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8 Best Motocross Neck Brace (Review)

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For those of you who enjoy shredding it off-road, you can testify about how much force it exerts on your body, especially your head and neck area. That is why you need to put on some protective gear before hopping on your bikes. The perfect protection for your neck and head is what is called a Motocross Neck Brace.

This item helps to absorb or deflect force exerted on the neck and head. It distributes or transfers the force to your stronger body parts. They can minimize the level of deflection, hyperextension, and hyperflexion by limiting the head’s movement.

Leatt Unisex Adult Neck Brace DBX (Black,...
EVS R4K Race Collar - Adult
Atlas Brace Air Brace Unisex-Adult Off-Road...
Leatt Unisex Adult Neck Brace DBX (Black, L/XL)
EVS Sports Boy's Race Collar (White, Youth)
2019 Atlas Air Neck Brace-Fire-M
Leatt Unisex Adult Neck Brace DBX (Black,...
Leatt Unisex Adult Neck Brace DBX (Black, L/XL)
EVS R4K Race Collar - Adult
EVS Sports Boy's Race Collar (White, Youth)
Atlas Brace Air Brace Unisex-Adult Off-Road...
2019 Atlas Air Neck Brace-Fire-M

Having said this, you can see how essential motocross neck brace is to your riding. But the challenge most times is finding the right type of neck brace that will fit your need and preference. You cannot just buy a neck brace for the sake of it. You must look for the best.

I have searched through the market to pick out the best items that lead the pack. Always remember the seller is out there to eke a living. It’s left for you not to fall prey to a counterfeit and wobbly designed motocross neck brace.  

1. Leatt DBX 3.5

The Leatt brand opens up our list of the best motocross neck braces, and deservedly so. A feature-rich model of neck brace is what a rider should be looking for because safety should be at the heart of any activity you carry out on a two-wheel or four-wheel vehicle.

So, let’s get familiar with what the Leat DBX 3.5 has in store for us. To start with, the Leatt DBX 3.5 is one of the leading models on the market. It is designed for rigidity and sturdiness. It is a very rigid model, minimizing the number of involuntary movements your head might make. Despite that, this model is also very flexible, allowing you to move your head in the desired area.

It is also adjustable to the optimum. You can easily set it to fit perfectly, offering more safety. You cannot be throttled or gasping for breath. This neck collar will not let loose hanging on your neck at the slightest hit of a bump or pothole. You also don’t have to worry about soaking it up as the pads do not absorb sweat or even dirt.

And for the icing on the cake, this exceptional product comes at an affordable price. You won’t have to break the bank to get this model right into your garage. 



  • A firm chassis
  • Flexible pads
  • Split designed thoracic strut
  • Foldable strut

2. EVS Sports R4K Race Collar

Best Motocross Neck Brace 2

Everything known about EVS is golden and high. Quality is the watchword of this in its over-five decades of helping this industry produce a wide range of accessories, gadgets, and protective gear. Coming with this model is not surprising to several riders who are familiar with the quality the brand is known for.

This model is nothing short of innovative. It stands out for its lightweight build. Yet, it is still strong enough to offer you perfect protection when you get off-road to take on some adventure rides. The race cannot get exciting without this cool and stylish EVS Sports Race Collar. 

It features a two-stage closure that is a combination of a mechanical patch and a Velcro strap. This offers a little extra protection. What it means is that this collar won’t shake as your bike hits the deep potholes of the high bumps. With the adjustable straps, there is no need to worry about some neck brace choking your breathing. 


All these features contribute to its sturdiness and lightness. Eventually, you even forget you have it on because it is so well in place. Guess what? This is an underpriced piece. It offers more value than the price you’ll get it.


  • Adjustable pads
  • Optimal thoracic strut
  • Koroyd technology
  • Two-stage fastener

3. 2019 Atlas Air Neck Brace

Best Motocross Neck Brace 3

Making its flagship appearance on our list, the Atlas brand is no stranger to anyone conversant with the motorcycle accessory market. Most riders love to go for products from Atlas because of quality, affordability, and low cost of maintenance.

With the Atlas Air Neck Brace, you can be sure nothing beats the best. This feature-rich model comes as a durable and lightweight neck brace that will withstand the shenanigans of off-road riding. It won’t add extra pounds to your net riding weight nor shake off the neck when your bike hits those high bumps.

What’s more, the model comes at a very reasonable price, with the cost of maintenance also squarely aligning its thoughts with your lean budget and pocket. You can’t demand more than that. But the Atlas Air Neck Brace doesn’t stop there.

Despite the incredible body contact it offers, this model is one of the most comfortable neck races to use off-road. The lightweight and comfortable features are attributable to its polymer construction.


Besides, it also comes with split-flex technology, meaning the free and independent movement of your shoulders is sacrosanct and guaranteed. The movement of one shoulder won’t affect the other even as you maneuver the bike on the terrain. This ensures comfort.


  • Durable polymer build
  • Comfortable and lightweight (1.3 pounds)
  • Independent shoulder movement
  • Adjustable height

4. EVS Sports R4 Race Collar

Best Motocross Neck Brace 4

With a near weightless design, the R4K neck Brace from EVS is one of the incredibly built neck braces the market is brazenly proud of. It doesn’t have the exhibitionist styling that you find with many other products. It focuses on safety and protection than on any other thing.  

This character is made from a foam design that also features an upper that is subtly hard molded. If that somewhat ignites your interest in this guy, wait until I till much more compensation it offers those who prefer the soft molds.

The Brace is exceptionally durable in that it will absorb or resist all impact in the event of an injury and won’t make riders feel as though they were being compelled to ride. The takes in all forces and circulates them all across the core and shoulders.

That sounds like something you’d love. Wait a minute! Apart from offering your shoulders and core independence and freedom of movement, the EVS RK4 Neck Brace also features a removable inner liner that can be washed and cleared off sweat and dirt.

Overall, it features a simple and cool look, easy use, don, and doff.



  • Removable and machine-washable
  • Lightweight (1.8 pounds) and durable design
  • Adjustable neck strut
  • Hard molded surface

5. Alpinestars BNS PRO

Alpinestars, from all their involvement and experience in two-wheel racing, have come up with an imposing piece. This model is nothing short of perfect and goes just as well with bikes, ATVs, and every other off-road vehicle. 

That is a point to prove and a lesson to teach any other brand that making a motocross neck collar requires compatibility, versatility, and universal application. It cannot get more interestingly moralizing than that.  

Now back to our dear Alpinestars BNS PRO Neck Collar. This model features more adjustability than most other models on the market today. Thanks to their signature key system, the Brace can easily be flattened down and packed.

You can be sure it doesn’t take up much space in your bag, and with just some fingers, you can stow it away into your fuel tank bag. You need a collar to be handy, no doubt.

The BNS design is a nod to its primary purpose – to redirect forces from the neck and collarbone in case of a crash. It’s an abbreviation for Bionic-Neck Support. Never doubt the necessity of this support because you need the collar to stand upright each time you’re riding so you don’t lose sight of what is ahead of you.



  • BNS extra protection tech
  • A pivot-key system
  • Adjustable and detachable padding

6. EVS Sports R3 Race Collar

Best Motocross Neck Brace 6

At an attractive and affordable price, this model is the go-to for most riders.

It is incredibly light, so much that you will forget you have anything on at all. It also features a detachable shell that easily comes off when in need of washing.

Once again, the low cost of this model makes it all the more attractive. It sells at a significantly lower price than its neck-protecting counterparts.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive collar to provide some protection when you’re out on the trail, the EVS Sport is a great option. Coming at this price, you can be sure that this foam collar will deliver the functions many of its counterparts and competitors can’t. It is suitable for a wide range of riders, regardless of their neck size.



  • Detachable shell
  • Lightweight foam build
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Compatibility with most chest protectors

7. 2018 Atlas Air Neck Brace

Best Motocross Neck Brace 7

The Atlas Air stands amongst the best neck braces, and that is why it makes a comeback to our list of the best motocross neck braces. With this black nightshift medium model, the brand has many feats and features to prove to riders. 

Although it makes more contact with the rider’s body than most other models, the Atlas Air Neck Brace is one of the most durable and lightweight models riders to pick. It offers a much more comfortable ride than many of what you find out there.

With its near-weightless design, this fresh and stylish-looking model combines simplicity with flexibility. The minimal design of this product makes the rider’s admiration of the motocross neck brace more aggressive.

With boatsful and enviable brace-to-body contact features, this gear from Atlas won’t discomfort you. Instead, it comes with incredible suspension and flexibility that provides maximum comfort to your neck as your bike jumps on the bumps.  

You don’t have to worry because everything you need in a neck brace, the Atlas model offers you.



  • Minimal, flexible, and simple design
  • Stylish and cool look
  • Lightweight (3.17 pounds)

8. Leatt STX RR Neck Brace

Best Motocross Neck Brace 8

Rounding off our list of the best motocross neck braces is another fantastic guy from Leatt. You need not be told now that this brand is capable of taking over the entire market. No competitor beats Leatt.

With the introduction of the STX RR Neck Brace, Leatt has shown why it remains the brand to beat. This unique model makes use of Alternative Load Path Technology to cut down injury causes on the neck considerably. It scares off impact in the event of a skid or a crash.

You cannot afford to gun for any other neck brace when it comes to protection and impact resistance. It also features height adjustment capabilities, making it a potentially perfect fit for any rider.

Regardless of your neck size, this guy will fit in. All you have to do is make use of the adjusting to customize Brace based on your neck’s dimension. Despite the great features, the Leatt STX RR neck Brace won’t break the bank. It is reasonably priced for shoppers on a low budget.



  • Adjustable height
  • Rubber chin pad
  • Over-head fitting

Best Motocross Neck Brace Guide & FAQs

The Neck Braces listed all share one thing in common, and that’s their efficiency. They, however, differ in various aspects. In light of this, it is essential you know the subtle or significant differences that come with their features. This will help you pick out the most suitable protection for you.

Features To Look Out For


Let’s face it; no one likes to be burdened with a heavyweight on their shoulders. If a neck brace it’s too heavy, it’ll probably not be worn as much. This is a feature you must take into serious consideration.

Today’s neck braces feature innovative ways to keep them light and still offer protection. Some companies replace the heavier materials of previous models, with foam padding.

Other companies have adopted Koroyd technology to effectively reduce the weight of neck braces, without compromising on safety. You can decide the guy that will be more suitable for you. This way, you will need to consider your riding style.

Closure System

Does it fit on and lock up easily? If it doesn’t, you probably won’t be using it so often.

The ease of fitting on a neck brace is essential and should also be considered before buying one. You wouldn’t want the purchase a product that you’ll get stressed out from using after a short while. 

Imagine an eager rider who wants nothing more than just hitting the tracks, but he has to put on an elaborate and complicated neck brace. Or when he gets back, filthy, and still has to take extra time to get the braces KFC, staining himself more in the process. The best bet for you is to go for something that can so quickly come on and come off, even with gloved hands.


Lastly, it would help if you looked out for the adjustability of the model. The Brace should be able to fit perfectly. It shouldn’t be slack or loose, and this can only be achieved on a large scale with a sound adjustability system.

Some braces can be adjusted from the rare Brace and some, the thoracic strut. It should be able to raise or lower the collar, making it a perfect fit for your neck. Other braces can be adjusted with detachable shoulder pads that raise or lower the unit.


The ultimate essence of using a neck brace is to protect the neck and head. So, when buying it, you must ask yourself if it is a type of neck brace that can withstand the odds that often come with off-road riding. Otherwise, it’ll be a sheer waste of time and resources. Your motocross neck brace should be able to hold out against the bumps, dirty trails, jumps, rough terrain, potholes, and uneven terrains without tearing apart.  


Should you care about price when safety is at stake? Yes, I will say. The sad reality is that the market is saturated with a lot of counterfeit products that separate the chaff from the wheat poses a severe challenge. Nonetheless, it would help if you were wary of what you splash your money on.

Typically, top-quality neck collars come at a price. Others are offered at a reasonable price, depending on features. You must know your budget before you gun for a product. However, do not be bent on an amount that you eventually settle for the built and cheap design.

Why You Should Get A Neck Brace

You cannot but embrace new technology as you want to start a new career or hobby in riding. The use of a motocross neck brace cannot be overemphasized. The rider must not take this gear for granted in any way. 

As implied all through the article, neck braces serve one primary purpose – protection. They use distribution technology to transfer all the shock from the rough rides, from your head and neck to other more substantial parts of the body. This also, in turn, protects your spine. The truth is, if you lose your spine, you can no longer ride excitingly. It isn’t very sure if the law will permit you to ride in that condition. 

They’re also able to reduce the fatigue you feel on your neck, during, and after each ride. Braces, in a way, could also boost up one’s confidence. You can ride more focused and with a straight mind when you know you’re fully secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is wearing a motocross neck brace mandatory? 

No. Many people doubt the protection it offers; thus, they refuse to wear one. But while it is optional for casual dudes, it might be required for a race.

Q: Can neck braces be used in other sports? 

Yes, they can. They are built and intended for all forms of off-road driving, be it in a four-wheeler, side-by-side, or even on a standard bicycle.

Q: Can all neck braces be attached to chest protectors? 

Not all, but smaller braces are a great option to attach to chest protectors. The thing is that larger braces take up much more space on the body that you won’t be able to fit on a chest protector.

Q: What is the Best Motocross Neck Brace Brands? 

There are a lot of brands that manufacture neck collars in the market. They include EVS, Atlas, Alpinestars, Leatt, OGIO Rig, OEM, VIVE, Toros group, ProCare, Laerdal, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when riding off-road was a punishment and misery. Today, things have significantly improved. Most riders now prefer to go off-roading and enjoy all the adventure of being on the trails with their ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, and all other quads.

What that implies is that it’s no more time to trade comfort and safety for passion and ambition. With these excellent motocross neck braces, you can advance your riding and adventure ambitions while retaining your safety and comfort.

Why not get up quickly now and make an order for your motocross neck brace. The tracks await you and all the skills you’ve not been able to display. Don’t forget to wear your adventure helmets, boots, and jackets. They are all critical, so you don’t run afoul of the law or offer your protection as a giveaway.

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