Best HID Conversions Kits

6 Best HID Conversions Kits (Review)

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Driving gets dangerous sometimes, especially at night. This is because asides from the dangers on the road, it gets really hard to see at night. You can easily see everything on the road during the day, but at night, if you don’t have top-quality headlights, it’s easy to miss whatever chooses to dash across the road at that moment. The flying insects, debris, dirt, and falling leaves all make night driving nightmarish.

Have you thought of mounting HID conversion kits in your car? What is it about them? Lightbulbs work great, but they make use of filaments that can easily burn out; HID, on the other hand, makes use of gas capsules, which provide brighter light and drain your battery less.

Upgrading your headlights with an HID conversion kit is the best way to step up in technology and also stay safe on the road. We’ve compiled six of the best HID conversion kits for you to use with your car; let’s check it out.

As the name suggests, high-intensity discharge (HID), also called xenon HID lights, comes about when the amount of the electric charge sent out to the bulb is enough to light the xenon gas that lies within the bulb. When we say an HID conversion kit, we mean a device that will help install HID light, bringing about brighter light than you find with LED or halogen bulbs. HID conversion kits are a plug-and-play device that is capable of generating a wide range of colors and up to 5 color temperatures.

1. Xtreme Vision HID Conversion Kit

1. Xtreme Vision HID Conversion Kit

This is one of the best HID conversion kits out there for many reasons; one of the reasons you will want to pick the Xtreme Vision HID Conversion Kit ahead of other guys on the market is its shockproof feature. 

Some headlights go out when the car experiences shock, and the driver is left in the dark; that’s not the `case with Xtreme Vision. Whether your car vibrates, suddenly sinks into a jump, or hits a bump, the Extreme Conversion Kit remains unshaken.

It will withstand all forms of shock and is built to last for a very long time. It offers great performance and comes in different colors to fit your preference. Guess what? This durable model comes at an incredibly reasonable price. 


Top Features

  • Shockproof
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • 2700 lumens brightness

2. Xentec HID Kit

Xentec HID Kit

If you’re looking for an improved alternative to your halogen bulbs that will last you for thousands of hours you plan to spend on the road, then Xentec HID Kit might be the perfect choice for you. 

This conversion kit offers 3200-lumen brightness, which is double what the best halogen light can offer you. It is affordable and performs really well; it is also built waterproof so it can withstand the effect of rain. It comes in twelve different colors to ensure you get the best color that suits your taste.

Overall, the Xentec HID Kit is durable, lightweight, and can hold out against the effects of the elements. Despite the amazing features this kit boasts, the price is budget-friendly.  


Top Features

  • 3200 Lumens brightness
  • Available in different colors
  • Long-lasting
  • Top-quality performance

3. OPT7 Xenon HID Kit

OPT7 Xenon HID Kit

This HID conversion kit offers you thrice the light you would get with halogen lightbulbs, and its unique gas formula from Xenon works together to create a unique colorway that makes you stand out on the road. 

OPT7 Xenon conversion HID kit comes with a two-year warranty, so you are assured of its durability. Because of the bright light and uniqueness it offers, this HID is reasonably priced and gives you the best value for your money.

Overall, this kit is affordable, lightweight, and comes with top-quality durability.   


Top Features

  • Unique gas formula
  • Easy installation
  • 2-years warranty
  • Best value for money

4. OPT7 Boltzen AC 55w CanBUS

OPT7 Boltzen AC 55w CanBUS

If you’re looking for a conversion kit with everything you require to switch from halogen lights to HID, then you should consider this conversion kit that comes with two bulbs. The brightness is up to 4,200 lumens, which far surpasses the brightness of the typical automobile lights. 

Drivers can comfortably use this light for ten years; it is durable and built to withstand different seasons. There is installation support in this kit that users can easily use to install the HID light.

What’s more, the OPT7 Boltzen AC 55w CanBUS is one of the most durable kits on the list. Even with all the top-quality features, it still comes at a price that you won’t have to break the bank to be able to afford. 


Top Features

  • 4200 lumens brightness
  • Installation support
  • Long-lasting

5. Autolizer 35-Watt AC HID Xenon

Autolizer 35-Watt AC HID Xenon

When you’re installing new headlights for your car, the first thing you think of is the convenience, and that’s what Autolizer 35-watt AC HID Xenon offers you. 

It can be effortlessly installed in your automobile within a few minutes and uses far less power than your halogen light bulbs will do. The brightness is thrice what you get with a halogen lightbulb, and it comes in different colors for the user’s convenience.

Added to these features is the lightweight status of this model. it doesn’t adds any pounds to the overall weight of your car. The next time you want to have a night drive, this should be the model you can opt for. Price is not an issue with this guy because it comes reasonably priced. 


Top Features

  • Durability
  • Easy installation
  • Available in diverse colors
  • Bright lights

6. Innovited AC 55w Bi-Xenon

 Innovited AC 55w Bi-Xenon

Next on our list of the best HID Conversions Kits is this guy from Innovited. This top-quality HID conversion kit takes just a few seconds to warm up for the first time and is ready to brighten the roads for you as you ride through the darkest night. 

It consumes far less power than your typical automobile light does, and you can dispel your fear of heat as this HID light produces far less heat than other HID conversion kits. It offers you a longer lifespan and comes in different colors to satisfy the preferences of users.

Overall, the Innovited AC 55w Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Kit is affordable and reasonably priced. You won’t have to break the bank before you have it in your garage.  


Top Features

  • Long-lasting
  • Produces less heat
  • Easy installation
  • Availability of different colors

Best HID Conversions Kits Guide & FAQ

Buying HID conversion kits is easy, but there are some factors to take note of when buying an HID conversion kit that will help you pick out the best conversion HID kit for your car.

Stress-free Installation

The first consideration should be the ease of setup. Some models of HID conversion kit are difficult to install and you have to buy special tools or acquire special skills to be able to install them. Going through the stress shouldn’t be necessary. This is why you have to opt for a kit that will make installation a walk in the park.

You don’t really want to take all day trying to install your new HID light in your car; most HID kit comes with installation support to make installation simple for you. Watch out for HID conversion kits that you can easily install within minutes.


Well, this feature cannot be overemphasized. Even if it is not an HID conversion kit, you need to buy a product that comes with some assurances. Warranty is another thing to watch out for when buying an HID conversion kit. Anything can happen; you don’t want to be back in the market within months before an unforeseen accident happened and damaged your headlights. Watch out for manufacturers that offer you a warranty to protect your interest. After all, every penny should count, and no shopper should take a warranty for granted when splashing on an HID conversion kit. 

Consumption of Power

You cannot underestimate the need to have an HID conversion kit that consumes less energy. This is one edge this kind of kit has over its halogen counterparts. Consumption of power is another essential thing to take careful note of. 

Consider how much power your new HID conversion kit consumes. The good news is that HID conversion kits, unlike halogen sets, do not use filaments and therefore shouldn’t consume so much battery power; less consumption means a longer lifespan, so watch out for this.


How about having your HID conversion kits wear a look that suits your preference? Most people would love their HID conversion kit to come with certain features, and this is only possible with customizable HID conversion kits. Check if the HID conversion kit comes in different colors and sizes that you can customize to your preference. This may come at a cost but trust me, it is worth all the penny. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that lovers of night drive would love about using the HID Conversion Kits. As a potential shopper heading to the store to make an order for their own kit, you will need to equip yourself with some of the often asked questions.   

Q: Do HID headlights have a longer lifespan than halogen sets? 

Yes, they do. HID headlights can last you for thousands of hours, while halogen lights can only last 200 hours or more. Durability and extended lifespan make HID headlights something to admire about HID conversion kits. You won’t have to shiver or get unnecessarily worried about using the HID conversion kits any time and under any conditions. Two, depending on the model you are opting for, HID conversion kits will give you peace of mind compared to halogen sets.   

Q: Do HID conversion kits use more power than halogen sets? 

No, they don’t. HID conversion kits use considerably less power than halogen lights are apt to do. Energy efficiency is one of the reasons a lot of drivers and vehicle owners opt for HID conversion kits. They are energy-saving and consume far less power relative to the halogen sets. You may want to try the two out to compare their energy consumption levels.

Q: Will I need to readjust my headlight’s trajectory? 

Absolutely! This might be necessary for a couple of reasons. You will need to be sure of the position or level of the trajectory. So, you will have to park your car after installing the new headlights and check if the trajectory is higher or lower than the previous lights. If it is lower, you have to adjust the headlights to a higher level to meet the level of the trajectory. If it is higher, you have to lower the position of the headlight to match the trajectory as well. 

Q: Can I install the HID conversion kit myself? 

Yes, you can. HID conversion kits are stress-free to install and the setup takes some minutes to achieve. However, you have to take all precautions to avoid having to go over it again. However, if you are not sure of your capacity, you may want to hire the services of a professional installer to help you install your HID conversions kit. Don’t be splashing your hard-earned money around when you can easily engage in a DIY method.    

Final Thoughts

Giving a final thought would be like recommending any of the following HID Conversion kits. You won’t go wrong if you opt for any of them. HID conversion kits are simply best for your car if you intend to drive a lot at night. Choosing HID headlights make night driving or driving in the dark brighter and gives your trip a safer edge over those using LED lights.

This is an excellent investment for your car, and the best conversion kits provided above will ensure you are making the ideal decision for your vehicle. If you experience any problems with your HID conversion kit after installation, contact a professional to check it out.

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