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6 Best Motorcycle Chain Lube (Review)

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Change your motorcycle’s overall performance with the best motorcycle chain lube!

You can get so much satisfaction from riding your motorcycle. However, you can only experience its full potential when maintained properly. Long-term maintenance definitely helps a lot when it comes to fine-tuning the performance of your bike.

As a biker, you would understand that maintenance is not an easy task. Once you neglect it, it may cause long-term problems on your motorcycle. This will ultimately shorten your motorcycle’s lifespan.

A constant part of bike maintenance is are chain lubes. This effectively eliminates friction on the chains of your motorcycle. Ultimately, it’s a vital part to make your overall ride smooth. It reduces friction and rust on the chain.

Since chains help spin the rear wheel, it’s always under constant pressure. So, keep it from falling apart easily, it must always be maintained. We gathered 6 lubricants for your chains that will help you ride efficiently.

1. Motul Chain Paste

Motul 102984 Chain Paste | Best Motorcycle Chain Lube

The Motul chain paste is one of the best lubricants for chains for many reasons. Firstly, it works on all-terrain vehicles such as street sport motorcycles, street touring bikes, off-road motorcycles, and many others. It’s also suitable for scooters and cruisers.

Motul has been a pioneering part of the industry since its foundation in 1853. Many motorsports enthusiasts know this brand and patronize it. It has various products available for motorcyclists including chain lube.

This chain lube from Motul comes with a brush applicator tip. It’s a white lubricating paste designed for road bikes for supreme lubrication. With the applicator, it’s a lot efficient to apply this on the chain links.


Because it’s a thick lube, you can rest assured that it’s a long-lasting solution. There’s also no need to apply a large amount on the chains. A small amount spread evenly will work just fine.

The Motul Chain Paste works best with O-Ring, X-Ring, as well as Z-Ring chains. It has a great texture and provides a really smooth finish.

Moreover, it doesn’t flick off easily so you can easily clean your chain. Many reviews say that there’s no fling with this chain paste.

2. Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube

Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube | Best Motorcycle Chain Lube

Whichever brand of motorcycle you have, the Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube will work just fine for you. This is a great option for most all street, off-road, and racing motorcycle chains. It’s simply impossible to get it wrong with this one.

Specifically, this works for bikes with O-Ring, X-Ring, or Z-Ring units. It’s a great feature since a lot of lubes only work for O-Rings. This is a huge reason why it’s a popular choice in the market.

Flinging off is one of the biggest concerns of motorcyclists. A lot of brands say their lubes can resist this even when riding at high speeds.

Flings usually happen when the lube scatters over the surface of the chains. It leaves a greasy trail of substance on the road. This is a safety hazard not only for yourself but also for other vehicles on the road.


You’d be glad to know that the Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube is truly resistant to flings. This lube has an anti-fling nature so you can ride at high speeds without worrying about grease dripping all over the tracks.

This product also works wonders even in wet conditions. Many motorcyclists who ride in humid environments can attest to that. It’s due to the anti-rust component of this chain lube. This will greatly help with promoting the life of your chain and sprocket.

In turn, it also helps prevent corrosion that will reduce the efficiency of the chains by worsening friction. Overall, this is a great option for smooth and easy rides.

3. Maxima Ultimate Chain Care Aerosol Combo Kit

Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Wax Ultimate Chain Care Aerosol Combo Kit | Best Motorcycle Chain Lube

Southern California-based company Maxima provides overall chain care with this kit. It comes with great lubricants for your chains in 3 packs. The pack includes 15.5 ounces of cleaner, 14.5 ounces of penetrating lube, and 13.5 ounces of chain wax.

This kit is a great choice for street road motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, street touring motorcycles, as well as scooters.

Maxima clean-up is designed to budge off harmful rubbers. It’s an emulsion type that works best for O-Rings as well as metal surface chains.

The penetration lube from the kit proves multi-purposive. It provides an excellent displacement of water that will keep your chain from getting rusty. That said, it also prevents corrosion.


Meanwhile, the chain wax from Maxime comes with a wonderful formula that works wonders. It’s heavy dusty and has additives for extreme pressure. As an anti-wear lube, you can trust that it lubricates chains, cables, and sprockets neatly.

The chain wax also provides long-term protection with a special parafilm formula called Cosmoline. It also helps protect the chains from water and other factors.

Generally, this kit will help resist rust, dirt, and grime. It also resists fling off for an overall great experience with your bike.

4. PJ1 Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube

PJ1 13oz Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube

This chain lube from PJ1 is compatible with O-Ring chains. It offers n easy application process so you don’t need to worry about time being wasted over this maintenance procedure.

The great thing about this product is that it penetrates well on difficult parts of the chain with ease. It can also assemble very quickly through a very simple process. This helps protect the O-Ring from detrimental damages.

With a petroleum-based formula, it has unique properties that some chain lubes in the market can’t offer. As expected, it provides solutions for frictional issues.

It also has water-repellent properties. So, if you ride in humid weather or during rainfall, you need this chain lube. Water on your chains can turn to rusts and ultimately lead to early corrosion of your chains. That’s an expensive mistake you don’t want to make.


One of the unique qualities it has is shock absorption. It keeps the chain from getting rusty and would repel elements that will deter a smooth ride. Chains get wear due to the cushion effect that happens between the rollers and sprocket. This helps with that.

The anti-sling formula on this lube reduces flings. So, your lube will be splash on the road when you ride over it. Overall, this is a cost-effective solution to your chain lubrication problems!

5. Original Bike Spirits Chain Lube

Original Bike Spirits Motorcycle Chain Lube

Original Bike Spirits is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable lube for your O-Ring or standard chains. It uses cutting-edge technology that not all lubes use.

This product comes as a translucent film and it seals the chain with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE) fluoropolymer resin and moly. It provides incredible lubrication to give your chain and sprockets longer life.

Other lubes are very sticky and this results in a long waiting time for them to dry. The solvents of this lube quickly evaporate and dry. This leaves a transparent film that repels water and dirt from the chain. The special film also makes for great rust protection in the long run.


Don’t be fooled by the advertisements of this lube. Many people believe that this doesn’t perform well due to its lack of branding. It should perform just as well with more expensive chain lubes in the market!

It also comes with a very efficient sprayer. This directs the product onto the chain effortlessly and, thus, prevents waste. It also quickly moves along the chain and chain links. In turn, you get a nearly-dry residue with no dirt in sight. Overall, it’s a great option to make your chain and sprockets last longer!

6. DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant

DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant | Motorcycle Chain Lube

A lot similar to the previous entry on the list, the DuPont Chain-Saver is a wax-based chain lube that comes with Teflon fluoropolymer. This is the company’s patented self-cleaning lubricant perfect for O-Ring chains. It can also be described as a dry wax lubricant that amps up the life of the chains and sprockets up to 5 times more.

This lube works perfectly for motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, go-karts, and even bicycles. As long as it has O-Rings then this is for you.

The product also provides the capability to reduce wear on the chains as well as chain drag. This usually accumulates over time. The Teflon and moly on this product help with that.


As expected, the DuPont Chain Saves comes with an anti-fling agent that will grease from splattering on the ground. It clings right on the chain as well as its interiors so that friction lessens effectively.

You can use it in dusty environments as it’s a dry lubricant that resists dirt and prevents grime from accumulating on the chains. This enhances the overall performance of your motorcycle. It also creates a barrier that keeps other harmful elements from your chain.

Lastly, it’s also water-repellent. From rain to humidity, the chain lube resists anything that will cause your chains to rust.

Best Motorcycle Chain Lube Guide & FAQs

Benefits of Motorcycle Chain Lube

As aforementioned, chain lubes help in promoting longevity to your chain and sprockets. A good quality O-Ring chain, as well as sprocket, can cost a lot so it only makes sense to take good care of the one you have now.

With this, it should be able to repel water and dirt so that your chain won’t corrode prematurely. It should also help stop premature chain wear that could happen over time.

With your chain and sprocket in good condition, you can only expect great performance for your bike. It should help improve the quality of your ride by preventing chain stretch and sprocket wear.

Having such a smooth ride will enable you to operate your bike smoothly. It should also promote the safety of your ride. So, you won’t have to worry every time you’re on your bike.

Types of Motorcycle Chain Lube

Wax-Based Dry

This type of chain lube usually comes in a spray form. It goes in wet and dries quickly into a waxy, non-stick coating. This not only lubricates your chain but also repels water and grime. A thin layer of this can go a long way in protecting O-Rings.

Semi-Drying Tacky

This type of chain lube also goes on wet. However, unlike wax-based chain lube, it will form into a semi-tacky or tacky layer. This penetrates between the side plates and rollers when wet. Once it thickens up, you can rest assured it provides great lubrication and protection.

Paste Chain Lube

There’s no waste or drying time with this chain lube. As its name suggests, it’s a paste that requires brushing on by hand or by an applicator. That said, it takes some time to apply this one versus spray-on chain lubes or liquid chain lubes. It also has the same consistency you’ll find on factory-installed grease.

Liquid Chain Lube

This was one of the most recommended standard motorcycle chain lube for a long time. That is until sealed O-Rings became the norm. This type f chain lube doesn’t dry or thicken. So, once you put it on the chain, it’s wet and it remains wet. Products such as gear oil and motor oil are under this very category.

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Chain Lube

Chain Type

This should be the first thing in your mind when buying a chain lube. Different types of chains need different lubrication requirements. Service intervals also differ between standard or unsealed roller chains.

Double-check the side plates to know what type of chain you have. Sealed chains should have little O-Rings (thus, the name) between the outer and inner side plates.

Riding Environment

We all already know that different terrains require different motorcycle types. In the same effect, the type of chain lubes works best for specific riding conditions.

For instance, wax-based dry chain lubes are great for street riding in fairly good weather. However, if you need something for an off-road adventure, you might want to reconsider getting this.

Easy application

Easy application is often looked over by motorcyclists. However, if you’re someone busy and doesn’t have time to dedicate long hours for maintenance, consider this factor.

It’s great to have a chain lube that applies quickly and dries just as fast. It saves a lot of time and, of course, some money in the long run. Some chain lube types don’t require as much as other types. So, check the instructions twice!


Low-quality lubes can fling after a while. So, make sure that the lube you’re getting has an anti-fling formula. It should dry off quickly so you can feel its full effects. Splattering grease on the path you went through will be a safety hazard for you and other riders.

Dust-resistant and Waterproof

If you’ve noticed, the list above is complete with chain lubes that offer dust and water resistance. Why? This is because dust and water can cause rust and wear to your chains. So, if you want to save yourself the money from prematurely changing your chains, maintain them with great chain lubricants.

Tips on Motorcycle Chain Lube

  • It’s best to apply chain lube right after a ride when the chain is warm. A cold chain can result in excessive fling and we don’t want that for our bike.
  • That said, don’t apply it with the engine running. You don’t want to lose a finger during the whole process.
  • For an efficient way to apply it, make sure that you have a few pieces of cardboard at your disposal. It keeps the chain away from the rear tire, frame, suspension, and swingarm. Not to mention, it will help catch dripping lubricants on the floor.
  • You should also consider getting a center stand or a motorcycle lift for easy maintenance. It’s a hassle to apply chain lube with the wheels sitting on the ground.
  • Don’t be too excited when applying lubricants. Less is more when it comes to this want. Even a small amount can go a long way and even get right into tight spots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should you lubricate your motorcycle chain?

Applying small amounts every now and then should be a good guide. However, it’s best to ask your motorcycle or chain manufacturer about this. It differs for every type. A quick tip, though, is that others apply lubricants every 300 miles for O-Rings.

Q: Where do you spray the lube on the chain?

Always apply the lubricant on the inside run of the chain. You can always use a rag to remove any excess that would go through the outside of the chain. Also, make sure that you’re spraying downward. While doing this, you should hand turn the rear wheel to make sure that the chain travels right through the whole link. Make sure that you get rows of O-Rings that are between the side plates.

Q: Can I use a bicycle chain lube on a motorcycle?

A quick answer is no. However, there are some chain lubes that are great for variations of use. Some lubricants work just as well on motorcycles as they are on bikes, gates, ATVs, or other chained vehicles. That said, know that bicycles don’t have O-Rings. In turn, you shouldn’t use heavy-duty and sticky motorcycle chain lubes for bikes.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right chain lube is almost like science at best. There are specific lubricants for specific chain types. It’s always great to get to know your motorcycle first before making the decision. It’s going to be expensive having to replace your chains and sprockets early on.

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