, especially from sunlight. It’s because the shield of the helmet is tinted. It also seals just fine to protect you from cold winds. You can remove the shield or raised it just enough so the helmet turns into a motocross helmet.

This helmet comes with DOT certification. It assures great on and off-road use. You also have a lot of colors to choose from and 6 sizes to accommodate you.

4. Voss 600 Dually Helmet

Voss 600 Dually | Best Dual Sport Helmets

Next on our list of the best dual sport helmets, we have the Voss 600. You’ve probably heard of this one already. It’s a constant bestseller and many riders back this up with great reviews.

According to many, this helmet is the perfect helmet, especially for hot weather. If you perspire a lot, this helmet helps a lot to keep you cool and dry.

One of its most sought-after features of the Voss 600 helmet is its moisture-wicking interior. Summer rides can be really hot and perspiration is almost unavoidable on any ride. This helps a lot to keep you dry and ultimately clean throughout the ride.

Here are more reasons to love this helmet from Voss.


Firstly, the construction of the helmet includes two great materials. It has both ABS and polycarbonate alloy. This assures that the helmet is not only lightweight but also strong enough to protect. That said, this helmet only weighs around 3.5 lbs.

As aforementioned, the moisture-wicking cushion of the helmet is removable. This allows you to clean it anytime so that it also stops any bacteria build-up or bad odors.

The Voss 600 also has a sun visor. It’s in medium-dark smoke so that it keeps you from getting harmed by the sun’s rays. Aside from that, the helmet has an outer face shield. This will keep any dust particles or even insects from getting to your face.

Let’s get to the design of the Voss 600. A favorite among riders, the Voss 600 has a matte black design. It has a two-tone matte finish. This is a great finish that will make your helmet look cool no matter the angle. Aside from the matte black, it also comes in other colors namely matte black thunderbolt, glossy white shark fin, and matte red thunderbolt.

To wrap this up, the Voss 600 comes with certification from DOT. It passed the DOT FMVSS 218 safety standards.

5. AHR H-VEN20 Helmet

AHR H-VEN20 DOT | Best Dual Sport Helmets

Nothing beats a classic. The AHR H-VEN20 helmet is one that proves just that. It comes with a classic design and that’s something that proves its longevity.

This helmet has a domed look, so you’re sure that it looks cool anywhere you use it. Aside from its look, however, its construction and great ventilation are other features to look forward to.

The AHR H-VEN20 helmet comes with high-quality ASB construction. It adds a thick buffer layer to the helmet making it a robust choice for a helmet. That said, it provides a great layer of protection for your ride.

That said, the AHR H-VEN20 helmet is also a lightweight choice. Despite that, it provides sufficient protection from any impact. In fact, it has certification from DOT. This should give you the confidence to ride with this helmet in style and safety.


Another reason why this helmet is one of the best dual sport helmets in the market is its ventilation. Because it has an ABS shell, it makes the helmet generally comfortable to wear. The AHR H-VEN20 has a great lining and a ventilation system that promotes a great flow of air. You definitely won’t feel like you’re in a sweatbox when wearing it.

The earpads of this helmet is also interchangeable. So, you can take it out and wash it so that your helmet remains clean.

6. Arai XD-4 Dual Sport Helmet

Arai XD-4 Dual Sport Helmet

It’s not a list of the best motorcycle helmets without an entry from Arai. We all know how the brand comes up with some of the best offers in the market. The Arai XD-4 is definitely a shoo-in for this category.

Arai often gets compared to Shoei. Understandably so, there are various reasons for that. However, the Arai XD-4 is a common favorite for its classic style.

The Arai XD-4 is one of the most comfortable helmets you can get on the market. That said, it doesn’t sacrifice protection. It has DOT, ECE, and even Snell M2020 certification.

At 3.66 lbs, the helmet is also very lightweight. It has an intermediate oval shape so you’re sure that it fits you just right.


There are many positive reviews about this helmet especially when it comes to comfort. Sure, it may be on the premium side of the scale but it’s a great helmet to invest in.

It has a face shield that smoothly rotates as well as adjustable air vents. You can adjust not only the chin vent and two top vents but also the two large vents on the rear exhaust.

That said, this is a helmet for all seasons. It’s cool enough for the summer and even warm enough for cold days. It’s definitely something you should consider putting your money on.

Best Dual Sport Helmets Guide & FAQs

What are Dual Sport Helmets?

The great thing about dual sport helmets is the different ways you can wear them. You can take it to the highway but you can also take it off-road. It’s an efficient choice of helmet if you’re into both types of rides.

That said, a dual sport helmet combines the great features and protection of a dirt road helmet as well as the aerodynamic design of a street helmet.

Generally, you’ll find a lot of dual sport helmets that carry the shape and style of off-road helmets. It also comes with a face shield just like a street motorcycle.

Dual sport helmets have safety features that will assure your head remains protected upon impact. It also has better protection against noise. Moreover, they can function just as well as full-face helmets.

Some dual sport helmets can be used with goggles or glasses.

What to Consider When Buying Dual Sport Helmets

No matter what your type of ride is, there are certain factors to consider when buying any helmet at all. Dual sport helmets, in particular, should give you the right protection and promotes comfort more than anything else. Here are some factors to consider when buying them.


Every rider wants a comfortable ride. That’s why comfort is at the top of our list. You should never purchase a helmet that weighs a ton. It will cause stress on your neck and back resulting in persisting pain with or without the helmet on. Get a helmet that’s lightweight. A lot of lightweight helmets also provide great protection and even proper ventilation.

Sun Protection

Motorcyclists spend a lot of time under the sun, especially during the summer. We all know how harmful that can be to the skin. Make sure that your helmet comes with the right protection from UV rays. This avoids not only tanning and discomfort but also keeps heat from getting to you.

That said, in the long run, your skin will thank you for the protection you gave it. A good helmet protects you not only from crashes and the wind but also from heat.


While we’re at it, make sure that your helmet has features that keep bacteria from building up. It could be a moisture-wicking inner lining or a removable cushion that you can easily clean.

Swear is an easy way for bacteria to build up and therefore promote a foul smell. It can be unpleasant to wear after a while and even cause sickness.


You should also consider getting the right size of helmet. It doesn’t matter if your helmet is lightweight if you got the wrong size. A small helmet can cramp up your whole head. Meanwhile, a large helmet will wiggle a lot during the ride. It ultimately affects your safety during the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are dual sports helmets expensive?N

Not all of them. There are helmets that only cost a little over a hundred bucks. However, there are premium choices that cost $400 to $500. There are also helmets that are under $100.

Q: When can I wear a dual sports helmet?

You can wear them on the street but also on off-road rides.

Final Thoughts

The best dual sport helmet should always give you the right protection not only from impacts but also from environmental factors. Make sure that you get a lightweight one to also keep your ride comfortable as much as it’s safe.

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