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10 Best Motorcycle Horns

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Motorcycles are fun to ride and make you look cool. Most bikers see riding as more than just a hobby. It’s a passion. And if you want to have a pleasant riding experience, there are some accessories you have to install on your motorcycle. One such accessory is the horn, which protects you and other road users. 

Your presence is made known to other road users by motorcycle horns. You’ll be able to alert an inattentive driver or those pedestrians that make it a hobby to text while walking down the street. 

While most bike manufacturers install horns of good quality in their products, they degrade over time leading to a reduction in performance and functionality. When this happens, you need to change your horn. 

Many horns are available in the market, and choosing one can be a bit overwhelming. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best ten motorcycle horns. 

1. Fiamm Freeway Blaster Moto Air Horn

The FIAMM Freeway Blaster is a hidden gem that proves you can get a quality horn at an affordable price. If you compare the price of this horn to its functionality, you’ll quickly realize you are onto a bargain.

This horn also has a compact design, weighing just 8.8 ounces. I believe this is one of the lightest horns available in the market. This horn is also capable of withstanding the elements, another reason for its popularity. The aluminum material on the coil motor is rust-resistant. Also, the casing of the product is made of heat-resistant steel. And this makes this horn super durable and long-lasting. 

The sound level of this horn is excellent (133 decibels), and you can easily alert fellow road users and prevent accidents. This horn is also versatile enough to be installed in cars. Installation is pretty straightforward. Just follow the instructions provided, and you won’t have any problem. 

Key Features

  • Affordable. 
  • Good sound quality. 
  • Easy installation. Comes with installation accessories.

2. Screaming Banshee – Designed for Motorcycles

This horn lives up to its name, and you won’t be disappointed with its performance. I like the innovative design of this horn. As you’d expect, it’s compact and lightweight. Nobody wants a bulky horn that will become extra baggage on a motorcycle. The Screaming Banshee will cover all your honk needs. You can use this horn as a greeting on the road. The friendly mode lets you honk at fellow drivers to say hello. 

There’s also the angry mode that alerts other drivers and tells them to concentrate or stay out of the way. At 130 decibels, this horn is pretty loud and can be used with any 12V system. And that includes cars and trucks. 

Installation is easier with a video. And you can find several comprehensive video installation guides online. 

Key Features

  • Compact.
  • Excellent sound performance.
  • The package includes installation accessories. 
  • Has flashing beams. 

3. Fiamm 74100 El Grande

You must have noticed that this is the second FIAMM product on my list. And this should tell you that FIAMM is a wonderful brand. Not only that, but their products are also affordable. 

This horn is easily among the most durable in the market due to its weatherproof properties. The housing of this horn is made of high-quality and rust-resistant steel material. The aluminum coil motor is also rust-resistant. Put in the high-quality ABS plastic, and you have an extremely durable horn you’ll be using for a long time. 

It’s easy to think this horn is a mediocre product because of its price. Don’t be fooled. The FIAMM 74100 El Grande has superb functionality. It’s one of the hidden gems in the motorcycle horns space. At 128 decibels, it’s not the loudest in the market but loud enough to alert other road users to your presence. 

Every installation component is included in the package, making installation easy and straightforward. 

Key Features

  • Affordable.
  • Loud. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • Weatherproof. 

4. Wolo Bad Boy Chrome Horn

The Wolo Bad Boy will easily alert other drivers and pedestrians to your presence. I was impressed by the superb functionality of this horn and decided it has to be included in this list. 

I like the appearance of this horn as it is visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Who said horns couldn’t be aesthetically pleasing? Just take a look at the picture. The chrome finish is wickedly cool. 

But the Wolo Bad Boy isn’t all about aesthetics. It’s very loud, louder than stock horns. And it’s compatible with any 12V system, which includes cars and trucks. At 123.5 decibels, it’ll quickly get the attention of any careless or inattentive driver. 

The installation process can seem complex to amateur riders. But I’ve personally installed this horn, and I can tell you it’s easy and hassle-free. And there’s a user-friendly installation guide in the package. Follow the guide, and you are good. 

Key Features

  • Aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • Great sound performance.
  • Affordable. 

5. Stebel Nautilus Mini Air Horn Black

I like the Stebel Nautilus because of its loudness and excellent sound quality. It’s easily among the loudest horns in the market and will easily get the attention of the most inattentive drivers. No kidding. 

The compact and lightweight design means you won’t add bulky components to your precious bike. And yet, it’s not so light that it will be affected by strong winds. The manufacturers did well in finding the ideal weight. 

The appearance of this horn is also great. It has a cool yet elegant appearance thanks to the black ABS finish. The ABS finish is there for more than just aesthetics. It makes the horn rust-resistant, which improves its durability. 

I must also talk about the affordability of this horn. You don’t have to break the bank to buy a high-quality motorcycle horn. There are several bargains and hidden gems in the market, and this horn is one of them. 

At 139 decibels, this horn is among the loudest on the market. No matter how distracted a driver is by social media or other things, he/she cannot ignore this horn. Its 139 freaking decibels! As this horn is very loud, you shouldn’t blast it for long. 

The installation is simple as you don’t need any special components. And this horn is compatible with any 12V system – trucks, cars, and so on. 

Key Features

  • Easy installation. 
  • Super loud. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing. 

6. VGEBY Electric Snail Air Horn

I was really amused by the snail shape of this horn, as clearly stated in the name. I think it’s very cool. Thanks to its water-resistant cover, the VGEBY Electric Snail Horn can easily withstand the elements. Also, this horn is dustproof. All these enhance the durability of this horn and makes it long-lasting. 

This horn is very compact and lightweight. And the fact that it is energy-efficient makes it among the best horns in the market. And it works with any 12V system, including cars, buses, trucks, etc. This horn has a sound rating of 115 decibels. Yes, it’s not the loudest horn on the market. But it’s loud enough to alert other road users from a distance. 

I’ve seen people get worked up about the installation of horns. But I doubt even amateurs will have any issue with this horn. As it’s very compact and lightweight, it makes it a cinch to handle this horn. No professional help is needed. 

Key Features

  • Good sound performance. 
  • Straightforward installation that doesn’t require additional tools. 
  • Dustproof and waterproof. 
  • Very affordable.

7. Vixen Horns Loud Powerful Dual-Tone Compact Electric Air Horn

The camouflage appearance of this horn is wickedly cool and will quickly get your attention. I think it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing horns on the market. But you’ll get more than aesthetics if you buy this horn. 

If you want horns that will not fail you, you should look at vixen horns. It’s built with high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. I like the simplistic design of this horn as it doesn’t come with any unnecessary additions like air tubes, external air supply, etc. And it is very power efficient. 

Vixen horns are among the loudest in the market are rated at 139 decibels. Sleepy drivers will be awakened, and collisions will be avoided. But don’t blast it for long as it’s very loud. The sound can quickly become uncomfortable for your ears. And all the necessary installation accessories are included in the package. 

Key Features

  • Very loud. 
  • Compact. 
  • Versatile. 
  • Water-resistant. 
  • The package includes installation accessories. 

8. Hella Supertone Motorcycle Horn

Hella Supertone is super loud. It’s going to get the attention of any sleepy or inattentive driver and pedestrian. It is stylish thanks to the black and red color combination. The black metallic body combines well with the red protective grill to create a unique aesthetic effect. 

This horn is also very lightweight. You can’t resist the urge to buy it the moment you hold it in your hands. But it’s not so light that strong winds will affect it. They are very versatile in being compatible with any 12V system.

You can install this horn on dirt bikes, scooters, cars, buses, etc. With a rating of 118 decibels, you are getting a horn of impressive sound performance.

Key Features

  • Very durable. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Excellent sound performance. 
  • Versatile

9. HELLA 012588061 Motorcycle Series Black 12V Disc Horn

The last horn on my list. This is another product from Hella, a brand that has developed a reputation for producing horns of good quality. One of the standout features of this horn is its ease of installation. I think the Hella Disc horn is one of the easiest horns to install in the market. 

The horn is compact and lightweight, which is ideal for sporty bikes as it won’t cause any drag. The sturdy construction of this horn must also be mentioned as it makes it very durable and long-lasting. You’ll surely get value for your money if you decide to purchase this horn. 

I also like that this horn is water-resistant and can easily withstand the harshest weather conditions. With a sound rating of 108 decibels, you aren’t buying the loudest horn on the market.

However, it is more than loud enough to get the attention of other road users and alert them to your presence. 

The Hella disc can be used with any 12V system making it very versatile. 

Key Features

  • Easy installation.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Water-resistant. 
  • Versatile.

10. Marco Tornado Compact Air Horn

Marco Tornado horn ranks first on our list. And many good reasons. One of the reasons behind the popularity of this horn is that it’s loud. Really loud (139 decibels). But it’s not going to constitute a nuisance to other road users. You can easily alert vehicles that are far away from your eventual arrival. 

I also like the lightweight design of this horn. Weighing just 1.75 pounds, you won’t be adding any significant weight to your bike. Installation can be a bit tricky for amateur bikers. But you can easily find video guides online to help you with the installation. 

The versatility of this horn must also be mentioned. You can use the Marco Tornado on cars and trucks. And you’ll find this horn very power-efficient as it only needs electricity for the compressor. It’s an air horn. 

Key Features

  • Awesome sound level. 
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Power-efficient. 
  • Comes with a compressor. 

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to get quality horns for your motorcycle for your safety and that of other road users. Many people are easily distracted by social media when driving, while others get sleepy for various reasons. A simple honk could be the difference between an accident occurring or not. 

I came up with this list after doing much research and testing. Get one for yourself and be closer to having an enjoyable riding experience.

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10 Best Motorcycle Horns

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