Best Motorcycle Camping Gear 2020

10 Best Motorcycle Camping Gear (Review)

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How safe and secure are you and your motorcycles when you’re out there in unknown territory? Less-traveled and adventurous motorcycle rides are often ridden with many dangers and risks, and riders need the best motorcycle camping gear to stay protected and be in touch with the outside world.

If nothing, do not gun for the motorcycle camping kit that won’t deliver the top-quality performance that is demanding of them. Whether it is a tent, solar charger, or resting bag, motorcycle camping gear must feature compact size, compact storage compartments, lightweight, and durable. They must also come with high density and be reliable. 

Jetboil Jetset Stowable Camping Utensil Set,...
Naturehike 1.26lbs Ultralight 800 Fill Power...
Nelson Rigg NR-300 Route 1 Traveler Tour...
Jetboil Jetset Stowable Camping Utensil Set
Naturehike 1.28lbs Ultralight 800 Fill Power Goose Down Sleeping Bag
Nelson Rigg NR-300 Route 1 Traveler Tour Trunk Bag
Jetboil Jetset Stowable Camping Utensil Set,...
Jetboil Jetset Stowable Camping Utensil Set
Naturehike 1.26lbs Ultralight 800 Fill Power...
Naturehike 1.28lbs Ultralight 800 Fill Power Goose Down Sleeping Bag
Nelson Rigg NR-300 Route 1 Traveler Tour...
Nelson Rigg NR-300 Route 1 Traveler Tour Trunk Bag

To help you get the camping kits that brag these features, I have compiled a list of the top 10 best motorcycle camping gear that are currently sought after.

1. Jetboil Jetset Collapsible Camping Utensil Set

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear

Jetboil is known for its incredible interest in helping riders out of the fatigue of spending long hours on the bike. The manufacturing of the Jetset Camping Utensil Set attests to this.

You have your food cooking on the stove; you need to turn and stir it to avoid it getting burnt. You need this set of durable and lightweight stirrers from Jetboil.

This pack measures 5.2 inches. It also comes with a lightweight measurement of 1.3 ounces. A set of these utensils contains a spatula, fork, and spoon.

The set of utensils in this pack is made of nylon that is highly resistant to heat. The high-temperature design makes these perfect utensils items for stirring food on your camping cooking stove.


If you use any of this set, you’ll get to the very base of your pot, thanks to the heatproof, telescoping handles. The pack is made collapsible, compact, and small to save you space in your Jetboil cooking vessels.

Highlighted Features & Specs           

  • Nylon designs
  • Include fork, spoon, and spatula
  • Heat-absorbent
  • Compact and collapsible

2. Naturehike Backpack Indoor, Outdoor Sleeping Bag

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear 1

With the Naturehike Backpack Envelope Sleeping Bag, sleeping in the camp becomes a lot easier. And hiking camping experience becomes worthwhile.

This product is built with top-quality 15D/400T nylon material, and 800 fill power goose-down. This material is the best among the keep-warm materials you can find in the market. It is ultralight, lightweight, compact, and comfy.

It also boasts quality waterproof and comfortable features, and it’s designed to save you a lot of space and weight in your fuel tank bag or backpack.

What’s more, this model is versatile and multi-functional. It can serve as a sleeping bag and a power-down blanket for both outdoor and indoor use. It won’t fail if you decide to make it a mat for your verandah. 

It is large enough to house two people at the same time, without any inconvenience. You can pack away this product and stow it into your backpack.


Highlighted features & Specs

  • Weight: 1.28 pounds
  • Material: 150D/400T nylon and 800 fill power goose-down
  • Great for outdoor and indoor use
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable

3. Nelson-Rigg Traveler Tour Trunk Bag

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear 2

With an average weight of 6 pounds, this Touring Trunk Bag from Nelson-Rigg is one camping gear every rider and adventure camper would love to have under their belt.

The camping bag is a durable and sturdy model, making it a very reliable traveling companion for all trips to the unknown and less-travel motorcycle rides. It is made of high-quality UltraMax fabric. You can be sure this is a secure bag that boasts robust design and construction.


It is handy and will strap onto your back quickly and firmly in place. It’s built with enough space to hold a few belongings. The product is both waterproof and resistant to the elements.

The model from Nelson-Rigg also comes in as a roomy bag capable of accommodating two helmets. It has locks that help you secure your items without losing any of them.

Highlighted Features & Specs

  • Weight/Material: 6 pounds/UltraMax fabric
  • Waterproof and Reflective piping
  • Solid and durable build
  • Spacious for three campers

4. Powertraveller Solar Charger

Powertraveller Solar Adventurer

If you’ve been searching for the best camping solar charger, but all to no avail, your search can stop right here, because Powertraveller has some to offer you.

No camper would love to be in the dark, not charge their devices, including GPS, mobile phones, cameras, and lots more, while they’re on an adventure. 

With this portable solar device, you don’t have to worry about how you get your electronics back running and working again. It is built to charge devices with an output voltage range of 5V-12V. Interestingly, with its multiple charging ports, it affords you room to plug and charge two devices simultaneously.


Built with a highly efficient and powerful battery, the Powertraveller Solar Charger can power your devices to full capacity without short-circuiting them. It’s always the joy of every camper to have their camera, GPS, and phone up and running simultaneously to capture and stream the exciting moments in the camp.

Highlighted Features & Specs

  • Output voltage range: 5V-12V DC
  • Efficient and powerful battery
  • Features 2 A5W solar panels
  • Weight: 1.32 pounds

5. GSI Outdoors Kitchen Kit

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear 3

By the time you come across the GSI Outdoors Kitchen Kit, you’re not likely to go with the previous cookware other competitors have presented to you. This is one of the best camping kitchen kits available on the market.

This camping cookware set will not disappoint as you set out on your camping trip and adventure tour to the remote territory. This product is made compact, lightweight, and waterproof.

Plus, this is a versatile model. You don’t have to bother yourself about buying different kitchen kits for a different cooking kit. It fits camping stoves or campfire from GSI and other brands.  


Featuring 12 different kits, this package contains a wide range of kitchen utensils and pivot pieces, including scrapers, oil bottle, tongs, spatula, spoon, pepper and salt shakers, and many more. There is also a tote that keeps all items organized.

The beauty of it all is that all pieces are constructed with durable and lightweight plastic material. The package also features a case for conveying the items.

 Overall, the compact size of the GSI Outdoor Kitchen Kit makes stowing and packing easy.

Highlighted Features & Specs

  • Compact and lightweight
  • The durable and robust plastic build
  • Features a carrying case
  • Weight10.4 ounces

6. Jetboil FluxRing Camping Pot

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear 4

Jetboil returns with another incredible camping utensil, and this time, it is the camping spot. The Jetboil FluxRing camping Pot is designed for camping and backpacking Jetboil stoves.

With this model, you don’t need to backpack the space-hogging cookware because it’s space-efficient, compact, and can be backpacked. This cooking pot can hold water or food of up to 1.5 liters.


On top of this, the pot boasts a wide-open mouth that makes it almost effortless to simmer sauces and prepare food for up to five people.

The Jetboil Camping Pot features heat-resistant and well-insulated, foldable wire handles that guarantee safe to use and compact storage in the tank bag.

This 12-ounce weighed product is made with aluminum material. The material is hard-anodized for fuel-efficient. This makes it very efficient and time-saving for boiling. It works perfectly with many Jetboil cookstoves, including jetboil SUMO, MightyMo, and Zip.

 The package includes a plastic cover that can also be used as a serving bowl.

Highlighted Features & Specs

  • Weight/capacity: 12-ounce/1.5-liter
  • Wired-insulated and heat-resistant handles
  • Anodized aluminum build
  • Compact and sizeable

7. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Fiberglass Road-Ready Tent

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear 5

The Harley Davidson Bar and Shield Tent are some of the motorcycle camping tents you can find on the market. It is designed to accommodate as many as three people at a time. If you want it for yourself, this tent is a perfect guy for that purpose.

It is road-ready and durable, thanks to its fiberglass frame and aluminum construction. You won’t have to be replacing a camping tent every so often.


Setting this tent up is one of the best features it brags. With the shock cord, you can install and take it down all by yourself, and within minutes. You won’t find this model an extra load because it is made lightweight and foldable.

What’s more, the Harley Davidson Road Ready Tent comes compact and sizeable. It will enter your gear quickly and with no leg out. The package includes a duffle bag.   

Highlighted Features & Specs

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Weight/Material: 3 pounds/ aluminum build and fiberglass frame
  • Room for three campers
  • Easy to couple and tear down

8. ECOOPRO Weatherproof Sleeping Bag

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear 6

How many hours of sleep do you want to have in the camp that the EcooPro Sleeping Bag won’t offer you? It is one of the best camping sleeping bags that the market is proudly confident to present to riders.

This item is lightweight and will prove itself against the effects of the elements. You don’t have to worry about adding an extra pound of weight to your luggage because this model is constructed with lightweight.

This bag is capable of accommodating an adult and two children of reasonable weight and sizes. 


It is built with a compact size, measuring 83 inches and 30 inches in length and width. You can simply pack, roll, and stow away the bag into your camp gear. With the compression straps that come with the product package, it is quite easy to stash the product in a small space.

What’s more, the comfy Ecoopro Warm Weather Sleeping Bag, as the name suggests, is a great bag to keep your head and body warm during harsh weather conditions.

Highlighted Features & Specs

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Outer/inner Material: nylon/polyester

9. Jetboil Summit Skillet Camping Cookware

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear 7

Having looked at the previous two items on our list, you’ll agree that any top-best motorcycle camping gear list must include a product from a brand like Jetboil.

The introduction of Jetboil Summit Skillet camping Sauce Pan assures you that your next adventure trip to the camp will be seamless in terms of cooking.  


 This product is constructed from nonstick aluminum material and coated with top-quality ceramic. This is to ensure that the food/water boils evenly and quickly without burning.

Interestingly, the ceramic coating is free of toxic perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). It’s also nonstick. The kit is equipped with a skillet that is used for easy release of pancakes, eggs, and other kinds of food you put on the Jetboil stove to cook. The coating also makes washing and cleanup a walk in the park.

The cookware also comes with a turner nest angled perfectly into the handle. This makes the flipping of food fuss-free.

Highlighted Features & Specs

  • Material/Weight: nonstick aluminum/10.6 ounces
  • PFOA-free ceramic finish
  • Even and quick boiling of food/water
  • Cleanup without hassle

10. ALPS Mountaineering Air Pad

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear 8

After a long day, every rider wants to have a short nap before starting again. You need an incredibly comfortable sleeping pad. The Mountaineering Air Pad is from ALPS, one of the best brands known for manufacturing the best motorcycle camping gear.

The pad is built to give comfort to camping riders while they sleep, thanks to its adequately padded interior. The inner of the pillow is laden with layers of jet stream foam that cushions your sleep.

The outer construction is from a durable and lush polyester ripstop fabric material. You can be sure the pad will withstand water, weather, wind, and dust.

With a sizable dimension of 20 x 72 v 1.5, this 3-inch pad will accommodate one rider for a refreshing nap. The package comes with a set of repair tools and a compression strap, so you can quickly and easily fix any issue to ensure it has an extended lifespan. When not in use, you can use the belt to hold and secure it in place.


Highlighted Features & Specs

  • Material/Weight: Polyester ripstop/2.6 pounds
  • Size: 20 inches x 72 inches x 1.5 inches
  • Adequate inner cushion
  • Waterproof and compact size

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear Guide & FAQ

You don’t just leap from desiring a motorcycle camping gear to acquiring it. You may slip and end up buying a model that won’t suit your needs. There are essential features you must look for. Like I said earlier, you need camping gear that is durable, lightweight, compact, and features an incredibly small cargo compartment.

Let’s look at the essential features to look for when buying camping gear.


The riding conditions of less-traveled motorcycle roads are not always conducive. You often face extreme and harsh weather conditions, including scorching sun, stormy wind, heavy rain, snow, bumpy roads, and many more.

At every point in time, you’ll camping gear can hold out against these conditions, able to withstand the storm and snow and protect you against the elements. Equally important is to buy camping gear that’s waterproof, weatherproof, and dustproof.

Material for Build

Typically, the durability and strength of camping gear are a function of the material used. Generally, 100% ripstop nylon fabric or its ballistic counterpart is the best material most manufacturers use to make camping gear. This is because this fabric is double-woven, highly durable, and can withstand damaging UV rays. It is also machine-washable, durable, and can be dried, rolled, and packed efficiently. Manufacturers also use polymers, polyesters, or plastics.


It is another essential feature to look for before you buy your motorcycle camping gear. Ensure the gear doesn’t add more pounds of weight to the overall riding weight, so it doesn’t drag you back when you backpack or handle it.

Don’t forget the more weight you carry with you on the bike, the more fuel your vehicle consumes. It also makes maneuvering handling difficult. Camping gear made of nylon and polyester is lighter than those with metal or canvas.

Compact Size

Having camping gear that you can easily pack, roll up, and stow into a small space is something you should consider. You don’t want a model that will take a lot of space in your motorcycle tank bag or any other cargo compartment in your motorcycle. If it is too big, the gear may cause some imbalance and instability as you ride.

Different Types of Motorcycle Camping Gear

Motorcycle camping gear comes in different types, and you’re not limited to just one whenever you want to go and buy. Regardless of the model, you’re going for, never forget that those essential features make up the buying considerations.  

 Here is a list of the top camping gear available for purchase on the market:

  1. Backpacking Tent
  2. Sleeping bag/pads
  3. Solar Charger
  4. Cooking Utensils

Backpacking Tent

The backpacking tent comes as a shelter that can house as many as five people at the same time. Depending on your preference, you can go for a tent that is just enough for you. Look for a camping tent that features window guards, cargo pockets, and is strong enough to withstand wind and rainstorms.

Sleeping Bag/Pads

Typically, sleeping pads or bags are insulated with filler that keeps you warm and protected in the rain, wind, or harsh weather conditions. Pay attention to the compactness and shape of the bag. Look for sleeping gear that fits your body and comes with a hood.

Solar Charger

You won’t always have access to electric charge for your devices, including cellphones, cameras, portable travel fans, wristwatch, and GPS. If you have a solar charger, it becomes easy. Make sure you buy a solar charger that is durable and powerful, capable of lasting for an extended period. Consider compatibility, too.

Cooking Utensils

Food is fuel when riding. After a long ride, you need to refuel and get energized to continue the trip. You need to have a foolproof cooking camping kit you can equip yourself with when riding. Depending on the type of food you want to prepare, you can get a pocket knife; a pop can stove, a post insulator, and a handkerchief.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a range of essential questions a rider must be ready to ask and familiar with before starting to use motorcycle camping gear. Raising these questions and having their answers right at your fingertips will reduce the burden of discomfort and uncertainty in using the kit.

Q: Should I consider the weight of my camping gear? 

Yes. And this is not limited to camping gear alone. Always make sure you use gear and accessories that won’t add extra pounds to your overall weight when you’re riding.

When choosing the camping gear, look for the one that won’t increase the riding weight. It is difficult to handle or control while riding when it’s raining or blowing with some accompanying storm.

Q: Is there camping gear specific to motorcycles? 

Absolutely! There is camping gear recommended or designed with a motorcycle in mind. And I think it is better to go for camping gear with specifications. Ideally, camping gear that can be backpacked is the best option because they’re lightweight, relieve you of stress, is durable, and work great.

Q: What’s the best way to pack my motorcycle camping gear?

Make your camping gear whether it is the hand-held or backpacked type, it offers balance and stability. You can ensure this by maintaining balance to the left, right, back, and front.


Some riders often undermine the importance of motorcycle camping kits to riding. This attitude shouldn’t be because riders need to ensure maximum safety. Don’t forget, traveling is one of the riskiest and most dangerous outdoor activities in the world. It requires an extra meticulous rider to take every precaution to go around with the safety gear, including motorcycle tank bags, seat pads, helmets, jackets, and boots. After all, every rider is a potential nomad. Make an order for your camping gear today and enjoy the best fun on your bike.

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