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6 Best Motorcycle Armor (Review)

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Keep yourself safe and protected at all times with the best motorcycle armors in the market today.

If it’s not been emphasized enough, you should know that protective gear is most vital during any ride. Whether you’re on an adventure tour, on track, or off-road, the right gear will keep you safe at all times. It should be part of your ritual to gear up before heading for the road. Don’t ever leave without anything to protect you.

That said, there are various gears you might consider. From helmets to gloves and even boots, every part of your body has ample protection. You may opt for motorcycle armors if you want extra protection along the way. This gear can be the only thing between you and a fatal crash. So, which of the armors in the market are the best?

I listed down 6 of the best motorcycle armors you need to check out today. Plus, you get a complete guide on everything you need to know about motorcycle armors!

1. Alpinestars 6506520-13 Bionic Tech V2 Protection Jacket

Alpinestars 6506520-13 Bionic Tech V2 Protection Jacket

Italian manufacturer Alpinestars truly doesn’t know how to take a break when it comes to churning out great gears. This company is known in the industry for all the right reasons. For one, they’re one of the leaders when it comes to safety for motorcyclists. The brand’s Bionic Tech V2 Protection Jacket is just one of their many great offers.

To start, this jacket has innovative grid protection technology. It makes the jacket not only lightweight but also incredibly ventilated. With a slim and stretchable material used for its construction, this is the jacket to look for if you want comfort and protection.

The Bionic Tech V2 Jacket also comes with CE certification for its protectors. Among its protectors, the chest protector is most impressive for its flexibility.

It also comes with side wings that easily conform to the wearer’s body for optimal fit. Even better, this jacket has a central front zipper. It secures the jacket in place to hug the torso just right during the ride. You can also trust the height-adjustable kidney belt to fit you well.


Aside from the chest protector, the jacket comes with paddings on the arms. The sides and chest also have additional front padding for enhanced protection.

The fabric on the arms of the jacket that covers the protectors provides additional protection by being abrasion-resistant.

This jacket is also compatible with BNS via a back puck panel. Moreover, it comes with BNS cords located at the shoulder straps that are elastic. To complete your Alpinestars gear, you can also opt to pair it with the brand’s Bionic Neck Support and Bionic Hydration Pack.

Overall, this is a tried and tested armor from a known brand. This jacket won’t weigh you down even with all the protection it provides.

2. Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket

Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket

Serious riders need serious gear that will protect them. If you’ve been searching far and wide for armor like this, look no further. The Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket is the best option for you.

This jacket has it all — comfort, durability, and, of course, protection. The jacket comes in a soft and comfortable jersey. This is breathable enough so that you don’t feel too hot when wearing this armor.

Underneath that are CE-certified shells that also prove high-impact. This jacket will protect you on the most vital parts such as the chest, back, elbows, and shoulders. You don’t have to worry about overheating while being protected with ventilation zones that will keep you cool at all times.

The fit of the Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket is also something that should be commended. It features a full mesh body. This is a comfortable construction that will keep the fabric from bunching, allowing better movement.


If there’s a downside to this jacket, it has to be the closure. You’d expect great zipper quality for such a jacket but many reviews say otherwise. There are times that it splits when zipping the jacket up.

Moreover, there are reports that the sizing of this jacket tends to run very small. You would need to order one to two sizes up for the right fit. Compared to our first entry, you also don’t get side protection and the chest panels are smaller and thinner.

To keep your mind at ease, you get a year of warranty when you purchase the Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket. Overall, this is the right jacket for someone looking for great protection for the torso.

3. GuTe Motorcycle Protective Jacket

GuTe Motorcycle Protective Jacket

It’s not easy to find affordable armors in the market. If you’re working on a tight budget, check out the GuTe Motorcycle Protective Jacket. This is a high-quality jacket that will definitely keep you safe no matter what. Plus, it’s in the more affordable range!

This jacket provides effective protection in case of a spill with its high-impact PE plastic shields. The EVA shields provide extra protection on the chest, back shoulders, as well as elbows, and forearms. These body parts are typically the most vulnerable during the crash. There, you get hard shell padding to minimize any damage incurred in case of a crash.

A great thing about this motorcycle armor is that it’s also very comfortable to wear. The interlining of the armor features lightweight elastic mesh that’s also very durable. It lets the body stay relaxed and cool so you can ride easily and ultimately, safely at all times.


The GuTe Motorcycle Protective Jacket also offers a great way to fit the jacket to your body so it remains intact. It has an adjustable Velcro kidney belt so that you can also protect your abdomen if ever you get into an accident. The cuffs of the jacket are also elastic so that it compliments your wrist’s size. Moreover, it has a quick cool design so your arms remain cool while staying protected.

Make sure that you check the specs of the jacket you’re purchasing before checking out. The wrong size could be detrimental to your ride and the point of having armor is to remain comfortable and safe at the same time!

4. HEROBIKER Motorcycle Full Body Armor Jacket

HEROBIKER Motorcycle Full Body Armor Jacket

For a more affordable option, you should consider brands like Heribiker. This brand is trusted by many for its high-quality, affordable gears. One of its most popular products is the HEROBIKER Motorcycle Full Body Armor Jacket.

This jacket is everything you’re looking for in motorcycle armor. Firstly, the armor in this jacket is incredibly wear-resistant that is also high in density. Moreover, this allows you to clean your pads as they’re removable.

Despite the quality of the armor you’re getting, it’s a breathable one to wear for the multiple vents that are large enough to cool you down. Its biggest ventilation is located on the foam plastic shell of the armor.

This armor easily protects your upper body, specifically the back, shoulders, elbow, chest, and forearm. These armors are attached to a breathable mesh shirt that’s also incredibly durable. Moreover, the spine and tail armor are removable so you have the choice to put them on or not.


As aforementioned, this jacket has one of the best qualities you can find in affordable armor. You get an elastic Lycra fabric and high-impact plastic injection molding to keep you protected at all times. It has a full zipper closure in front as well as adjustable straps for an optimal fit.

Overall, this is a great budget armor if you’re looking for something more cost-efficient. Make sure to check the specs of the jacket before making a purchase especially when it comes to sizing.

5. ILM Motorcycle Jackets Carbon Fiber Armor

ILM Motorcycle Jackets Carbon Fiber Armor

If you’re looking for a great unisex jacket, the ILM Motorcycle Jackets Carbon Fiber Armor is the one for you. This jacket accommodates both male and female bodies in a wide range of sizes. It runs from small to XX-Large which not a lot of armors have.

The ILM Motorcycle Jackets Carbon Fiber Armor is the armor for all seasons. It has a great ventilation system so that you can wear it even when you’re riding in the summer. Meanwhile, the outer shell of this jacket has waterproof capabilities in case you get stuck in the rain. The thermal quilted liner of this jacket is also removable so you can put it on during cold weather and take it out in the summer.

As for protection, this jacket comes with CE-approved armors located at the spine and elbows. It also has armors for the shoulders, chest, back, as well as kidneys. For optimal safety, this jacket also features convenient reflective elements that increase your visibility when you’re driving at night or in the dark.


Generally, the ILM Motorcycle Jackets Carbon Fiber Armor has well-placed materials that will keep you safe at all times. They’re also abrasion-resistant for increased durability.

Aside from that, the style of this jacket is different from others on our list. It has various pockets and employs carbon fiber protection for the shoulders.

However, this isn’t a perfect jacket as well. You may find the actual size a tad smaller so you should order one size up. Always check the specs carefully before placing the order. Plus, its zippers have faults. Nevertheless, this is a great armor to keep in mind.

6. GOHINSTAR Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protective Jacket

GOHINSTAR Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protective Jacket

Everything you need in motorcycle armors is in the GOHINSTAR Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protective Jacket. It’s affordable, made from high-quality materials, and comfortable to wear as well.

First, let’s talk about its construction. As expected, you can get high-density EVA, PVC, and Lycra fabric from this armor. The combination of all this assures not only safety but also comfort. This armor efficiently protects different body parts that are most vulnerable during a crash. It also comes with a removable back and thickening pads on the sides so that your torso is completely protected.

The GOHINSTAR Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protective Jacket is also incredibly comfortable to wear. The armor has a lightweight and elastic mesh fabric that rids of the stuffiness when riding with armor on. It will keep your body cool at all times.

This jacket is not only great for riding motorcycles but also for skiing, skating, skating, and other extreme sports. Moreover, it comes with a 30-Day return policy in case you’re not satisfied. Not to mention, a lifetime warranty! Not all armors have this guarantee so the GOHINSTAR Motorcycle Armor is definitely a one-of-a-kind one to have.


Best Motorcycle Armors Guide & FAQs

Benefits of Motorcycle Armors

The main benefit of wearing motorcycle armors is to protect your body parts from any harm. It’s an essential safety gear that requires only high-quality materials. This should be able to keep you safe if you get involved in a motorcycle accident. It should provide you impact protection, especially on the most vulnerable parts of your body such as the back, chest, elbows, and others.

This could also be the only thing in between you and a fatal crash. A good armor will help you and even ensure that you survive a crash. Riders, especially those who are engaged in extreme sports such as motocross and racing are in constant danger of crashes. So, make sure you get an armor that will keep you safe on the initial impact. Moreover, it lessens any abrasion you can get if you spill on the road.

Lastly, good motorcycle armor should let you enjoy your ride. If you’re well-protected during a ride, you will have peace of mind. It will help boost your confidence whether you’re on the highway or an off-road trail.

Replacement Armors vs Strap-On Armors

Replacement armors are typically fitted inside pockets of an armor. These pads are, as expected, replaceable as you can easily attach and detach them from the jacket or pants. It’s meant to replace stock armored pads that you typically get in gears. This type of armor, especially if you’ve already been in a crash. Motorcycle armors are only as good as a crash then you’ll have to replace them. It’s cost-efficient and practical.

On the other hand, strap-on armors are directly attached to the body. They typically come as pads and a lot of tracing racers and off-road riders use this. Why? It’s because they’re more secure, unlike replacement armors that can slip out of position if not placed properly.

What to Look for When Buying Motorcycle Armors

CE Certification

We have mentioned that some of the armors on our list come certified with CE standards. CE-certified armors are measured based on impact protection. The standards to pass this test is based on those created by scientists as well as researchers from the European Union. Despite that, however, you don’t have to be part of the EU to have your armor certified. US brands can also be certified with CE standards.

During the certification, an armor is tested by inflicting a limited force to it. If the armor passes this process, it gets the coveted certification. In the market, you can find motorcycle armors with either a level 1 or level 2 CE certification.

Torso Protection

Helmets will take care of protecting your head. Meanwhile, motorcycle armors should be able to protect your torso. The spine and a lot of vital organs are located in this area so it’s very vulnerable. A blow on the spine or vital organs can be fatal. So, if you’re looking for armor right now, make sure that it has ample padding or armor on the torso. Look for paddings on the back, chest, abdomen as well as waist. This is aside from the armors you get on the shoulders, forearms, and elbows. These are vital as well to keep you from obtaining any abrasion in case of a spill.


A motorcycle armor is nothing without a great fit that comes with it. It should conform to your body shape so that you get optimal protection. Make sure that the equipment you’re using is snug. If your armor is too big for you, the padding and armors may slide around and be useless in case you crash. If it’s too small, you might get uncomfortable and you probably don’t want to wear anything that will make you feel constricted.


Great motorcycle armors should also provide proper ventilation while keeping you safe. We all know how stuffy it could feel if you’re wearing armor. Especially if you’re riding during hot weather, hot armor can cause you problems along the way. Pick an armor that will help your body breathe. It should feature mesh that’s not only breathable but also very comfortable to wear.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right motorcycle armor can be hard. Every rider has different needs. So, assess what your needs are first before making that purchase. Plus, make sure that you’re getting armor of the right size. Remember to put your safety first whether you’re on the highway or trail. You’ll thank yourself later for using proper gear during any of your rides!

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