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6 Best Motorcycle Chaps

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Complete your gear with the best motorcycle chaps in the market today. Riding a motorcycle comes with a few risks, and it’s always best to come prepared. One of the many ways to protect yourself is by wearing the right gear. We’re talking full gear – helmet, jacket, gloves, the works. However, riders tend to neglect the lower part of their bodies when riding. Enter: the motorcycle chaps.

There’s nothing like a good pair of chaps to keep your lower body from sustaining injuries. Here are high-quality chaps worth investing in to give you an extra layer of protection.

1. Milwaukee Leather Zippered Chaps

Milwaukee Leather Zippered Chaps

Milwaukee Leather, founded in 1991, produces some of the best traditional leather riding apparel. Some of their greatest offers are these zippered leather chaps. They come in soft milled leather, 1.2 to 1.3 mm in thickness. These chaps also have two zippered pockets (one on either side). These pockets keep small belongings secured yet within reach.

The bottom part has four snaps that allow a better fit over the boots. Moreover, the bottom part of the chaps remains unfinished. This is to ensure you can trim or seam at your desired length.

However, these chaps tend to run small or aren’t true to their size. To ensure you find the right fit, purchase a pair that’s one size bigger than your measured size. The position of the pockets also proves awkward when utilized. You can, of course, choose to put small items in the pockets, but it may look weird overall.

2. Viking Cycle Leather Chaps

Viking Cycle Leather Chaps

Made from premium cowhide leather, these chaps from Viking Cycle come with high-quality stitches. The stitching alone makes sure that the chaps have fewer risks of ripping. With cowhide leather material, these chaps provide excellent protection to their wearer.

Moreover, they come with braided details on the outside of the leg. This adds stylish detail to the chaps compared to plain chaps. If you want chaps that come with a bit of flair, this is a great detail.

For an even better fit, you can easily adjust the buckle in front to really embrace your figure. You also get four snaps at the bottom of each leg to better fit around your boots. These chaps also come with one front pocket where you can store small items.

If there’s a downside to these chaps, it’s the break-in period for them. Since they’re made from cowhide leather, they can be very stiff. Therefore, you’ll need quite some time to break into these chaps. Finding the right size for these chaps can also be quite a challenge.

3. Xelement B7552 Premium Motorcycle Chaps

Xelement B7552 Premium Motorcycle Chaps

Made from high-quality leather, these chaps come in different sizes for your convenience. From size 30 to 42, it’s way easier to find Xelement chaps for you than anywhere else.

The Xelement B7552 chaps very well embrace the fit around your body. With the thick leather construction, these chaps come with better protection from impacts or low temperatures.

To improve on the fit of the chaps, the snap closures at the bottom help. They hug your legs as well as your boots just right as well. It also comes with adjustable belt closure and back lace. Plus, it comes with thigh zippers and covered zippers on the ankles.

The pocket of these chaps sits at the left thigh. It’s big enough to keep small belongings safe.

4. A.B Crew Leather Half Chaps

A.B Crew Leather Half Chaps

If you find full chaps too restricting then you might want to check out these half chaps. They provide just the proper protection as well. Aside from excellent protection, they are also fully adjustable for your desired fit.

These chaps come with leather, fluff, and sponge materials that make them comfortable and safe to wear. With four Velcro straps on the back, you can easily adjust their fit around your legs.

For even more safety, the chaps have reflective strips in front. They provide better protection and visibility when you’re riding your motorcycle in the dark.

The downside of these chaps is the absence of extra features like pockets. There are no storage capacities for these chaps. However, they provide the best comfort compared to other chaps in the market. They’re also the cheapest chaps you’ll find in the market.

5. ARD-Champs Unisex Braided Motorcycle Chaps

ARD Champs Unisex Braided Motorcycle Chaps

Just like other chaps, the ARD Champs motorcycle chaps come in different from Small to 6XL. This makes finding the right size easier than ever. Made from cowhide leather, these chaps are thick enough for extra protection.

Not only will you be comfortable during rides in low temperatures, but they will also protect you from any impact. Not to mention, the high-rise design specifically protects your back and ribs as well.

These chaps also come with zippers on each side of the leg for a convenient way to put it on or off. They also easily embrace your things through these adjustable fits. The front buckle and lace back also come adjustable to your preferred fit. Plus, the unfinished hem at the bottom ensures that you can trim these chaps according to your desired length.

6. Hot Leathers Heavyweight Leather Chaps

Hot Leathers Heavyweight Leather Chaps

True to the brand’s name, the Hot Leathers Heavyweight Leather Chaps provide excellent comfort and protection. The leather of these chaps is quite thick, so they add a layer of safety when worn.

They also come with silver-toned hardware that looks great against the leather. On each side, you get braided detailing for extra flair.

As expected from Hot Leather, these chaps come fully lined for additional warmth and comfort in cold weather. The small pockets in front also come in handy for storing small items. However, these chaps don’t come with zipper closures for the pockets. You can risk losing small valuables

To adjust the fit of these chaps, you can turn to the buckle closure and the back lacing. These chaps also run small, so make sure you get a pair one size up.

Best Motorcycle Chaps Guide & FAQs

Benefits of Motorcycle Chaps

Chaps come with various benefits, including giving you an extra layer of protection. Riding a motorcycle comes with risks, such as debris or crashes. Chaps protect you from all these as well as the rain and other external and environmental factors.

You may also encounter cold weather or wind chills during your rides. When this happens, motorcycle chaps work wonders in keeping you warm. Since you wear them over your pants, you also have all the freedom to remove them when it’s hot.

Lastly, motorcycle chaps also provide a stylish way to do both the above-mentioned benefits. It’s an accessory that’s synonymous with bikers. They also have extra details that provide functions like zippers, buckles, and snap buttons. Moreover, with a touch of braids or embroidery, your chaps can already have an elevated look.

Types of Motorcycle Chaps

Full Chaps

This type of chap covers your entire leg. From the waist down to the ankle, full chaps provide overall protection. They also come with zippers and snaps for convenient wear. Made from different types of leather, full chaps also vary in quality. You can find full chaps most commonly made of cow or buffalo hide. Full chaps can come in various colors, however, black is the most common.

Half Chaps

If you want chaps that only extend from below the knee to the ankle, half chaps are for you. They also come with zippers or snap buttons. However, you can also find them with lace-up designs or Velcro for the right fit. They provide protection to the bottom half of the legs. The great thing about half chaps is that they’re breezy, unlike full chaps which can be hot. They also don’t take up as much space as full chaps when stored.

Non-Leather Chaps

All the chaps on our list come in leather. This is because leather provides the best protection for motorcycle gear. However, if leather isn’t your preferred material, non-leather chaps are available in the market as well.

They usually come with a ballistic nylon construction. This also provides great protection, however, they may not provide the same warmth. Vinyl is another option for chaps. These are cheaper yet high-quality. However, they look like faux leather.

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Chaps


As aforementioned, chaps can come in various materials. However, leather is the most commonly used.

When buying chaps, ensure you’re getting one made from high-quality leather. Not only are they more comfortable, but they also provide better protection. They can be thick, so they might be harder to break in compared to thin leather.

Thinner leather doesn’t mean they have to be of lower quality. Some can be just as durable as thick leather. It also better conforms to the body of the wearer.

For non-leather chaps, refer to abrasion-resistant materials. They should also be durable. If non-leather chaps come with zippers, double-check the quality. They are subject to great stress so they have to be strong enough to hold up.


When buying online, finding the right size of chaps can be tricky. They fit over pants, so make sure you measure yourself correctly before purchasing. With that, it only makes sense that you get a size bigger than your usual pants size.

Each model chart is different, so make sure to double-check that as well. Reviews will also give you a pretty good idea of how they fit in real life. Some can be true to size, while others run big or small.

If you’re still not sure about the size, get a pair of chaps that comes with adjustable buckles. This will help give you a custom-fit feel. Other chaps also have unfinished hems. That provides you the freedom to trim it to the right size as you prefer.


You should also take the type of chaps you’re getting into consideration. Which type of chaps are you most comfortable wearing? We recommend trying them on first to be sure. If you can, sit on your bike for a while to see if they are as comfortable during rides.

You should also consider the climate you’re facing when riding. The type of chaps you should be wearing can depend on this. If it’s cold, full chaps can provide better warmth than half chaps. If it’s hot, you might want to consider half chaps.


Just like any gear, chaps come with a wide price range. However, you would want to consider investing in real leather chaps. Chaps made from high-quality leather come with great features as well. You’ll also surely get what you pay for.

To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, compare the quality of various chaps against each other. You should check the material and construction, then put it against the price. Does it hold up given its price point?

You should also consider the times you’ll be wearing these chaps. If you buy a cheap, low-quality pair of chaps, it won’t last you as long. Then, you’d have to buy a new pair, costing you even more.


While you should always put safety and comfort over anything else, it doesn’t hurt to get stylish chaps. You would want to invest in chaps you’d be willing to wear. Chaps aren’t just accessories. They’re very useful gear when riding.

Check the cut of your chaps and see if they fit you just right. If you get details like braids, fringes, or embroidery, make sure they’re done well. Your chaps have to reflect your personal style while keeping you comfortable and safe.

Other Features

Chaps can come with extra features that prove useful to the wearer.

Zippered pockets are very common in full chaps. Since chaps keep you from reaching the pocket of your pants, zippers are very useful. They keep your small belongings safe inside the pocket of your chaps.

Other features also include lace backs or buckled straps. These features allow you to customize the fit of the chaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are riders required to wear chaps?

Chaps are just some of the options you can use to protect the lower part of your body during rides. You can opt for leather pants or wear another pair of pants over yours. It’s not required, but many riders prefer chaps over leather pants. This is because they can be uncomfortable to wear and expensive.

Q: Why should I wear chaps?

Not everyone is comfortable wearing leather pants for protection. Others don’t find wearing another pair of pants a very smart choice. That’s where chaps come in.

They provide convenient ways to protect you and your pants. Aside from the ease of taking them on or off, chaps are also way more comfortable than leather pants. Not to mention, they’re more affordable.

Q: How do I measure myself for chaps?

It’s just like measuring yourself but with a layer of jeans on.

Firstly, measure your waist. While most chaps offer adjustable buckles, it’s best to know this information before buying. Then, measure your thighs. After that, take your inseam measurements. You do this by measuring from your crotch to the floor. Keep in mind that chaps ride up when you sit on your bike.

When you have all your information, compare them to the chap manufacturer’s size chart to find which one fits you best.

Q: How do I maintain my chaps?

Chaps generally last for years, but maintenance is key to this. For chaps to last as long as intended, remember to keep them clean.

To clean your chaps, use a simple water and saddle soap mixture. With this, you can easily work the dirt out of the leather. Make sure that you clean your cloth or sponge with every wipe. This avoids wiping the dirt back into the leather.

Leather in itself requires a certain level of maintenance. So, once you’re done getting rid of the dirt, condition your leather. Then, make sure to keep them moisturized. This makes sure your leather remains supple and doesn’t crack.

Do not machine wash your leather chaps. While they’re waterproof, regular detergent can deteriorate your chaps quickly.

Q: Where do I buy motorcycle chaps?

There are a lot of places to buy chaps from. You can easily purchase it in physical stores or online.

When purchasing online, make sure that you’re buying only from authorized dealers. You should also ensure that you’re buying a brand of chaps that are trusted. Among those include the ones we mentioned above, like Milwaukee Leather and Vance Leather. Harley Davidson also sells chaps but they can be more expensive than the ones on our list.

Final Thoughts

Like any safety gear, it pays to invest in high-quality, premium chaps. Buying cheap ones can ultimately cost you in many ways. Riding a motorcycle is already risky as it is. Don’t take the lower part of your body for granted when riding. Keep yourself protected at all costs with these motorcycle chaps.

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6 Best Motorcycle Chaps

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