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15 Best Motorcycle Gloves (Review)

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You can’t talk about a biker’s equipment without the best motorcycle gloves. Indispensable they are, these accessories benefit today from an increasingly modern and practical design.

To help you find the right pair, you can always rely on our selection. Here I have compiled the best motorcycle gloves that are currently trending on the market. You can be sure all items listed here comply with the European standard CE 89/686.

Besides, what other features do the items on this list brag that make them deserve mention? You will expect great riding gloves to have increased impact protection, padding reinforcement, adequate padding, knuckle-bound carbon protection, incredible design, as well as breathable stretch mesh.

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In this article, too, I will talk about the factors you will need to consider before you splash your hard-earned cash on any gloves. These considerations are essential that if you find many or most of them lacking in the gloves, you want to buy, do not order for them. 

I will also spare some time to attend to some of the questions that often come up each time I take newbies through some guide to protective gear as they eagerly wait to become an essential part of the riding community.  

Let’s take a look at the best motorcycle gloves that you can pick from:

1. Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2 Gloves

Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2 Gloves

If you are demanding in the choice of your equipment, know that you can find the most efficient motorcycle gloves at Alpinestars. This pair is precisely in this category thanks to its design, which meets the European standard CE 89/686. To reduce the effects of impacts, the padding of the fingers is optimized.

Also, all the joints have protection made of carbon. You may even notice that an area of the thumb and the palm have reinforcements. These help to optimize grip while driving. Also, the tip at the index level facilitates the handling of devices with screens.

Faced with their design, these Alpinestars motorcycle gloves are especially suitable for hot seasons. Indeed, they are formed by a combination of leather with perforations as well as a 3-D mesh. Besides, they are models with short cuffs accompanied by well-distributed ventilation to reinforce the freshness of the hands.


  • Incredible design
  • DOT and CE-approved.
  • 3-D mesh
Reliable and durableChoice issue
Very efficientNo size specification

2. Dainese Mig C2 Unisex Gloves

Dainese Mig C2 Unisex Gloves

 As soon as you put on the 7.2-ounce Dainese Mig C2 Unisex Gloves, you’ll feel their robustness. They can satisfy you if you have a doubt about which motorcycle gloves to choose.

They’re above all recommended thanks to their compliance with the latest European standards. These are high-quality gloves made with real leather and textile.

Besides, they are suitable for very harsh temperatures thanks to their waterproof and windproof design. You can also notice the presence of fleece lining. Designed with incredible pre-curved fingers and long sleeves and accompanied by numerous reinforcements, these gloves guarantee maximum protection.

You no longer have to take off these cheap gloves when you want to configure your devices or answer your phone. Indeed, the index, middle, and thumb are tactile. The interior is carefully thought out so that this equipment is comfortable to wear.


  • Adjustable cuff strap
  • Flexible inserts
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Super comfort wrist
  • Suitable for harsh temperature
Standard DesignInseam rubs wrongly on the thumb
Excellent even on hot weather

3. Joe Rocket Windchill Gloves

Joe Rocket Windchill Gloves

Most buyers don’t know where to buy the best motorcycle gloves. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to present this article on the Joe Rocket Windchill Gloves brand to you. These are heated gloves that comply with the regulations of the PPE and CE standards. They keep their hands warm despite a shallow temperature thanks to the presence of 100G Thinsulate insulation.

The design of this product also strengthens its heating capacities. Indeed, it has a tightening loop closure system and a fixed lining. Besides, the outer area and the palm are made with goat leather. Protections of the back of the hand, phalanxes, and palm are also integrated.

The new heating system adopted on these gloves increases autonomy by up to 50%. So you can adjust the temperature based on your sensitivity, wind speed, and also humidity. In use, you have at your disposal the “boost” mode and the three heating levels.


  • Supple drum dyed Cowhide outer
  • 100G Thinsulate
  • Integrated thick knuckle armor
All-through reinforced leatherPoor delivery
Highly Quality

4. Alpinestars Spartan Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars Spartan Motorcycle Gloves

No need to look far if you want to buy summer motorcycle gloves. This product that I have taken care to present to you is made with durable microfiber. This material improves the quality of this article to optimize its longevity. A silicone print is integrated at the index to provide a better grip when ordering.

When you wear these gloves, you are protected from bumps and impacts with the polymer finger and phalanx protections. The manufacturer also wanted to reinforce the landing zone and the palm with high-quality microfibers. Also, there are integrated reflective details to provide better visibility and secure movement in the dark.

If you have a moment to compare this pair, you can notice that it is light. To maximize ventilation, the finger structure is provided with airy mesh. It is not all, because you benefit from excellent flexibility with the extendable inserts at the fingers. Finally, temperature regulation is maximized with the shirt cuff.


  • Effective finger protection
  • Reflective strips for night rides
  • Efficient ventilation system
  • Adjustable for different temperatures
Safe to useTight

5. Alpinestars Equinox Women’s Street Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars Equinox Women's Street Motorcycle Gloves

Ideal to be worn in temperate climates, this pair of all-women gloves has obtained CE 1KP approval with a median level of protection. Thus, it is recommended to acquire it if you want to be in good standing on the road. It also benefits from the high quality of design thanks to the use of genuine leather and durable textile.

If women bikers see these gloves as the most efficient models on the market, they can guarantee maximum security. To do this, the areas of the joints and the back of the hand are equipped with carbon fiber reinforcements. Also, the palm lining provides additional protection.

Thanks to the choice of their components, these cheaper gloves are easy to put on and put on. You will also appreciate them for their breathability. Also, enjoy better steering sensitivity. Besides, the thumb and index finger are tactile so that you can operate the touchscreen devices while wearing gloves.


  • Carbon fiber support
  • Designed gloves palm with lining
  • Reinforced with synthetic suede  
High quality and reliable to useDesigned only for women

6. Alpinestars Stella SP-V2 Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars Stella SP-V2 Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars is decidedly the best brand of motorcycle gloves, according to many bikers. It offers this model with CE level 1 approval. Benefiting from maximum abrasion resistance, it is made with high-quality full-grain leather. The seams are reinforced thanks to the patented bridge located between the directory and the little finger.

To provide an excellent grip, the palm and thumb have a non-slip insert made with microfiber and PU. Also, enjoy the right level of sensitivity with anatomical fingers associated with the seams on the outside. With the tip of the index finger design, you will have no trouble handling touchscreen devices.

The perforations of the fingers and the cuff of these gloves promote ventilation. On the safety side, the areas most sensitive to impacts are provided with reinforcements. Also, the adjustment remains optimal with the hem provided with velcro closure and elastic waist. Also, the polymer protection on the joints provides better performance against impact.


  • Seam resistance to increase support
  • Perforated fingers and cuffs to promote ventilation
  • Polymer protection
High-quality leatherUnstable

7. Dainese Blackjack Unisex Motorcycle Gloves

Dainese Blackjack Unisex Motorcycle Gloves

Do you have a slightly retro taste for your motorcycle equipment? In this case, these Dainese motorcycle gloves can undoubtedly suit you. They stand out above all by their design with high-quality goat leather, which effectively resists wear. Besides, it is even more beautiful as it ages.

This article is chosen in this comparison since it can meet the requirements in terms of protection. Indeed, all the sensitive areas of the hand have reinforcements that are very discreet. Besides, the seams are also reinforced to ensure excellent resistance to tearing following an impact.

The manufacturer also does not forget users’ comfort, which is why these gloves have perforations in the fingers. Also, benefit from better flexibility in your movements with the elastic inserts. For closure, you have a Velcro system at the wrist, and an adjustment zipper is integrated into the cuff.


  • Integrated support to balance protection
  • Quality Seam to balance solidity
Better flexibility for movement

8. Motorcycle Biker Premium Leather Winter Gloves

Motorcycle Biker Premium Leather Winter Gloves

It is recommended that you refer to this brand if you are having trouble finding where to buy new motorcycle gloves. To meet the needs of all two-wheel enthusiasts, this brand has designed the Motorcycle Biker Premium Leather Winter Gloves

The Motorcycle Biker Premium Thinsulate Winter Gloves comply with current regulations and safety standards from the CE / PPE EN 13594-2015.

By checking the design of this product, you can judge its high reliability. The top of this model is made with synthetic fabric that can resist abrasion and tear.

The manufacturer also incorporates synthetic leather to optimize the durability of this equipment. The hands also have good insulation with the Thinsulate microfiber thermal lining.

To provide more safety in use, these gloves are fitted with metacarpal and phalanx protective shells made of PU. Besides, memory foam protection is integrated under the thumb. For simplified and effective maintenance, this article is accompanied by a tightening system by tab and Velcro.


  • The material of build: 100% genuine leather
  • Elastic band
  • Dual stitching
  • Thinsulate thermal insulation  
Well-padded knuckles for safe ridingInsufficient insulation
Excellent grip from hook and look closure

9. Olympia Sports Men’s Typhoon Gloves

Olympia Sports Men's Typhoon Gloves

To optimize your child’s initiation to the practice of motorcycling, it is necessary to acquire the best motorcycle gloves, and the Olympia Sports Men’s Typhoon Gloves come in handy.

This model that I have selected is specially designed for young riders on two wheels. It is made with a combination of leather and poly-cotton to provide both excellent abrasion resistance and better breathability.

The seams are also consolidated to strengthen the resistance of this equipment in the event of an impact. The palm is also padded with double thickness to improve protection during results. The comfort of use is optimized thanks to the lightness and even to the ability of these gloves to fit the shape of the hands comfortably.


  • Optimal ventilated level
  • Double thickness padding
  • Google wiper
High-Performance materialsShort wrist
Suitable protection

10. Ixon Gloves Moto RS Slick HP, Black/White

Ixon Gloves Moto RS Slick HP, Black/White

Made of textile, the Ixon RS Slick HP summer motorcycle gloves are CE approved. This certification indicates that the gloves comply with the essential safety requirements. The upper reinforcements do not have to be present according to this certification. They have a ventilation system and a wrist tightening system.

The Ixon RS Slick HP summer gloves are versatile and can be used on the road and cross. The 3D mesh fabric on the back of the glove is configured as a net and therefore gives excellent ventilation thanks to its openings. The evacuation of moisture is also favored by the elastic synthetic fiber, which also provides exceptional comfort. The open mesh between the fingers also gives a lot of flexibility and ventilation.

In terms of protection, the motorcycle gloves summer CE approved Ixon RS Slick HP have reinforcement on the palm and the outside of the hand. In addition to their cuff with a tightening tab, they have a grip on the index and middle fingers.

Even if these elements provide minimum protection for the practice of the motorcycle and the bicycle in summer, they are insufficient to attenuate the significant shocks in the event of an accident. Tightening, although comfortable and practical, would not last very long, according to some users.


  • Upper Stretch and Mesh
  • Ultra0-ventilation and Breathable
  • Integrated reinforcement against injuries.
Perfect for mid-summer ridesCuts badly from cold during the depth of winter
Comfortable to wear

11. Glove Furygan Jet Evo II B

Glove Furygan Jet Evo II B

The Furigan Jet Evo II motorcycle gloves have been manufactured with an emphasis on comfort as well as an attractive look. Without sophisticated materials and reinforcements, they allow you to hike in comfort during the summer season. They are made of polyamide, a substance that resists abrasion and gives them good elasticity. They also contain polyester, which allows them to wick moisture well.

The Furygan Jet Evo II gloves’ aggressive look is highlighted by the elastane finger forks, which also provide excellent ventilation in addition to flexibility. The Velcro wrist tightening also allows them to be held securely throughout the hike.

As for protection, it is favored by protective shells of the phalanges and by a reinforcement of the palm. It is relatively minimal protection that would benefit from being strengthened.

They are therefore elegant and comfortable summer motorcycle gloves, which are very pleasant to wear during hot weather, but they offer little protection.

Founded in 1969 by Jacques Segura, the Furygan brand has a rich history marked by success. It has always been able to take advantage of advanced technologies. Among other things, the brand provides technical gloves to the French army for infantry.


  • Highlighted elastane finger forks
  • Velcro wrist tightening
  • Protective shells of the phalanges
Excellent SealingLooks quite sober in appearance
Comes with a micropolar inner lining

12. North Face Men Apex + ETIP Gloves

North Face Men Apex + ETIP Gloves

The North Face” has been an expert in high-quality outdoor and leisure clothing for 50 years. The American brand stands for innovation and adventure. The manufacturer is also at the forefront when it comes to winter gloves with touchscreen controls. THE NORTH FACE men’s Apex + Etip gloves are our recommendation for the highest quality craft.

Compared to most other touchscreen gloves in our test overview, all five fingers can be used to operate a touchscreen. Other manufacturers usually offer the index finger for touch operation.

These touchscreen gloves are ideal for outdoor activities (hiking, leisure sports, MTB). The inner lining keeps them warm even in severe temperatures. The impregnated outer material made of softshell is wind and water repellent. The windproof back of the hand and the silicone coating on the palm are practical for outdoor sports. It means that this area does not wear out directly, but is better protected.

When switching from thinner to thicker gloves, it takes some getting used to, as the gloves make them a little stiffer than thin cotton gloves due to the feeding. You know the feeling well from ski gloves, but they are known to keep you significantly warmer.


  • Touchscreen enabled
  • Water and wind repellent.
Convenient for cold weathers; including crude winterUsually very stiff, especially for initial cotton gloves users
Diverse enough to be used for other outdoor activities such as skiing

13. Cortech Men’s Duster Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Cortech Men's Duster Leather Motorcycle Gloves

With the Cortech Men’s Duster Leather Motorcycle Gloves, you can always be sure to have a functional thumb and forefinger to provide touch function, sensitive enough to answer the call without having to remove the glove.

On the back of the hand, there is a superior “shell” in carbon fiber for protection. The external Taslan coating makes them non-slip and waterproof.

The interior is instead covered in warm and comfortable velvet, to make them suitable to withstand even the cold temperatures. The width is adjustable thanks to the Velcro at the wrist.


  • Velcro wrist tightening
  • Adjustable for different temperature
VersatileRigid: Some users claim that these gloves are a bit stiff at first instance usages.

14. IXS Men’s Sonar Gloves

IXS Men's Sonar Gloves

This pair glove boasts excellent insulation, thanks to its goatskin leather and textile mix material, which helps to spread heat and ensures comfort and protection. They come with GORE-TEX cell, which also features Tri-fleece interior lining.

The knuckle of the gloves is adequately padded to guarantee considerable comfort. The goat leather comes to offer a good grip.  There’s also reflective piping that features on the back of the cuff and hand.

The fingers are doubly layered with synthetic material with the left index finger using the rubber lip on it to get rid of the helmet visor. They are particularly robust, made to last a long time, and are also flexible:

. They are available in five sizes, from small to XX-large.


  • Goatskin leather and textile mix
  • Reflexive piping
FlexibleUsers might have wait for a while to adjust appropriately. 
Fingers doubly layered with microfiber materials

15. Alpinestars Polar Gore-Tex Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars Polar Gore-Tex Motorcycle Gloves

Like many of the Alpinestars models on this list, the Alpinestars Polar Gore-tex Motorcycle Gloves are an ideal option when the weather begins to warm up. These aggressive-looking gloves are pleasantly breathable.

They are made of steel alloy to ensure adequate protection and excellent grip. The joints of the fingers are also adequately defended in the event of a collision.

Boasting a stretch polyamide upper build, these gloves come with goatskin leather palm. As a waterproof product, the Gore-Tex features a breathable membrane as well as Thinsulate thermal insulation, which appear apparent on the backside of the hands.

It is reinforced with a foam cushion at the thumb, on the exterior section, and the palm. It is to ensure a superior grip and offer excellent resistance against abrasion that often defines the critical impact areas in the event of a crash.

Present on the entire surface of the palm, 3D reinforcements increase the anti-slip function.


  • Thinsulate insulation
  • 3D reinforcement
  • Touchscreen compatible fingertip
  • Anti-slip function
  • Protected with steel alloy
BreathableShort wrist: Most users’ parents claim that they’d prefer that the wrist is extended to provide more covering and protection for wearers

Buying Motorcycle Gloves: What to Consider

When all bikers must wear motorcycle gloves, it is not always easy to choose the item to buy. So, I will put you on the tracks of the factors you must consider before splashing your hard-earned cash on any motorcycle gloves


In the first step of this buying guide for the best motorcycle gloves, it is advisable to orient your choice according to the manufacturer’s material, which interests you. In most cases, manufacturers favor Cowhide, goat, and even kangaroo leathers. This raw material is highly appreciated for its nobility. It also offers excellent resistance to abrasion. It is why the palm is often integrated with reinforcement made of leather. Furthermore, the latter can constitute a second skin during use thanks to its high flexibility.

Anyway, technological advances have also enabled the design of innovative textiles that benefit from unequaled resistance. It is the case for Kelvar, which is very popular with many manufacturers. Thanks to recent techniques, you can wear textile gloves and benefit from increased protection in an impact or impact.

Today, the use of devices with a touch screen is essential while driving. However, you no longer have to stop or take off your gloves to handle this kind of device. Indeed, some gloves are compatible with the touchscreen. So you can quickly receive calls or consult your GPS in total comfort.

Technical Specifications

You are certainly struggling to figure out how to buy better value motorcycle gloves. For explanations of this question, take the time to consider the technical criteria of the gloves you want. Therefore, you must define the season in which you plan to roll to choose your gloves more easily. If you often drive during the winter, select models that have better insulation. The presence of a waterproof membrane is also instrumental in protecting yourself from the rain.

However, the insulation becomes less critical during the offseason. However, you must insist on rain protection for your comfort. Finally, when you ride on sunny days, invest in breathable gloves, without sacrificing security.

Since November 20, 2016, wearing gloves with DOT and CE certification has become mandatory for all those who ride two wheels. So, you need to check this information to know the best motorcycle glove on the market. Therefore, you must check that the product you order meets the European standard EN 13 594, which provides maximum protection against abrasion, tearing, tearing, and cutting.

It is also essential to check the protection systems present. That said, the protective reinforcements, the link between the ring finger and the little finger, and the shockproof shells are essential components. Also, make sure the gloves provide outstanding support. To do this, models with Velcro clamping tabs are the most recommended.


The aesthetics of this kind of equipment should also not be taken lightly if you do not know how to choose the best motorcycle gloves. In this case, you must determine whether the model you will receive has or not cuff. Although the latter is often considered unsightly, it plays an essential role in terms of weather protection. That said, winter and mid-season gloves have long cuffs, just like sport gloves.

After this step, you can finally focus on choosing the size of your gloves. It is advisable to take your usual size. On the other hand, if you have any doubts, then do not hesitate to try on the gloves before buying. Otherwise, you can also refer to the size correspondence table proposed by the brand you have chosen.

Finally, you will also have to think about the ergonomics of the equipment you plan to buy. That said, prefer models that offer the right level of sensitivity to the handlebars. You should also give preference to those who do not cause any discomfort while driving. With all these tips, you will have no trouble finding the best motorcycle gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if a motorcycle glove is approved?

You must check the indications on the label of your gloves to know if they are approved. You will mainly see a pictogram representing a motorcycle. Also, note that a new standard has entered into force since 2016, it is EN 13 594/2015. It defines two levels of abrasion resistance.

Regarding level 1, it can resist abrasion for 4 seconds. You will recognize this characteristic with the Mention 1 or 1 KP, i.e., “knuckle protection.” As for level 2, it can resist up to 8 seconds, and it is recognized with the mention 2 KP that you will see on the label. Thus, you must take the time to inspect the label’s content to be sure that the equipment you buy complies with the standards.

Q: How do I choose a motorcycle glove size? And how do you measure a motorcycle glove?

In case you have any doubts about your glove size, measure your palm measurement first. To do this, fold your hand lightly without clenching your fist and use a measuring tape to measure, not counting the thumb. You should do this on your steady hand, that is, whether you are left-handed or right-handed.

Once you have the measurement, you need to focus on the brand mapping table. Besides, choose a smaller size if the height obtained indicates an intermediate size for the gloves are leather since they relax over time. Otherwise, you can simply refer to the size of your old gloves.

Q: How often should I clean my motorcycle glove?

After each outing, wipe your leather glove with a clean cloth. It removes dust and dirt. Then simply apply a moisturizing and protective leather product that you can buy on the market. If your equipment has accidentally gotten wet, then spin it manually and use a cloth to wipe it off before allowing it to air dry, avoiding the sun.

Gloves made of textiles, on the other hand, are less sensitive to water. So just refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. To avoid the formation of unpleasant odors, dry in the same way as leather gloves. If your pair is waterproof, avoid as much contact with sharp objects which could perforate the waterproof insert.


Finally, I have successfully highlighted the top best 15 motorcycle gloves. With this list, you’d be able to decipher what is best for you, regardless of the time of year. Trust me; you definitely will find what you want from this list.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

In general, the leather is more resistant to abrasion and adapts more comfortably to the physiognomy of the hand. In contrast, the fabric can protect much more effectively from extreme weather conditions, both summer and winter.

If you are an adventurer and love humid environments or with sudden climatic changes, the fabric model is definitely what you need. If, on the other hand, you prefer asphalted stretches and like to experience maximum comfort on your hands, then there is no doubt that the skin is much more suitable.

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