Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks (Review)

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If you consider buying one helmet, you’ll know that having the best motorcycle helmet lock is the way to go. It doesn’t matter if it costs you under $100 or $200, thieves won’t bulge making away with your motorcycle helmet once they find out you leave it unguarded and at the mercy of nature.

Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable,...
Bristol Designs Travel Combo Set With Heavy...
FUBOZONE Heavy Duty Bike Chain Locks, Bicycle...
Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock
Bristol Designs Bike Helmet Lock
FUBOZONE Heavy Duty Helmet Lock
4.2 Ounces
8 Ounces
2.9 Ounces
Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable,...
Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock
4.2 Ounces
Bristol Designs Travel Combo Set With Heavy...
Bristol Designs Bike Helmet Lock
8 Ounces
FUBOZONE Heavy Duty Bike Chain Locks, Bicycle...
FUBOZONE Heavy Duty Helmet Lock
2.9 Ounces

The burden is on you to safeguard, in the best and most cost-effective way, your helmet so you don’t have to worry or live in fear of the thieves each time you park your motorcycle outside.

If you’ve not hit your target since you’ve been searching for the best motorcycle helmet lock, this is the one-stop post to equip yourself with all the necessary details about locks for your motorcycle helmet.

1. Master Lock Helmet Lock

The Master Lock Helmet Lock is an incredibly budget-friendly and affordably priced helmet lock that you can find on the market currently.

Featuring 12-inch cables, with each cable measuring 3 feet long, this product comfortably locks your helmet with maximum security guaranteed by its crucial locking mechanism. It comes with two keys: you forget or misplace one; you can always pick the other.

The Master Lock is a robust option given that it comes with a cable that features a high-grade thickness of about 0.15 inches. Plus, both the cable and the lock are housed inside anti-scratch protective materials, with the lock jacket being plastic while the cable jacket is a vinyl material. So, you don’t have to worry about your lock being scratched.

The cables of this product are made from braided steel to guarantee sturdiness, strength, and durability. The lock also is also housed in a laminated steel body to ensure it is resistant to rust and scratch.

The locking mechanism is such that the product features four rivets that offer maximum security and anti-lock cutting features.

Affordably PricedCable Not Long Enough
Lightweight & Good For TouringMade of Relatively Inferior Material


  • Features 4 rivets
  • Locking mechanism: Key lock
  • Jacket type: protective 12 vinyl cable
  • Construction material: steel  and laminated steel plates

2. FJM Security SX-645

If your choice is a combination helmet lock that doesn’t require a too-long-to-remember lock code, this is the FJM Security SX-465 is the best pick. Besides, it comes as one of the top-quality and affordable bike helmet locks on the market.

Weighing just 2.4 ounces, this lock is this lightweight and won’t add extra weight to your bike’s overall weight. At 6 feet, the length of the lock is also not too long to cause any inconvenience as you attach it to your bike.

The best attraction of this model is its durability, thanks to its steel construction and tough airplane cable, which is made from the vinyl coating.

The FJM Security SX-465 is sure-bet security guaranteeing model as it boasts of an incredibly superior 4-digit locking system. It allows you to manage up to 10,000 key combinations. This gives an edge over the regular 3-digit locks.

The universal feature of this lock makes it suitable for any type of motorcycle helmet. You can use full-face, open-face, half-face, or modular helmets. Besides, it is also suitable to lock and secure other devices, including your trailers, wheels, mounts, dung your skis, snowboards, among others.

4-Key Locking SystemNot as Secure Key Locks
Durable & Easy to UseSome Locks May Be Cheaper


  • Locking system: 4-key combination locks
  • Cable length/thickness: 6 feet/ 5-mm
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds

3. Lockstraps 801 Karabiner Helmet Lock

The Lock straps 801 is another incredible combination helmet lock that makes fitting a walk in the park for all motorcycles and helmets.

Combing nylon and steel materials, this 11-ounce lightweight lock comes as a durable, secure, and reliable, very unique and efficient motorcycle helmet that works for different devices and will withstand any weather conditions.

This model’s universality makes it suitable for use on a car’s rooftop and steering wheels, bags, cargo, and lots more. You can use it in many other situations to ensure your objects and items’ security and safety.

The Lock straps 801 is a tremendous and top-strength product that comes with 2-feet in length and 3-mm in thickness, thanks to its flexible and robust stainless steel-made cable that is long enough to keep your helmets and other objects in place securely.

Just like the BigPantha 05, the LockstrapS 801 uses a 3-digit combination lock system, which makes it possible for you to have 999 possible combinations. Plus, like the BigPantha, this lock system also features the karabiner metal loop to guarantee your helmet’s safety and security.

With a great price that won’t break your back, the Lockstraps 801 comes in a wide variety of straps, and the manufacturer guarantees you’re a lifespan warranty.

Easy to Use & Strap Less Secure Than Key
Lightweight & Lifetime WarrantyLack of Rubber Coating Might Cause a Scratch


  • Weight: 11 ounces
  • Length/Thickness: 2-feet/3-mm
  • Combination: 3-digit/999 possible combinations
  • Combination-karabiner lock

4. Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock

The next item on our list of best motorcycle helmet locks is the Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock from Little World, one of the relatively unpopular brands on the market. That you are not familiar with Little World doesn’t make this model a less superior helmet lock to go with.

This is one of the carabiner-featured helmet locks that guarantee and secure your helmet in place. It is made of high-quality tough, durable, and heavy-duty carabiners, and it uses the combination PIN lock mechanism to ensure your helmets and other valuable objects.

With its steel build, you’re sure of traveling with this helmet lock anywhere you choose to go. It doesn’t occupy much space due to its small body and won’t add extra weight to the overall riding weight, thanks to its lightweight feature. It measures 5cm x 9cm, which means you can tuck it into your pocket.

Great performance is another word for the Little World Motorcycle helmet. It uses a universal combination lock cable that fits into any object, including helmet, bags, biker jackets, disk brake, briefcases, bikes, garden furniture, and to secure them firmly so that they’re not stolen.

The 6-feet long cable is a product of flexible yet top-strength steel material coated in PVC. This is to give teeth to the overall capacity of the product to resist weather and scratch while ensuring durability and protection.

One other great advantage of using the Little World motorcycle helmet lock is that it doesn’t discriminate against any motorcycle or helmets. Whether it is full-face, open-face, half-face, or modular helmets, this product will work correctly on them.

Also, you can use the helmet lock on scooters, motorcycles, or mountain bikes. It won’t even scratch or damage your bike, thanks to the carabiner-enabled D-ring feature that it boasts.

Compatible With Wide Variety of BikesFairly Heavy
Anti-Scratch & Maximum Safety ProtectionSlight Inconvenience Shape


  • Material: sturdy, solid steel with PVC coating
  • Diameter: 5cm x 9cm
  • Locking system: carabiner combination Pin lock

5. BigPantha 3-Digit Combination Helmet Lock

It’ll be quite odd to talk of motorcycle accessories without reference to the BigPantha. They do not only bank on the glory of the past but also show that only quality product sells a brand.

The BigPantha once again shows that vision with its 3-digit combination motorcycle helmet lock. That it’s 3-digit doesn’t make the BigPantha 05 less durable, secure, or less universal helmet lock.

I can tell that if you’re looking for one of the best universal combination locks for your helmet, the BigPantha 05 walks directly without any questioning. It works to secure and hold in place a wide range of motorcycles, helmets, and a host of other devices.

This 4.8-ounce weighed device will secure just anything, and its durability owes its stand-out mention to the steel-made build, which also extends to the cable design. So, you’re talking of a lock that will secure your helmet to scare thieves away from it.

Another exciting thing about the BigPantha 05 is that it doesn’t require you to use any strap to lock it to your bike when it cuts across the windshield of your full-face helmet.

The protective coating is an added advantage of this universal model given that it confers not only durability but also peace of mind while you’re out there playing tennis.

The 3-digit combination suggests that you can only combine the maximum possible 1000 keys. This is not bad for securing a helmet, though. You’ll come to love this model because of its metal loop that also features a spring gate. This offers maximum security and ensures ease of use and a case for.

Flexible & UniversalDoesn’t Match Key Locks
Easy to UseDesign Not Solid


  • Locking system/combination: 3-digit/1000 combination
  • Steel material build
  • Cable weight/length: 4.8 ounces/6ft

6. Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1218 Bicycle Lock

With a not-too-long-not-too-short cable, the braided steel-made Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1218 Bicycle Lock comes bragging with all the features you imagine an ideal helmet lock should possess.

It won’t dangle along on the bike or add any extra pound to the motorcycle’s overall weight, thanks to its modest cable length and moderate thickness and weight of 12 mm and 1.65 pounds, respectively. The cable is flexible and 6-feet long.

The lock is also coated with an anti-scratch vinyl material, which serves both as the shield against scratching and to protect your bike and helmet against the elements, including moisture. You can be sure you have a lock in your hand that won’t corrode or rust.

What’s more, the Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1218 Bicycle Lock also comes with a 240-degree adjustable tooth accessory, which ensures an assortment of lock positions.

The locking mechanism of the Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1218 Bicycle Lock is quite easy. It comes with a 4-digit combination that guarantees optimal security from thieves.

Moderate Length & Thickness That Won’t DangleNot Heavy Enough
Durable, Efficient & ToughPulling Lock Apart is Difficult Because it Coils


  • Length: 6-ft
  • Build material: braided Steel
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Locking system: 4-digit combination lock

7. Biker’s Choice 74937S2

The Biker’s Choice universal key helmet lock will always make the list of the best motorcycle helmet locks due to the unique features that it boasts. If your bike is one of those vehicles that feature sufficient tubing, this uniquely designed chrome-plated universal lock is the right pick for you.

Weighing 8 ounces, the Biker’s Choice 74937S2 features a key locking mechanism, which makes it a suitable option for any motorcycle and helmet. This

Your tubing has to have a size range between 7/8 and 1-1/4 to say that this design will work for your bike conveniently. This is a plus for this lock because it’s the only helmet key lock on our lists that works perfectly with tubing. Plus, the snug fit owes a lot to the chrome plating of this device.

The installation of this device is effortless because the package comes with all the necessary accessories and package hardware that will make mounting quite easy and seamless. So, whether you’re using small tubing or a larger one, the mounting process is easy.

Another feature of this top-quality design is that it features a package that needs tamper-proof screws, ensuring your helmet is guaranteed.

Suitable for Universal Mounting & UseUnknown Construction Material
Package Comes With All Installation hardwareNot Suitable for Non-Tubing Bike

8. Kuryakn 4248 Helmet Lock Kit

The next item on our list is the Kuryakyn 4248 Helmet Lock Kit. It again manifests the incredible design, top-strength quality, and affordability that the Kuryakyn brand is known for.

This device is one of the best critical locks on the market due to several features it brags. First off, its design makes it suitable for use on your motorcycle’s rear license plate. You can mount it on the plate with your eyes shut.

It is made of steel, which accounts for its durable, sturdy, and great build. It also offers a discreet way to secure your lock in place.

The manufacturer doesn’t leave you to stress during installation because the kit is package-full with all the necessary installation materials which feature washers, backing plate, key wrench, and lots more.

It weighs only 1 pound, making it one of the lightweight helmet key locks on the market.

Easy Installation & Excellent SecurityRelatively pricey
Discreet DesignOne-Year Warranty is Short


  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Steel material build
  • Locking system: key
  • License Plate-mounted option

9. Lockstraps 901 Helmet Lock

This is another fantastic product from Lockstraps which behaves like its sibling (Lock straps 801 Carabiner Helmet Lock) here but comes with its own unique features that make it a stand-out lock system.

At first sight, naivety may make you assume that this incredible steel-made helmet lock owes it build to the ingenuity of some fabric makers. That will be wrong in toto given that Lockstraps has a way of making their design present a wide variety of outlooks to shoppers.

As against your wrong assumption, the Lockstraps 901 Helmet Lock is made from steel material and you could see that in the robust and sturdy steel 3 mm cables that cut through the nylon-designed strap.

The cables’ diameter looks quite excellent and moderate; the steel build makes the product a flexible and durable option to be fastened to any part of your bike. Plus, you also have in your hand a nylon-protected build that confers high resistance to corrosion and rust.

It also features a small combination lock-enabled carabiner, which the strap rests on and is attached to a metal loop at the opposite end of the lock for max security. The combination lock is a great help for those who misplace and forget keys a lot.

The Lockstraps 901 comes with galvanized yet durable screws that boast a high resistance to corrosion and rust.

Overall, this is an excellent lock for those who love to protect and secure their helmets, disc brakes, bikes, and lots more.

Difficult to Cut ThroughStiff Strap


  • Features nylon cover at the exterior
  • Material: sturdy steel cables
  • Combination lock

10. Bristol Designs Black Combination Lock Cable

The Bristol Designs Black Combination Lock Cable is another helmet lock with features that make every rider and bike owner admire and want to buy a helmet lock. It belongs to the class of the combination pin locks.

If you want a motorcycle helmet that will do a great job in securing your helmet to your bike, this is the right pick. And there are reasons for recommending this model.

To begin with, the Bristol Designs Combination Lock comes as a lightweight cable lock, which will add no extra pound to the overall riding weight. You can also tuck into your bike’s storage box anywhere you go.

The lock and cable are made from solid, sturdy, and heavy-duty stainless steel, which confers durability and makes them suitable for fastening your helmet to any substantial areas of your bike. Also unique about the steel-made Bristol Design Combination Lock is the rustproof feature.

Plus, it also features a rubber sleeve that houses the lock to prevent your bike from losing its paint. So, you’re sure that your bike or the lock won’t scratch or damage when it is being used on the bike.

Apart from helping secure your helmet in place, this universal lock comes with great versatility that will ensure your bag, gas tank bags, or any other lightweight objects. It is a great partner for short and long rides.

In addition to all these, the lock comes with a lifetime guarantee which offers the peace of mind that you need as a buyer and a rider.

The locking mechanism is the 3-digit combination system, which allows you to choose 999 possible combinations. It works like the Lockstraps 801 Helmet Lock, which allows you custom lock preference.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, reasonably priced, and lightweight motorcycle helmet lock it’s the Bristol Designs Heavy Duty Black Combination Lock Cable that’s our first recommendation.

Lightweight & PortableCan be Inconvenient
Affordably PricedDesign Not Solid


  • Locking mechanism/combinations: 3-digit combination lock/999 different combinations
  • Material: sturdy stainless steel

11. Helmetlock 4101 Rubberized

The first time I stumbled on Helmetlock 4101 Rubberized product on one of the popular eCommerce platforms, I knew this was a go-to motorcycle helmet lock that commands universal use and fitness.

Featuring the karabiner locking mechanism, this model is a crazy guy out of aluminum material to confer and offer durability, sturdiness, yet lightweight features on your helmet lock. Attempting to cut through this lock will mean the thief will spend some hours until he’s successful. By that time, the owner is already in sight.

It is also quite affordable for those shoppers on a budget. You won’t believe how much this model is offered on the market.

The lock is also covered with a protective plastic material, which helps prevent the aluminum lock from being exposed to the dangerously corrosive effects of the elements. The cover also protects the paint on the lock from scratching.

The locking mechanism is entirely secure. It behaves like the FJM Security SX-465 here as it features a 4-digit combination lock system. The digit lock is made from a zinc alloy, which won’t be affected if used under any weather conditions.

The hinge that comes with the Helmet lock 4101 Rubberized helmet lock is incredibly superior to what you find with many of the karabiner-style models. This is because you can open the hinge to the outside. You can secure this lock on any part of your bike.

Durable & LightweightProne to Easy Malfunction
Locking System is a 4-Digit CombinationCan’t Withstand Long Use


  • The material of build: aluminum
  • Exterior layer to protect against scratch

12. FUBOZONE Heavy Duty Bike Helmet Locks

You have no reason to doubt the Fubozone Motorcycle helmet Lock the first time you sight it. It offers safety, peace of mind, and protection to your helmets and a variety of other valuable items.

Made of sturdy, top-strength, and stable manganese steel, this incredibly good-looking product offers maximum safety. The lock core comes with different layers of disc lock, which makes sawing, drilling, or cutting a tall order for any thieves. It also features anti-drill and top-grade resistance to cutting. It is safe to say that the Fubozone helmet and motorcycle lock is the patron of all safety locks.

The perfect design is another feature that will catch your attention to the product. The chain length is 95 cm long, with an optimal thickness of about 9.5mm. The lock cylinder comes with a jacket that won’t rust or be affected by the elements’ effects, including water, dust, moisture, or snow.

Plus, the elegant shape of the lock is incredible, and you don’t have to worry about thieves carting away your helmet when you fasten it to the bike. The lock won’t harm you as it is equipped with a non-toxic, anti-scratch nylon belt.

It is versatile and can be used to secure bikes, motorcycles, helmets, farm and garden tools, toolboxes, etc. it weighs 2.97 pounds.

Anti-Drill & ScratchWorks for Better for Bike Than Helmet
Resistant to Rust, Water, and DustChain Too Long


  • Weight/thickness: 2.97lb/9.5mm
  • Non-toxic nylon belt
  • Perfect for different items

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock Guide & FAQs

It’s important to know that having a long list of best items means that those items brag certain general and specific features that stand them out. Hence, before you buy the motorcycle helmet lock, there are features you must look for.

These features must guide you as you try to choose the helmet lock to settle for in the long run.

Let’s look at some of the factors to consider before buying a lock for your motorcycle helmet:

Material of Build

When choosing which motorcycle helmet lock to buy, you must be very concerned about the quality of the material from which it is made. Typically, the best helmet locks are often made from steel materials. The reason for using steel materials is that they are sturdy, strong, durable, and reliable.

Steel materials also boast heavy-duty and top-strength features and go through thermal treatment and other strengthening qualities. It means that the harder the steel material used, the tighter the helmet lock will be. In the end, it will be difficult for thieves to destroy it quickly. Of course, getting robust steel-built bike helmet locks often comes with a price.

Handling Convenience

The handier the bike helmet lock you buy, the easier for better handling and transportability. Ideally, top brands that manufacture the best helmet locks often consider the factors of shapes and sizes. So, it would help if you also kept in mind that when you have a portable lock with you, you can carry it around with you each time you’re traveling on those long-distance trips.

Ask yourself if there’s enough room on your bike’s storage box to store the device. The second thing is that portable helmet locks do not add extra weight to the bike’s overall weight as you ride on your bike. Some are very small, while others come with excess weight that may make them difficult to go with on your bike.

Resistance to Weather

Given the demands that you ride in the summer and winter. In that case, your motorcycle helmet lock will be subject to different instances of the elements, including rain, sun, wind, moisture, dew, and mud. You’ve got to look for the helmet lock that will be able to hold out against the effects of different weather conditions. The bike locks with better resistance to varying requirements of the elements, including corrosion and rust. This will only happen if they are adequately coated with PVC materials.

Ease of installation & Use

One other factor you must consider before splashing your hard-earned cash on a helmet lock for the bike is comfort, convenience, or ease of use. Ease of installation, mounting, and operation is a crucial factor you must not overlook when deciding to buy a particular lock.

Generally, some locks are more natural and require no special skills or tools to use. Others require that you use some technicality before you can use it. Using codes to secure a helmet lock may make you lose the lock, especially once you forget it. You also have to consider buying a lock that’s user-friendly; that is, it should be easy to lock and unlock.

Locking Procedure

This is another essential factor you must consider when deciding to buy a helmet lock for your bike. How will you go about locking and unlocking the lock? Typically, there are two modes of locking, namely, the key lock and the combination lock.

The key lock system offers more security than the combination lock. However, the latter is more convenient in terms of ease of use than the key which demands that you always travel about with the key.

Length of Cable

The cord of the motorcycle helmet lock is as essential as its length. They must feature a reasonably long period that will be enough to fasten the two ends of your lock.

Always check this out beforehand before you buy, so your lock is not some inches short of what’s needed to secure the helmet in place.


I don’t always advise shoppers to go for cheap materials. However, your budget will determine a lot as to which bike helmet locks you get eventually. Sometimes, costliness doesn’t translate to quality; at other times, it does. Some brands are known for top-quality manufacturing models and their products often at a higher cost. If you don’t want to compromise your helmet’s safety, then be ready to commit reasonable cash to buy the best lock that will serve you.

Why You Need Motorcycle Helmet Locks

You can’t afford to have a restless time each time your bike is parked outside without its helmet fastened. The more troubling part is carrying a helmet to a meeting venue or conference because you’re afraid some guy might just come around and get away with it.

 Below are the following reasons you need to have a helmet lock on your bike.

Cut Down Investment on Helmet

Some helmets can be crazily expensive so you may have to break the bank before you purchase them. On the flip side, some helmets can feature exceptional design and attractive looks that thieves won’t look away from. It takes genuinely secure helmet locks that will keep it firmly in place.

Secure Your Helmet

The primary purpose of buying a helmet lock is to secure your helmet in place. You’ll have the peace of mind to park and leave yourself outside for as long as you want without having to be checking every time. That will also mean that you also secure your motorcycle with the best bike lock because it’ll be counterproductive if the helmet is safe without securing the motorcycle.

Low Cost

Whether in terms of purchasing a helmet lock or maintaining it, it requires a low cost. Usually, a universal motorcycle helmet lock comes at an affordable price. You wouldn’t have to break the bank before you acquire a helmet lock.

Offers Protection to Other Bike Parts

Apart from protecting your helmet, bike helmet locks offer protection to some costly parts of your motorcycle, including the mighty expensive gear. Hence, you can have the comparative and extended advantage of using low-cost material to secure a more expensive part.

Relieve Yourself of Burden

There’s not enough storage space on your motorcycle and so carrying a motorcycle helmet around might be burdensome. You need the helmet lock to secure your helmet firm in place on your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I use a helmet lock?

I will reply with another question, ‘do you want the security of your helmet and peace of mind when you park your motorcycle in the open?’ if yes, then you need a helmet to safeguard your helmet. If not, then you may not bother about having a helmet lock.

But remember it’s better imagined than experience when you find out that within a few minutes of parking your bike outside, some guy has stolen away your helmet. To prevent your helmet from becoming someone else’s asset, buy a lock. After, you won’t have to break the bank to purchase or maintain it.

Q: Should I choose a key lock or combination lock?

It all depends on you. The key lock is truly more secure than combination locks. If you opt for a key lock, bear in mind that you’ll need to take the key with you each time you’re going out with your helmet.

But here’s the danger: once it gets missing or lost, you may not be able to replace it except you’re ready to pay the dealership to replace the lockset. You may be lucky to have a backup key from the manufacturer. The choice is really between convenience and security.

Q: What will I do if I lose my key or forget the combination code?

While it’s advisable you keep your keys and PIN code safe; there are times when losing or forgetting is inevitable.

If you, by any mistake, forget the PIN code for your combination lock, you’ll have to get a new helmet lock. For a lost lock key, you can approach a dealership to help you replace the Lockset.

The best way to secure your helmet lock is to store the key under your motorcycle seat. To avoid forgetting the pin code, you could write it down on secure paper or code-save it on your phone.

Q: What maintenance does my helmet lock need?

Whether it’s your motorcycle, the accessories, or safety gear, you need to protect them from being stolen. They also need to be correctly stored in places where they are not vulnerable to the elements. Hence, you need to regularly check your locks just as you do to other accessories and the motorcycle itself.

Are there cracks, damage, or broken parts of the lock? Are the cables in good shape? Is there any part of the metal that’s gone wrong? While motorcycle helmet locks do not come at a higher cost concerning maintenance, you still need to carry out constant inspection.

Q: Do all helmet locks have a universal size?

The simple answer is No. Each brand or model has specifications, and you need to follow the manufacturer’s guide, which often follows your product from the seller to know if the product you’re buying fits your helmet.


Now you have the essential information that will guide you to make an informed choice about the best motorcycle helmet lock. Don’t just read and leave. Take action and get yourself the best item that currently rocks the market.

I quite understand how challenging the task of searching may be. And even after reading this post, choosing one of the 12 items on this list may pose some issues, given that all of these items come with incredibly fascinating features. Look at the buying guide to see which meets your needs and preference. The ball is in your court, and you have to make a decision once and for all.

Even if you’re not buying now, there’s a chance that someone will ask you for the best helmet lock. It becomes more comfortable for you to recommend this post and make them get value for money. When you finally decide to buy, keep in mind this information as they will help you not to splash the cash on some product that won’t bring value in exchange.

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