Best Motorcycle Cup Holders

16 Best Motorcycle Cup Holders

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Perhaps, you’ve endlessly been in search of the best motorcycle cup holders you can start your riding life with. Or you’ve decided to replace that one you currently often stow under your bike seat. I can assure you, without hashing words, that you’ve navigated to the right article and clicked on the right link.

I have a load of information to enhance your knowledge of the best handlebar cups to hold your favorite beverage as you ride those always-busy and often-patronized motorcycle rides.

Guess the irony? I won’t recommend any of these cup holders to you. Do you know why? It’s not because I can’t but because I even sometimes get confused in selecting which to go for. They boast incredible features. Different manufacturers have a way of producing irresistibly luxurious riding accessories.

All of the cup holders I deal with here are bestselling, affordably priced, sturdy, easy to set up, decently designed, and stylish. The list here features the best cup holders suitable for both beginner and veteran riders. You’re not likely to find cup holders out there that can confidently compete with any of the ones in this post. No exaggeration intended here.

Let’s take a look at different motorcycle cup holders.

1. Lexin LX-C3 Motorcycle Cup Holder

Lexin Motorcycle Cup Holder

The Lexin LX-C3 Motorcycle Cup Holder is one of a kind. It boasts phenomenal features, including a 180-degree rotating feature on the motorcycle cup holder.

The design of Lexin LC-C3 is designed properly by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. The reason behind this statement is to emphasize the fact that this product is authentic and convenient while riding. Gone are the days when your drink in the cup holder flies out because it was attached properly.

There is much more to talk about in the Lexin LX-C3, but for this short guide that wraps it up…check out the following Pros and Cons when considering this product.


  • It’s Metal & PU Material
  • It has a 180-degree rotation
  • Shop from Gear Sustain Shop
  • 9.3cm Width


  • No manual on whether it fits your handlebars.

2. Kuryakyn 1692 Motorcycle Cup Holder

Three things every rider must prevent when riding are an intrusion, sight obstruction, and distraction. A good motorcycle cup holder must not block the view of the rider. This is one feature the Kuryakyn 1692 boasts.

The top-quality item is so compactly designed that it will neither take much space nor get your way while riding. This is because it’s securely mounted to the right side of the vehicle. So, you’re able to concentrate on the road ahead of you.

Besides, the position of the holder is so close to the rider that he won’t need to stretch too much before getting to place his drink cup. Plus, the holder features a minimalist design, a chrome-plated metal which gives it a constantly new and fresh look.

It is strong and can accommodate both cold and hot drinks. So, you don’t have to worry about your bike cup holder melting when you put a cup filled with hot tea. Plus, it is able to hold any cup regardless of the material it is made of.

This also accounts for its long life expectancy and durability. The installation of this motorcycle cup is as easy as ABC. It also comes with a Mesh Basket suitable for Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike motorcycles.


  • Made of quality material
  • Non-intrusive due to minimalist design
  • Occupies small space
  • Durable
  • Affordably priced
  • Easy setup process


  • Requires that you check your bike for fitness

3. Kuryakyn 1462 Universal Motorcycle Cup Holder

There’s a great benefit the Kuryakyn 1462 universal motorcycle cup holder offers. From the ease of installation to the capacity to hold hot and cold tea drink cups without burning them, you can be sure you’ve gotten the best item in your hand.

Never worry about you having your cup holder slipping off the handlebar. This holder gets you covered because it provides easy installation and direct mounting.

It doesn’t matter whether you ride in the cold or under the scorching sun, this model is a standard for all bikes. It mounts directly and perfectly to your handlebar, giving you the ease to set up without hitch.

If you choose to install it around the clutches and mounts of your bike’s brake perch, this holder fits. With its detachable thumb screw, removing the holder is hassle-free.

The sturdy build, stylish look, and magnificent design make possession of this amazing holder a must for every rider. The small size ensures the item doesn’t take up so much space that it intrudes into your view while riding. The stylish look and design come from the soft non-scratching material it is made of.


  • Doesn’t scratch due to soft material
  • Durable and stylish
  • Non-intrusive
  • Easily mountable and removable


  • Item could tilt when mounting
  • Relatively high-priced

4. Delta Cycle Corp Bike Grande Beverage Holder

Featuring flexibility, this model is one of the most expandable drink holders you can find in the market. Dip cups of any size, the Delta Cycle cup holder will hold it, making it easy for you to adjust to the size of the cup.

The Delta cycle holder also boasts a durable build, thanks to the incredibly sturdy and expandable plastic materials it is made of.

If you’re looking for a model that guarantees rubber bumper traction, the Delta Cycle is the right choice to pick. This is where it enjoys more stability and protection than many of the models we have here. You don’t have to fret too much when you’re on a bumpy road.

 Built with a premium design and classic look, the Delta can be mounted on handlebars or stem caps. It is suitable for holding quite safely cups filled with hot coffee, water freezing bottles. It won’t blend, scratch, or break.

With a variety of colors including a mat black body on small red accents, this model won’t stop being on the customer’s demand list.


  • Flexible and expandable
  • Fits cups of any size
  • Mountable on handlebars and stem caps
  • Built with rubber bumper grip


  • Red stripe doesn’t account for durability.


The first attraction feature of the RAM Mounts Cup Holder is its compatibility with a variety of vehicles, including bikes, motorcycles, and big lawnmowers. This goes to confirm the versatility of the model.

Hearing that you need less than 300 seconds to set up this model makes you want to quickly make an order. The easy installation process might be enough conviction but I can tell you that the RAM Mounts cup holder remains in the position you install it for years even if you run into bumpy roads and potholes.

Mounted with a RAM insulator, this holder keeps your coffee right at your reach and you wouldn’t need to stretch before you take a sip. You can even tune it to your liking given its numerous pivot junctions. Interestingly, the mounting hardware is adjustable and can serve as brakes and clutch reservoirs

Durability and resistance to the elements are issues when it comes to this model because it is made of high-quality aggressive materials.


  • Versatile and compatible with a wide range of vehicles
  •  Few minutes of installation
  • Boasts a Ram insulator
  • Mounting hardware functions as brakes ad clutch reservoirs


  • Ball screws require special care because it can slip out

6. Kruzer Kaddy Kustom Kaddy Leather

With the detachable Kruzer Kaddy Leather, you can take your drink holder along with you to the restaurant when you park your two-wheeled vehicles. The Kruzer offers an array of features including removability, suitability for multiple vehicles, pivot points, reversible mounting system, and compatibility with a variety of cup and bottle sizes.

The holder boasts two-liner insulators which allow it to accommodate a wide range of cups and bottle sizes. This is further complemented by the holder’s reversible mounting system which affords it the ability to provide sturdiness, rigidity as well as a pivot position

You can be sure that the Kruzer Kaddy fits a standard tumbler. Given its amazing rubber coat, the holder boasts an excellent soft texture. Plus, the model is built with a simple design and fascinating contrasting colors. It’s a beauty to behold.

Made from sturdy materials, the Kruzer drink holder can stand against heavier ceramic cups and the effects of the elements.


  • Detachable and versatile
  • Compatible with multiple two-wheeled vehicles
  • Reversible mounting system
  • Flexible to accommodate different cup sizes


  • May be too rigid for your taste

7. Ciro 50420 Drink Holder

If you won’t mind the price tag that actually is worth it, the Ciro 50420 holds sway among all other drink holders on this list. Its flexibility is next to none; its sturdiness testifies to why it’s become one of the best cup holders with the highest demands currently in the market.

To begin with, this model fits into any can, cup, or bottle size. As a bike enthusiast and veteran rider, I have used the Ciro holders on all my Harley-Davidson products. Guess what? It fits almost all of them, especially the ones with the 1-inch handlebar and the factory-installed perch mounts.

Built with a contoured rubber net, the Ciro 503420 is a perfect container that stays firmly in position. Plus, there’s also room to adjust the item so as to fit your arm’s reach comfortably without having to stretch unnecessarily.

The Ciro Black Mirror Mount holder features a rubber-lined ring that helps to keep the cup or can in place, steady. The ring also provides an anti-vibration buffer. The cup won’t scratch or break, thanks to the soft rubber net that is attached to the holder.


  • Compatible with any of Harley Davidson products
  • Holds any can, bottle or cup without scratch
  • Stays steady and firm
  • Adjustable


  • A little relatively Pricey

8. Kruzer Kaddy 300BL Handlebar Mount

The Kruzer Kaddy 300BL is one motorcycle component that houses a drink holder. It’s become rider’s favorite due to its simple construction. This black item is created for those who love simple holders and can spare time for easy setup. I’m sure everyone will love devices that can be easily installed.

With a detachable cup holder that’s attached to a chrome-plated steel adjustable bracket, the Kruzer 300BL is a reliable model. The reliability is complemented by the presence of the two insulated liners.

The model also has flexibility and versatility to function for regular-sized cups and other large ones from Starbucks. What makes a cup holder much better if it’s not reversible? You can be sure that the Kruzer Kaddy 300BL offers you the freedom to reverse and choose between rigid and pivot positions.

It is offered multiple tools to install, so you don’t have to worry about the installation or mounting hardware. It’s compatible with bicycle handlebars.


  • Simple and easy to install
  • Detachable
  • Compatible with a variety of cup and bottle
  • Reversible and flexible for rigid or pivot points
  • Affordably priced


  • Seemingly shaky

9. Kruzer Kaddy 400 Leather Wrap Handlebar Mount

This is another fascinating component that accommodates the drink cup holder. The holder is capable of fitting multiple handlebars, including 7/8-inch, 1-inch, and 1-1/4 inch handlebars.

As a product that behaves much like its Kruzer Kaddy counterparts described above, the Kaddy 400 model is easily detachable from the chrome-plated steel bracket. Plus, it comes with two insulated liners which makes it a house for many sizes of drink cups and bottles.

Besides, the Kaddy 400 is built with reversible mounting hardware which gives you the freedom to choose between the rigid or pivot points. It is compatible with a variety of two-wheeled vehicles, including motorcycles, bikes, etc.

While it boasts a good look, the model is also a great item that can weather the storm and stand firm in the face of the bumpy roads, potholes, and other shocks you experience when riding.

The problem is with where the cup holder mounts to the handlebar mount. The method of fastening to the handlebar itself is fine.


  • Compatible with multiple two-wheeled vehicles
  • Affordably priced
  • Chrome-plated
  • Detachable


  • Leather wrap could shrink in hot weather

10. Barefoot Willies 1-1/4 Motorcycle Cup Holder

Barefoot Willies becomes a popular brand and riders’ favorite for a number of reasons. The most attractive of these features is that the cup holder is a heavy-duty item made from sturdy materials that won’t let your drink cup break, scratch, or bend.

Plus, the Willies cup holder fits a wide variety of liquid containers, including plastic, metal, or a blend of the two. It is easy to install, especially if you use the right tools. Regardless of whether you fall into a bumpy road or potholes, the containers stay in a fixed position without shaking, shifting, or rotating while you ride on.

Compatible with a lot of Harley models, you will get the best deal if you are able to choose the right size for it. You don’t have to fret about rusting or corrosion because the Barefoot Willies is a product of a sturdy type of polycarbonate, not metal.  It’s made simple and stylish with no flashy accessories.


  • Suitable for a variety of containers
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Protected against the elements.
  • Affordable


  • Easy installation depends on right tools
  • No flashy accessories

11. Barefoot Willies Motorcycle Cup Holder

Best Motorcycle Cup Holders

This model is unique for its style and elegant look. It boasts a white illustration on a white background; that’s why it’s one of the trendiest pieces in the market among bike owners. It comes with a simple design.

You don’t need the service of any professional to install this product because a DIY mechanism comes easy.

It is capable of holding any container from a burning hot cup of coffee to a bottle of water. The model remains steady all through your journey and won’t spin or shake as you move on those potholes and bumpy roads.

It’s made of premium and high-quality polycarbonate, providing you with the confidence that it can survive under any effects of the elements, heavy snows, scorching sun, or other extreme weather conditions.

You don’t have to fret about mounting this piece because it fits any straight portion of a pole and is suitable for most types of motorcycles.


  • Stylish and fanciful
  • Can hold any container
  • Made of high-quality polycarbonate
  • Weatherproof
  • Affordable


  • Homemade can be substandard

12. Show Chrome 52-836 Beverage Holder

When it comes to the motorcycle coffee cup holder with an impressive look, check no other piece outside the Show 52-836 Beverage Holder. 

This chrome-coated holder is built with a metallic (stainless steel) material which ensures durability and extends the holder’s lifespan. The adjustable bracket mounts close to the armrest. You need not struggle so much when trying to reach.

The bracket also ensures ease of installation of the piece. The holder also comes as a seamlessly detachable item. It boasts quality delivery under the elements, including extreme weather conditions.

 The security token added to the holder helps prevent it from being stolen. Plus, you can attach the holder to the passenger’s seat.


  • Great look
  • Chrome-plated
  • Adjustable bracket for easy setup
  • Detachable
  • Extended lifespan


  • A little big that it could interfere with rider’s armrest

13. RavX Drinker Holder

Great for cups and bottles of a wide variety of sizes, the RavX Drinker Can and Cup and Bottle Holder is an item for a neat and clean look and adjustable brackets.

Affordably priced, you won’t regret every penny you spend on purchasing this model. It is designed with a quick-release bracket to ensure easy mounting and demounting. The installation process is easy and quick. Plus, the holder fist handlebars of almost every dimension.

Protected on the inside with insulator liners, the RavX drink holder gives you all the assurance that your coffee gets all the warmth it needs and your carbonated drinks remain cool for a long period of time. The drinks are also protected against the effects of the sun.


  • Easy on the pocket.
  • Suitable for differently sized cups.
  • Holds drink securely.


  • Drink could spill
  • The container can slide slightly on some handle bars.

14. Stanaway Lightweight Bicycle Water Bottle Cage

One of the most affordable motorcycle cup holders on our list is the Stanaway Bicycle Water Bottle Cage. It is easy to install, lightweight, and designed to fit most of the water bottles.

An extremely lightweight item, the holder has each of its cages weighing up to 3.1 ounces with the connector. Plus, the holder’s big bottles are big enough to accommodate drink content for more than one person.

Also, you and your passenger don’t have to worry about carrying several small bottles inconveniently.

The holder is made of stainless aluminum alloy, making it sturdy and resistant to the elements. The cage won’t scratch the bike frame. The package comes with four screws and two connectors for the two holders.


  • Easy to install without tools
  • Expandable
  • Quite reasonably priced.
  • Tough and durable bottle holder.


  • May be intrusive due to size

15. Ciro 50422 Drink Holder – Best for Touring

Just like Ciro 50420, Ciro 50422 behaves the same way. Compatible with many Harley Davidson 2014-2016 ultra-touring with tour packs, this model is quite pricey. However, the make, design, and functionality of the holder make it worth the price.

The matte black and chrome finish gives a great look and an excellent style. It’s made of a soft rubber net that ensures that your handlebar, bicycle, and cup won’t scratch. The bottle can also bend or break.


  • Soft rubber keeps bottle safe and non-vibrating
  • Chrome and black finish
  • Infinitely adjustable brackets
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for most of the Harley Davidson models.


  • Pricey

16. RAM Mounts B-174-132 “ Best Self-Leveling Holder

Usually, RAM Cup holders are often in limited supply. This is due to their quality. This model of RAM comes with a ball and socket mount that doesn’t slip. It also features shock and vibration dampening.

RAM-B-174-132 is a top-quality holder as it features a well-built body and a great design from stainless steel and aluminum. It benefits carbonated drinks because they won’t go flat quickly as you with other drinks when they’re shaken around too much.

The piece also features durable composites which are a product of the materials of which it is made, including hardware, rubber, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Plus, this quality item comes at quite a competitively affordable price, making it one of the most cost-effective cup holders in the market.


  • Affordable
  • Prevents drink spill
  • Dampens Shock and vibration
  • Great design and look
  • Self-leveling


  • Pretty big

Buying Motorcycle Cup Holders Guide & FAQs

I know how hard it is to gather some money; so, spending should come with some intelligence and knowledge of the product you want to buy. What do you need to know before buying the cup holders? What important features should you look out for once you decide to purchase this item either from your suppliers or (e-) store owner?

I have itemized a few of those features that take priority over others. I consider material, ease of installation, detachable or non-detachable, look and style, design, and pricing as the topmost features and functions you must consider.

Materials & Construction

Let me say that the factor of the type of material is not exclusive to buying motorcycle cup holders. You’ll come to know that in buying motorcycles or their accessories (vintage motorcycle helmet, gloves, jacket, etc) the material which they are made of should be at the very heart of your consideration.

Specifically, with respect to buying cup holders, if you find ones that are made of element-resistant materials, you’re good. But what is most important is that a great cup holder designed with high-quality plastic makes a good construction and will give a sturdy build. They guarantee long life expectancy and will not crack or scratch whether used in cold or hot weather.

I understand cup holders made of metals are a great choice, too; but they can be a little stiff sometimes, making them non-expandable and unmalleable unlike what you find if the cup holders were made with plastic or fabrics. Another advantage of plastic over metal cup holders is that it allows for more than one cup size to fit.

These days, it is easy to find motorcycle cup holders made from a blend of metal, plastic, and cloth. They present the best alternative. I’m sure you don’t want to be replacing the cup holders every so often. 


Again, another important factor you should look for when buying your motorcycle cup holder is the design. Ask yourself this basic question: is the item going to fit or match my bike? In other words, will it stand out well and blends seamlessly with my bike without having to intrude on my view while riding?

The cup holder is like every other safety gear, including gloves, helmet, jacket; they must match well with your motorcycle and not give an odd look. Having cup holders with multiple colors can be very out of order. In truth, they can distract, and you can guess the consequence of a slight distraction while on the bike.

There are plenty of options on the list that have an awesome design that will fit into your motorcycle and other accessories. Your color preference may prevail, but I’ll suggest black, white, or a matte design; any of them makes a great finish, not the glossy or glazed surface design which can reflect light back into your eyes while riding.


This point is actually worth emphasizing. Usually, your budget should determine what you buy or order online. The rule of thumb is that you don’t chew more than what you can bite. If your budget says $100 dollars, stay true to that. Apart from the buying price, also consider the cost of maintenance of each of the motorcycle cup holders. 

Go through the Amazon links I’ve provided to know the current prices of each of the products described here.

Removable or Non-removable

Sometimes, answering this question depends on the taste and preference of individual bike owners or riders. I have used both detachable and non-detachable motorcycle cup holders and I can say that both types offer to deliver quality functions and service.

Detachable cup holders are the ones that can be removed from the bike whenever you park in the garage or outside your home. They are handy and can be taken around. The non-detachable, as the name suggests, are the motorcycle cup holders that cannot be removed. However, they remain quite firm and sturdy; giving you confidence that even when you fall into a pothole the cup holders won’t fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose plastic motorcycle cup holders over metal? Plastic holders are preferable to metals; or, they’re just as good and durable as holders made of metals.

Plastic holders due to their high flexibility and versatility are by far better than holders made of stainless steel. But the interesting thing is that we’ve quite a number of motorcycle holders you’ll find out there that are a product of the blend of both metals and plastics.  These are better and more preferable picks.

How much does a handlebar cup holder usually cost? It’s hard to put a price on products these days. Apart from the fact that there are different e-commerce and dropshipping platforms through which these products are sold, the demands for cup holders are increasingly high on a daily basis. The second thing is that your chosen model will also determine how much you’re going to part with to get a holder.

If you prefer the elegantly looking types of holders, be ready to commit some extra money. The materials which a holder is made of are also a significant determinant of the price it’s offered. Do not be fixated on the price you got yesterday; be prepared for the price, either upwards or downwards.

Can I make my own motorbike drink holder? Making motorcycle drink holders is no rocket science. But should you? I’ll say NO, except you’re looking for the not-too elegant and sturdy products. Remember, we’re talking in relation to safety here. A motorcycle crash is one life incident you must try hard to avoid; it’s a matter of life and death. If you go produce a holder that distracts you and causes an accident, you can be sure you’re simply compromising your safety and that of other road users.  Instead, what I’ll recommend is that you go get a comfortable bike neck brace.

However, if you’re sure you can produce some sturdy drink holder that meets standard requirements, go ahead and do it yourself. But be sure that won’t come cheap. 

Is the installation of drink holders easy? Ideally, cup holders shouldn’t pose any serious challenge to install. I have found out that most of the products these days are easy to set up as you can see in the list we have here. Once the proper installation tools are available -some models are packaged with all the necessary tools; others you’ll need to go and buy, you’re good to go. All you need to do is to follow the necessary direction as stipulated in the manual.

Do I need to fret over compatibility issues? Absolutely, yes! You know that as long as you have different manufacturers of holders as well as different models of motorcycles, there are going to be issues with compatibility. Although we have universal models that fit your bike, I’ll suggest you go for models that suit your vehicle. I’m sure you find out in the manufacturer’s direction for use.

As much as possible, you’ll need to avoid incompatibility of holders because if you’re unlucky to have a supplier or seller whose refund and return policy is unfavorable, you may have just put your hard-earned money on a white elephant.


Don’t get it twisted; using drink holders is as important as equally owning a motorbike. Do not imagine it happen that you’re out on your bike without having your holders mounted. Your safety is as important as the safety of other road users.

This is why you must not joke with having the best holders that are of the best design and compatibility. Bike crashes have a very marginal chance of survival. This is not to scare you, but to emphasize that rather than holding your coffee drinks in your hands, good and properly designed drink holders will save you a lot of regrets.    

The models I’ve described here represent the best the motorcycle market offers currently. Built with all the fantastic features and functions, these holders have no match. But as I noted earlier, the choice of the holder to pick rests with you.

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