Best Motorcycle Accessories

6 Best Motorcycle Accessories (Review)

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If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or interested in becoming one, you’ve no doubt researched the latest motorcycle models and performance parts to customize them to your liking. Don’t skip looking into must-have motorcycle accessories to make your riding experience all the more fun and safe. Check out our favorite motorcycle accessories for ideas to add to your shopping list.

1. Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

It’s undebatable that a motorcycle helmet with built-in eye protection is the most important motorcycle accessory to own. According to 2019 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are 28 times as likely as passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle traffic crash. A helmet reduces the risk of death by 37 percent and reduces the risk of head injury by 69 percent. Those statistics are significant and should not be ignored.

Although some people may find them uncomfortable, a full-face motorcycle helmet is your best bet for protection. They create a 360-degree barrier around your head and face to protect you in the event of an accident. An added bonus is the face shield blocks insects from hitting you in the face or mouth and helps disperse wind to keep you warmer on chillier rides.

2. Protective Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets aren’t just about style, although most of them look pretty stylish! These jackets protect you from the elements – think wind and rain – and can help prevent injury in the event of a crash. Motorcycle jackets are strategically padded in high-impact areas, like your shoulders and elbows

Off the bike, they are a fashion item that makes their often expensive price tag worth it, especially if you can transition from motorcycling wear to daywear. Choose one that can do both to get more bang for your buck.

3. Durable Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots protect your feet and ankles much better than a regular sneaker can. Unlike regular work boots or fashion boots, motorcycle boots provide stability in the event of a crash. They also can protect your feet from road debris and your motorcycle’s hot exhaust pipes. 

The best motorcycle boots are flat-soled, can withstand impacts, resist oil and chemicals, and maintain traction with your gear shifter and pegs. They will protect against foot and ankle injury in many motorcycle accidents, too. A running shoe can’t do most of that.

4. Basic Toolkit for Roadside Repairs

While we hope you never find yourself on the roadside in need of a quick motorcycle repair, the likelihood that it happens to you is pretty good. Carrying a basic toolkit with you on your motorcycle every time you ride is a must.

At the very least, you’ll need:

  • Wrenches in standard sizes that fit your motorcycle
  • Hex wrenches or Allen keys
  • Pliers
  • T-bars
  • Electric tape
  • Cement putty

Stow your toolkit in a sissy bar bag so that it’s out of the way, but still easily accessible. 

5. Motorcycle Luggage

If you ever plan on taking a trip on your motorcycle – or even running to the grocery store – you’ll need motorcycle luggage. Depending on how often you plan to travel, how long your trips are, and whether you need to haul a lot of gear or only a little dictates what type of motorcycle luggage you should purchase.

Hard luggage has a secure mounting frame that attaches to your motorcycle. The case can be mounted on the rear of your bike, or along the side. Hard cases are lockable and waterproof and tend to hold quite a bit of gear.

Panniers, rectangular side cases, or saddlebags can be permanently affixed to the motorcycle or may be removable. Panniers come as hard luggage or soft-shell luggage, but allow you to balance your load on either side of your motorcycle.

Sissy bar bags attach with velcro straps, while a t-bag sits on top of the back of your bike. Tank bags are popular for sport bikes, and they sit on top of the gas tank, where they’re easily accessible. Tail bags attach with adjustable, stretchy straps to give motorcycle riders a little extra storage for all their motorcycle gear.

6. Motorcycle Rain Gear

If you ride your motorcycle often, there’s a good chance someday, somewhere, you’ll cruise through the rain. Having rain gear handy can get you through inclement weather. A rain suit is just the ticket you need! These lightweight rain shields go on over your jacket and pants. Although they’re breathable, they’re also waterproof, which keeps you dry atop your bike. Many also have sewn-in reflectors to improve visibility.

Rain suits come in two pieces or one piece, and both are designed to cover you from shoulder to ankle. One-piece suits are more like coveralls, whereas two-piece suits are like pants and a jacket. Motorcycle rain gear packs down quite small, so it will fit in most small bags. There’s really no excuse to not carry a set!’

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