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10 Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

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A motorcycle ride on a warm day is one of the best feelings in the world. However, motorcycles are not only for the warm season. You can enjoy the feel of the wind against your face and a thrilling ride, even during the cold.

I enjoy the challenge of riding on a cold day. It is not as dreadful as you might think if you have the right gear. As not all bikes have the luxury of heated handles, one of the motorcycle accessories you need is heated gloves.  

Heated gloves help to protect your hands from the wind and cold, ensuring you always have a firm grip on your motorcycle. So, pick out a heated motorcycle glove for your next trip.

However, you need to look out for many factors if you want the best-heated motorcycle gloves. I have considered these factors and selected the top 10 heated motorcycle gloves for you. You can choose any of these ten, and it will be an excellent choice.

Do you need a pair of heated gloves? Check out this curated list of the best-heated motorcycle gloves. They are electrically powered to provide your hand with the comfort, warmth, and safety you need when you ride on cold days.

1. Heated Glove Liners

Heated Glove Liners Showing Heating Feature in Red

What makes this glove unique, and why should you consider buying it? Check out its amazing features below.

Heating Element Covers Whole Fingers & Hand

The electric glove heating element covers your whole hand, from the fingertips to the back of your hand.

Three Setting Temperature Control

You can choose and easily adjust to any of the three temperature control options, making it your perfect companion throughout the winter.

Soft, Thin Glove Liners

It is made from super-soft, thin, insulated cotton, Lyca, and Neoprene materials. The glove will feel smooth on your skin, but it’ll also achieve the aim of keeping you warm.

Super soft thin glove linersThe glove is a little bulky due to heating elements
Breathable and soft materialHeats less on fingers

Read customer reviews and learn more.

2. Autocastle Heated Glove

Autocastle offers enough warmth for great relief of cold hands, arthritis, and any winter-related issue.

Wondering what makes the glove so unique? Check out its features;

Large capacity rechargeable Li-ion Battery

With a specially designed 2200mAh Li-Po battery, you get long working hours of warmth. You can say goodbye to cold hands.

Adjustable temperature

Choose between three heating levels. The aim is to deliver enough warmth to your hands without compromising comfort and convenience.

Breathable and Waterproof material

It’s composed of extra cotton, coating fabric, reinforced PU leather, and an invisible heat chip. In all, the gloves are waterproof.

Long working hours of cozy temperatureLast for only about four hours
Waterproof fabricCan be large for small fingers

3. VELAZZIO Thermo1 Battery Heated Gloves

Here is your ultimate response to riding in cold weather.

Go through some of its features below to see why it’s one of the best motorcycle heated gloves for you;

Enhanced Heating system

The carbon fiber heating panel powered by a 7.4V battery positions ergonomically along the back of your and ensures toasty-warm heating output.

Touchscreen Fingertips

You do not have to pull off the glove to use your phone. It is touch screen compatible.

Waterproof Pack

The heavy-duty polyester shell is tough enough to lock out cold, seal in warmth, and be water-resistant.

Three heat settings with pre-heating stagesHigh touchscreen sensitivity
Adjustable wrist strapThe Finger area feels a bit bulky

4. Savior Electric Motorcycle Heated Gloves

This Savior glove has everything you need to fight through the harshest weather condition. It is made from premium-grade materials, making it durable without compromising comfort.

Want to know more about these innovative motorcycle gloves? Check out its features below;

Instant Heat with 3 Temperature Settings

Toggle between three temperature settings to provide warmth as you need. With the instant heat feature, you can feel your hand warm in about 30 seconds after turning on the power.

Excellent Warm Function

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the motorcycle gloves offer full heat coverage from the band of your hand to the fingers. It is suitable for smooth blood circulation.


The gloves have a touchscreen sensor on the index finger, which makes it convenient to use your touchscreen devices while you have the glove on.

Durable and comfortableNot compatible washing machine
Gently warms the entire handMore water-resistant than waterproof

5. Heat Warmer Heated Gloves

Let nothing stop you from having an excellent winter biking experience. This Heat Warmer heated glove makes it possible.

Check out its features below;

High-Quality Material

The glove comprises carbon fiber heating material and premium-grade black leather. It helps to beef up the high-wear areas such as the palm and makes it the perfect fit for motorcycling.

Temperature Adjustable

Heat warmer heat gloves offer three levels of temperature. Therefore, it fits all kinds of outdoor conditions. It supplies the warmth and cozy feeling you need to enjoy your bike ride.

Touchable Screen Contexting

Heat Warmer Heated Gloves has a touch screen function, and you can easily use it on all touch screen devices.

Gloves are perfect for all ages and are unisexBulky but warm enough
Waterproof, Windproof, and Heat insulateHeat can take a while to reach the palm and fingers

6. SVPRO Heated Gloves

The SVPRO Heated Gloves have proven to be a good defense against harsh cold weather.

What makes the heated glove rank high in the retail store? Find out below;

Superb Electric Hand Warmer

SVPRO Heated Gloves have heating elements made of carbon fiber. It offers superb durability and excellent standards.

Touch Screen Enabled

It’s coated with conductive material on the fingertips. The SVPRO heated material lets you use your touchscreen devices without having to take off the gloves.

Comfortable skin lining

The body and inside of the glove are made of soft leather palm and insulated cotton. It supports blood circulation and offers comfortable warmth for an all-day experience. It is perfect for the motorcycle experience.

Three heat settings for individual temperature controlThe heat source is on the back of the hand and palm only
Long-lasting warmth experience from two 3.7V batteriesMedium-quality stitching

7. Global Vasion Heated Gloves

Have you been struggling to find rechargeable gloves that keep your hands warm and are great for motorcycle riding? Global Vasion Heated Glove is the answer you seek.

Here’s why Global Vasion Heated Glove ranks top among others;

Functional Heating System

The gloves have a well-made heating function making them a perfect pair of winter gloves, especially for motorcycle riders. It gets your hand warm quickly and allows you to enjoy your riding experience, even in frigid temperatures.

Temperature Control Button

The three-level temperature control button seems to be the contesting feature of most top-best-heated motorcycle gloves. Global Vasion Heated Glove is not an exception in this case, as it allows you to choose the best temperature setting per time.

Long-Lasting Power

The pair of gloves comes with two pieces of 7.4V batteries to offer you a long-lasting power system.

They are comfortableNot washable in a machine
Excellent thermal retentionLacks finger knuckles

8. Sun Will Professional Heated Motorcycle Gloves

This glove is another innovative and compact design with improved technology and quality from a professional heated glove manufacturer.

Some of its features include;

Top-Notch Motorcycle Glove Material

It’s a professional motorcycle glove material made of a protective hard shell cover and shock-absorbing foam for hand protective effect.

Excellent Thermal Performance

It is made for warmth and longtime comfort. It’s entirely made for winter day activities and motorcycle tide.

Touch Sensor Functionality

It efficiently works for any touchscreen device with an installed touch sensor on the thumb and finger.

Breathable comfort fleece linersIt’s not water-resistant
Effectively protects the wristGlove internal liner can quickly wear off

9. Begleri Heated Gloves For Motorcycles

You are not wrong if you choose Begleri electric heating glove. It’s your ideal glove for outdoor activities, including motorcycling.

Some of its features include;

All-Round Hand Warmth

The Begleri glove provides a full coverage heating area from the back of your hand to all your fingers. It, therefore, stimulates smooth blood circulation.

Longer Working Hours

The battery-powered glove comes with two updated 3.7V 7000mAh batteries to give up to 15 hours of warmth.

Waterproof and Windproof

The Begleri glove is made of resistant PU leather on the outer layer as a waterproof and windproof material. At the same time, the internal part consists of resistant cotton to keep your hand warm.

It’s waterproof and anti-slip proof for an excellent gripLook heavy-duty for some users
Has anti-shock EVA to make you more comfortableCustomers do have sizing issues

10. ILM Heated Motorcycle Leather Gloves

The ILM motorcycle heated glove is one of the best-heated motorcycle gloves. It’s suitable for all types of biking and power sports. The intelligent heated system keeps you warm on winter days.

Some of its features include;

Integrated Heating System

It uses a thin, flexible heating chip on the backside of your hand to keep you warm on cold days.

3 Gear Temperature Control

It quickly changes the temperature with a touch of the control button on the gloves. You get to switch between temperatures ranging from 455 to degrees Celsius.

Retains Warmth

ILM heated gloves are made of soft-thin breathable cotton layers that make the glove feel comfortable and retain warmth. The wrist part locks in its best fit to keep out cold and, at the same time, contains heat within the gloves.

Has palm anti-skid and wear-resistantFingertip is not touch screen conductive
Superb elastic windproof bandPeople with smaller hands might have issues with size

Buyers Guide For Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

You might want to ride your bike in the winter for several reasons. A heated gear helps you ensure that you don’t end up freezing because of this decision. You will also be able to ride for longer and feel lighter.

Since this gear can be rather expensive, you don’t want to make a choice that will turn out useless for you. You need to know which will work best for you, even when you know the best-heated motorcycle gloves in the market from the review above.

You need to consider certain factors before buying a heated motorcycle glove. I have highlighted those criteria below. It will guide your decision.

What to Consider Before Buying a Heated Motorcycle Glove?

What is suitable for one bike rider is not always right for the other, just like your taste in bikes might not match your friend’s. Before you put your money on a heated glove, here are the things you should consider;


You need to make sure that the gloves fit your hands snugly. You don’t want a situation where you lose control of your bike because the gloves are too tight or loose. Take note of the finger length also, as too long gloves will affect your grip.  


Your safety is essential, and you need to consider how safe the gear is before you purchase it. Your gloves should provide hand and knuckle protection in the case of a fall from your bike. Heated gloves that allow you to control the temperature that gets to your hand are the best, as you can reduce it when it gets too hot.


You must be entirely at ease when you are on your bike. Your gear must be comfortable to stay in control of your bike. It would help if you got gloves in materials that feel soft on the skin. It would help if you also got waterproof and windproof gloves made with breathable materials for maximum heat and protection.


Your heated motorcycle gloves should be able to serve you for other activities. You should be able to use it when hiking, snowmobiling, or skiing. This feature means you will get maximum value for your money.

Battery Life

Most heated motorcycle gloves are battery-powered. When you want to buy one, you should ensure that it has long battery life. You don’t want to be stuck out with a glove that stopped working due to low battery power. You should also look out for a warranty as it will help if your gloves develop any faults.

It is crucial to have the best-heated motorcycle gloves, but you should also know how to use them well. I have provided a few tips to help you make the most use of your gloves.

Tips for Using Heated Motorcycle Gloves

It is one thing to own a gear. It is another thing entirely to know how to use it optimally. I have provided a few tips to help you make the most use of your gloves.

  • Ensure you read the manufacturer’s instructions on the use of the gloves. Don’t try to wing it. This gear makes use of electricity. Therefore, any mistakes can be costly for you.
  • Keep your gloves warm. Don’t store them in a cold garage. When you want to use it, the cold sensation will not feel good.
  • Know how long your batteries last. It will help you ensure you are not caught in the cold with dead batteries. You can also keep spare batteries handy for these cases.
  • Regulate the heat with a thermostat or controller. Heated gloves can burn your hands if the temperature is not regulated.
  • If your gloves are hard-wired to your bike’s battery, turn off the gear when your bike’s engine is not running. This habit will help you converse with your motorcycle battery.
  • Only turn on the heat when you start feeling cold. It will help ensure your gloves’ battery lasts you through the ride.

Other Heated Gears You Can Get

Now that you know what to do with your heated motorcycle gloves, you might wonder what other heated gear you can get to protect you during the winter. Some of the other heated gears that you can buy include;

  • Heated Jacket Liner
  • Heated Socks
  • Heated Pant Liner

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are heated motorcycle gloves safe for my use?

Yes, heated motorcycle gloves are very safe for use. Your safety is guaranteed as they are powered by direct current. In most cases, the direct current comes from a portable battery attached to them or your motorcycle’s battery.

Q: If connected to my motorcycle battery, will it drain my battery?

No, it shouldn’t drain your motorcycle battery, except if such an array is not in good shape. The power consumption of the gloves is similar to using an extra low-beam headlight.

Q: Can I wash my heated gloves with a washing machine?

As with every other clothing material, checking the manufacturer’s instructions before washing is essential. For heated gloves, most manufacturers would instruct you not to wash them in washing machines because you could spoil the gloves. Alternatively, consider cleaning the stains on the spot with a little gentle or no detergent.

Q: What part of the hand is heated?

Depending on the glove type, the answer to this question might defer. For most gloves, the hand is the most heated rather than the fingers. The heat then moves from the side to the fingers and keeps them warm. Since the gloves are usually wind-resistant, you need not worry much about heat loss.

Q: What advantage do heated gloves have over regular gloves?

While regular gloves come at lower prices, they might not offer as much warmth while riding your motorcycle. While riding, you would be exposed to wind and water for long periods. You would agree that regular gloves get cold after they have been exposed to harsh weather conditions for a while. You need something better than just regular gloves.

For regular gloves, the job is to keep you warm by retaining your body heat. As you ride your bike, much of this heat is lost into the air through wind resistance. On the other hand, heated gloves generate their heat and keep the heat flowing around your hand, keeping you warm all step of the way.

Q: How well do heated motorcycle gloves work?

Heated gloves look like regular gloves with leather thermal coverings and heating coils on the inside. The coils keep the gloves warm at all times. Even when turned off, the user can still benefit from the warmth provided by the leather gloves.


The cold and accompanying wind can be your enemies when you want to ride in the winter. However, it doesn’t have to stop you. You can stay warm and ride safely in any weather with heated motorcycle gloves.

While these gloves can be more expensive than regular gloves, most bikers agree it is worth the expense. You don’t have to sweat too much over which heated glove to buy! You can make your choice from any of the top ten above.

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