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6 Best Motorcycle Jackets For Hot Weather

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Whether the hot weather is nigh or here, riders must be proactive to protect their body and enjoy some comfort while riding. One protective measure is to use the best motorcycle jackets for hot weather. With the increasing demand for jackets among riders during winter, synthetic jacket manufacturers have upped the ante to deliver and dominate the motorcycling market. But the leather jacket industry is not sleeping, competing aggressively to also make its impact felt.

In the end, it is the best motorcycle jacket for hot weather that wins. How do you hope your niche wins if users of your jackets cannot be proud of all the impressive buying factors that attract riders? 

So, if you’re looking for that jacket that will guarantee you safety, protection, and comfort during the hot season, be sure synthetic jackets will answer your call. They are lightweight, strong, budget-friendly, taste-specific, made from top-quality materials, and abrasion-resistant. They also offer beyond-ordinary airflow.

Here is a list of the top six best motorcycle jackets for hot weather than make our selection.  

1. BILT Blaze Mesh Hot Weather Motorcycle Jacket

BILT Motorcycle Jacket

Riders make Blaze jackets their top best motorcycle jackets for hot weather for a number of reasons. First among those is that the jacket provides an irresistible level of maximum airflow. Compared to the quality it offers, this synthetic mesh jacket is far fair for the price it is offered. With 600-dernier synthetic panels, this breathable memory foam-cushioned jacket is the perfect protector for desert and impact areas.  The Blaze’s cushion conforms seamlessly to body movements, and when the temperature reaches its peak, the free-flowing air through the jacket’s mesh suppresses.

You may not enjoy this jacket outside the hot season, it is still one of the best bets when you’re looking for a jacket with adequate protection 


  • Unobstructed airflow
  • Competitively priced
  • Adequate protection 
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for hot season


  • May be useless post-accident
  • Operating left-hand zipper odd  
  • Not suitable outside hot season 

2. Joe Rocket – Velocity


Joe Rocket is a jacket preferred by many riders and the reasons are compelling. This Velocity mesh jacket features unhindered airflow through its fibers, keeping riders’ bodies cool and comfortable throughout the hot season. Comfort comes from this jacket through the contoured elbow, shoulder and back, and rib cushions. It is also adjustable at six points with a reflective mesh panel. 

Unlike many jackets, Joe Velocity is built with a detachable water-resistant liner that helps prevent wind. That makes it suitable for both the spring and fall seasons.


  • Sleek and modern
  • Adequate protection
  • Free airflow
  • Adaptable to all seasons 


  • Non-resistant lackluster zipper 
  • No strong amor
  • Water-resistant liner obstructs airflow

3. Joe Rocket Syndicate

Hot Weather Jacket

Ideal for its toughness and versatility, the leather-synthetic rocket syndicate jacket uses a breathable nylon mesh to ensure resistance to abrasion.  

With CE-certified armor, the Syndicate has high-impact areas that offer protection in the shoulder and elbow areas. There’s also the detachable spine cushion which also features a CE-certified back protective pocket, a reflective stripes line, and an 8-inch waist-bound zipper to attach riding pants. 

What’s more, the Syndicate is made with a removable versatile liner vest which makes it great for off-peak. 


  • Leather-comfortable and mesh protected
  • Competitively affordable 
  • CE-approved pads in elbow and shoulder areas
  • Decent airflow and mobility 
  • High-quality (YKK) zippers


  • Hot in warmest climates
  • Sleeves not conducive to big guns
  • Back protectors not great for safety

4. Viking Cycle – Asger


The language of the Viking motorcycle Asger jacket is comfort, breathability, versatility, storage, safety, and protection.  Great for summer riding, this jacket is friendly to your income.  It’s built with removable quilted synthetic breathable and waterproof liner which makes it adaptable to off-summer season.  

One other feature that attracts you to this jacket is that the elbow and shoulder pads are CE-rated. Besides, the zipper allows free airflow when the sun is hottest. The jacket is affordable and fairly priced for low- and high-income earners. 


  • Water-resistant 
  • Breathable front and rear vents
  • Ample CE-rated cushion 
  • Generous storage space


  • Zipper quality is low
  • Short 

5. Tourmaster – Sonora Air


The Sonora Air features reliable safety for long rides in harsh and unpredictable hot weather conditions. The TourMaster’s Sonora Air comes with touring riders’ preferences, including its shorter, three-quarter length, 600-denier Carbolex ballistic nylon, removable armor pads, and CE-certified triple-articulated back protector. This motorcycle textile jacket boasts top-quality materials which reflect in the tough fabrics, standard armor, and reflective piping. These ensure that the Sonora Air is super safe and comfortable.

What more should you look out for in this jacket? It consists of a two-stage waterproof liner and multi-season versatile thermal layer. This jacket also ensures your hands won’t flap because it provides multiple Velcro straps that cinch the jacket around the torso and arms.


  • Extremely breathable
  • Extra tough in impact areas
  • Adjustable, versatile and breathable
  • Great sizing options for tall riders


  • Complicated liner’s removal and installation procedure
  • Middle-weight 
  • Zippers require a light touch



The Forsair Pro kit is an improvement over the former Rukka vented jacket. Made from knitted double-layer Cordura AFT, the mesh Rukka Forsair Pro jacket boasts breathability, abrasion, and tear resistance.

 The kit is also popular for its unobstructed airflow that permeates all its panels. The double layers of the AFT Cordura are meant to give extra strength to the shoulders and elbows. The back protector also features a pocket.

In hot weather, there’s no jacket that outperforms Forsair when it comes to balance, airflow, and protection. 


  • Breathable
  • Versatile
  • Free-flowing airflow


  • Short for riders with longer or rounder, upper torso 

Final Thoughts

Your taste, needs, and budget are three factors when you want to buy the best motorcycle jackets for hot weather. This is because a motorcycle jacket is an item personal to you, and your safety should always be a top priority when making decisions about which motorcycle jacket to buy.

When choosing, however, make sure that your best motorcycle jacket is CE-rated and approved. Rated pads outperform non-rated ones in terms of guaranteeing safety and protection, versatility, durability, breathability, suitability to all seasons. 

With synthetic motorcycle jackets flaunting all these features, it is apparent no other motorcycle jacket model will move near it. 

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