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6 Best Motorcycle Glasses (Review)

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Riding a motorcycle is not the same as riding a standard bike. The requirements and safety demands are also not the same. Although riding can generally be tricky, a motorcycle poses more risk than your street bike.

Choosing the right eyewear is indeed a necessary step to ensure your protection when you’re on a motorcycle. Specifically, these accessories serve to protect your eyes from sunlight. Stones can also be very dangerous for your eye health, as can insects. Wearing a motorcycle google will help you enjoy the cycling experience without fearing these inconveniences.

Motorcycles are not merely fashion accessories.

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Of course, it is undeniable that the style and color of the frame can give an extra touch to the style on the bike. On the other hand, the beauty of these accessories should always be a secondary factor.

How do you choose the best motorcycle glasses in a market littered with a lot of products, both counterfeit and genuine? You’ve got to know the market tricks of getting the best products out. Sadly, there is no shortcut but to equip yourself with the right information.

In this post, we have compiled a list of motorcycle glasses. The glasses on this list feature durable lenses and frames, comfort, durability, versatility and flexibility, affordability, and are snugly fit.
Below are the 6 best motorcycle googles:

1. Rudy Project Fotonyk Glasses

Rudy Project Fotonyk Dirt Bike Goggles

Rudy Project Fotonyk is cycling and running eyewear, made by one of the best-known brands in the world. This google is equipped with an adjustable nose pad. This model guarantees an exceptional fit for every type of face.

Equipped with the Lens Bumper system, Fotonyk glasses guarantee better protection of the face, all while also allowing customization in terms of style. Plus, the glasses feature an ErgonoseX nose piece that adjusts to 360-degrees.

Added to this is a variety of interchangeable ImpoactX lenses that are both photochromic and shatterproof. It makes these glasses a customizable accessory for the wearer’s needs and face shape.

Rubber protections are designed to improve safety in the event of collisions or falls. The ventilation system of the frame helps to prevent fogging and guarantees perfect ventilation. The frame contains Grilamid, a high-quality, impact-resistant, lightweight, and hypoallergenic thermoplastic material.

What’s more, the lenses are interchangeable thanks to the Quick Change mechanism, which makes the procedure extremely fast. Despite the amazing features, you won’t have to spend too much because this product is budget-friendly.


Key Features

  • Impact-resistant
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made of hypoallergenic thermoplastic
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Budget-friendly  

2. Oakley Radar EV Motorcycle Glasses

Oakley Radar EV Dirt Bike Goggles

If you want to protect your eyes from the flying insects and the threats of the elements while cruising on the trails on your newly acquired motorcycle, then you need the Oakley Radar EV for the journey. Why should you go for these glasses?
Oakley is one of the most famous brands on the market, with high-quality eyewear designed and produced in Italy. Oakley Radar EV sports glasses also boast Plutonite lenses that can sort out the perfect UVC, UVB, and UVA, as well as dangerous blue lights of up to 400Nm.

Oakley glasses are certainly not the cheapest on the market, but they offer a guarantee of quality, and it turns out to be possible to choose from a wide range of models, from the most aggressive looking ones to the ones you can wear every day. These glasses are suitable both for use with road bikes and with Mtb.

The vision is clear, making it one of the glasses that will never obstruct your vision when riding. Also, they come with a fantastic design and are so comfortable that it almost feels like you’re not wearing them, thanks to the perfect fit.


Key Features

  • Relatively pricey
  • Clear vision
  • Durable design
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect fit
  • Range of sizes

3. Smith Optics Attack Max 

Smith Optics Attack Max Dirt Bike Goggles

If nothing, your eyes need a lot of protection from the shenanigans of the flying insects and the road as you trip along on your Harley Davidson bike. These glasses come from Smith Optics, a brand that has proven to remain atop many competitors in the industry.

The Smith Optics Attack Max glasses are certainly among the most interesting, with large lenses that guarantee maximum visibility and an excellent fit. Thanks to Smith MAG technology, the exchange between lenses to be used in different light conditions is fast and safe.

The Attack Max model also features a two-position nosepad, designed to offer the rider the perfect fit and comfort during use. Furthermore, Megol temples ensure that the glasses are firm even at high speeds and when you sweat a lot.

Smith Optics Attack Max glasses are effective even in heavy rain. In these cases, the water runs off quickly. Please note that they are rather delicate and, therefore, must be carefully handled.


Key Features

  • Large lenses for wide vision
  • Offer comfort and perfect fit
  • Suitable for all-season use
  • Firm on high speeds

4. Salice 006 Motorcycle Glasses

. Salice 006 Dirt Bike Goggles

The fourth item on our list of the best motorcycle glasses is this product that brags a lot of features that you will love. The Salice 006 Motorcycle Glasses are a product from Salice, another great Italian brand that is popular for producing cycling accessories and kits, including sports eyewear.

The 006 model guarantees perfect visibility and a constant and controlled airflow thanks to its excellent ergonomic structure.

As for the material, these motorcycle glasses contain Grilamid, and the lenses are mirrored polycarbonate with water-repellent, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective treatment. The lenses are not made from dark material that reduces vision while on the trail.

It is a model suitable for both men and women. Whether you love to wear it for serious dirt biking or casuals, the Salice 006 motorcycle glasses are an incredibly snug fit.

An additional spare transparent lens is supplied in the package. It will ensure that you have don’t run out of lenses if one of the lenses breaks or damages.


Key Features

  • Water-repellant and anti-fog lenses
  • Lenses made with polycarbonate material
  • Snug fit
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Packaged with an extra lens

5. Bertoni F180 Moto Glasses

Bertoni F180 Dirt Bike Goggles

You can’t help but love the Bertoni F180 motorcycle glasses for some reason. The brand alone speaks volumes and will attract a lot of veteran motorcycle enthusiasts due to its rich history and experience.

The glasses are designed with a Nylon Mesh frame, which makes the product highly resistant to impact in the event of an injury. These glasses come atop a list of five motorcycle glasses with photochromic, photosensitive, and anti-fog lenses.

The lenses can switch from clear to category 3 lenses, for high light conditions, quickly, always guaranteeing complete protection from the sun’s rays. These are among the cheapest cycling glasses on this list and have a casual style that makes them suitable for wearing even when not playing a sport.

The lenses come out with their frame to make the cleaning operations. This goggle has an adjustable nose pad to fit in properly and comfortably. The size of these glasses is suitable for different faces and genders. Bertoni designs prevent excessive wind and enhance good vision.


Key Features

  • 3 lenses for high-light conditions 
  • Perfect for casuals and cycling
  • Prevent wind penetration
  • Adjustable nosepad for a snug fit

6. Smith Optics PivLock Overdrive

Smith Optics PivLock Overdrive

Our list of the best motorcycle glasses also features other protective eyewear from Smith Optics. The Smith Optics PivLock Overdrive motorcycle glasses are made for men and women. They are a great option if you are a true motorcycle enthusiast.

In PivLock Overdrive glasses, the temples rotate 45 degrees releasing the lenses, making them easier to replace. The package includes three polycarbonate lenses with hydro and oil-repellent treatment, an insert of soft thermoplastic material on the temples, and adjustable nose pads, which allow a comfortable and safe adaptation to the face even with wet or sweaty skin.

The presence of two adjustable nose fits for comfort and protection. These glasses integrate with your bike helmet.


Key Features

  • Great for all kinds of helmets
  • Anti-fog lenses
  • Affordable and durable
  • Made of polycarbonate lenses

Best Motorcycle Glasses Guide & FAQ

Some major characteristics to consider before purchasing motorcycle glasses are the lightness of the frames, the unbreakable lenses, and the reflective coatings. So let’s try to understand these characteristics carefully.

The frame of the Glasses

The reason why you will never see cyclists wearing heavy metal frame glasses is due to discomfort. Among the best solutions, in terms of frame materials, we find polycarbonate plastic. It is an exceptional material for sportsmen, it is resistant to shocks, weighs little, and can rarely break if there is a fall.

Lenses of the Glasses

Lenses are useful because they offer you a greater field of view. Sun rays can damage the retinas if exposure to the sun lasts over time. So you should always buy a pair of certified glasses, and equipped with lenses with ultraviolet filters.

Other essential features

Other solutions to consider are the anti-fog coating of the lenses. Lenses A system that will allow you to avoid and prevent this annoying problem. Sometimes the lenses also have a vent for body moisture. If present, this system will allow you to take advantage of the airflow to cool them.

Color of the Glasses

It is important to do a little insight into the color of the lenses, and which one you should choose. Smokey gray lenses are a very versatile solution because they block the light but do not alter the perception of colors. But the clear lenses, on the other hand, are recommended especially on cloudy days or for night driving.

Comfort and Fitting

You must ensure that the glasses fit into your face. Although there are differences in people’s faces, comfort should be the goal. The foam in the glasses should cushion and provide solace to your nose and other areas of your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you wear motorcycle glasses to snowboard?

Glasses are generally designed for all categories of riders. This is to shield them from dust and dirt raised by those in front of them. They are also worn to protect the eyes from flying insects and objects.

While you can also wear it for snowboarding, motorcycle glasses come with their features and specifications. Sometimes, what you will find out is that motorcycle glasses don’t fit inside snowboarding helmets suitably.

However, if you find any motorcycle glasses that fit, you may use them. Otherwise, you may have to look for a pair of glasses that fit the protective helmets you put on when you are snowboarding.

Q: How do you clean motorcycle glasses?

There are a few ways you can clean your motorcycle glasses. While none of these ways is difficult, the most efficacious method is by submerging the motorcycle glasses into soap and warm water. While cleaning the lenses, make use of soft and mild microfiber cloth that will not scratch the surface.  

Q: How do you clean glasses foam?

It is very crucial to clean the glasses foam to avoid the accumulation of Once dirt covers the surface of the glasses, you can be sure that it will obstruct vision and make riding difficult. To clean the foam, quickly submerge the foam in a bowl with soap and water. Afterward, wash and squeeze properly. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best motorcycle glasses is an important operation for commuters who travel by bike. As this investment is always necessary, for the reasons mentioned above, you cannot afford to jeopardize your safety on the road. The six best motorcycle glasses listed in this review are designed for comfort and safety and you won’t go wrong with any of them.

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