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6 Best Motorcycle Alarms (Review)

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Keep your motorcycle safe with only the best motorcycle alarms backed by experts.

One can only put so much value on his bike and, of course, we want to keep them safe. One of the easiest ways to keep your motorcycle from being stolen is through alarm systems. Motorcycle alarms go the extra mile in making sure your bike won’t fall into the hands of wrongdoers. They’re generally inexpensive and prove great investments in the long run. Here are the best motorcycle alarm systems you need right now.

BlueFire® Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm...
YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock Motorcycle Disc...
Wsdcam 113dB Bike Alarm Wireless Vibration...
BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System
YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm
Wsdcam 113dB Anti-Theft Bicycle Motorcycle Alarm
BlueFire® Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm...
BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System
YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock Motorcycle Disc...
YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm
Wsdcam 113dB Bike Alarm Wireless Vibration...
Wsdcam 113dB Anti-Theft Bicycle Motorcycle Alarm

1. BlueFire Motorcycle Alarm System

BlueFire Motorcycle Alarm System

Whether you have a Suzuki, Yahama, or a Harley Davidson motorcycle, this alarm is for you. The BlueFire Motorcycle Alarm System boasts a wide range of compatibility with various brands. It’s easy to install given the color-specific wires it comes with. While it’s easy to do it by yourself, motorcycle wiring generally isn’t easy to meddle with. Make sure you get professional help so that your alarm system works the way it’s intended to.

Powered by 12/24 V batteries, the alarm sounds at a loud 125 dB if anyone or anything attempts to meddle with your bike. However, we all know how some thieves simply don’t get scared by such alarms. The great thing about the BlueFire alarm system is that it comes with a special hijacking feature. This feature will set off flashing lights if things get out of hand. Moreover, it also has a bike locator feature that proves useful for a few occasions. It’s possible that your bike got stolen and you need to locate it or you simply lost track of the spot where you parked it.


The package includes a high-power siren, a brain module system with a built-in shock sensor, as well as 2 remote controllers. It also comes with a set of connection cables for easy assembly and foam glues for the siren and brain module system. This alarm best works for motorcycles with AC ignitions.

With all the great things it comes with, there are also a few cons to this alarm. You have to make sure that you place the alarm on a part that gets up with vibration. If not, the alarm won’t siren. This is due to the absence of a fuse in the alarm. That’s why you shouldn’t be putting it on a part that heats up. Moreover, this alarm drains the battery of your bike.

2. YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm

2. Yohoolyo Disc Lock Alarm

The YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm is easily one of the best you can get in the market. Not only is it cost-efficient but it also has features perfect for security. At a glance, this alarm is heavy-duty made only from robust metal. Generally, it makes the alarm incredible corrosion resistance. It’s also water-resistant, so you’re sure it won’t rust for the next years to come. Not to mention, with just a simple press, your alarm is already all-set.

This alarm will also function for a long time given that it runs on battery. The YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm’s locking feature makes it ultimately one of the smartest. For instance, it beeps to indicate that the lock has been activated. If you hear it beep three times, it means an intruder is attempting to mess with your bike. Aside from this, it also produces one loud and long sound. If you don’t hear it or respond to it the first time, it continues to alarm at 10-second intervals.


Of course, this alarm is not compatible with just any bike. Your motorcycle needs to have a good gap between wheel spokes. The lock only securely works if there’s enough gap between the wheels. It also comes with a 7 mm lock pin to balance the locking system as well as assure that it gets installed conveniently.

The package comes with the alarm disk lock with two keys, a cord long enough for properly locking the wheels, as well as a different key for unscrewing the 4-lock screws.

3. WSDCAM Anti-Theft Motorcycle Alarm

Wsdcam 113 dB Anti-Theft Motorcycle Alarm

It’s safe to say that the Wsdcam Anti-Theft Motorcycle Alarm is a multipurpose alarm. It has a seven-level adjustable sensitivity that lets you choose how it reacts to anyone who wants to mess with your bike. For instance, if someone even gently pushes the alarm or tries to knock it off your bike, it produces a 113 dB sharp alarm. That’s loud enough for you to hear from a distance. Plus, it comes in 6 varieties of bells and tunes you can easily set. Not to mention, with an IP55 waterproof shell, it’s the best alarm for all seasons.

It also easily attaches to the bike with just a double-sided tape or a strap. Unlike other alarms, it doesn’t need professional help to install. No screws or wiring required, just the tape or a strap! It also comes in a very compact body with 4.02 x 2.36 x 1.38 inches of dimensions.


This multipurpose alarm doesn’t only work on motorcycles but also on scooters and bikes. It is one alarm-fits-all kind of situation and it deserves a spot on the list of the best motorcycle alarms for 2021.

4. Xena XX10-SS Disc Lock Alarm

Xena XX10-SS Disc-Lock Alarm

Just like the other disc lock alarm on our list, the Xena XX10-SS provides great protection with easy installation. It also sounds off a powerful alarm at 120 dB. This alarm comes with a double-lock system that enhances its protection. Plus, it’s also compact yet incredibly strong with a 10 mm carbide pin to keep the bike or the alarm from accidents. If you’re worried about thieves using a freeze-spray on your lock, take this alarm differently. It’s also freeze-spray resistant for even better safety and protection for your bike!

This alarm comes with a vibration sensor. With that said, even the slightest vibration can sound off the 120 dB siren it comes with. It’s also pretty easy to arm or disarm this alarm. The lock itself alerts you if it’s on or off. Not to mention, the lock itself is almost impossible to pick.


The package comes with the disc lock, a CR2 battery, 3 keys, as well as a XENA clock tool with a key code unique only to the model you have etched on it. This alarm automatically turns off to save battery and also disarms after 15 seconds if you activate it by mistake.

5. Scorpio SRX-900 Hands-Free Motorcycle Alarm

Scorpio SRX-900 Hands-Free Motorcycle Alarm

Many people prefer the Scorpio SRX-900 Hands-Free Motorcycle Alarm for various reasons. Sure, it’s not the cheapest you can get in the market but it sure is the most reliable. Firstly, it runs in its own battery so you don’t have to worry about it leeching off your motorcycle’s battery. Plus, the backup battery of the system keeps it functioning even if the wires get tampered with.

Its remote control also offers a digital display as well as alerts for convenience. You can easily turn the alarm on or off from a distance. In fact, it functions for a range of up to half a mile. With that said, you can also arm or disarm the alarm manually. How does it get triggered? Through touches, attempts to move or start it, if someone tries to tamper with the battery, or if something gets too close to the motorcycle, it triggers a 125 dB alarm.


The SRX-900 comes with a durable construction meant to last long. It truly is an investment in itself. It has waterproof material, backup batteries, and hands-free functions. The multi-tone siren doesn’t use a lot of power, so it’s energy-efficient as well. Not to mention, it’s easy to install with only a 3-wire universal install harness. In a matter of minutes, you alone can put it on any motorcycle with a tail light and a 12V battery.

6. Dowco Guardian 26038-00 Integrated Motorcycle Alarm

Dowco Guardian 26038-00 Integrated Motorcycle Alarm

The Dowco Guardian 26038-00 Integrated Motorcycle Alarm is also a convenient choice for security measures. This model comes in a compact size that makes it almost unnoticeable wherever you put it. It also sets up pretty easily without the need for tools or wiring work. Emitting a 130 dB alarm, it’s one of the loudest alarms ever. Not to mention, the 9V battery it comes with offers days of protection for your bike.

This alarm also has an incredible pin system that makes it hard for any thief to hack into. It’s not only the loudest but also one of the safest by far. Plus, it comes at an affordable rate to make it accessible for many riders who need protection for their motorcycles.

This alarm comes in a weather-proof case that’s also resistant to rust. The durability of this alarm makes it easily functional at all times, regardless of the weather.


Best Motorcycle Alarms Guide & FAQs

What to Consider Before Buying Motorcycle Alarms

Type of Sensor

Motorcycle alarms work through the use of sensors, and there are various types to consider.

Perhaps, the most common and even the most precise is the shock sensor. It detects any sudden movements on the bike and then goes off to sound the alarm. Another common sensor is the tilt sensor. The alarm gets triggered if your motorcycle gets jacked up to be towed. While it isn’t as common, location sensors also exist. This uses GPS to trigger the alarm if your bike gets transported to an out-of-scope area. Other sensor types include current sensor and motion sensor.

Whichever type of sensor you choose, it’s better if you pick an alarm with multiple sensors. Some combine tilt with a motion sensor while others have both shock and proximity sensors. This way, you can make sure that no matter the intrusion that comes at your bike, it still gets detected. You should also double-check how sensitive each sensor is. If possible, pick an alarm that lets you choose the sensitivity level of the sensors. You don’t want to put it on high sensitivity as even a passing car can trigger that alarm.

Power & Sound

Power doesn’t only refer to the battery or life of your alarm. Sure, that’s important too. However, most alarms utilize the bike’s battery while others have a backup battery for safety. Generally, you would want an alarm that works in its own battery. You don’t want it draining your motorcycle’s battery while you’re gone. Luckily, most alarms are power-efficient. This means that they function with an extremely low energy requirement. If you do choose an alarm that runs on bike power, make sure that its energy rating is at the minimum.

Your alarm should blast an alarm loud enough to generate attention. If possible, you should also be able to hear it just fine at a given distance. The most decent alarms have more than 100 dB of sound. Anything below that would do nothing to protect your motorcycle from robbers.

However, if your motorcycle is parked within your home’s premises, 50 dB can work just fine. But, this could also be hindered by walls, so make sure your alarm has at least 100 dB.


We’re talking disc locks here. Alarms can have very similar pin sizes. However, making sure will never hurt. It should at least have a pin size of 7 mm up to 9 mm. You can also opt for an alarm with a 15 mm pin size. The pin size should neither be too long nor too short for optimum protection. Small pins may not fit in the desk while tall ones risk sawing.

With that said, you must also make sure that the width of the pin is optimal. The ideal distance is that it shouldn’t be wide enough for a saw to hack it. It shouldn’t also be too tight or else you might damage the pin, the disc, or both.


The best motorcycle alarms come easy to use. If not, they should provide great protection for your bike. If you’re not into complications, disc locks work wonders. Other alarms such as those that can be stuck or tied on your bike also work efficiently. If you do opt for a rather complicated alarm, make sure that you ask professionals to set it up for you. You don’t want to make the mistake of ruining your motorcycle in the long run.

Along with that, you should also consider what type of remote you’re getting for your alarm if it does come with one. Others come with keys that are way easier to use. However, remotes can get tricky, but they can also be easy to work with. Some remotes only have a lock and an unlock function. That will save you all the time meddling with your device. Others can have extra features on it like setting the type of alarm. You should also consider the distance at which your remote works. Too far and you might never know if your bike got stolen.

Material and Construction

Motorcycles work despite the weather. Your alarm should keep up with your bike with its durability. It should be able to withstand stress and even rain. Some robust materials you can get include stainless steel. Plastic casings for an alarm can be brittle or easily broken. So, if you choose a plastic-cased alarm, make sure it’s thick enough.

Some features to consider include water resistance, wind resistance, and even corrosion resistance. While your motorcycle can last through most of these, your alarm may not be able to survive. Pick only an alarm from the best brands for assured quality. There are also some very affordable choices of durable alarms in the market. It’s important that your alarm can last through and that thieves can’t break it easily.

Extra Features

Motorcycle alarms can go a long way when it comes to extra features. For instance, with geo-location, you can immobilize your bike easily through an app. This could cost more but it’s an efficient way to keep your bike safe. You can also pick an alarm with a hands-free control system. This would make it far easier for you to know if it’s being tampered with. If you can splurge a little more for features like this, you’ll surely get your money’s worth for keeping your motorcycle thief-proof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do all motorcycles need alarms?

It’s highly recommended. Some alarms don’t cost a lot, so you’ll surely get the best safety without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Alarms are also great investments to ensure that your bike is protected at all costs. Not to mention, getting insurance for your bike requires some kind of a locking system or an alarm.

Q: Can a thief tamper with the battery to keep the alarm from going off?

Thankfully, these days, it’s impossible to remove a battery of an alarm. Firstly, manufacturers already make foolproof devices. Some alarms also come with backup batteries so you don’t have to worry about its power source being tampered with.

Q: How long does a motorcycle alarm sound before it stops?

It depends on the model you own. Many motorcycle alarms can go on and off a few times before automatically disarming themselves. It can also sound for more than 10 minutes if possible. The great thing is that manufacturers continue to improve this to make sure it’s efficient with power as well as safe.

Final Thoughts

The alarms on the list will surely keep your motorcycle safe from thieves. However, make sure that you’re getting one that’s perfect for your motorcycle. Check our buying guide and make sure that you’re getting an efficient and sound alarm. Find a model that’s easy to use and keep your motorcycle safe at all costs.

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