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6 Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combinations

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The lawnmower and snowblower are different machines that perform separate tasks and are used in different seasons, depending on the weather. A lawnmower clears grass in your lawn or driveway, while a snowblower clears snow during winter. But they both have something in common: they are used to clear things – either snow or grass clippings.

Owning both is a good idea; however, you must consider storage space and price. It is where the best lawn mower combination comes in: a machine that does the two, saving you costs and stressing over storage space.

The best lawn mower combination is an amalgam of the power of the lawnmower and snowblower. Essentially, a lawn blower serves two purposes snow blowing and lawn-mowing. It helps save time, energy, and money.

You may have found it challenging to get the best lawn mower for snowblowers. Understandably, the market saturates with a wide range of products. To avoid this, We have made a rundown of the best lawn mower combinations containing their description and the necessary things to look for when choosing one.

1. Arnold MTD 3-Stage Snow Thrower

Arnold MTD 3-Stage Snow Thrower

The first item on our list of the best lawn mower snow blower combinations is from Arnold MTD. Arnold has been here and leading the industry thanks to its reputation for producing the best automotive accessories for farmers, riders, car owners, and drivers.

This lawn mower snow blower combo is a powerful attachment for clearing heavy snow; it bites down through the toughest of snows, combining the lawnmower’s power and a snowblower.

It comes with three-stage technology that clears snow faster than a two-stage snowblower. It is easy to use and operate as it comes with toughened brackets and a highly developed knob for ergonomic usage.

The arch chute fabricates with high steel for optimal snow cutting 18 inches deep and snow throwing. The skid shoes are adjustable and suitable for grass and gravel surfaces. It is 42 inches wide and 20 inches high, clearing large amounts of snow in its path.

With all these features, this combo comes at a budget-friendly and great price. You won’t have to break the bank.

Key Features

  • Three-stage technology
  • 42 inches wide and 20 inches high
  • 30 feet snow clearing distance
  • Adjustable skid shoes

2. Husqvarna Two-Stage Lawn Mower Mounted Snow Blower

Husqvarna Two-Stage Lawn mower Mounted Snow blower

The Husqvarna brand is known for the production of high-quality outdoor machines. The two-stage lawn mower snow blower is no exception. It comes with two 12 inches of serrated augers that apply so much force to pull in snow, biting down large chunks of snow. With its super-fast impeller that pushes the snow through the chute, it throws snow about 50 feet away effortlessly.

The skid shoes are replaceable and adjustable from the seat of the lawnmower, making them easy to use and suitable for low and rock surfaces. It also comes with mounting hardware that makes installation stress-free.

It is 42 inches wide and 20 inches high, with a 180-degree chute for easy movement and operation. This adequate dimension makes it easy for users to handle deep snowfalls seriously, and with remote control, you can toss snow deposits 30 feet or more.

The greatness of a lawnmower snowblower lies in its power, strength, and performance. This attachment combo combines these features to make heavy, icy, wet snow easy to clear with your snowblower.

It also comes with scraper blades and an adjustable skid that are powerfully mounted to help you get into plowed sections of your lawn. It will allow you to widen the drive of your snowblower. You can also move on uneven terrain and into drifted areas to avoid damage to your tool.

Key Features

  • Two-stage snow blower
  • 12 inches augers
  • Superfast propellers
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • 42 inches wide, 20 inches high

3. NorTrac 3-PT Snow Blower 

NorTrac 3-PT Snow Blower

The NorTrac makes this universal lawn mower combination; this attachment fits into all lawn mowers with 25 to 40 horsepower. It has a high clearing width of 60 inches throws a large number of snows 40 feet away.

It comes with a 340 degrees rotating chute that propels snow quickly and in whatever direction you want. The auger contains steel biting into a mountain of snow and adjustable skid shoes for easy operation on any surface.

This attachment boasts excellent strength and power thanks to its third accelerator auger that allows for icy, wet, and heavy snow. Plus, the lawnmower snowblower is incredibly durable and will last long.

Added to these features is the ease of using this combo. With its maneuver ergonomics, advanced knob, and reinforced brackets, you won’t have an issue handling this great combo.

Key Features

  • 60 inches clearing width
  • 40 feet throwing distance
  • 340 degrees rotation chute
  • Toughed steel auger
  • Adjustable skid shoes

4. Arnold MTD Two-Stage Snow Blower

Arnold is returning to our list as the fourth-best lawn mower snow blower combo. This time, the brand is coming with another bang. This model of Arnold lawn mower snow blower combination comes with innovative two-stage technology.

It fits perfectly with many lawnmowers with 42 inches mounting board; it has a clearing width of 42 inches and can take snow up to 18 inches high. You can be sure that you will handle this combo effortlessly and operate it easily, thanks to this amazing clearing width.

The deep snowfalls can easily be handled, and snow tossed a few feet away. The chute is fast propelling and has a rotation of 220 degrees, making it throw snow anywhere you want, as far as 30 feet.

It is easy to use with the on/off switch that controls the tractor seat. It is built for durability as the whole body is made of steel, making it one of the most sought-after snowblower attachments available on the market.

Key Features

  • 42 inches wide, 18 inches high
  • Fast rotating 220 degrees chute
  • Durable steel body
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Easy to operate

5. Husqvarna Two-Stage Snow Blower

Husqvarna is presenting a second model of its lawn mower snow blower combination here. While this model has a lot of similarities with the first Husqvarna two-stage snow blower, it comes with unique features that confer on it the standout stratus.

First off, the auger is serrated and made of steel and is housed in a 42-inch wide and 20-inch casing, moving large amounts of snow in one go. It shoots snow 50 feet away and has a chute rotation of 180 degrees.

It is electrically controlled with a lift, adjusting the skid effortlessly, and compatible with any terrain type. The skid plates and augers are replaceable; it is also very lightweight, making the operation seamless.

Handling this snow blower and tossing snow is very easy. You won’t have to stress yourself when it comes to the direction in which you will throw the snow or maneuver the equipment.

Overall, the price of this product is affordable and reasonable. With a few bucks, you can have it in your garage.

Key Features

  • 42 inches wide, 20 inches high
  • 180 degrees rotation chute
  • Electronically controlled lift
  • Suitable for all-terrain types
  • Replaceable and adjustable skid shoes
  • Throws snow 50 feet away

6. John Deere Snow Blower

John Deere Snow blower

John Deere presents the last item on our list of the best lawn mower and snow blower combos. Veteran and highly mechanized farmers are pretty familiar with this brand, and the production of this heavy-duty lawn mower snow blower reinforces the place of John Deere in the industry.

It is a large snow-clearing machine with a 44-inch wide and 20-inch mounting component. This amazing dimension makes clearing snow easy and handling snowfalls a lot easier.

It effortlessly removes high and hard chunks of white frost with its serrated steel augers and blows snow 40 feet away with its high-speed propelling chute. It is one of the snowblower attachments with an extended snow-tossing capacity.

Everyone wants a durable and weatherproof snow blower attachment. It is equipment that will hold out against the threat of extreme weather conditions. The John Deere snowblower attachment is a proud, long-lasting, and weather-resistant machine.

It is suitable for wet, heavy, and deep snow conditions, so this should be considered if you stay in a region with high snowfall.

It has a rear reinforced bracket to keep it in place during operations. It is easy to use and control and compatible with many land mower types. The skid shoes are fabricated with high-quality optical plastic to reduce the scratching of smooth driveways.

Key Features

  • 44 inches wide, 20 inches high
  • Throws snow 40 feet away
  • High-speed propelling chute
  • Compatible with many land mower model
  • Suitable for heavy snow conditions

Best Lawn Mower for Snow Blower Combination Guide

You need to be wary of some of the enticing snowblower combos. But the best thing to do to avoid going home with a counterfeit product is to equip yourself with some of the essential features critical to the proper functioning of your lawnmower snow blower combo.
Below are a few of the factors to consider before buying a lawnmower-snowblower combination:


The height and width of the snowblower attachment you are getting for your land mower should fit perfectly; it should not be too big and too small, for this will affect the machine’s working efficiency.

Clearing Width

Clearing width is another essential factor to consider when getting a lawn mower snow blower combo, and it depends on the size of your lawn. You do not want to spend hours or the whole day in the blistering cold clearing snow. Therefore, get a snowblower attachment that clears a high amount of snow in one go.

Ergonomic Design

User-friendly and trouble-free operation is also something you should put into consideration. Purchase a snowblower attachment that is easy to operate from the land mower seat, so you don’t have to get up and back anytime you want to adjust the skid shoes.

Storage Space

Getting a big snowblower attachment can be tempting because of the many benefits that come with its operation. But if you have enough space to store that large piece of a snowblower, you can get the biggest lawn mower combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this combination work?

It is simple. You have to attach the snowblower to the mounting stage of the land mower, which can be in front or at the rear of the machine, and you are ready to ride and clear as much snow as you want.

Q: Where should I get a land mower snow blower from?

This machinery is available commercially from a trusted offline or online store. However, you must check that it is within your budget and comprises all the necessary features. 

Q: Can I set my snow blower to a zero-turn mower?

Yes! Zero-turn lawnmowers with a snowblower attachment will help you toss heavy, icy, and wet snow around and clear it from your parking lot. Plus, you can effortlessly use a lawnmower to tackle and clear snow from your driveway, then you will do if you opt for a standard snowblower. It is due to its incredible maneuverability, speed, and improved performance.

Final Thoughts

A land mower combination is advantageous as it saves space and money. And if you have a large area of land, getting a snowblower attachment is your best bet. Also, consider other features and options before you decide which to buy.

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6 Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combinations

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