Best Motorcycle Cargo Nets

6 Best Motorcycle Cargo Nets

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A motorcycle cargo net is a great way to secure your gear while you’re on the road. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Here are six of the best motorcycle cargo nets available today.

1. PowerTye Black Mesh Cargo Nets

PowerTye Black Mesh Motorcycle Cargo Nets

The PowerTye cargo nets provide one of the best values you can get for your money. The package comes with two 15-by-15-inch nets. It stretches out evenly up to double its size. These nets are also expected to maintain their elasticity for a long time. So, its quality remains unquestionable, especially for heavy loads.

Thanks to the combination of 0.16-inch thick latex and bungee rubber, the nets come with increased flexibility, strength, and durability. The nets also come with a tight mesh design with holes measuring only 2 x 2 inches. This keeps the cargo safe from falling through the holes.

The cargo nets come with three hooks on either side made from ABS plastic. This tech isn’t only durable but also keeps the paint job from getting scratched. These hooks come patented with a quick tightening tech. Moreover, if the hook breaks during normal use, PowerTye offers a free replacement.

However, the patented hook design doesn’t work for all motorcycle models. Moreover, too much tension from unusually large loads can strain the hooks and break them.

2. CARTMAN Bungee Cord Assortment

CARTMAN Bungee Cord Assortment Motorcycle Cargo Nets

The Cartman Bungee Cord Assortment is definitely worth your money. Not only does it have a 15- by 15-inch rubber cargo net, but it also comes with 24 pieces of bungee cords.

Made from elastic polypropylene, the net is highly stretchable and tear-resistant. It also works perfectly for most motorcycles. The net has six tie-down points made from steel for better security. The extra bungee cords help secure the cargo or work as extensions.

The net, as well as bungee cords, are also UV-resistant. They’re also resistant to any outdoor element. Moreover, the bungee cords come color-coded according to length for convenience.

However, storing this can be a hassle. They almost always end up tangled. Moreover, they’re not ideal for heavy-duty hauling due to the plastic ends of the hooks. These ends make the hooks snap easily. You can also get more stretchable options from other brands.

3. SunFounder Cargo Net

SunFounder Motorcycle Cargo Nets

These cargo nets from SunFounder come at an affordable price for a heavy-duty bungee cord net. Made from multi-strand latex, It’s also very stretchable. The net comes coated with an abrasion-resistant nylon jacket for extra protection.

The interwoven cross-cord design measures 15 by 15 inches in total. However, it can stretch up to 45 by 45 inches. The grids, however, measure 3 by 3 inches. So, there’s a risk of smaller items falling.

It also has six tie-down points. The hooks are not only rustproof but also scratch-resistant. You can easily hook, detach, or even readjust them for a secure fit. Storage shouldn’t also be a problem, as you can simply roll the net and hook it into a ball.

However, this cargo net may not fit some motorcycles because of its large size. The plastic coating of the hook also comes off easily. This results in the metal part scratching your motorcycle easily. If you don’t want to see that, make sure to check the hooks twice before using them for the day. If you find any sign of deterioration, have them covered in coating again. Or, better yet, purchase new hooks to replace them.

4. Egofine Motorcycle Cargo Net

Slightly bigger than our previous recommendations, the Egofine Motorcycle Cargo Net sits 15.7 by 15.7 inches. It definitely works best for larger cargo or gear. Meanwhile, the spacing measures 2 by 2 inches keeps small items from falling off. The latex threads also make it very elastic and durable, easily stretchable to fit any cargo.

The hooks of this cargo net come from ABS plastic. It also comes with 6 aluminum alloy carabiners. These give you more options when it comes to mounting, tightening as well as adjusting.

With an inclusion of a storage bag, it also stores easily after use. You can just put it in a tank bag or under the seat for easy access. It also fits most motorcycle models easily without a hitch.

The colored hooks that come with this cargo net are especially appealing. It’s very visible and just as strong. In addition, the bonus carabiners also make for even more secure storage. If you need extra security or a cargo net that you can also use in an ATV or bike, this is the one for you.

5. PowerTye Large Cargo Net

Powertye Large Cargo Net

PowerTye continues to provide the best cargo nets with this one. This large cargo net is twice as long at 15 by 30 inches. It stretches up to 30 by 45 inches for securing the cargo.

This type of cargo net is best for carrying larger cargo or bulkier gear. Most bikers opt to use this one for motorcycle touring or long day trips.

With a 2-by-2 mesh grid design, the net holds small things just fine. It keeps smaller items from falling through, even with long rides.

To assure the quality of the net, its construction consists of 4.4 mm premium latex bungee material. That’s twice as thick compared to other nets in the market. That material is also a lot stronger and heavy-duty.

Generally, this type of cargo net works best for large bikes or large cargo. It’s convenient for multipurpose safety for more than one cargo to bring. Not to mention, given that PowerTye made this, this cargo net will last you years. It’s best to replace it when you find any evidence of wear and tear. However, with this PowerTye cargo net, you’ll be safe for a few years even with frequent use.

6. ZMFLL Motorcycle Cargo Net

ZMFLL Motorcycle Cargo Net

Just like some of the entries on our list, the ZMFLL Motorcycle Cargo Net measures 15 by 15 inches. This standard sizing makes it a perfect choice for a cargo net. It also has a mesh grid design of 2 by 2 inches to secure your package. With this design, you can also rest assured that smaller packages remain secure within the net.

Also made from 4.4 mm latex, it proves strong and stretchable versus the general rubber cargo nets. You can also easily move the hooks to fit your package better.

The ABS plastic hooks of this net are also scratch-resistant. Moreover, they come with sub-hooks for easy tightening adjustments. Aside from motorcycles, this cargo net can also fit bikes and ATVs easily.

Overall, they provide just the right protection for your cargo for the right amount. They also don’t wear off that easily. This type of cargo net usually lasts a few years with little evidence of wear and tear. You would want to invest in that type of cargo net.

Best Motorcycle Cargo Nets Guide & FAQs

Benefits of Motorcycle Cargo Nets

Motorcycle cargo nets come with various benefits that will make your ride easier. First, they secure cargo, gears, or other packages conveniently. They keep bulky items from falling off or even breaking during long rides. During rides, you can come across bumps or rough terrain. Cargo nets will hold your items down for you effortlessly.

The great thing about cargo nets is that they are transparent. With that, you can check the condition of your package easily every once in a while. This will keep you at ease that your package is in good condition.

Cargo nets are also stretchable, so if the size of your packages varies with every ride, you can adjust the fit of the net. Plus, these nets come with heavy-duty material that keeps them from snapping or breaking. Not to mention, manufacturers are transparent when it comes to the stretching size of nets.

With that said, nets handle all kinds of perils the road gives you. From heavy rain to bright sun rays, most nets resist environmental factors. This also assures that your net lasts long despite the external elements it faces.

Lastly, cargo nets are very easy to use. You simply have to put the net over your cargo and snap the hooks on. Most hooks easily attach and detach on the motorcycle.

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Cargo Nets


Like any gear, cargo nets can come from various materials. Most commonly, synthetic fabric cargo nets like polyester make for great everyday use. They can handle a lot of usages. They’re also stretchable and tear-resistant. Moreover, polyester cargo nets can also have integrated features like water and UV resistance.

If you’re looking for a more durable material, you’ll look at latex cargo nets. However, they can be costly. Despite this, they can surely last you years without snapping or breaking.

When it comes to the hooks of your net, always make sure your hooks have metal construction. While you’ll find many plastic hooks, always prioritize metal hooks over them. Metal hooks usually have plastic coatings so they won’t scratch your motorcycle and prevent rust.


Having a rigid carriage doesn’t give a lot of options for storage. They also aren’t adaptable to various shapes. Cargo nets have the benefit of doing all these and more. That’s why elasticity is essential to cargo nets.

Cargo, gears, and even luggage don’t come in similar or standard sizes. So, you need a cargo net that would cater to any shape and size easily. You can get a bigger cargo net if your cargo requires even bigger coverage. However, most cargo nets can handle your standard boxes, duffel bags, and helmets.

Moreover, ensure your cargo nets don’t lose their shape despite being stretched for a long time.


Cargo nets also come in various sizes. However, there’s a universal size that fits most motorcycle models. It, of course, doesn’t fit all models, so some require custom-fit nets.

Before buying a cargo net, make sure that you measure your luggage rack dimensions first. This is imperative to the size of the cargo net you’re getting. You should get a net that’s not too loose or too fit when tied to your motorbike without load.

Type of Cargo

Aside from conforming to the dimensions of your luggage rack, make sure your cargo net can support the cargo you’re carrying. If it’s a big cargo, you might want to get a bigger size net. Moreover, ensure your package can handle the road and weather elements it’s subject to. You don’t want to risk ruining your package.

Type of Installation

You would want a cargo net that comes on and off conveniently when needed. Lucky for you, most nets come with attachment hooks or tie-down straps installed beforehand. This will take away the hassle of putting the whole thing together on your own. Some require drilling and screwing into your luggage rack. Those take a lot of time to install and are just as effective as the others.

Quick Tips on Motorcycle Cargo Nets

  • Consider the type of cargo or item you’re carrying before buying a cargo net. The size, as well as the strength required to carry every item, varies.
  • An interesting feature you should also look at is color coordination. Not all cargo nets come in black. Some also come in various colors that make them really stylish. Not only can they best fit your personal aesthetic, but they’re also highly visible even in the dark.
  • Not all motorcycles have a luggage rack. If that’s the case, make sure you check whether or not you can hook up a net on the backseat instead. Your anchor points will then determine the type of hook or attachments you’ll need from your net.
  • You may also consider mounting your own luggage rack. It doesn’t take a lot of money, and it also serves as a great investment in the future. If you have a luggage rack, you’ll ultimately give up having a motorcycle backpack. Even smaller items now have a place to be.
  • Always check for reviews. They are the most honest information you’ll find regarding how long and how effective a cargo net is. If you’re eyeing different brands, the reviews may help you make the right decision at the end of the day.
  • Check whether the cargo net you’re buying can easily be stored. Some tangle in the bag because they’re too loose. If you use cargo nets often, you would want to free yourself of the time you spend on detangling that mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you install cargo nets?

Cargo nets come with many hooks on certain points. To install them, you simply have to hook them on a secure part of your bike. It could be the luggage rack or other anchor points available to you. Ensure that your net doesn’t slip off or that it doesn’t come loose very easily. The right-size cargo net sits comfortably on the luggage rack or backseat with a little wiggle.

Other cargo nets require drilling. When that happens, make sure you ask for the help of professionals first. You don’t want to hurt any wiring inside or ultimately ruin your motorcycle to attach them.

Q: Do I need a mounted rack to use a cargo net?

It sure is easier to have a mounted rack on your motorcycle before buying a cargo net. However, it isn’t necessary. You can easily secure your items in the backseat of your motorcycle. This works especially if you don’t transport cargo as often. If you have large items to secure or if you transport items more often than not, it’s best to have a mounted rack. You will thank yourself later when you get this rack.

Q: What happens if the rubber coating comes off the hooks?

Most metal hooks come with plastic or rubber coatings. This protects your bike from scratches. If they break or fall apart, you’ll most likely risk your motorcycle getting scratched all over. From broken paints to dents, it could be anything. However, you can always use caps for metal shelves. You can even cover the hooks with rubber again if need be.

Q: Can the metal hooks be reshaped?

The metal where hooks come from is definitely easy to shape. However, the hooks are usually designed in a way that’s optimal to cling perfectly to the anchor points of your motorcycle. Don’t ever bend or shape it to the point of breaking. Too much bending can result in the metal weakening. In the end, reshaped metals snap easier than usual.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an affordable, durable cargo net that will hold up to regular use, our top pick is the PowerTye Cargo Net. Before you hit the open road on your next adventure, be sure to check out our top picks for motorcycle cargo nets and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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