12 Best Motorcycle Covers (Review) in 2020

The Best Motorcycle Covers are an accessory used by the majority of motorcycle owners. The effectively protects the motorcycle against external aggression that it can undergo. The likes of rain and the sun are worthy considerations, but dust is more harmful than we think.

With a motorcycle cover, you can achieve perfect protection for the whole year if you carefully choose the right properties and pay close attention to the correct dimensions and features such as indoor and outdoor.

Oxford CV161 81.5" x 28" x 44.5" Protex Stretch Premium Motorcycle Cover
Dowco Guardian 51096-00 WeatherAll Plus Heavy Duty Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: Black, Fits Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125
XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover – All Season Waterproof Outdoor Protection – Precision Fit up to 108 Inch Tour Bikes, Choppers and Cruisers – Protect Against Dust, Debris, Rain and Weather(XXL,Black& Orange)
Oxford CV161 81.5" x 28" x 44.5" Motorcycle Cover
Dowco Guardian 51096-00 Motorcycle Cover
XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover / Best for All Season
Oxford CV161 81.5" x 28" x 44.5" Protex Stretch Premium Motorcycle Cover
Oxford CV161 81.5" x 28" x 44.5" Motorcycle Cover
Dowco Guardian 51096-00 WeatherAll Plus Heavy Duty Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: Black, Fits Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125
Dowco Guardian 51096-00 Motorcycle Cover
XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover – All Season Waterproof Outdoor Protection – Precision Fit up to 108 Inch Tour Bikes, Choppers and Cruisers – Protect Against Dust, Debris, Rain and Weather(XXL,Black& Orange)
XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover / Best for All Season

The vast selection on the market can make a decision difficult, and for this reason, we would like to provide you with the most critical data and facts with our advice page before buying.

You can get more information with the help of a motorcycle cover review on the Internet. However, for thorough research, my team of experts and I didn’t only consider the product reviews of the current year but found past years. Hence, the achieved results were base on:


Depending on the motorcycle type, a cover is supposed to be easy to install. However, the models are responsible for determining whether there should be holes to pass anti-theft devices, safety cords, and the likes.

The Different Types of Models

The motorcycle covers are available in 4 different models that we will present to you.

Interior Motorcycle Cover

This cover intended to protect the motorcycle in a dry and closed place. Here, bad weather isn’t the problem since there are generally garages for shedding. This cover must, above all, protect. You don’t have to take a high-quality cover.

Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

This type of cover turns out to be reserve for outdoor use. You must choose a product that can provide all its weather-proof with excellent resistance to UV rays that the sun sends. Limit the formation of condensation. It will be necessary to opt for ventilation that done correctly.

Motorcycle Cover to be Used Daily

This type of cover will be subject to more frequent handling than anything else. You will have to opt for a fully waterproof product, well ventilated, and with excellent thermal resistance.

Motorcycle Cover for Wintering

With low temperatures, motorcycle outings in winter are rarer. It is, therefore, necessary to protect your racing car. It must be in a space with excellent sealing and proper ventilation. Generally, these items have a higher motorcycle cover price to meet different quality requirements. The wintering of the motorcycle is essential to preserve it to the maximum.

1. LIHAO Protective Cover For Motorcycle

This motorcycle covers entirely designed in 190T polyester. Concretely, what does that mean? This material is reputed to be waterproof, But that’s not all. Its tightness can prove to be much more critical. In addition to water resistance, this product can prevent dust from damaging your means of transport.

The protective cover for motorbikes has a treatment to limit the negative impact brought by ultraviolet rays. At this point, we are happy, but nothing more. It seems that UV rays can damage the cover a little … Corrosion and scratches cannot damage the cover.

Strong & Resistant Not Suitable for UV Rays
Wind System to Prevent it From Flying AwayCheap Model


  • Made of polyester
  • Water Resistance
  • Anti-Corrosive

2. XYZCTEM Motorcycle Protective Cover

This product has a higher motorcycle cover price than the first product. However, the material is the same, with a 190T polyester motorcycle cover.

As we have seen, this material has the advantage of being particularly resistant to rain, sun, and dust. During our motorcycle cover test, we noticed that it was more solid against ultraviolet rays than the previous case.

The sizes are numerous, as is the choice of colors. You have XL, XXL, and XXXL, in blue, black, orange, and red. The motorcycle cover equipped with three reflective strips. These intended to indicate to a car with its headlights, in low light, that there is an obstacle not damaged. This point seems essential to us for people who want to store their racing car outdoors.

Includes location for lock and key.Cheap Modal
This protective cover for motorcycle fulfils its role.Slightly imbalance for outdoor use in winter
  • 190T polyester
  • Reflective tapes
  • Tie to prevent it from flying away

3. Russe Motorcycle Cover

No doubt, the Rusee Motorcycle Cover is one of the best motorcycle covers you can find out there on the market. There are a lot of features to look out for when choosing this model.

Available in several sizes, this motorcycle cover is ideal for fighting against the various bad weather and external aggressions that the motorcycle can undergo. Whether for snow, dust, or other surrounding dirt, this motorcycle cover has everything to seduce racing car owners who want to place their machine outside in winter.

This cover is designed in waterproof polyester and is water repellent. However, we bring some nuances to the concept of the waterproofness of the cover. In the event of heavy rain, a few drops of water will pass through. On the other hand, it resists well against dust and ultra-violet rays.

Its design is such that the integrated windbreak proves to be effective. It did not fly during the test. Without having had significant winds with gusts, it held up well.

Indoor or outdoor useRelative tightness
Capable of resisting UV-raysNot in guarantee


  • Waterproof and water-repellent polyester
  • Location for an anti-theft chain
  • Made of polyester

4. Dowco Cover For Motorbike

This Protective cover for motorcycles made with another fabric, Clima Shield plus material: Overall, the performance is the same, although it is more resistant than the previous two.

This product is available in several sizes to fit all the motorcycles you can have. It will be necessary to take the dimensions to ensure that the compatibility is total with your bike.

The cheap motorcycle cover is equipped with three reflective strips that are particularly well placed! Under the cover, you can have excellent air circulation to prevent the materials from being damaged too quickly.

Strong and resistantQuite expensive
Reflective stripesCheap Modal
Available in different sizesNo Guarantee


  • Weather-resistant
  • Fabric – ClimaShield plus

5. OXFORD PROTEX Motorcycle Cover

This motorcycle cover will stand out above all for its design. The air will circulate well below and allow to evacuate all traces of humidity, which transformed into condensation. Proper ventilation is essential to protect your two wheels effectively.

This protection has a second feature, namely, being extensible. The fabric used has an elastic inside to allow it to adapt correctly to the bike.

The premium motorcycle cover designed by Oxford also has a lining inside to prevent damage to the car. This aspect is not found in other competitors.

However, it is not a cover that must be placed for the outside. It is designed for indoors, in a garage. You will not find a place to put a lock on it.

Good ventilationNot for outdoors
Stretch coverCheap Modal
Perfect for indoorsNo eyelets to place a lock


  • Elastic fabric
  • Weather resistance

6. Lakey Motorbike Waterproof Cover

The next motorcycle cover I’ll be considering is with the brand Lakey. The rendering is quite beautiful. However, orange tends to lose its luster over time. This protective cover is complete and relatively reliable for a competitive price.

The fabric of this cover is 210D. It is reliable, and it resists rather well against bad weather like rain and snow. For the sun, on this product, we noticed that the orange color faded a little. However, one wonders whether it is the paint or the fabric that causes this deterioration.

Also, efficiency is remarkable against rain and dust; we are fully satisfied. At the front of the cover, you will find a security hole to place your lock. Is essential to ensure the safety of a motorcycle.
We find a quality aluminum buckle that does not rust and ensures excellent durability over time.

The design of the cover is good. We will have a cord to close this element and ensure good quality fixation. The goal is to prevent the lid from flying away with the gusts of wind and expose your motorcycle.

Finally, a case is integrated for secure storage and transport.

Strong and water resistantColors deteriorate over time.
Safety eyeletNot Gurantee
Cord to close the cover securelyCheap Modal


  • Integrated case for storage
  • Aluminum buckle
  • Weather resistant

7. Uxcell Motorcycle Cover Protective UV Proof

If you think that deep red with a deep black contrast is the best color game, then this motorcycle cover in black with a thick red stripe from the GHB brand is for you. In particular, it made with polyester taffeta, which, as we said before, is one of the best materials for the protection of a motorcycle.

In fact, with this beautiful case, you will not only get a functional appearance. But you can also be utterly unconcerned about possible damages caused by solar rays, ultraviolet light, grease, dust, mud, acid rain, low and high temperatures, and even protects against storms thanks to its windproof buckle.

As if that were not enough, its measurements are 245x105x125 cm (length 2.3 m), so classified as a universal size cover, compatible even with many small motorcycles such as scooters. Besides, the polyester taffeta with which it made has a waterproof coating, so you will not have to worry about the rain when you have your motorcycle in an open-air parking lot.

Excellent quality coveringOnly available in black and red
Durable and long-lastingCheap Modal
Compact and lightweight for travelling  No Gurantee


  • Waterproof coating
  • Made of polyester
  • Windproof buckle

8. Velmia Waterproof Cover

The next protective cover here is the Zacro version ZOR1-AUX-ES-1, being completely black, it is waterproof, thus resisting heavy rainy seasons with excellent results, as well as protecting your motorcycle from solar radiation, dirt, and dust. Thanks to the fact that it made of polyester fabric with a 50+ UV coating ideal for everyday use. Additionally, it has a first diameter, being suitable to adapt to any motorcycle.

Additionally, this product includes a storage bag to facilitate its storage and transfer. It also proposes in its structure a security slot with a thickness of 3.8 cm.

It made of stainless steel, located at the bottom of the cover, to have the space to place the anti-theft device and lock the lid and the motorcycle together and effectively. Its washing is simple since it has breathable fabrics that ensure proper air circulation.

High-quality and economicalQuite heavy
Simple washingNo Gurantee
Conducive for outdoor protection.Cheap Modal


  • 50+ UV coating
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Waterproof

9. SUREPROMISE – Motorcycle Cover

To prevent damage caused by sunlight, stains, grease, dirt, and rain. It is essential to have a cover like the one that Surepromise exhibits Since it made of optimal resistance materials. That, in addition to protecting your motorcycle with guaranteed results, also It is a long-lasting product so that you are not buying one every time. Benefit your pocket. It is perfect for any motorcycle model and even bicycle to keep it looking new for a long time.

It made of waterproof polyester taffeta, against scratches and scrapes. It presents a beautiful color combination for bikers who love to take care of their motorcycle. Also, this version brings a bag to store the cover after being used while being functional for a more comfortable transfer.

Comfortable for easy transferNo notable defects yet
Durable and long-lastingCheap Modal
CheapNo Gurantee


  • Water-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Made of polyester taffeta

10. Favoto 210D Oxford Cover

The following model has two robust metal security holes that allow you to keep your cover securely next to your motorcycle, thus preventing it from being stolen. It has an excellent size, which will enable it to be functional to any bike. It’s easy to apply and adjust, it also has elastic hems in the front, center and rear area, with a buckle at the back to keep the case in place even when there are strong winds.

This version made up of a unique textile process featuring a waterproof fabric with polyester fabric. Which is more resistant to weathering and tears; at the same time, the inner layer made of waterproof PU membrane. All this completely solves the drawback of the water filtration, reaching to provide functional conservation and protection to your motorcycle in case of rain, as it is also suitable to correctly combat the intense heat of the sun and the wear. And tear that this produces, therefore, keeping your motorcycle in optimal conditions.

Suitable for outdoorColor: Only available in Black
Desirable for locking eyeletsNo Gurantee
Compatible for easy transfeCheap Modal


  • Water resistant
  • Anti-UV radiation
  • Made of polyester

11. Raider – Cover For All Seasons

To always keep your motorcycle in good condition, it is necessary to have a cover. That covers it entirely and, of course, it is of high quality capable of resisting both rain and sun, as well as dust, dirt, and grease, among others. It is all thanks to the fact that it made of high-end materials such as 190T polyester taffeta. Optimal for protecting your motorcycle from any scratch, it also has a layer covered with PU to prevent possible damage caused by the sun.

It has a suitable size to cover the entire motorcycle without a problem, being able to be adapted to various types and models. Its universal fit with two buckles located in the lower area that resist strong winds and storms that hit the case. Additionally, it is covered with two locking holes, making it possible with the combination of padlocks to prevent theft (the anti-theft system not included). Also, this model comes with a storage bag.

Exciting colors for bikersNot easily compatible for long journeys.
Easy to useNo Gurantee
DurableCheap Modal


  • UV: Anti-resistant to sun radiation
  • Portable eyelet for lock
  • Made with polyester
  • Weather – resistant

12. AHL – Gray with Red Protective Cover

If you like vibrant, eye-catching colors,  AHL Motorcycle Covers are sure to please. Most have a grey base, but all have a striking thick strip of orange, green, blue, and other brightly-hued colors. It is even better if your motorcycle also has any of these attractive colors, since they can match the case you choose, maintaining your personality and the characteristic appearance of your mode wherever you take it.

The polyester taffeta material from which AHL motorcycle covers made is of high quality. But despite them, manufacturers are willing to change them for new ones or return the money in case there is any problem with the purchased case, for it; They offer up to one year warranty so that you can be sure of your purchase.

Exciting colors for bikersQuite expensive but offers excellent value for purchase
Easy to useNo Gurantee
DurableCheap Modal


  • UV: Anti-resistant to sun radiation
  • Portable eyelet for lock
  • Made with polyester
  • Weather-resistant

What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle Cover?

We all dream of being able to store our motorcycles in a dry and secure shelter; however, many of us do not have the availability of this place, that is why we must resort to alternatives to protect our favorite vehicle.

Having a cover will allow you to keep the steering wheel, seats, steering controls, and paintwork of your motorcycle in good condition. Protect your equipment from the weather, keep them clean, safe, and dry, thus extending the service life of your vehicle.

But before you make a final decision, there are some relevant facts that you will want to keep in mind when deciding which cover is ideal, which is why we have prepared a list with all the details you need to know.

Climate Protection

If you are one of those users who have to park their motorcycle outside, the best thing to do is to have a resistant protective cover that protects your vehicle from rain, sun, humidity, high temperatures.

Also, it is advisable that you go for a product made by a reliable brand, which has the support of your community, so you are guaranteed to keep your motorcycle protected.

Water Resistance vs Waterproofing

Blankets have two essential characteristics concerning water tolerance. You can find those that resist light rain, without the seat and dashboard of your motorcycle getting wet.

If you experience adverse conditions such as a tropical storm, your vehicle will be affected by water. Still, today the covers are made of breathable fabrics, which have a ventilation system so that the humidity can evaporate quickly.

On the other hand, there are waterproof covers, those that do not allow water to enter your motorcycle; however, it is good to keep in mind that the waterproof system works in both cases. If, for any reason, the water comes into contact with your vehicle, it won’t leave quickly; hence you should be careful when dealing with this condition as it is an essential context for the formation of rust.

Sun/UV Protection

Having a cover that protects you from UV can be the ideal way to preserve the shine and the quality of the paint of your motorcycle.

Remember that heat and ultraviolet radiation have a negative impact on our skin and eyes, this impact also extends to any material or object exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.

Heat Resistant Fabric

The textiles used today to make protective covers are able to tolerate the heat generated by the engine of your vehicle, which allows you to park your motorcycle and immediately cover it with the protective layer, without having to wait until ” it cools after hours of driving on the road.

Safety & Security

One of the great advantages of a motorcycle case is that you can go unnoticed. Your motorcycle will be safer if it is not exposed to the eyes of people with bad intentions.

This advantage is essential, especially when you park your motorcycle at night, outside of a safe area, or in an unknown area.

Indoor Cover

This type of cover is design to be a light protective cover, an additional defense when you park your motorcycle in the garage of your house, or at work.

They are made of flexible materials that offer excellent protection against dust and environmental pollution.

Their use is limited to the interior only because they do not have the qualities of resistance to water and UV.


It is very important to take into account the size factor. Motorcycles come in a variety of sizes, consider the volume of your vehicle before choosing the right coverage.

Remember that the case must be able to effectively cover your amount with all its accessories.

I recommend that you do not choose a more extensive cover, as it will spread over the ground and collect water, dust, dirt, and other particles harmful to the well-being of your motorcycle.

Try to buy a cover fitted with an elastic belt at the bottom or an effective alternative fastening system, there are also zipped protective covers easy to install to save time when removing and attaching the cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the motorcycle cover be washed?

Belts and drawstrings should pull as tight as possible to prevent the cloth from fluttering or being knocked over in the wind.
In general, the material is very robust and can, therefore, washed in the washing machine. It is best to avoid additional cleaning agents or excessive water temperatures.
With thick foils, which additionally equipped with fleece, you should only remove external dirt with lukewarm soapy water. As a rule, these cloths are anyway too large and inflexible for the washing machine, and the inner lining could be damaged during a wash cycle and, in the worst case, no longer be waterproof.

What size of tarpaulin fits my motorcycle?

For example, if you have a Honda motorcycle or a Yamaha motorcycle with the original equipment, you can grab the right cover for your model. If, on the other hand, there are attachments on your scooter or touring machine, you will not be able to avoid the handle to the measuring tape.
With the width and height of the handlebars and the length of the motorcycle, you have the critical information you need to select the right motorcycle tarpaulin. Just make sure to buy a motorcycle tarpaulin that fits as closely as possible.


The best motorcycle covers are available to meet different specific needs.  However, regardless of your expectations, you will find a similar product in this guide.

Let me restate that you can only get the motorcycle cover you deserve if you’re willing to make some credible investment. While some come cheap and are reasonably priced, you may have to part with bucks to be able to purchase some other items.  In any case, you’ll get what matches your taste and needs.


Hello, My name is Henry, I enjoy sharing my experiences with the outdoors and particularly my Motorcycle collection.

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