14 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $100

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Are you tired of breaking the bank to get your motorcycle helmet? You don’t have to. We’ve got you covered with our list of the 14 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $100. From open-face helmets to DOT-certified full-face helmets – we’ve ensured that you can stay safe on the roads without spending a fortune. Check out our top picks and find the perfect helmet for you today!

Update: with the latest price increases, some of these helmets are now priced above $100.

1. Bell Qualifier Unisex Helmet

The massive popularity of Bell Qualifier Unisex makes it one of the items that won’t miss this list of the best helmets under 100.

Offered in multiple colors, sizes, and shapes, the Bell is an excellent motorcycle helmet for women and men alike. The attraction becomes more valuable when you realize this unit is sturdy and lightweight, made from a polycarbonate/ABS Shell build.

Incredibly, too, the Bell comes with an anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV-protected solution for riders, making it recommendable for all weather conditions.

Added to this feature is the padded wind collar, which reduces the wind noise, handling your comfort and confidence as you ride on.

The clear flip visor is made so you can raise or lower it to suit your preference. It won’t distract or obstruct you. The top 2 adjustable vents and chin vent to make it easy to close and open at will.


  • Available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors
  • DOT, ECE, and AS certified
  • Scratch resistant
  • Enough space for earpad to setup Bluetooth
  • Affordably priced


  • Wind noises are not eliminated
  • Not SHELL approved

2. WOW Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

The WOW will genuinely wow you if you’re searching for a motorcycle helmet under $100 that features classic looks and incredible functions that edge out a lot of competitor helmets out there.

Its more classic appearance, different sizes, colors, design pattern, and shapes set this DOT-approved model apart from others. 

You’ll come to know that you need a helmet that’s durable and lightweight in WOW, considering that it comes with an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell. It means it can work for long-hour rides and adventures.

Added to that is the flip-up visor, which allows you to customize the helmet based on your liking. Plus, the vents allow enough air to flow into the helmet freely without much noise. At the ear side of the helmet are the ear holes through which you can pass your earphones to listen to your favorite tunes.

What’s more, the helmet comes with adequate removable and washable padding, making its use comfy for the rider. On top of that, the unit features an incredibly sleek UV-protective finish available in colors.


  • Adequately padded
  • Durable
  • Solid ventilation system
  • Lightweight
  • It comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes
  • UV-protective gloss finish


  • A bit loud over 40 mph

3. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Helmet

ILM is a household name in the automotive industry, especially when discussing motorcycle accessories. With this modular helmet, the brand has again proven why it remains one of the top best to beat. Affordable, classic, durable, and efficient, the ILM is one of the best motorcycle helmets under $100.

It features soft and lightweight cheek pads and liners, ensuring none of your head region suffers any hurt as you turn your head from left to right on the bike. The unit design also ensures your face is well protected in an accident.  On top of that, you can remove and wash the liners and cheek pads at your convenience. 

No helmet does feature it better when you talk in terms of better fit and overall comfort, thanks to the micrometrical adjustable strap.

You don’t have to show any panic as you approach the traffic or license official because the ILM helmet on you is certified by FMVSS-218.

An attractive look and stylish design is the hallmark of this piece. That doesn’t reduce or limit its efficiency on the road. Regardless of whether or not you ride at high speeds or for a longer number of hours, the wind noises won’t affect you. The wider field of view is coupled with the anti-scratch and anti-fog features.


  • Scratch and fog-resistant
  • Lightweight, durable
  • Easily removable liners
  • Clear wide visor
  • Removable padding
  • Reduced wind noise


  • Sizes run a bit big
  • Not too strong anti-scratch

4. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular

If you’ve vainly been in search of a fantastic modular motorcycle helmet under $100, then 1Strom will come to the rescue. Built with a huge variety of colors, this advanced Modular, flip-up, and dual-lens design will wow you in every way.

Built to accommodate nearly every head size and shape, 1Storm is popular for its versatility and high protective function. It can shield the rider’s entire face and head. Plus, it comes with various color and size options, so no one is left out.

The build of this model comes from the durable aerodynamic thermoplastic allow shell which guarantees the unit’s durability, endurance, and capacity to soak in shock. It is lightweight, accumulating up to 4 pounds.

Safety is guaranteed using this piece because it keeps the head securely in place for comfort and protection. On top of that, this model features a glossy finish.

Besides, based on your liking, you can modify and use either the half-face or full-face helmet.


  • Lightweight, Durable Aerodynamic
  • Glossy UV Protective Finish
  • Padding is removable and washable
  • Affordable


  • Poorly positioned open visor button

5. ILM Dual Visor Helmet

The ILM dual visor helmet behaves similarly to its sibling here, save for a few unique features, including the extra wads of bucks you’ll need to add.

This features an anti-scratch and anti-fog issue that taints the previous model. This model also gives you the best view for a more extended period.

Besides, the ILM Dual Visor works with an anti-scratch and fog-resistant ABS exterior shell. This extends the life and longevity of this piece, making it durable and lightweight.

We can’t overemphasize the excellent aerodynamic design of the ILM Dual Visor helmet, which helps to carry the rider all day long during his long-distance motorcycle trip.

With this helmet, you won’t experience any wind noise because the interior is adequately cushioned for a comfortable and less annoying ride.

There’s also a LED light feature to light your way, and you can switch color choices as you move on.


  • Dual visor system
  • The visor is scratch and fog proof
  • Lightweight and durable material
  • LED lights based on rider’s preference


  • More values needed to match the price.

6. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half-Helmet

Vega established why it is a leading manufacturer of motorcycle accessories once with the production of Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle, a premium half-helmet sought-after for its extended lifespan and durability.

Lightweight and durable, the Warrior makes you feel you’re not wearing anything on the head; it won’t pressure your neck, either. It comes with a lockable strap with which you can fasten the unit and adjust it to support the overall comfort of your ride. With that, you can rest assured the headgear won’t shift or shake as you turn your head from one end to another.

A truly half-helmet, this piece is made with accurately concocted perfect dimensions that prevent the unit from interfering with your vision. It also stops the sun’s glare or debris from entering your eyes.

Amazingly, the Vega Warrior is also integrated with moist-wicking properties that guarantee that sweat from your skin is adequately absorbed. This adds to the overall comfort and cooling of the helmet.


  • Very lightweight
  • Adjustable size for the perfect fit
  • Fully vented liner for extra cooling
  • Optical sun shield


  • Quite expensive for a half-helmet

7. LS2 Helmets 569-3013

LS2 often reels out high-end units not intended for low-income riders. Nevertheless, the quality of the premium LSR Helmet 569-3013 makes every rider want to have it.

Integrated with superior vents and enormously spacious rooms, it is a very comfortable helmet to use. This is in addition to the outwardly extended long visor, which not only gives enough space for your face but also touches down on your chin and protects it. 

LSR Helmet 569-3013 gives an ultra-wide field of view and creates clear visibility for the rider.

The system is also made of a twin shield that protects your eyes against the sun’s glare.

Moreover, considering its airflow vents, the system gives you control over how much air you receive. With all its practical functions, the LS2 comes at a price that commensurates with the value it offers


  • Outer visor counters the flaws of the open-faced design
  • Adjustable sun-shield system
  • Superb flow-through ventilation feature
  • Secure and comfortable fit


  • It might feel a bit tight

8. MMG Open Face

MMG is in the class of the best motorcycle helmet under $100 due to the number of practical functions it features.

This MMG is a perfect unit for a beginner and commuter if you consider the affordable price tag placed on it. It is a safe and comfortable helmet that meets and exceeds the standards requirements of the Department of Transportation. It is one of the easy-to-use units in the market.

The comfort it provides is incredible, thanks to the adequately padded cheeks. This is further complemented by the fact that you can conveniently remove and wash the cheek pads on time.

More so, the system comes with anti-scratch and anti-fog features, making it highly resistant to shocks, sun’s glare, and extreme weather conditions.

The windshield and wide field of vision the unit provides attest to its better and easier use. Thus, it’s also lightweight. It’s a great choice for all lovers of small bikes and scooters.


  • Fits small speakers
  • Lightweight
  • Removable cheek pads
  • Perfect for commuters


  • It might be a bit tight

9. AHR Full-Face Flip-Up Modular Motorcycle

The AHR modular unit covers you if you want a dual visor full-face motorcycle helmet under $100 with incredible sturdiness and quality, maximum protection, and affordable price.

The model makes its attraction felt with its soft and sufficient cushioning capability. Designed with a flip-up visor that doesn’t obstruct your vision as you ride on, the AHR helmet accommodates your head coolly.

As a DOT-approved model, the cheek pads can be removed for proper cleaning and washing. The visor also boasts superior durability, sturdiness, and amazing elasticity. This ensures that the helmet doesn’t fail or falter in crashes. 


  • Dully protected against crashes
  • Impact and wear-resistant visor
  • Decent air vent
  • Comfortable and secure heavy padding


  • Relatively pricey
  • It weighs quite a bit

10. GDM DK-140-MB Duke Series

Next on our list is the GDM DK-140-MB Duke Series. This premium unit will blow your mind with its sleek design, alluring spectacle, dual visor, D-ring chin strap, high-grade poly-alloy material, and relatively lightweight features.

The aerodynamic feel of this model accounts for the sleek design and excellent shape, giving it the requisite resistance against all effects of shock and harsh winds.

You have no worries when you go through the scorching sun because the GDM is designed with breathable air vents which allow enough air to flow into your covered head region without causing much noise, despite being full-faced. Plus, you have a wider field of view.

The unit comes with a clear screen and tinted visor, which you can use as support to bring about the comfort you desire. This guy also boasts the double D-ring chin strap for a secure and comfortable ride. Its durability is enhanced by the durable exterior shell made of high-grade poly-alloy material.


  • Affordable
  • Incredible build
  • Sleek aerodynamic design 
  • Superb vent option


  • Not enough style options

11. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle is a motorcycle helmet popular for its safety, multiple size options, comfort, impact and wear resistance, and smart cushioning.

The central attraction of this model is the massive and wide variety of sizing options, taking you from 2XS to XL. It means everyone in the family is captured in this series. The unit is also made with the standards of the Department of Transportation in mind. 

Being a cheap motorcycle helmet, the Daytona makes an affordable piece with soft and reliable cushioning.

If you’re especially on high speed, the Daytona will ensure the chin strap doesn’t cut into your chin, thanks to its smart padding. It comes as a round-shaped piece which makes resistance to wear and impact high. You’re sure your head is secure against crashes.


  • Safe, protected, and secure
  • Multiple size choices
  • DOT-certified 
  • Comfortable and easy-to-use strap


  • Design needs improvement

12. Triangle Matte Black

This motorcycle helmet will make you love using a different helmet model and, in a way, break away from the stronghold of traditional brands.

Featuring anti-scratch, affordable price tag, soft laser cut padding, and removable and washable high-tier multi-density liner, this headgear is ideal for strict bike enthusiasts and commuters.

The system disperses and absorbs shocks easily, thanks to the high-pressure ABS shell made from advanced thermoplastic innovation. This makes it a reliable anti-impact build.

The EPS liner is removable and washable for proper hygiene and fresh breath when on long rides.

The vent system is designed with a top and rear extractor liner which helps to maintain the temperature and ensure the system receives enough air. It also comes with a padded chin strap made of micrometric closure.


  • Anti-bacterial interior liner
  • Soft laser cut padding
  • Several sizes
  • Incredible liner quality
  • High durability for low cost


  • Smelly on arrival
  • Underwhelming vent quality

13. NENKI NK-856

As we begin to coast home on the best motorcycle helmets under 100, Nenki comes to mind next up. This is brand perfect for its incredible design and stylish patterns.

If your choice is a full-faced helmet with eye-turning and unique designs, I think Nenki should be your pick.

The model’s resistance and durability are massive, all thanks to the fiberglass-injected shell and expanded polystyrene-made build. This feature also ensures that the model absorbs enough shock and impact.

There’s also the blend of the dual visor, inner sun shield, and iridium red visor which blend allows custom use and adaptation to the weather conditions of your area.

Multiple vents ensure the system gives the rider enough breathing space even while riding at high speeds. It also prevents fogging.


  • DOT approved
  • Cushioned padding
  • Durable
  • Removable and Washable liner
  • Adequate airflow
  • Good ventilation


  • Not Bluetooth speaker compatible

14. Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet

It’s not surprising that this guy makes one of the top best motorcycle helmets under 100 dollars. It brags several incredible features that will make any rider fall for it. Suitable for male and female riders, the Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 is a budget-friendly helmet.

The thermoplastic material guarantees the model’s durability it is made of. Plus, the durability goes with the piece’s lightweight feature.

You can easily shut and open the dual vents of this DOT-approved helmet at will. The vent allows for maximum airflow.

Plus, the Fuel Helmet comes with removable and washable cheek pads, making it one of the most hygienic helmets on the market.

What’s more, there’s a quick-release protective shield that is easily operated with the press of a button.


  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Comfortable in use
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to wear
  • Dot-approved


  • No option for a tinted visor
  • Visor tends to fog when you’re not in motion
  • The chinstrap button comes off too easily

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under $100 Guide & FAQs

DOT and SNELL Approval

If you want to enjoy your time on the road without any embarrassment from traffic officials, ensure you have your motorcycle and its accessories certified by the Department of Transportation or SNELL. However, DOT approval takes priority over other forms of approval. The process of acquiring SNELL approval is tough, stringent, and rigorous. Get the minimum safety requirements for DOT approval.


Comfort is one thing you shouldn’t compromise when buying a motorcycle helmet. Ask yourself if the helmet comes in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors. If so, you have options to choose from. It means a helmet with a wide variety fits the shape of the head perfectly. Take measurements of your head before you buy.

Field of View

Your helmet must provide you with a wide field of view, which means you must be able to see the road and the vehicles ahead of you. Hence, your helmet must feature shields and sunglasses. These give excellent visibility and protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and on-road flying insects.

Breathability & Aerodynamics

It is important your covered head receives enough airflow when you’re riding. Besides, you must be able to breathe safely, freely, and easily. You must inhale clean oxygen, as well. The air often comes from a helmet that has a good ventilation system. The helmet must not be too tight or too loose.

Sturdy Outer Shell

The outer shell of your helmet must be strong and sturdy. This will protect your head again serious injury in an accident. Some brands prefer to use thermoplastics to make the outer shell. Alternatively, you can buy helmets made of fiber-reinforced composites.


Considering price is not peculiar to buying a bike helmet under 100 dollars alone. How much can you spare? And what is the cost of the product? The quality and value of a helmet are not so much in the price offered.  Some come cheaper but of high quality than those that are pricey. We also have helmets cheaper in price as well as in quality.

Other Features

Other features include aesthetics (stylish look), impact absorption, retention system, Bluetooth, speaker, microphone, and warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is better: Half or Full-Face Helmets?

It depends on what you prioritize as a rider. If you think safety and protection first, I suggest you go for the full-face helmets. However, if you have a flair for wind and keeping cool, going for a half-helmet is the way to go. You need to do more reading on the ultimate guide to types of helmets.

Q: What does it mean for a Helmet to be DOT Certified?

When we say a helmet is DOT certified, we mean that it has received the seal of quality, which certifies that such a helmet is good, safe, and clean for use. Hence, it can be offered to the public for sale.

Q: How can I be 100% sure that a helmet is DOT Approved?

Usually, a DOT-approved helmet often carries behind it a logo. This is to ascertain the DOT approval status.

Q: Why does my head hurt after wearing my helmet for a while?

A helmet hurts your head if it is too tight. This is common to the small-sized helmet that doesn’t fit your head, but perhaps you manage to force it in. a helmet must be a snug fit. Otherwise, it will hurt and may even cause you some injury. Consider changing your helmet to a more suitable one.


With our list of the Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $100, you can make sure that you find a helmet that suits your style and needs without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for an open-face, full-face, or modular helmet – we’ve got you covered. Please choose from our top picks and get back on the road with a safe and stylish piece of headgear today!

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14 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $100

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