Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairing

6 Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairing

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Having the best motorcycle batwing fairing will keep you safe and improve your ride in more ways than one.

A motorcycle batwing fairing is an accessory seen in front of a lot of motorcycles. As its name suggests, it looks like a bat with wings spread. This is due to the fitting in the center as well as two side pieces. Adding this to your motorcycle aftermarket will give you a lot of benefits. For instance, it can protect your hands and even stabilize your ride. Here’s a low down on all the great batwing fairings you can get in the market today.

Memphis Shades (MEM7031) Batwing Fairing fits...
Mutazu 38" Large Universal Batwing Fairing...
Batwing Fairing for HD Road King with Stereo...
Memphis Shades (MEM7031) Batwing Fairing
Mutazu 38" Large Universal Batwing Fairing
Batwing Fairing for HD Road King
Memphis Shades (MEM7031) Batwing Fairing fits...
Memphis Shades (MEM7031) Batwing Fairing
Mutazu 38" Large Universal Batwing Fairing...
Mutazu 38" Large Universal Batwing Fairing
Batwing Fairing for HD Road King with Stereo...
Batwing Fairing for HD Road King

1. Memphis Shades MEM7031 Batwing Fairing

Memphis Shades (MEM7031) Batwing Fairing

The Memphis Shades MEM7031 Batwing Fairing is one of the top-rated fairings in the market. It fits motorcycle models from Yamaha, Suzuki, Victory, Kawasaki, as well as Honda.

This batwing fairing has a superior quality that displays everything great about Memphis Shades. It’s stylish as well as functional making it the choice fairing of motorcyclists.

Firstly, the design of this fairing allows a great flow of air, making it ultimately aerodynamic. You can easily glide through any environment without a hitch.

That said, the Memphis Shades MEM7031 Batwing Fairing allows wind to swiftly pass over the fairing that you’ll hardly notice it. There are times when you wouldn’t even think there’s any wind at all.


This is due to the optimal wind reflectors in the Memphis Shades MEM7031 Batwing Fairing. They direct the air downwards to make your ride generally smooth and easy.

You also get to experience high-quality ABS plastic on the insides of this fairing. It’s a perfect means of insulating heat as well as electricity. That’s why it’s easier to use electronic devices on your bike’s dashboard.

On the flip side, the outer shell of this motorcycle batwing fairing has black Lucite construction. It makes it easy to paint over in any color that you prefer.

You also easily add your music system to the Memphis Shades MEM7031 Batwing Fairing. So, music lovers get to enjoy music while having this fairing installed on their bikes. It fits a lot of motorcycle fairing speaker systems easily.

2. Mutazu Universal Batwing Fairing with Tinted Windshield

Mutazu Universal Batwing Fairing with Tinted Windshield

A lot of people turn away from universal fit batwing fairings for the reason that they don’t actually fit anything. It has a general construction that makes it impossible to find the right bike to put on.

However, the Mutazu universal fit batwing fairing proves this wrong. It fits on anything with a few adjustments on the handlebars as well as the brackets.

It also comes at a great quality that a lot of motorcyclists look for. Not to mention, it’s affordable and it comes with a tinted windshield.

This batwing fairing from Mutazu effectively cuts down the wind chill and provides a great aesthetic for your bike. It’s stylish, affordable, and worth every penny you spend on it.

However, it’s not the most user-friendly when it comes to installation. It doesn’t have an instruction manual packed with it. So, you have to do research of your own on how to install it.


3. Reckless Motorcycles Batwing Fairing for Harley-Davidson Road King with Stereo Speakers

Reckless Motorcycles Batwing Fairing for Harley-Davidson Road King with Stereo Speakers

Reckless Motorcycles is one of the most popular batwing fairing manufacturers in the country. This batwing fairing particularly serves Harley Davidson Road King motorcycles.

Right off the bat (no pun intended), you’ll like the way this batwing fairing looks. The vented front allows wind to move smoothly over the surface of the fairing. This makes it easier to glide through very windy rides.

It weighs about 33.5 lbs. making it one of the most lightweight fairings you can. This also allows an ease of use and doesn’t slow down your bike.

Made from injection-molded fiberglass, it’s also durable for its kind. You can expect that it will last you a while without any replacement necessary.

To protect the fairing, it has a black gel coat finish that keeps it from getting scratched. So, no matter where you go or what you do, you’re sure that this fairing will always look good as new.


It’s also easy to install that you don’t need professional help in doing so. Upon receipt of this fairing, you’ll have an easy-to-follow mounting manual.

That said, you can rely on the windscreen and mounting hardware it also comes with.

Moreover, you get a marine-grade audio system with this batwing fairing. It’s an easy way to listen to all your favorite songs as you ride your Harley!

4. XFMT Gloss Black Motorcycles Front Outer Batwing Fairing

XFMT Gloss Black Motorcycles Front Outer Batwing Fairing

A lot of batwing fairings come with set instructions and requirements for installation. This motorcycle batwing fairing from XFMT has every piece of information you need to accommodate this fairing. It’s easy to know whether your bike is compatible with it.

That said, it fits a range of motorcycle models from Honda and Harley-Davidson.

It’s also noticeably stylish with a gloss finish and a black color. Its color is also vivid enough to look expensive despite its affordable price range. Made from ABS plastic, it’s also lightweight without sacrificing its quality.

Installing this batwing fairing shouldn’t also be a problem. It doesn’t require professional help or special equipment. You can just use whatever hardware you already have.Not to mention, you’re not required to drill anywhere on the bike!


5. Vector Batwing Fairings

Vector Batwing Fairings

The greatest thing about Vector is that it has various batwing fairings that fit different motorcycle models. Whether it’s a Honda, a Yamaha, or a Harley, there’s a Vector batwing fairing for you.

This batwing fairing provides comfort when riding the bike starting from the construction itself. Wind glides easily across the fiberglass material.

Fiberglass is a lot more durable than ABS plastic. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a batwing fairing that’s stylish and of good quality at the same time.

It also looks great no matter what with a special gel coating. Not only does it add a great sheen to the batwing fairing but also makes it resistant to UV rays and even scratches.


If you’re looking for a batwing fairing with a lot of options for customization, this one’s for you. The gel coating will also let you paint over the fairing without any prep.

Moreover, the batwing fairings from vector are precut so you can easily install speakers. These cuts accommodate any audio system so you don’t have to go through the hassle of having it cut for speakers after buying it.

6. ECOTRIC Front Batwing Fairing

ECOTRIC Front Batwing Fairing

ECOTRIC batwing fairings offer great value for your money. They offer quality designs and construction at an affordable price point. You can rest assured that you’ll be riding comfortably with these fairings.

This batwing fairing from ECOTRIC is versatile and comes easy to install. If you’re looking to save a few dollars on a good fairing, this one’s for you.

Measuring 37 inches in width and 2 inches in height, this batwing fairing comes with a windshield that’s already mounted on. It’s large enough to protect you from environmental elements and frontal winds.

Made from ABS plastic, it also comes with an aerodynamic design and shape to eliminate turbulence and even increase riding comfort.


It also comes lightweight due to its material. However, it doesn’t have an inner fairing.

You can easily set it up without the requirement of special tools. Brackets and mounting kits also don’t come included with the package so you’d have to purchase them if you don’t already have them.

The windshield that comes with it is also tinted and it fits a lot of motorcycles. That said, carefully measure the dimensions of your bike before making a purchase.

Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairing Guide & FAQs

Why You Need a Motorcycle Batwing Fairing

There are many reasons why motorcyclists add batwing fairing on their bikes.

Firstly, it offers great protection against windchills. Using this will easily keep the wind off of your hands during your rides. If you can install a windshield, then all the better. It will easily keep the wind off your face.

Without batwing fairing, you might want to wear goggles or gloves as your ride.

You can also easily stabilize your ride if you have this. Gusts of wind can be very detrimental to your ride. Batwing fairing greatly reduces turbulence as well as helmet buffering.

This results in an overall great ride. Forget shaking seats or unstable helmets when you have this on your bike.

That said, the batwing fairing can add to the aerodynamic qualities of your bike. It allows the wind to glide smoothly along with the bike instead of fighting it. As a result, you can also easily save on fuel.

However, let’s not forget how stylish they look. They fit perfectly on any bike and they look incredibly cool. It’s one of the best places to put decals on as well as really great speaker systems!

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Batwing Fairing

Outer Fairing

A batwing fairing comes with an outer fairing. This is the part that’s visible on the outside of the bike. Typically, it comes in a smooth shell of hard plastic (usually, ABS).

It also has some shine to it that may either come from a coating or the finish of the plastic. It may also come with holes t easily add windshields or mounting brackets without a hitch.

It’s also the part responsible for creating a diversion so the wind doesn’t go against the bike. It lessens turbulence and in turn, increases fuel efficiency. Not to mention, it protects the rider’s hands from windchills.

Inner Fairing

Most batwing fairings come with an inner fairing. This connects the outer fairing to the bike. It comes with holes that fit the bike’s gauges perfectly. This makes sure that gauges can still be read. They usually come in the same material that the outer fairing comes in.


Not all batwing fairings come with windshields but there’s a good number that offers it with the package. It may cost more but it’s a good thing to invest in.

They’re usually made of see-through fiberglass and may also come tinted. Tints or smoked windshields block off some light making it easier especially during the day.

A windshield allows the fairing to provide more protection from gusts of winds. A lot of riders decorate them with decals.

Material and Construction

Material is one of the most important features you should look for in any accessory you’re buying for your bike. You only want the best for your bike. It determines how strong or how long the accessory would last.

You’ll find a lot of batwing fairings made from ABS plastic, fiberglass, or even PVC plastic.

Among all these, fiberglass is of the best quality. It provides the best quality and the longest life. It’s solid and can resist a fair amount of scratches.

ABS plastic places second with its lightweight and scratch-resistant features. It’s the most commonly used material for batwing fairings.

PVC is not the best option but there are still a lot of fairings made from this. ABS plastic and fiberglass usually offer resistance from UV rays.

Compatibility to Bike Model and Brand

A lot of the batwing fairings on the market are made for a specific kind of bike. There are some others that fit a general brand or even work universally on a wide variety of bike brands and models.

Make sure that you’re buying a batwing fairing that perfectly fits your bike’s make and model to avoid a hassle. If you’re buying a universal fit fairing, be prepared to do some tinkering to get them to work.

Other Types of Fairing

Batwing fairings shouldn’t be your only option if you’re looking for a more aerodynamic ride. You can go for full fairings or half fairings. They provide more protection from turbulence and windchills. However, they can lead to reduced handling.

Be sure if you’re ready to sacrifice so much for protection and fuel efficiency. Do a lot of research before making that purchase. You wouldn’t want to be spending your money on something you won’t even feel like using after a short while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a motorcycle batwing fairing?

A motorcycle batwing fairing is a type of fairing that looks a lot like a bat with its wings spread. It offers protection from winds and other environmental elements whenever you ride. This accessory also helps improve the aerodynamics of your bike and even improves fuel economy.

Not to mention, it’s an aesthetically pleasing feature. It also gives a lot of space to customize or personalize your bike through custom colors and even decals.

Q: How do you install a batwing fairing?

It’s a lot easier than people think. Firstly, you have to clean your bike thoroughly. By doing this, you avoid trapping dirt where you will be installing the batwing fairing. That said, make sure you clean everything. From the front fork to the headlight as well as handlebars.

You should also make sure that you read the instruction manuals that come with the fairing your get. If they don’t come with instruction manuals, do thorough research first.

Start mounting the outer fairing using the brackets with the appropriate bolts according to the manual. Line everything up properly before tightening any bolt or screw.

Q: Can batwing fairings increase fuel efficiency?

There are reports that they do. Due to the decrease in turbulence, it can bring effect to the fuel efficiency. Some motorcyclists report an additional 3 miles per gallon at the least to their bike’s typical efficiency.

Q: How can I remove a motorcycle fairing?

It’s just as easy to remove a batwing fairing as it is installing one. You just have to do the opposite of what you did during the installation. There are only a few steps to follow.

Start off by removing the screws carefully so that you won’t damage the pieces or the fairing itself.

Once the fairing is free, double-check if there’s anything else keeping it attached to the bike. If you’re sure that it’s no longer restrained, tilt it forward then lift over the spotlights.

You can start disconnecting the headlight from the wiring harness. Use a dry cloth or towel for extra security and to keep it from having scratches.

Once the fairing is off, do a thorough clean of your bike.

Q: Do motorcycle fairings come with warranty?

Some batwing fairings come with warranty covers. However, there is a lot that doesn’t. It usually comes from the fact that motorcycling, in itself, is very risky. Instead of offering warranties, they instead just offer great quality for their fairings.

With that, you can rest assured that the materials that make your fairing will last you a long time, even years.

However, there are still a number of brands that offer a warranty. It’s a competitive market and a warranty is a great way to stand out. But keep in mind that these warranties are usually very limited.

Final Thoughts

Memphis Shade definitely stands out among these fairings. However, it will always depend on what your bike model is. That said, if you have a Harley, you should check out the batwing fairing from Reckless Motorcycles. Whichever you choose from the list above, make sure they fit your bike so you won’t have problems when installing it later.

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