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10 Best Motorcycle Goggles (Review)

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In many of my posts, I often emphasize the need for safety gear while riding. Together, we have walked the journey of the best motorcycle helmets, gloves, boots, and jackets in the past. Primarily, we’ve looked at some of the top protective gear as a rider.

I am not sure any severe rider will want to compromise the significance of using motorcycle goggles while in the saddle of their motorcycle, especially those using an open-face or half-faced helmet.

MF Vulcan Goggles (Black Frame/Polarized...
Oakley O-Frame MX Jet Black w/Clear
Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles - Script Black-Gray
MF Vulcan Luxury Motorcycle Goggles
Oakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Goggles
Biltwell (M2LOGBKGY) Script Moto 2.0 Goggles
MF Vulcan Goggles (Black Frame/Polarized...
MF Vulcan Luxury Motorcycle Goggles
Oakley O-Frame MX Jet Black w/Clear
Oakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Goggles
Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles - Script Black-Gray
Biltwell (M2LOGBKGY) Script Moto 2.0 Goggles

To stress this point again, I have come up with a review of the best ten motorcycle goggles. I have interacted with a lot of riders and found out that many didn’t feel it’s essential to use glasses.

1. MF Vulcan

Vulcan is no strange brand when it comes to the eyewear and sports apparel market. So, you should expect something that wows you and makes safe riding something to be jealous of and eager for.

It is a suitable model that is both great for motorcycle riding and causal outing, apparently, with no bug-eye. These protective motorcycle goggles provide excellent protection to your eyes and sare away all dirt, moisture, grime, insects, or glare that often interfere with fun riding.

With frames that are fully cushioned, the MF Vulcan guarantees excellent comfort and protection. It is reinforced by highly shaded dark lenses that are shielded against ultraviolet rays and winds. Plus, the ear pads and matte black-coated glasses make the MF Vulcan protective gear in the saddle.  

The model also comes with an anti-glare coating that won’t fog or steam, whether in the interior or exterior side of the lenses. Added to this is the breathable foam padding that allows circular airflow when you ride under extreme temperatures. 


  • UV protected material
  • Even airflow
  • Rubber ear pads
Anti-fog, glare-protectedToo dark design
Fully padded framesNo vent hole
Snug fitNot adjustable

2. Red Baron Eliminator

The Red Baron Eliminator comes as one of the best motorcycle goggles that offer top-quality features and a great combination of safety and style.

You don’t have to worry about staying protected under this pair of goggles because it features two wide lenses (smoked lenses and clear lenses) and a head strap that assure riders that confidence that their eyes are completely protected.

There’s also foam padding, which means you have a comfy riding time when these goggles are on you. Not only that, the foam padding on the Red Baron Eliminator means it will fit snugly while the high vent that hangs around the frames will work against fogs and steam when you ride under harsh conditions. 

Overall, these goggles offer value for money, and you won’t regret having it on your shelf.


  • Head strap for max protection
  • Foam padding
Guarantees eye protection against glare, wind, and harsh conditionsNeeds some adjustment
Snug and adjustable fit

3. Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles

I can think of any motorcycle goggles that function and delivers the best of performance as the Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles does, especially in terms of efficacy, simplicity, and price.

The simplicity doesn’t suggest cheapness. We can say that as you can have a complete eyewear industry without the Oakley company, so you can talk of excellent motocross riding goggles without the Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles.

Specially designed from a sturdy urethane material, this product is not given to the threat of extreme temperatures of the effects of the sun’s glare, reflections, heavy wind, and the elements. Whether you ride under heavy rain or scorching sun, this goggle remains intact, active, and optimally functional.

It offers flexibility and comfort all through your time in the saddle, providing you with an excellent riding experience. The lenses are resistant to scratch, and you can clean the surface of the glasses with the goggles’ smooth foam that will wick all moisture.

The non-slip straps of the goggles, which make it stand firm on the eye frame, come from silicone material. Maximum clarity and exceptional vision are two performance results that will make any severe rider fall in love with this product. These are accounted for by the attachments that will make the goggles walk stay on all through the race.


  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 impact rating and EN 1938 MX safety standards.
  • Perfect for motocross and off-road riding
  • Silicon-made non-slip straps
  • Lightweight
Comfortably triple-layer face foamNot resistant to fog under extreme heat
Affordably pricedSeparately sold tear-offs

4. Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles

If before now, you’ve not joined the community of Biltwell fans, I’d advise you to do that immediately, at least for the sake of the no-nonsense Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles.

An incredibly affordable model, the Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles, has no compromises whatsoever to the design, finish, and quality of the material. Featuring no whistles or bells, these motorcycle goggles show class in the manner it delivers the functions for which it is made.

In terms of durability, sturdiness, toughness, resistance to the elements, suitability for a wide range of riders, and affordability, the Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles is the go-to guy anytime.

It is made from heavy-duty injection-molded plastic and with the impact-resistance polycarbonate-made lens that is fitting on glasses and fears nothing thrown at it. You can be sure you’re up to with a product that delivers nothing short of excellent vision. Thanks to its full eye-port and anti-fog finish, you can clean and replace the lens with your eyes shut.

It does come with plain and subtle colors and not the bright colors that are typical of off-road goggles.


  • Made from Injection-molded plastic
  • Anti-fog finish
  • Polycarbonate lens
Sturdy and Durable knitted fastenerNot suitable for a wide variety of helmets
Impact-resistance lensLacks storage bag

5. Pacific Coast Airfoil 9300 Goggles

Do you remember those comfy moments and fresh feelings you always have each time you ever close across an ocean linked to the Pacific? Those are the kinds of feeling you when you put on the Pacific Coast Airfoil 9300 Goggles as you ride on your newly acquired Harley Davidson.

Unlike many of the pair of motorcycle goggles that make you look weird under them, the Pacific Coast Goggles behave differently. With no bug-eye, no discomfort of any sort, you can wear this model over your prescription glasses. It also accommodates that you wear it on top or underneath your open or half-faced helmet.

It is a product of adequately ventilated, malleable material with a padded frame that protects your eyes from impact in the event of injury and prevents wind from having access to your eyes.

Plus, the multi-color lens of the goggles is quite durable, reliable, and sturdy, thanks to its polycarbonate material build. The material is UV 400 protected, which means your eyes are protected against strong winds, UV rays, and the sun’s glare.

You can be sure this product is made with safety standards in mind. If the cop accosts you on the road, you can hand an ANSI Z80.3-approved over without fear of being molested. The accessory package of this product features a belt clip, wipes, and so on.


  • Meets ANSI Z80.3 UV protection
  • ANSI Z87.1 impact resistance approval
  • Polycarbonate material
  • The lens comes in multiple colors
Perfect for prescription glassesDoesn’t come with an anti-fog finish
Comfortable to wearOnly accommodate prescription glasses
Available in 5 diverse switchable lensesToo rigid plastic frame

6. Bobster Phoenix Interchangeable Goggles

The next product on our list is the guy from Bobster, famous for several excellent features, including its flexibility to be worn over glasses. The Bobstser Phoenix interchangeable Goggles are the right guy, whether it is in the rain or under extreme temperatures.

If your choice is a pair of goggles that are a snug fit on glasses, this might be the right one you’re looking for. Your endless search may have just reached its end.

The construction of this product owes its sturdiness, flexibility, lightweight, and durability to the incredible polyurethane material. It also features a neoprene padding that helps to wick away any moisture that finds its way to the surface of the hard-wearing triple-layer polycarbonate-made impact-resistant lenses. The lenses are also clear, amber, and anti-fog.

The over-the-frame molded face closure helps to provide all comfort you need as you ride on those rough and bumpy rides, whether for a mild off-roading activity or on full on-road vehicles. This product guarantees you 100% protection from any wind or UV rays.

It is important to note that you can interchange the lenses to make visibility sharper, clearer, and better as you approach those unfavorable grounds.

It is one of the best motorcycle goggles sought-after for its versatility and incredible abilities. The Bobster Phoenix Interchangeable  Goggles come in handy for those riders who prefer protection and design over style and look.

Personalizing this model is another edge that makes this guy stand out among competing models. What that means is that you can use the Bobster Phoenix Interchangeable Goggles over a pair of motorcycle glasses.

The item comes with removable foam padding, which is a joy for all riders who are out on these goggles on a scorching summer. The Bobster Phoenix Interchangeable  Goggles is equipped, which makes a durable and sturdy option among many of the competing models on the market today.


  • 100% UV protection
  • Three-type polycarbonate amber lenses
  • Three swappable lenses
Over-the-glasses and prescription gogglesIt may be too tight on wider faces
wear-absorbent paddingQuite large vents

7. Halcyon MK49 Goggles

Ask me to mention the first five motorcycle goggles that rock the market; the Halcyon MK49 Goggles will not be missing on my list. And that’s why it’s become an incredibly sought-after product by serious riders.

It’ll interest you to know that fighter pilots and aviators won’t hop their plane without having these goggles firmly fixed on them. It is mainly due to the high degree of protection they provide for users. 

Although featuring sturdy and durable handmade leather, the Halcyon MK49 sits on solid polished brass and a chrome-plated frame that’s reinforced quite crucially by the hand-stitched leather padding.

One other thing that’ll make you love this model is that it comes with anti-fog protection, thanks to its brass frames, which feature metal-pressed four vents that prevent misting but allow just enough airflow behind the goggle lenses.

You can wear the goggles over glasses and helmets, and whether you wear it during the day or in the dark, the Halcyon MK49 goggles will withstand strong wind and glare. They are very efficient during rainy and windy weather.


  • Chrome plating over
  • Solid brass frame and leather build
  • Polycarbonate angled lenses
  • Hand-stitched leather facemask
Snug fitNot available in tinted lenses model
Excellent wind and dirt protectionMay obstruct on the helmet with a drop-down visor
Resistant to rust and corrosionNot compatible with all helmet sizes

8. Fox Racing Main II Goggles

The Fox Racing Main II Goggles come with pride, comfort, and unparalleled quality.  When it comes to the eyewear and sports apparel market, Fox Racing leads the park for others to follow. And I don’t see that trend changing in years to come.

But what’s it about our Fox Racing Main II Goggles that makes it rank among the best motorcycle goggles on the market? A lot, I must say.

Three-layer face foam that wicks out all dirt, moisture, or air ushers us into the life of this incredible piece. It is strongly reinforced by the firm and hard-wearing plastic frame that makes wearing these goggles interesting.  Plus, there’s a fleece liner that gives extra security as a ride-along those uneven and bumpy terrains.

Again, the Lexan lenses that come with these motorcycle goggles are the antidote for UV rays and wind that often obstruct riding. Here, I’m talking of anti-fog, anti-scratch lenses that offer 100% protection against ultraviolet rays.

If these features don’t excite – I think they should – the Fox Racing Main II Goggles come with a non-slip strap that’s made from silicone material. It doesn’t matter the type of helmet or prescription glasses you use; these goggles are snug fit underneath and on top of it. They also come with a storage bag  


  • Triple-layer face foam
  • Comfy fleece liner
  • Non-slip strap
UV protectedFace foam liable to early damage
Anti-scratch and anti-fog lensesRestricts comfort in nose areas

9. Strata MX Moto Goggles

The Strata MX goggles come in a class of their own, with great features, top-of-the-line performance, and top-quality construction that will turn the attention of all riders who desire protection and safety in the saddle of their motorcycle.

The build, aesthetics, and protection that this model feature begins with the arched front design, which makes absolute comfort and border visualization somewhat synonymous with this model.

There’s a double layer of foam that is capable of thoroughly soaking up the moisture dirt and grime that finds its way anywhere around the lenses. It ensures a high level of protects for the eyes from wind and glare. This feature is reinforced by the ventilation, anti-fog, and anti-scratch nature of these motorcycle goggles.

Whether you’re on-road, off-road, or ride on bumpy and uneven roads, these goggles won’t remove or make your noggin shake around.    

What’s more, the edge you find again with the wrap-around Strata MX is that it won’t obstruct your vision but rather give you a wide field of view, thanks to its single wide lens, which makes you look like a single tennis player in a wide-open court.

Overall, this is one product that wonâ’t fail or disappoint regardless of the terrain you’re riding on. It’s a great product that exchanges value for money.


  • Dual-layer front foam for comfort
  • Arched design
Pros  Cons
Anti-fog, anti-scratchFrame obstructs helmet
Periphery view and comfort

10. Red Baron Aviator Motorcycle Goggles

Just like its siblings here, the Red baron Eliminator, the Red baron Aviator, behaves in some way save for the unique and vintage standpoint that stands it out among even the proud models out there.

It is one of the reasonably priced items on our list. But its affordability and simplicity never suggest inferior quality. You could place it under your saddlebags in the event of emergencies.

These are excellent pieces for long-term use because of their durability, sturdiness, and heavy-duty features. The Red Baron Aviator Motorcycle Goggles is a product from shatterproof polycarbonate material, making it resistant to impact and scratch.

The construction of the guy meets and exceeds UV400 safety standards and protection requirements. The Ultraviolet filtration of the Red Baron Aviator is a second layer part that ensures comfort and 100% protection.

What’s more, the goggles come with an incredible airflow that’s enough not to interfere with smooth riding. Although they cannot be worn when you have your glasses on because of the tinted nature, these goggles are great for both off-road and on-road riding.  

Overall, this product will do its job well and deliver the premium protection you need as you ride on with high confidence.


  • Meets UV400 safety standards
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate material
Scratch-resistant Affordably priced and economicalNot suitable for OTG wearing
Ideal for long-term useNot swappable lenses

Best Motorcycle Goggles Guide & FAQ

It’s not enough to want to buy what entices you, and I’m not talking about motorcycle goggles alone – anything you plan to spend on. You can’t afford to splash that hard-earned money on a useless item. Don’t be in a rush to the market; equip yourself with the requisite knowledge and information.  

If hitherto, you’ve had issues identifying the best glasses for your motorcycle, here are a few tips to let you pick out the best as you prepare to make an order from your preferred online store or buy with the brick and mortar shop.  There are different types of riding goggles on the market, and our need will determine which one youâ’re going for.  We have the glasses for street riding, off-roading, over-the-glasses (OTG) goggles, prescription goggles, and toy goggles.

Safety and comfort

It is the primary factor you must consider when buying any protective gear. Even your motorcycle must be that offers safety. But because the eyes are the part significantly in use when riding, it must be substantially protected

Be sure that the equipment you’re buying is a pair of goggles for eye protection, not just glasses for casual outings and fashion outfits. Some features will inform you about the purpose of the equipment you’re holding in your hand.

To ensure maximum safety, motorcycle goggles are designed for general and specific purposes. If you’re an enduro, trail, or dirt rider, you’ll need to opt for the best motocross goggles. Racing and sport bikers should look for motorcycle goggles that suit their purpose. The level of protection for each differs based on the material for their construction.

Material of Construction

You will also need to find out what material is your potential motorcycle goggles are made from. You’ll have noticed that only products manufactured from durable, sturdy materials get mentioned and feature on our list here.

Besides, they are resistant to impact, glare, rust, and scratch; they are shatterproof. Also worthy of mention about goggles from polycarbonate material is that they come with natural elasticity, which makes their lenses cover a wide area of the eyes. Besides, elastic polycarbonate offers opportunities for goggles to be flexible for riders of different head sizes and shapes.  


Are the goggles you’re planning to buy anti-fogged and anti-steam? I mean, will the glasses resist the production of moisture or steam that condenses on the lenses? If not, you may need to reconsider your choice and go for some model that boasts anti-fog and anti-steam features.

Usually, water vapors that form on the lenses of your goggles often blur vision and obstruct smooth riding. It’s a great danger to have impaired vision while riding. You will either stop or veer off the road. The result of the veering off may be a fatal crash.


The first thing you must watch out for when buying a pair of motorcycle goggles is safety. And no severe rider should think twice about that. So, well-covered glasses guarantee security. The higher the coverage of a model, the better it is for your safety.

Since riding exposes you to glare, air, rays of sun and wind, and dangerous Ultra violets, the purpose of motorcycle goggles is to defend your eyes against these elements and other harmful weather conditions. Also, motorcycle goggles with extensive coverage will ensure that your eyes are protected from dirt, grime, and flying insects.

Hence, the lenses of the goggles should not allow extra airflow into the eyes; otherwise, it will obstruct vision and reduce visibility on the road.

UV Protection

It is important to isolate this factor from safety and comfort. One thing you must bear in mind before buying motorcycle goggles is that they must offer protection against UV protection. They must meet and exceed UV400 safety requirements and standards.

Based on the regulation on the use of eye protective equipment, some states prohibit the use of motorcycle goggles that don’t meet the safety standards of UV and UVB.

Typically, motorcycle goggles come with 100% built-in protection against UV rays. You’ll need to inspect the glasses you want to buy to be sure this feature is present in them. Some other ones are built in such a way that they simply deflect the ray of light that falls on them, making riding plush and fun for riders.


It is one factor you have to be serious about when considering which motorcycle goggles you want to buy. Apart from the type of brand and model, the cost of the goggles often depends on the product’s vintage features, including coating and material of build.

Having looked at the features of the goggles you want to buy, the next thing is to ask yourself, how much do I have to spare on motorcycle goggles? Your answer to this all-important question will help you focus and narrow down your search. 

Do not compromise your safety and protection because you’re looking for a pair of goggles that meet your budget. As much as you consider your budget, make sure you go for the modest product that comes with all the essential features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are motorcycle goggles suitable for skiing?

Yes. Although there are a few differences between the two, it doesn’t stop you from using your motorcycle goggles to ski. The edge motorcycle goggles have over the skiing goggles is that they offer incredibly low peripheral vision and are sunken inside the front section of your helmet which invariably has covered a

Q: What’s the best helmet motorcycle goggles fit?

It all depends on the model of glasses you buy. Some fit well into an open-face helmet while others snugly fit half-face or full-face helmets. In the case of motorcycle goggles that dip into the front side of the full-face helmet, they fit well. For half-face and open-face motorcycle goggles, they offer stand-alone protection.

You can wear the goggles straps inside or outside the helmet. Most riders prefer strapping the goggles outside so that they could be firm on the outer housing and can be easily detached for cleaning without having to remove the helmet.

Q: How can I prevent my motorcycle goggles from fogging up?

Well, there’s no perfect post-purchase way of keeping your motorcycle goggles from fogging up. I will advise you to buy a pair of glasses that come with a built-in anti-fogging coating.

Models that naturally brag anti-fog features don’t allow water vapor to condense and will prevent impaired vision when you ride.

Q: How to clean motorcycle goggles?

To clean your motorcycle goggles, get synthetic cloth for it. Microfiber fabrics are smooth and not abrasive. They wipe off your goggle’s lenses without scratching them or leaving grime or dirt on the surface. For soil that has built up after a long ride, you can get some warm water with soap recommended to clean your motorcycle goggles.

How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Goggles

I have a list of tips that will help you maintain your motorcycle goggles so they can live their entire lifespan. These tips cut across cleaning, wearing, and storing.  

  • Wipe your goggles with synthetic non-abrasive clothing material that won’t scratch or leave grime, insect, vapor, or dirt left on their lenses. You can use mild soap and warm water in the case of dirt build-up after soaking for some minutes.
  • Dry your washed, rinsed goggles naturally, usually in a ventilated room. Do not dry your glasses under the sun, so it doesn’t get cracked or burnt by it.
  • Store your goggles in a cool, dry place. For best storage, keep your glasses under temperature


It doesn’t matter the class of rider you belong to, and you need the best motorcycle goggles.  You could be a dirt biker, hardcore ATVer, die-hard touring rider, quad enthusiast, or a casual off-roader or commuter, the protection of your eyes is more crucial than riding and shouldn’t be sacrificed at the altar of your passion. 

After all, if the eyes are impaired, you may end up spending more than what you ordinarily should’ve spent on buying a pair of riding glasses. So, now that you have in-depth information about the best motorcycle goggles, you can make an informed decision as to which of the items you want to go for. Don’t forget to remind yourself of those buying considerations, so you don’t end up being a victim to substandard sellers.

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