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10 Best Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrades

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Why would a Harley Davidson (H-D) motorcycle owner or rider still insist on having a Harley speaker mounted on his or her motorbike? The crazily rumbling sound of any V-twin, four-stroke Harley vehicle is enough to turn heads. But guess what? The deep oomph from touring-oriented Harley speakers produces something magnificent that you can ask for more if the delivery doesn’t match your expectation.

Asking for more means you want an upgrade of the sound. For a second, one can imagine what comes out of the best Harley Davidson speaker upgrades. You could turn to ride into partying with the level of sound your speaker will produce.

The good news is that plenty of OEM and aftermarket Harley speakers are available on the market to improve your fun and soar your music to a noise level. At that stage, you’re looking at the music from your classic electric drums, bass, and guitars.

If your search has not yielded the right results, I’ve compiled a list of the best Harley Davidson speaker upgrades available on the market. You’ll find this post even more helpful because I also consider the buying considerations and the frequently asked questions.

1. Hoppe Industries-Stereo Fairing

Best Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrades

The first item on our list of best Harley Davidson Speaker upgrades is the Hoppe Industries-Stereo System. This audio system has many distinguishing features that will beat off many competitors, including some of the speakers on this list.

First, the Hoppe Industries Stereo Fairing has a silkier, more sturdy, and compact design, thanks to its shorter and narrower sizes of 4 and 5 inches, respectively.

This model’s sound quality is incredible thanks to its hand-crafted fiberglass build that is coated with a gel finish to bring out its glossy black color.

Using the Hoppe Industries-Stereo Fairing improves and offers a new riding experience considering that it comes with a built-in sound system that is both powerful and smooth, offering a modern makeover.

This classically styled product adds fairing and windshield to keep the rider safe from flying insects, dirt, debris, and wind. It is an excellent addition to your entire riding life. It is designed for Harley Davidson and will also fit many other motorcycle models and brands. 

On top of these fantastic features is that this sound system is a marine-grade system that underscores the excellent riding experience riders feel on the bike. There is also an antenna that ensures a transparent audio system. It is integrated with Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphones, MP3, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.


  • Marine-grade sound system
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology for multi-use
  • Solid fiberglass build
  • Compact and sleek

2. Hogtunes- 362R-RM H-D Speakers

Best Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrades 1

The second item on our list is another top-quality model from Hogtunes, the -362R-RM Speakers, known for its incredible sound system and seamless installation process.

The model will produce crystal clear sound, thanks to its boastful 125W RMS, which offers users the freedom to switch from low through mid to high volume levels. The system is explicitly designed to work with touring bikes.

The audio system comes with a custom speaker basket, making installation a walk in the park. You do not need to cut or modify the original speakers before you upgrade to this model. It means you can effortlessly mount this model anywhere, anytime, on your bike for a comfortable ride.

On top of this, the speaker boasts high-fidelity sound quality as you ride at top speed. The sound level is not affected by the freeway speeds or the raging wind that often swallows many speaker systems’ sound. The speaker is 4.25-inch and features a custom pod and 50W amp.

Thanks to the five different charge pots, you can charge your phone, GPS, power bank, or camera with this speaker.


  • Easy to set up and mount
  • Multiple charge ports
  • Quality and hi-fi sound system
  • It doesn’t require extra fitting

3. BOSS MC440B Bluetooth Motorcycle Speaker System

Best Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrades 2

BOSS is known for its quality delivery in any motorcycle accessories it delves into. The production of the MC440B Bluetooth Motorcycle Speaker System again attests to this fact.

It is the best audio system any Harley Davidson lover would love to have as replacement speakers for their stock speakers. This product delivers a top-quality sound and doesn’t require any special skills or tools for installation.

 It doesn’t limit its function to Harley Davidson models alone. This feature makes this model a grandmaster of versatility, one-size-fits-all fitting, and multi-purpose. If you’re a friend of Harley or any other cruiser, this is the right guy.

It comes with Bluetooth amplifiers to help you get enough volume to swallow all wind storms and freeway speeds. This product is mountable on your motorcycle handlebars; it features a Bluetooth system, making it useful for your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

It can function as a replacement audio system or simple speakers for Harleys that are not designed with a built-in speaker and sound system. Installing this model is a breeze, meaning you won’t need any special tools or skills to get it mounted on your bike’s handlebar.


  • Versatile and durable
  • Mountable on handlebar and Bluetooth-enabled
  • Easy to mount
  • Works with Harleys and most cruisers

4. Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG Fairing Speakers (Best for Street Glide)

Best Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrades 3

If you love your 2006-2013 Harley Street Glide, the Rock Fosgate H-D Fairing Speakers come with plenty of goodwill to make any rider want to jump at it. If you want to know why you need to upgrade your Harley Street Glide speakers with this incredible piece, let’s open it up.

First, this model produces crystal-clear audio that makes your on-road Harley street glide sound like a mobile disco hall. Don’t discard the piece you currently have. Instead, upgrade it by quickly removing and replacing it with these 6.5-inch full-range speakers.

The product slips in without shaking or bumping. It produces a sound far superior to what your old speakers will offer. These speakers don’t need you to make any significant adjustments or replace the adapters because they fit into the original setup of your old system.

It comes with 75W RMS, offering the latitude to operate the speakers’ pitch at any frequency range, from high to mid and then low levels. It provides sound clarity even when you’re at top speed.


  • Fit for 2006-2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide
  • Clear sound at top speed
  • Works with original fittings
  • Reasonably priced

5. Hoppe Quadzilla Fiberglass Speakers

Best Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrades 4

It’d be by a smidgen of oversight if a brand like Hoppe Quadzilla is missing on the list of the best Harley Davidson speaker upgrades. The Fiberglass’s fairing speakers remain some of the most classic, attractive, and stylish models on the market.

Featuring a fiberglass design, this model is coated with a gloss black to confer incredible aesthetics and offer high resistance to water and the elements, including corrosion and rust. Plus, you can customize this model and give it your favorite color.

What about the easy installation process that defines this model? Effortlessly, you can connect, install, and mount these wired speaker models on your motorcycle, thanks to its moderate size of 5 inches.

The Hoppe Quadzilla Fiberglass fairing Speakers have a radio antenna that confers a sophisticated and clean look and keeps riders from suffering wind whips. There is also a well-built windshield for maximum protection.

With 160W RMS, you can be sure that you will hear the sound coming from your tune loud and clear without any interference due to the highway or freeway speeds.

Other features include 3-band EQ, AM/FM radio tuner, USB ports, removable faceplate, and CD aux input. Interestingly, you don’t need any modifications to fit this model on existing factory speakers.


  • Stylish fiberglass design
  • Easy installation
  • Custom color options
  • The bright and loud sound

6. Polk Audio FLHT Speaker (Best Replacement)

Lovers of Harley Davidson Electra Glide will fall in love with this incredible replacement audio kit. The first thing you will love about this model is the affordable price. It is an option for those willing to upgrade their speaker system but on a low budget.

Polk Audio FLHT Factory Speaker Kit is quite easy to mount and delivers a decent sound that attracts bystanders to your on-road ‘party’ on the bike. Adding extra noise and volume to soar your music on Electra Glide isn’t bad. At 100W RMS, you can be sure this is the right guy to pick. The sound and sound clarity is a blast!

Money shouldn’t be an issue here because this model comes cheap, but the quality is not compromised. It is also resistant to weather and water. There’s no need to worry about using it in the summer or winter.

 Whether you’re at maximum speed or just leisurely cruising, the sound coming from this model makes you like direct replacement speakers. Interestingly, it fits the original installation fittings without any modifications.


  • Ideal for 1998-2013 Harley Davidson Electra Glide
  • Clear and quality sound
  • Affordable and waterproof
  • Easy to install.

7. J&M Rokker XXR H-D Road Glide Speakers 

Best Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrades 6

J & M Rokker has never hidden its intention to excite the fans of Harley Davidson Road Glide with the best sound and music while riding on the road. With the introduction of these front speakers, the fun has just begun.

These 7.25-inch speakers feature 165W RMS, meaning that you have the latitude to tune your speakers up and down, from low through mid to high volume levels. That’s not all. The clarity of the sound from these speakers is incredible.

You do not have to worry about whether these speakers would fit. This model is made to fit the original fittings that come with your motorcycle. All you need for optimal mounting are acoustic pads, and you’re good to go.

You don’t need to cut up or modify anything on the existing speakers. It is also waterproof and can withstand any weather temperature, low or high.

Moreover, the J & M Rokker XXR Harley Fairing Speakers also boast cone mass. They are impressive in many other areas, including easy installation, crystal clear sound at freeway speeds, plenty of volume, affordability, and waterproof. 


  • Waterproof
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Easy installation process
  • Designed for 1998-2013 H-D Road Glide

8. Hogtunes 352F-AA H-D Ultra Classic Speakers

Best Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrades 7

I’m sure Harley Davidson Ultra Classic enthusiasts are already itching for their turn to have an overview of the replacement speakers that will help them upgrade from their current status. Here come 352F-AA 2006-2013 Replacement Speakers from Hogtunes.

It is one of the most incredible and stylish-looking models on our list. If you need some excitement added to your time on the FLH Ultra Classic, mounting these speakers would be the right idea.

This model boasts 100W RMS, offering you a crisp and crystal-clear sound right from the blast of the whistle. It will beat off all competition from your stock speakers with its options to tune to a high volume.

 You can be sure of the clarity of sound even at freeway speeds. The sound performance is impressive regardless of the gear you run while on your Ultra Classic. It depresses the rate of the wind and the noise of the road.

It is both waterproof and weatherproof, making it available for use during the extreme winter and summer weather conditions. It produces a crisp and bright range of frequencies. You don’t have any modifications to existing fittings.


  • Waterproof
  • Breezy mounting process
  • Quick and easy upgrade
  • Made for 2006-2013 H-D Ultra Classic

9. Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG Speakers (Best for Road Glide)

Best Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrades 8

Rockford Fosgate is returning to our list of the best Harley Davidson speaker upgrades, and this time with a bang that will blow minds. The TMS6RG Harley Davidson Speaker model is one of the best audio systems the market is excitedly proud of.

A fairing speaker designed explicitly for Harley-Davidson Road Glide motorcycle, the Rockford Fosgate is a coaxial speaker. It is designed to deliver full-range volume and sound that will fit the shoe of any fairing speaker.

It comes with a neodymium motorized engine design wedged inside a tweeter housing built with a polypropylene cone. The surrounding material in the front is an isolated Santoprene that connects the cone.

There is no need to worry about compatibility because this speaker model comes to replace the existing factory’s original systems directly. It also features a mount that makes fitting a breeze. There are also mounting kits and OEM speaker connectors.

It is a model designed for 1998-2013 Harley Davidson touring bikes and will deliver ultra-efficiency, thanks to its patented film tweeter. It features a Bluetooth system, AM/FM digital for streaming music, and favorite stations.   


  • Water and weather-resistant
  • High-performance audio
  • Clears freeway speeds
  • Proprietary tweeter housing
  • Easy to mount with no modification

10. Kicker DSC6504 Harley Speaker

Best Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrades 9

The Kicker DSC6540 Harley Davidson Speaker makes the last item on our list, but not the least. You cannot mention the top 5 Harley Davidson Speaker upgrades without the Kicker occupying its rightful place.

If you ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle powered by a 4-stroke, two-cylinder engine, this is the ideal speaker system to upgrade from your factory speakers. It is designed to cater to riders who prefer high-performance and loud engines.

You will be lucky to have this model if you have modified your sound system or want a loud sound to pull out the best in your motorcycle’s fun and audio life.

You can install the model on your Harley Davidson Street Glide effortlessly, thanks to its great and perfect size to offer a good fit. Even when you’re running at top speed, the sound comes out loud and clear.

Cleaning the speakers is a breeze, but you won’t have to worry about dust getting into it because it comes with a fairing and windshield that scare riders’ eyes away from sun glare, wind, dirt, debris, and flying insects.


  • Features rings for perfect Harley mounting
  • Top-quality, loud, and clear sounds even at max speed
  • Easy to mount
  • Resistant to water, weather, UV light, and corrosion
  • Resistant to corrosion from UV light

Best Motorcycle Speaker Upgrade Guide & FAQ

Quality Sound

The primary purpose of buying a motorcycle speaker is clarity and sound quality. A speaker with high RMS wattage will deliver incredible sound clarity, and the environment where you’re riding won’t matter anymore. Your speaker will produce the sound whether you’re at freeway or highway speeds.

Ease of Mounting

Choosing a motorcycle speaker that would be hassle-free when installing is a great idea. You wouldn’t want a speaker that will take your whole day to mount. Most manufacturers indicate clear and comprehensive instructions to set up and install.


Durability is an essential factor to consider before choosing your Harley Davidson speaker upgrade. You don’t want to go from a reliable factory stock speaker to a weak and less powerful aftermarket model. Ensure that the speaker you’re mounting truly upgrades your motorcycle sound system. The speaker must resist water, corrosion, rust, and weather conditions.


There are speakers designed for specific motorcycles. As you’ve come to find on our list here, there are speakers specific for Harley Davidson Street Glide, Electra Glide, Road King, Road Glide, etc. There are universal audio systems that fit most motorcycles. Consider the compatibility status of the model you’re rooting for.

Bluetooth feature

You cannot always have your hands free to operate your audio system. You’ll need a speaker set that integrates the Bluetooth feature. This will allow you to connect your smartphones, MP3 players, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices to listen to your favorite tunes hands-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it necessary to upgrade my Harley Speakers?

Yes and no. Everything is by choice, but there’s a lot to benefit from if you add a custom set of pipes to your bike. One great thing you gain by taking a step away from the norm that factory speakers offer you is that you become a hard rocker.

I mean, you can raise your head high and ensure your Harley bike delivers optimal sound with the new aftermarket air filter. Audiophiles aren’t comfortable with low volumes. By adding a new aftermarket speaker system, you can be sure of crystal clear and loud sound.  

Q: Should I buy weatherproof and waterproof motorcycle speakers?

Absolutely! It is essential to look for weatherproof and waterproof motorcycle speakers. There are plenty of them on the market. By this, we mean speakers who can guard against the adverse effects of the elements and weather conditions.

Whether you use them in the extreme and torrential rain of the winter or the harsh and scorching heat of the summer doesn’t matter. Your Harley waterproof motorcycle speakers must be ready to withstand without bulging. Corrosion and rust are two evils that can potentially destroy your speakers. Many models out there won’t give in to these effects of the elements.

Q: What is the best Wattage for motorcycle speakers?

It all depends on the level of volume you need. But on average, your motorcycle speakers must feature some power. After all, speakers are designed to contend with so much howl and noise that come with freeway and highway speeds. There is also the sound of cars and other motorcycles that may want to overshadow the music coming from your speakers.

Hence, if your speaker’s RMS wattage output is high and mighty, you can be sure there is no low. Do not go for the PMPO figure but the RMS wattage. The RMS sound comes with so much output, decent sound quality, excellent clarity, quality sound at freeway speeds, and high volume.


As we coast home on our discussion on the best Harley Davidson motorcycle upgrades, you can begin to decide which model to go for. Whichever you opt for eventually, you won’t regret it. You can’t afford to splash your hard-earned money on a substandard product.

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10 Best Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrades

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